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Plans are still not complete for the homecoming of American’s newest American Idol Noah Thompson!  Lawrence County has been given a gift from above as local boy Noah Thompson beat the odds and went from carpenter to star in a matter of weeks!

Click on this video from American Idol:

FACEBOOK is overloading in the Lawrence County area after local phenom Noah Thompson won this season’s title of ‘American Idol’ last night after more than 20 million votes were cast nationwide.

Louisa and Lawrence County citizens both young and old are ultra-excited about Thompson, a 20 year old construction worker, who was almost shoved into the spotlight by his best friend Arthur Jackson just a few weeks ago and look at him now. WOW!

Here’s what the Washington Post said this morning in their Pop Culture section:


The ‘American Idol’ winner is no surprise. There’s a reason for that.

Leah Marlene, left, Noah Thompson and HunterGirl await the results on the “American Idol” Season 20 finale. (Eric McCandless/ABC)

“This is my fifth year doing this, and that is my favorite female country voice I’ve heard in five years,” Luke Bryan announced after HunterGirl’s first audition, asking, “This is the year of the girl country singer, right?”

Fellow judges Lionel Richie and Katy Perry also lavished praise on HunterGirl throughout the season, repeatedly telling her that she was a star. On Sunday night’s finale, HunterGirl indeed made it to the final two contestants — but at the end of the telecast, host Ryan Seacrest announced the winner was 20-year-old country singer Noah Thompson.

And yet, even with HunterGirl (real name: Hunter Wolkonowski) as an obvious favorite, Thompson’s victory was not surprising. Neither is one of the reasons for his win: Bryan may have thought it was the year of the country girl, but on “American Idol,” it has become increasingly difficult for anyone to triumph over the country boy.

Thompson is now the fourth consecutive male “Idol” champion who is also a country singer, following Trent Harmon (Season 15), Laine Hardy (Season 17) and Chayce Beckham (Season 19). The only female country singer winner in “Idol” history is Carrie Underwood, who was named the winner in Season 4 nearly two decades ago.

Reality singing competitions have always favored country singers, a fact that frequently frustrates viewers who don’t enjoy the genre; it’s rumored that Adam Levine felt the same way, and it may have contributed to why he left “The Voice.” But the country fan base is loyal, and Nashville is a particularly welcoming place for singers after reality shows. Near the start of the finale, Perry theorized that HunterGirl and Thompson might split the country vote and hand the win to 20-year-old singer-songwriter Leah Marlene — though any longtime viewer could have told her that was unlikely. (Marlene wound up in third place.)

On “Idol,” male country singers especially seem to have the edge, a fact that even the judges recognize. Thompson, from Louisa, Ky., started off the show seemingly terrified of his own shadow. His storyline was that he had no confidence and was so insecure that his co-worker had to sign him up to audition. “My family, they believe in me. The guys I work with believe in me. I just never believed in myself,” he told the camera.

But in his first audition, the judges were dazzled by his take on Kameron Marlowe’s “Giving You Up.” And they really loved that he was a construction worker who wanted to succeed so he could support his baby son.

“You are the American Dream,” Perry told him. Never one to back down from an inspirational story, Seacrest later introduced him by saying, “Here comes Noah, a long way from hanging Sheetrock to the Hollywood stage.”

As the episodes went on, Thompson found his groove and started to become more comfortable onstage, though the judges often praised his humility, predicting that would take him far.

At one point, Thompson tested positive for the coronavirus and had to sing remotely from a hotel room, but viewers still liked him enough to vote him through. Even Underwood got in on Thompson’s feel-good story when she mentored the finalists in one of the last weeks of the competition and told him she could relate to his small-town upbringing.

“I do feel like this show was created for people like me and for people like Noah, who didn’t dare to dream that big but knew they wanted to do something,” the country superstar said as she started to cry. “So it’s a beautiful thing.”

Perry chimed in with some prescient words. “I think you just swooped in and grabbed every heart in America by singing that song,” she said. “You’re just a good guy from Kentucky that might win ‘American Idol.’ ”


But here in Lawrence County we knew what was happening all the time (laughing out loud) with Noah’s good ol’ boy attitude about life in general not to mention the capturing raspy like voice I guess he got from genetics.

During the show last night I was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs all the way to the  end. Here’s my favorite expression on Noah’s face when he won:

Noah winning moment!

I still feel excited today even though I know it’s just a NATIONALLY TELEVISED BROADCAST!!!

Still planning going on for the logistics of his official coming home party — American Idol people not involved this time– but any way local officials handle it there will be a very entertaining and fun time this week in Louisa/Lawrence County, Ky.

Here’s what my classmate Betty Burns had to say about Noah, and I concur…

Betty Burns See

“…So happy for Noah! His life has changed forever! Prayers that God would protect him from those who would take advantage of his humbleness and youth and that he will be surrounded by those who have his best interests at heart. May God give Noah wisdom and understanding! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💕

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Comments 5

  1. Harold says:

    Wow! Just wow!

  2. Randy Pants says:

    Still not as good as Kerbi.

  3. I felt so much happiness for Noah and from the very beginning he was hands down my favorite. I’m so proud of him for making it through as the winner of American Idol. Stay humble and focused you’ll have an amazing career. Congratulations

  4. Citizen says:

    Noah seems like a great kid, and his talent is without question.
    I told a friend right after Noah’s audition ” there’s your new American idol right there”.
    Noah had the “it” factor, and he handled himself with such dignity and class and came across so likable.
    It would’ve been a travesty of justice had he not won.
    I don’t know if he has overcome a drug problem or not seeing that he was connected with ARC, but if he has it makes me respect him even more, and this should be even more of a shining example that anyone can overcome and achieve.

  5. Joe C. says:

    Eastern Kentucky now has both a ‘The Voice’ winner (Jordan Smith, Harlan 2015) and an American Idol winner!

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