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Rematch in County Attorney's race;

Hogan vs. Preston...

PrestonPrestonHoganHoganLOUISA, KY. -- Four years ago Republican incumbent County Attorney Mike Hogan faced Democrat newcomer Everette "Kenny" Preston in the General election and won by a whisker, 92 votes county wide. The question now is will that scenerio repeat itself this year?

Much of the answer comes from who you are talking to.

Republicans seem much more confident from the top of the ticket to the bottom and the situation is also much different. For one, the Kentucky Power Plant 5 miles from Louisa was burning regional coal by the thousands of tons and everything looked good for the coal business and employment in Lawrence County was at a reasonable level.

But since Ky. Power decided to begin burning natural gas by 2015, despite Hogan's efforts to stop the company from doing so, things have a different feel in Lawrence County. Preston was not visibly involved in the campaign to stop the Ky. Power move to natural gas although it is assumed that he felt the same way.

Preston has been employed as assistant County Attorney in Johnson County for two terms now and he says he loves the job.

"That's why I think I will make a good county attorney for Lawrence County, Preston said. "I have been doing the same work for a while and I like doing it."

"I have been an attorney for 14 years, and have served as Assistant County Attorney in Johnson County. I love my job. I will be a full time County Attorney, that will be my first priority. I would appreciate your vote and if you could speak to your friends, family and neighbors, that would help a lot," Preston added.

Preston, who lives near Clifford with his mom, and is not married, also said he has been doing a lot more door to door type campaigning this time around.

"The last time I had a lot of people tell me that if I had visited just a few more homes, I would have won the race," Preston said. "So, even though it isn't my favorite thing to do, I have been to a lot more houses and spoken to a lot more people, I think it will make a difference this time."

Hogan, who is just the opposite, has run door to door type campaigns in all four of his races. "I really enjoy it, it gives me the chance to touch base with a lot of folks I don't see in District or Family court," Hogan said.

He was born, raised and lives in Lawrence County. Mike played football at Lawrence County High School and is and has been a strong supporter of the team. 

Hogan and his wife, Joy, have three children -- Burke, Blake and Hannah.  Mike believes Lawrence County is a great place to raise kids.  

"As the father of three children, I understand the needs of family and working men and women," Hogan said.

Hogan says he has a proven record of working hard for the working men and women of Lawrence County. He has fought hard to keep jobs in Lawrence County including the Ky. Power situation where he appeared before the state EPA on behalf of keeping the plant burning coal.  

Hogan is a U.S. Army veteran and says he is a self made man.  He describes himself as a conservative and pro coal.  He also supports the rights of hunters and fishermen.  

Mike Hogan has been Lawrence County Attorney for 12 years and has a 100% Jury Trial conviction rate as Lawrence County Attorney, he said in a prepared release.


My guess is...

When you're trying to predict the outcome of a race that was as close as this one four years ago, you have about a 50-50 chance of being correct. In my book either candidate would make Lawrence County a good county attorney and it will not surprise me no matter which one wins.

However, my feeling is that Hogan has the advantage of being a part of what I think is a strong GOP ticket in Lawrence County this year and also has 12 years experience on the job. Of course that can work either way, but I will say Hogan wins this time around by a little bigger margin than four years ago.



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Fiscal Court meets, board members appointed; Cherryville Firefighter recognized...

By Lazer Staff

Judge Osborne presented Cherryville Volunteer Firefighter, Ron Hammond, a certificate of appreciation for his 20 years of service. Judge Osborne presented Cherryville Volunteer Firefighter, Ron Hammond, a certificate of appreciation for his 20 years of service. Louisa, KY -- The Lawrence County Fiscal Court met Monday, October 20, at 9:30 am, in the upstairs courtroom of the Lawrence County Courthouse in downtown Louisa.

After the invocation by County Clerk, Chris Jobe, the Pledge of Allegiance was said and the meeting was called to order by County Judge Executive, John Osborne.

The minutes from the September 15 meeting were approved, as were the bills and Treasurer's request and report. The revised annual budget for the fiscal year 2014-15 Conservation District was accepted, and the second reading of the Executive Order regarding Weather Emergency Levels from the Emergency Management Service was approved.  

An extension of 275 ft of Pearl Lane, near the Smokey Valley area was also approved.

Judge Osborne presented Cherryville Volunteer Firefighter, Ron Hammond, a certificate of appreciation for his 20 years of service.  

"We thank you and appreciate all your hard work," Osborne said.

Buddy Smith of Boyce and Associates Inc. discusses county insurance planBuddy Smith of Boyce and Associates Inc. discusses county insurance planVarious board members were appointed at Monday's meeting. Dina Chaffin was appointed to the Lawrence County Public Library Board, filling the vacancy left by Bill Copley, who recently passed away.  

Josh Trout was appointed to the Northeast Community Action Board, which required additional members.  

Lawrence Vinson Jr, Angela McGuire and Crystal Salyers were appointed to the Lawrence County Recreation Board.

The Economic Development Report was read by Coordinator, Catrina Vargo.The report highlighted business opportunities for outside vendors at Yatesville Lake and Eagle Ridge Golf Course, update on the 'Work Ready Community' status, East Park news, plans for more downtown events, the state Main Street program, Ashland Alliance, the city sewer plant capacity, grants and training, and updates concerning the county's websites.

No one was present to discuss Chesapeake Energy, which was scheduled on the agenda.

Buddy Smith of Boyce and Associates Inc., discussed employee health insurance during the public comments portion of the meeting.  

"We are 15% under current rates with this plan," said Smith, speaking of the new Humana plan.  He recommended consolidating to one plan, moving everything to Humana, provided the county insurance committee agreed.

Judge Osborne said a motion should be made to approve the new insurance plan provided the insurance committee agrees.  Magistrate John Lemaster made the motion and Magistrate Morris Howard seconded. 

There were no other public comments, and the meeting was then adjourned.

The next Fiscal Court meeting will be Monday, November 17, 2014 at 9:30 am.

Gas prices dip to $2.90 gal. in Louisa... See area prices HERE

Will city council change date for 'Trick or Treat' night because of LCHS football game?

LOUISA, Ky. -- Louisa City council members have missed having the regular council meeting last Tuesday and an attempt to have a special meeting Thursday did not produce a quorum so the council has not had the opportunity to discuss changing 'Trick or Treat' night this year or any of the other items on the agenda.

Council member Gloria Johnson said she has had several inquiries about changing the date from Halloween night on Friday, Oct. 31 because of a conflict with the last regular season LCHS football game, which will be 'Senior Night' for the 14 Bulldog seniors on this year's team.

"We set 'Trick or Treat' way before this came up," Johnson said. "It will be difficult to change the dates because the city of ft. Gay and Lawrence County have set their dates with ours."

Deputy city clerk Rita Rose also said today that changing the dates will be difficult because plans have been made and "it is pretty late to be changing it now.'

But the city council will attempt to have a special meeting this Thursday to decide what to do on the issue. "There are a lot of things that need to be addressed, so the council really needs to meet this week," said Rose, who is a former city council member herself. 

As is is now trick or Treat is scheduled for 5-7pm on Friday night and the football game is at 7:30. Rose said several people have complained that the congestion that Trick or Treat and the large crowd expected for the football game will be a hindrance to both events.

"Some want it changed to Saturday night and some want it changed to Thursday night and some want it to stay like it is," Rose added. "You can't please everyone all the time so the council will need to make a decision based on what is best for the kids and their parents and the general public."

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