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November 20, 2014;

Louisa man jailed, facing laundry list of charges after multiple altercations;

Deputies allegedly attacked by suspect during booking...

By Wade Queen

Clarence Childers, Jr.Clarence Childers, Jr.A Louisa, Ky. man remains in the Western Regional Jail in Barboursville on a $20,000 bond on charges of fleeing in a vehicle, breaking and entering an automobile, petit larceny and attempting to escape from custody.

These charges come following a Wayne County 911 call from Boon Docks Bar in Fort Gay where a fight had occurred.

According to the criminal complaint, Fort Gay Police were called to the Boon Docks Bar Friday evening for a fight. The caller said Clarence Childers, Jr., 43, of Louisa, Kentucky, had been kicked out of the bar, and that he had gotten a chain and busted the door and was trying to get back in.

When Fort Gay Officer Dallas Scarberry was responding, he got into pursuit with Childers, who was speeding and crossing the center line. Childers led Officer Scarberry onto the bridge that leads into Kentucky, where, according to the criminal complaint, there was an altercation on the bridge, and Childers drove back into West Virginia.

According to Lawrence County Emergency Management, the altercation on the bridge was a wreck involving Officer Scarberry's cruiser and Childers' car, and reported an officer possibly suffered a leg injury and that one person was transported to the hospital.

Louisa VFD, Netcare EMS, Fort Gay Fire Dept. all responded to motor vehicle accident in the middle of the Louisa Fort Gay Bridge involving a Fort Gay PD cruiser.

Scarberry sent out a description of the vehicle to other police agencies. Wayne County Sheriff's Deputies H.K Sowards IV and J. Williamson tracked down the vehicle to an apartment complex behind the Paddle Creek Marathon in Fort Gay. Deputies say they found Childers inside the gas station. He was taken into custody and charged with fleeing.

When he was being booked, Childers swung at a deputy, according to the complaint.

They also say he picked up a chair, threw it at two deputies and ran from the room they were in, slamming the door behind him. Deputies say when they got the door open, Childers was armed with a red dolly above his head. He allegedly threatened officers with it, then put it down. According to the complaint, he became combative, running from room to room before being restrained.

He is also charged with attempted escape from custody.

According to the criminal complaints, Childers has also been charged with several misdemeanor charges in an unrelated breaking and entering case. The same deputies who arrested Childers responded to a larceny complaint from an unidentified female victim who told the officers that Childers had broken into her vehicle and had stolen several items from within her vehicle.

(Editor's note: This is the complete story which was first posted earlier this week about an officer injured in an incident at Ft. Gay but did not name the person arrested.)

See open letter to mayor about cleaning up Louisa HERE

November 18, 2014;

Magistrate wants 'vote' on wet-dry issue since county has to pay for it; Jones wants to install 'skilled gaming devices'...

Sheriff says machines are gambling devices if they have pay out...

Duncan Jones and associate address the CourtDuncan Jones and associate address the CourtLOUISA -- The Lawrence County Fiscal Court met Monday, November 17, 2014 at 9:30 am in the upstairs courtroom of the Lawrence County Courthouse.  After a prayer led by County Clerk, Chris Jobe, and the recital of the Pledge of Allegiance, County Judge John Osborne called the meeting to order.

The minutes from the Oct. 20th meeting were approved as was the reading of Amendment #2 concerning budget adjustments.  Bills and the Treasurer’s Report were also approved. 

The next item on the agenda was to approve the Sheriff’s 2015 Budget.

“It is the same, identical to last year; $605, 723.74,” said Sheriff Garrett Roberts.  Magistrate Morris Howard made the motion to approve and Magistrate John Lemaster seconded it.  Sheriff’s bonds were also approved as was state advancement.  

“This is where we borrow from the state during non-tax months,”  Roberts said.  Deputies salaries were approved with Magistrate Bill Lemaster making a motion and Magistrate John Lemaster seconding it.  “These are general fees to pay employees out of the Sheriff’s funds including wages, overtime, sick and personal time,” said Roberts.

Insurance reimbursement approval was also given for a Ford Explorer that rolled out of gear.  The vehicle was totaled by KACO, Kentucky Association of Counties.  Roberts said the vehicle was bought with Sheriff’s funds.

The Court also approved the 2015 County Clerk’s budget, including wages, overtime, and salary cap for Clerk’s Deputies.  County Clerk Chris Jobe said the budget was “mostly the same as last year.”

Magistrate Morris Howard made the motion to approve and Magistrate John Lemaster seconded.

Two people were appointed to fill seats on the Lawrence County Tourism Commission that will become vacant at the end of the year.  County Clerk, Chris Jobe, and Economic Development Coordinator, Catrina Vargo will begin as Tourism Commission members, effective January 1, 2015.

Mr. Duncan Jones and an associate addressed the Fiscal Court about opening a skilled gaming facility in the Food City Plaza.  Jones said that Kentucky state law does not consider skilled gaming as gambling, as of September 21 of 2014. He explained that with these machines, you buy a card and you stop the game using your own skill, if you succeed, you get a payout, however, said the games were not poker machines.  

lawrence Co. Sheriff Garrett Robertslawrence Co. Sheriff Garrett RobertsBut Sheriff Roberts said, “If you receive a payout, it is considered gambling.”

Assistant County Attorney, Brad Derifield, asked “What state legislation is it?”  Jones said he wasn’t sure.  Derifield said the matter would have to be looked into further and advised them to see a private attorney to interpret the law on the issue.  Jones said, “We wanted everyone to know what we were wanting to do and what steps had to be taken.”  

Sheriff Roberts said they would also have to go through City Council.  

“You don’t want to put something in and then find out it is gambling.  I don’t want to have to rent a U-Haul to haul off your machines,” he said.  Jones said he and his partner would find out more about it.

“Then we will come back to see you all.”

The Economic Development Report for October, 2014 was read by Coordinator, Catrina Vargo.  She stated she has been visiting downtown businesses to get their input, ideas, and familiarizing them with the Kentucky Main Street Program which is a program designed to revitalize downtown areas of communities.  

“I plan to visit all businesses in the area, but have started with downtown.   We also need to find out what products or services they deal in, and what items could possibly be manufacutured, warehoused, or distributed here in our area.  Most new business begins with leads and needs from existing businesses.”  

The report also mentioned meeting with Ashland Alliance, attending training, continuing efforts on the satellite college campus project,  meeting with County Surveyor, Cliff West to identify property sites and issues, further reviewing our investment and return from the East Park Industrial Park site, and exploring future development of the riverfront area.  

“I can’t believe this hasn’t been done years ago.  We are missing a huge opportunity there,” she said.

Lastly, Vargo reported that together with some volunteers and a donation from the Toursim Commission, she put together a new event for downtown; ‘Nightmare in the Square,’ which is a Halloween themed event,  in an effort to increase area activities for local residents as well as tourists while giving a little boost to the local economy.  “The weather killed us this year, but we still got people from as far away as Ashland and Franklin Furnace, Ohio.  It is definitely something we could build on for next year.  It just goes to show that people do travel for these types of activities” she said.

During the public comments section of the meeting, Magistrate Morris Howard brought up the special election coming up next month concerning the wet vote issue.

District 1 magistrate Morris HowardDistrict 1 magistrate Morris Howard“I know we don’t have anything to do with this, but the county is paying for this election and it seems to me the city {added 11-21-2014} should pay for it or we should be able to vote on it, too,” Howard said.

County Clerk, Chris Jobe said he agreed, but said, “Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it. There has been legislation proposed before to change that, but we’re not there yet.” 

The extension of School House Road was also discussed.  Judge Osborne said a deed would have to be drawn up for the expansion of 1,060 feet.

Sherry Burchett, Chairman of the Louisa Christmas Parade and Event Committee requested a donation of $300 from the Fiscal Court to aid in the activities.

“We are also working with Tourism on this,” she said.  

Magistrate Morris Howard said probably “80% of the taxpayers wouldn’t even be there.”  

Judge Osborne said it is a public event that did well last year. “Its for the kids,” he said.  A motion was made to approve the $300 request for the Christmas event if money was available.

Judge Osborne welcomed new incoming Magistrate, Rick Blackburn, who will officially take over current Magistrate Bill Lemaster’s seat  January 1, 2015.  Lemaster did not seek re-election for this next term.  The meeting was then adjourned.

The next Fiscal Court meeting will be Monday, December 15, at 9:30 am in the upstairs courtroom of the Lawrence County Courthouse.

Sunday, 16 November 2014, 04:44;

Officer Down!

Fort Gay officer injured in hit and run; also allegedly shot at by fleeing suspect...

by Wade Queen

What started out as a routine evening patrol turned into a series of wild and bizarre events for a Fort Gay, West Virginia police patrolman late Friday night on the W.Va.- KY borderline.

Ft. Gay officer Ray ScarberryFt. Gay officer Ray ScarberryA Fort Gay police officer was recovering from a minor injury Saturday after a man crashed into his cruiser on the Louisa-Fort Gay Bridge on Friday night.

Lawrence County, Kentucky, Emergency Management Agency reported on social media that Louisa firefighters freed the officer from his vehicle and he was transported to a nearby hospital.

The officer has been identified by the Facebook page of the Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency as Dallas Ray Scarberry. The post said he suffered a sprained ankle.

It was unclear what initiated the incident, but Scarberry's frantic calls for back-up came over police scanners at about 10:42 p.m. Friday night after his cruiser was struck by a green Mustang, crushing his leg in between the driver’s side door and his seat, according to scanner traffic.

The officer also said shots were fired at him on the bridge before the suspect fled.

Scarberry was able to provide a description of the vehicle, and Wayne County authorities had the suspect stopped by 11:06 p.m. on U.S. 52 near Paddle Creek.

The suspect was taken into custody on several misdemeanor charges, including fleeing, escaping, impersonating a police officer, breaking and entering auto and petit larceny.
West Virginia State Police and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office are assisting with the investigation.

No further information was provided by law enforcement officials and the Wayne County prosecutor for suspect's identity and what and whether any additional charges would be filed.


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