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Jenny Wiley Theatre director resigns amid allegation he was in a pornographic video;

ChildersChildersA theater director has resigned his position as executive director with the theatrical company following an investigation by Paintsville Herald staff that revealed his apparent involvement in a homosexual pornographic video.

Martin Childers, formerly with Jenny Wiley Theatre, resigned Monday stating “personal reasons” for his departure.

However, what appears to be Childers is featured in a “teaser” video for an online membership-based adult entertainment site in which he is shown nude with another man. The video features what appears to be Childers under the stage name “Darren Kane.”

When contacted by Herald staff on Monday, Childers responded by saying “I don’t know where you got this information ... I don’t know what to say,” he said.

However, Miriam Silman, president of Jenny Wiley Theatre, issued a statement on Tuesday saying, “Jenny Wiley Theatre regrets the resignation of Executive Director Martin Childers for personal reasons on September 16, 2013. Marty’s tenure as Executive Director presided over a period of tremendous growth and positive change for the theatre and we appreciate his leadership through this process.”

Silman went on to say that “the board and staff of Jenny Wiley Theatre have no knowledge of any staff connection to, or involvement in, pornographic material.”

The video that appears to feature Childers is a 2.06 minute “teaser” that may be viewed for free, along with a few photos. The teaser encourages viewers to purchase a membership in order to view full video footage and photos. The video appears on the website, along with other adult entertainment websites.

According to guidelines from the Jenny Wiley Theatre employee handbook, all employees of the theater are to “represent the Theatre in a positive manner at all times, in the community and at the theater.”

Childers began his career with Jenny Wiley Theatre as executive director in 2000. He has spent those years ensuring the theater remains as one of the longest-running outdoor summer musical theaters in the country. Fall, winter and spring productions are held in conjunction with the Mountain Arts Center, in Prestonsburg, and in its newly acquired location in Pikeville.

With a mission to “enhance the quality of life in eastern Kentucky by providing professional theater and exceptional educational opportunities in the performing arts,” Jenny Wiley Theatre is a non-profit organization and receives funding from individuals, corporations, Paintsville Tourism, Prestonsburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, the City of Pikeville, the Kentucky Arts Council, and the Kentucky Department of Travel.

The Kentucky Arts Council, the state arts agency, supports Jenny Wiley Theatre with state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.

By Paula Halm
The Paintsville Herald


0 #9 Editor 2014-01-27 00:20
Shoddy Reporting: We did not write the story, it was taken from the Paintsville Herald out of a Kentucky Press Association sanctioned release.
0 #8 ShoddyReport 2014-01-27 00:15
Seriously? You and the whoever reported this has ruined Marty's life. For what? So you can have a salacious story where absolutely no one was hurt? You people should be ashamed of yourselves. This is not journalism - this is character assassination. Pathetic.
0 #7 jazzmine 2013-10-02 16:38
I find it disturbing that this is considered journalism. I don't know the guy personally but his business is his business. we all have sex and that makes us no different than him. Just because he got paid to film it means absolutely nothing. I'm ashamed of my local newspaper and the "investigation" to ruin a mans life and job with people here. Since we live in a bible belt, it makes no difference that he improved the community with his day job, It only matters that he did something on his own time that most people here disagree with.
0 #6 Brian 2013-10-01 19:41
This is really unfortunate. C'mon folks, he did porn. It's not like he killed anyone, made and sold meth or molested kids. It's porn. And it was a long time ago. Not that big of a deal. The only thing that should matter is what he did for the theatre, and it seems like he did quite a bit of good. Focus on that!
0 #5 Editor 2013-10-01 12:10

It came from the Paintsville Herald newspaper. It was on the Kentucky News network.

0 #4 Wayne 2013-10-01 03:30
You have most likely ruined this man's life. I don't consider that good journalism. It's just gossip. No one benefited from knowing this. Are you a legit newspaper or the National Enquirer!
0 #3 THE TRUTH 2013-09-27 18:11
0 #2 hate E KY hypocricy 2013-09-25 20:01
What I would like to know was who started the investigation what ground did you have to start one? Which member of your staff saw the video first? Was it you, Mrs. Paula Halm? Or was it the only male member of your staff? OR are you friends with someone who wanted his job? Either way... your "investigation" was completely hypocritical. If you are going to impugn someone for being in a porn then you need to give the same treatment to the person who watched it. You just destroyed the only hope the arts had in this area. He wasn't hurting anyone.
0 #1 sad 2013-09-21 05:08
Shame on you Paintsville Herals, shame on you!

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