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Paintsville Man Hurt In Mississippi Skydiving Accident, Instructor Dies...


MeekMeekLUMBERTON, MISS. -- A Kentucky man is badly injured after a skydiving accident in Mississippi that killed his instructor.

The Lamar County Sheriff in Mississippi says 26-year-old David Meek from Paintsville, Kentucky is in critical condition.

The sheriff says Meek went skydiving with an experienced instructor, who died from this accident.

He was hurt Saturday after something went terribly wrong while he was skydiving. The sheriff says 3 or 4 other skydivers were also diving at the same time and witnessed the malfunction with Meek's equipment.

They say the group took off skydiving around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. The witnesses saw something wrong with the canopy of Meek and the instructor, they drifted off and witnesses lost sight of them. They started looking for them and didn't call law enforcement until 1:40 p.m. that afternoon.

The pair landed in a Hunting lease, which is where the swampy area is at.

The sheriff says Meek was able to scream out for help hours after he fell to the ground, so rescuers were able to find him.

Meek's name was just released Monday afternoon because they were finally able to contact his family.

His mother is with him now at Forrest General Hospital in Hattisburg, Mississippi.
He now has spinal injuries, broken legs, and a broken jaw.

Monday night, investigators say Meek is still unable to speak and is in the ICU.

FAA has special investigators looking into this, along with the Lamar Co. Sheriff's dept.

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