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June 12, 2014
June city council meeting shortened by storm; Three member board named to run City Pool...

Disgruntled Louisa Water customer Leslie Wellman returned for an answer about a huge bill Disgruntled Louisa Water customer Leslie Wellman returned for an answer about a huge bill Louisa City Council met for its regular monthly meeting Tuesday June 10th, 2014 at 7 pm at the Louisa City Hall.  The meeting was called to order by Mayor Teddy Preston.  

Preston then asked for approval of the minutes from May 13th. Gloria Johnson made a motion to accept them and Thomas Parsons made a second. All were in favor.  

Dr. Lee Balaklaw of utilities auditing company Schooley Mitchell reported that there were additional refunds that he had been able to recover totaling $1,062.95. This is before his commission.

There were also approximately another $1,000 in credits to the water department. Balaklaw went on to explain that there are additional refunds that are pending and he will have the amounts once those are finalized from AT&T. 

"I wanted to report also that the instalation of the new phone and internet services with Lycom has taken place and it is complete. I think that it has gone fairly well with only some minor issues that as far as I am aware have now been resolved." explained Dr. Balaclaw. 

Preston thanked him for the good news.  The next item that was discussed was the Yatesville Crossing Street Lights. City Attorney Bud Adams had been contacted regarding this and wanted to confirm the council's position on it and what the council wanted him to do.   

"It is my understanding that the only thing we are willing to do on this, we will pay for the electricity for those lights." stated Adams.  He went on to explain an email that he had sent to the council that he had received from land owner Jim Booth's attorney. The email was Booth proposing to convert the lights and cost of upkeep.

"It is also my understanding that this is beyond what we are wanting to do. We will pay the light bill and no more." 

He confirmed with the council that this is all the City is willing to do and it was mentioned that the matter had already been voted on in a prior meeting by council. He was told to email them back with the information that had been decided.   

City Police report

City Clerk Kathy Compton, Asst. Clerk Rita Rose and police Chief Greg Fuggit.City Clerk Kathy Compton, Asst. Clerk Rita Rose and police Chief Greg Fuggit.Chief of Police Greg Fugitt gave his report for May. For the month of May there were 231 citations. There were 16 total arrest and 498 calls to 911. 

"Our Click It or Ticket program was a good secess. We wrote 53 seat belt citations. We were able to increase from 68% to 92% seat belt use for those two weeks which was a good thing." Fugitt said.

"Everything else on the Police Department is going good, we have two (police officers) graduating from the Police Accademy at the end of this month. Looking forward to getting two more on the street." 

Council member Gloria Johnson asked if they were still writing tickets at Food City and Walmart parking lots and expressed that they could make a lot of money doing it (writing tickets) there. 


LVFD report

Louisa Fire Chief, Eddie Preston, reported that for the month of May there were


  • Three vehical accidents in the city and one in the district.
  • There were five commercial fire alarms in the city and none in the district.
  • There were one resident fire in the city and one in the district.
  • There were five smoke or gas investigations in the city
  • and three EMS calls int he city.
  • Total calls for the city were 17 and the district was two and one mutual aid call for a total of 20 calls for the month of May. 



"The fireworks for the 4th of July have been ordered and we are waiting on them to come in. The Fourth of July celebration will be on Friday the Fourth this year." explained Fire Chief Eddie Preston.  "The cost of the Fireworks this year is $6000.00. 

Bud Adams asked Eddie Preston if there was any way to at least get partial help for the fireworks from the City/County Tourism and Preston responded that they only got $200 from them last year. Preston and City Code Enforcement officer Corey Longstreth continued to explain that the Tourism didn't give any donation to the fire school this year, either."   

City Clerk Kathy Compton brought to everyone's attention that they may need to remind the tourism that the (tourism) board was in place and collecting that money because of an agreement between the city and the county. "All the money that is going to it from what I can tell, is coming from the City." she said. "It comes from Motel tax and it all comes out of the City." 

It was agreed that Mayor Preston would draft a letter of formal request asking for some sort of accounting and a donation for the fireworks from the Tourism. The Tourism meets the third Monday of the month upstairs of the Vinson Building. 

Public Works

Council member Lisa Schaeffer asked who owned the property behind Giovanni's where the grass is really high and was told that it belongs to Darrell Gauze. Longstreth stated that for the last three years that she has had to inform him to mow it and that he Mayor Preston blessed the meeting with a prayer...Mayor Preston blessed the meeting with a prayer...lets it grow high so that no one will park there. She went on to say that when he does mow that it is only the inter part and he leaves the outside high. Bud Adams explained that she (Longstreth) needed to notify him to mow it all and if he doesn't then the council will have to move to step two. 

It was also brought up that when Longstreth would write up a nuisance according to the City Code that the County would come behind and order something different, even after the resident had complied with the City's write-up. There had been other citizens to complain of that. There was one lady that ad been wrote up by the City and complied and then the County came behind them and informed the lady that she would have to tear the house down.

Conversation continued that if the County enforces this that it would be taking tax money from the City.  

"This is a 80 some year old woman. Her neighbor man across the street wants her property. He wants to buy it. He calls and complains to me and I go and look at it. The front door was open and there was a window busted. I called and they fixed the window and they mowed the grass. It is not falling in." said Longstreth.  "As long as it is complying with the City, personally I don't care, because we are just concerned about the City's ordinances. The County can do whatever they want to do." said Bud Adams. 

Gloria Johnson explained that the City is a part of the County.   Adams informed that when the lady calls again that she should be directed to call the County Judge office and that is all the City could do. 

Everyone agreed that there are double standards when it comes to the city and the county such as when there is a dog in the city that the county refuse to do anything about it because its in the city.

Also, The City Police had requested for the Sheriff's office to bring out the drug dog to sniff out drugs and they would not. 


Louisa Street & Sanitation Department report

Report was given by Greg Slone.

"Sanitation is running smooth," Slone said. "Both trucks are running good right now, they've not been in the shop for a while. The guys are working good together. I haven't had any complaints."

The street side, we have the pool up and going. It is doing good now. We are mowing grass, had to go up to the by-pass and had to remove the flagpole and the welcome to Louisa sign for the State to come in to make the turning lane. It will be replaced once it is put in. Everything is running smooth right now." 


Louisa Water and Sewer

Louisa Water and Sewer was not represented due to David McGuire being in Florida and Elizabeth Green being on vacation but there were matters that had to be taken care of without them, council members decided.  Wholesale water rates were requested to be passed.  Leslie Wellman (See photo above) was present to defend her position as requested by the council last meeting.

Wellman had sent a letter that was read at last meeting because of a high water reading. Mayor Preston asked her if she would like to speak and she did. She explained, "My first months bill was like $147, the second month's bill was $748. I had no water leaks, no running toilets. There are three adults living there and one infant.

When I came to inquire about it, the lady said that they knew it was high, and we had someone check it three times in a month. Not one time did anyone knock on my door, write me a letter, call me to say hey something's wrong. You know we're checking your meter and it's running high. I want to know why!  The lady from the water office said that they don't do adjustments unless there is a leak."  

Council member Brad Stark suggested that he would argue that this is an anomaly with the first month being $147 and then the third being $189. He proposed to take the average of the two and that is what she should pay for the obviously erroronious month. He made a motion to let her pay $160 for that month and that this could be her one adjustment for the year and Thomas Parson seconded it. All were in favor except Gloria Johnson who abstained from voting. 

Eddie Preston brought up that he had been there a few months earlier for a high water bill and the council told him "to eat it". 

Mr. Crum of Falls Creek RoadMr. Crum of Falls Creek RoadBob Crum from Falls Camp Ground has a building on Rt 3. He explained that he had paid his bill by mail and that it had been put into the wrong box at the post office. He was charged a penalty. That has continued to go on. The office had informed him that it was not their fault and that it was his responsibility. There were a total of 70 people that this happened to. There was proof that it had been received before the due date. 

The water office employee said that it is not the policy to fix it and that the customer is at fault. "It is crap that the customer was being charged because of a mistake they did not make,"  Stark said,  There was a heated discussion on what to do about this matter.  

Stark made a motion and Lisa Schaeffer added the second to take off the penalty for those 70 people that can prove that the payments had been received by the post office before the due date and John Nolan seconded it and all were in favor. 

When asked how much total would that be and it was told to be around $300. 


Three member pool board named by mayor

The Mayor made three appointments to a board for the pool. Bill Hall for three years. Thomas Parsons made the motion to accept him and Lisa Schaeffer second.

Second was Sandy Stark for a two year term with Gloria Johnson making the motion and Lisa Schaeffer second.

The last was Council member Thomas Parsons for the duration of his seat on council with John Nolan making the motion and Brad Stark seconding. All were in favor.

The board will approve all issues concerned with the city swimming pool. 

Personnel policy 

Personnel policy was decided to be discussed at a special round table meeting on Monday at 7 pm.

The 32 project which is money in and money out for $6,127.12 was made motion by Gloria Johnson to accept and second by Lisa Schaeffer. All in favor. 

Due to a storm that was brewing the rest of the agenda was passed.  The meeting was adjourned with Brad Stark making a motion and Raymond Dixon second, all were in favor.

Two arrested for exposing child to drug paraphernalia;

Jesse CaudillJesse CaudillKathy CaudillKathy CaudillSierra CaudillSierra Caudill


June 9, 2014


Jesse Caudill, 30, of Louisa, Ky was arrested June 6, 2014, 13 miles North of Louisa, Ky. on Blaine Creek Road and was charged with Menacing, Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree, and Assault 4th Degree Domestic Violence.   

Deputy Mason Keefer received a call of a Domestic involving a crowbar. While in route it was believed a child may have been struck. Upon arrival Caudill and his wife exited the house.  The subject had his hands in his pockets. Deputy Keefer told Caudill to take his hands out of his pocket., the arrest report said.  

"Subject pulled it [his hand] out fast and pointed it at me like a gun and said freeze." Keefer said in the report.  When Deputy Keefer went into the residence the subjects' three children were sitting in the floor. While EMS was checking on the kids, they observed uncapped needles less than six inches from a child's foot, creating a grave danger to the child's life, the report said. Subject's mother said they had been fighting (husband and wife) all day. She said they were violently hitting each other.

Kathy Caudill, 63, of Louisa, Ky. was arrested on June 6, 2014, 9 Miles North of Louisa, Ky. on Blaine Creek Road and charged with Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree.   Caudill was in residence with her three small grandchildren, son, and daughter in law where needles, and prescription medication was in reach of the kids. A syringe and needle was in the blanket with a child and the needle was bent over, appeared that the child was stuck by needle. Subject made a comment that her daughter in law had threatened to kill the kids with a crowbar. Kids were taken to TRMC to be checked out then was placed into Social Services Care. Arresting Officer Deputy Dwayne Bowen

Sierra Caudill, 29, of Louisa, Ky was arrested on June 6, 2014, 9 Miles North of Louisa, Ky at Blaine Creek Road and charged with Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree, Menacing, Assault 4th Degree (No Visible Injury), and Possession of Marijuana.

Sheriff's Deputy, Dwayne Bowen, received a disturbance call to Blaine Creek Road. Upon arrival, Deputy Bowen was advised by a family member that subject and her husband had been fighting all day. And that Caudill had a pry-bar and was threatening to kill everyone there, including her kids. While subject was in custody and in the back of the cruiser, she started kicking the back glass. Caudill had a silver container containing marijuana seeds in her pocket and kept making comments that deputies could charge her with whatever but it would all get thrown out. Social Services was called to scene because of threats made and syringes found in blanket with baby and needle was bent over as if it had been stepped on.

Ryan Hayes, 27, of Ulysses, Ky was arrested on June 3, 2014, at 1471 Hwy 581 Louisa, Ky and charged with Operating Motor Vehicle under the influence of Alc/Drugs/ Etc. .08 (Aggravated Circumstances), and Wanton Endangerment 2nd Degree. Hayes was also served Bench Warrant which the Officer did not know anything about that case.  Arresting Officer Deputy Mack Wilhite

William Graves, 36, of Louisa, Ky was arrested on June 3, 2014, 11 Miles South of Louisa on Ky Hwy 581 and charged with Disorderly Conduct 2nd Degree and Menacing.   

Sheriff's Deputy, Mason Keefer, received a call of a burglary. Upon arrival, a neighbor was being questioned and the above subject came to the residence and began cursing and pointing at the homeowners. Graves was told to leave, subject then cursed Deputy Wilhite and Deputy Keefer and left. Another subject was arrested on unrelated charges. While the subject was in a police car the above subject walked up and began arguing with the prisoner. Subject was told multiple times to stop arguing but refused. Graves became argumentative with Deputies and also pointing at Deputies. Subject placed the prisoner and police on scene in a dangerous situation trying to argue with everyone. Graves wife said when he originally left he took a baseball bat but threw it down.

Bobby Triplett, 49, Louisa, Ky was arrested on June 5, 2014, 17 miles North of Louisa, Ky on Coal Branch Road and charged with Burglary 2nd Degree, Burglary 3rd Degree, Non Support, and Probation Violation (Misdemeanor Offense), Subject was also served Bench Warrants. Arresting Officer, Deputy Mack Wilhite

Benjamin Beckwith, 21, Louisa, Ky was arrested on June 4, 2014, 7 Miles North Rt. 3 Louisa, Ky and charged with Leaving Scene of Accident/Fail to render aid or assistance, and Wanton Endangerment 2nd Degree.   

According to the arrest report, subject attempted to pass a Fire Vehicle sitting sideways blocking the road. Subject was told to stop but struck the vehicle instead and left the scene. Subject drove through Fire Dept. personnel who were working to open the roadway. Subject placed others in danger. There was a dent on the subject's vehicle with red paint transfer approximatly the height of the contact area on the fire truck. Arresting Office Deputy Mason Keefer.

James Schaffer, 41, Huntington, WV was arrested on June 5, 2014, at Lawrence County Justice Center in Louisa, Ky. And served Indictment Warrant.Arresting Officer Deputy William Leedy

Lindsey Dawn Schaffer, 35, Huntington, WV was arrested on June 5, 2014 at Lawrence County Justice Center Louisa, Ky. And served Indictment Warrant.Arresting Officer Deputy Mark Wheeler

Lowell Maynard, 26, Louisa, Ky was arrested on June 6, 2014, 13 Miles North of Louisa, Ky on Blaine Creek Road and charged with Operating Motor Vehicle Under the influence of Alc/Drugs/Etc .08 2nd Offense.   

While Deputy, Mason Keefer was at a drug related domestic incident, the subject pulled down the driveway. Deputy Keefer spoke with him and subject had constricted pupils and slurred speech. Subject admitted to taking Xanax and was going to the residence to buy drugs. Subject was given and failed Standard Field Sobriety test. Subject declined independent test. Did not request Breath and Urine and Blood pending.

June 7, 2014

County Fair set for July 30-Aug 2;

To include 'Casey's Rides' carnival... 

By Catrina Vargo

Louisa KY -- The Louisa Rotary Club met Thursday, June 5, at the Louisa First Baptist Church, and after the meeting was opened up by Vice  President, Greg Kiser, the club heard from the Lawrence County Fair Board Chariman and Co-Chairman, Nita Ferrell and Connie Carter.   

Ferrell and Carter told the Rotary members that there was sponsorship opportunities still available for the 2014 Lawrence County Fair which will be July 30-August 2 in the field out from the Lawrence County Extension Office at 249 Industrial Park Road, Louisa.

Ferrell said at this point they still needed picnic tables and umbrellas.  Rotary member Mike Armstrong suggested that the LCHS Carpentry Class could assist with the tables.  Treasurer, Bill England said some things could possibly be ordered ffrom the Rotary International catalog.

There is is no admission to the fair, and there will be some new things this year according to Ferrell, including a carnival by Casey's Rides, which is the same company that comes to Septemberfest. 

"They are a great company to work with,"  Ferrell said. Tickets can be purchased per ride, or an armband is good for all day.  In addition to the carnival, this year there will also be some new games, a hay bailing contest, possibly a politician meet and greet with a dunking booth.

 "We are trying to make the fair more country oriented," Farrell said.


The fair pageants will be held Tuesday, July 29 at 6 pm.  

The 4-H Variety Show will be held Thursday, July 31 at 6 pm.

There will once again be a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning, August 2.  Ferrell said the livestock show will consist of small animals such as rabbits, chickens, and swine, but they are working on showing sheep, goats and cattle. There will be a livestock auction Ferrell said,  explaining that the prize would not be the animal itself, but an award for taking care of the animal.  All winners will be required to show a goat, demonstrating their showmanship skills. "There will also be a country ham auction," Ferrell said.

Set up fees are $15 per day, or $45 for all three days for food or craft vendors.

Ferrell said the county fair, now in its fourth year, is growing, especially the live stock and 4-H shows. Businesses, organizations or individuals may donate to the fair, and in doing so, will be recognized as a sponsor in the official fair booklet, which will be distributed throughout town and to the fair goers. Ad space may be purchased in the booklet from  $25-$75.

For more information on the Lawrence County Fair, call 606-624-7145 or 606-673-9498, or email

A good crowd attended Thursday's Louisa Rotary Club meeting.A good crowd attended Thursday's Louisa Rotary Club meeting.

The annual Rotary Club Radio Auction is coming up August 5-6-7, and member Joyce Burton told the members they may begin approaching businesses now for products and services they wish to donate.  

Rotary member Joyce Burton explained this year's Rotary Radio AuctionRotary member Joyce Burton explained this year's Rotary Radio Auction"It is a live radio auction where people call in to bid on items, which will go up to the price of the item or until the bidding stops," said Burton.  

She gave out cards to the members and said that sponsorships of $150 are also available.

 "Sometimes they would rather do that instead of donating items," Burton said. Those who donate to the auction will receive advertising on the air for their contribution.  

Contact any Rotary member for more information.

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