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May 12, 2014

One week to go...

...before 'crossroads'  Primary election; Two more 'Meet the candidates' events this week... 


With a week to go before the big day, candidates in the May 20 Primary election are set for a big week of showing their stuff to voters before they go to the polls in what some have called a pivotal election.

The impending closure of the Big Sandy Power plant, reductions in coal severance tax monies and miles and miles of roads in disrepair after an unusually bad winter, have made the selection of top notch leaders in Lawrence County even more important this year.Those who win election to office are facing a major task in getting the ball rolling economically. Lawrence County is at a crossroads of moving forward with bold new initiatives to spur the economy or to remain stagnant in a fast moving, high tech world.

In what many old timers used to call "Speakins" those running for office have already been asked for their views in "Meet the Candidates" venues at Webbville, Fallsburg, the Lawrence Co. Democratic Womens Club in Louisa and more. This week the Louisa city Council has invited them to speak at the regular monthly meeting and the local Youth Football League has a 'Pow Wow" planned that will be broadcast on the local radio station.

There is a big question as to whether the candidates (there are 57 this year) will fit in the tiny city hall, much less any voters, but for the first time in recent memory the show will go on Tuesday evening (See agenda below) and the Pow Wow will be held at the Lawrence Co. Community Center next to the high school on Thursday evening.

So far neither of those groups have provided a list of questions for the candidates or a time limit for speeches. Needless to say this will be an interesting week for politics watchers with several of the races apparently headed for down to the wire finishes.

All this in a Primary election with the big showdown coming this November in what we call the "Big Election" in these parts. But usually a lot is decided in the Primary as candidates who lose line up (or not) with the party winners for the Fall. (You can see a full list of candidates and a sample ballot in this section of The Lazer).

Louisa City Council


May 13, 2014--7:00 PM

Louisa City Hall

1. Call to order.

2. Pledge of allegiance and prayer.

3. Approve minutes for 04-08-14 and 04-29-14.

4. Meet the candidates.

5. Schooley Mitchell report.

6. Louisa Police Department.

7. Louisa Fire Department.

8. Louisa Street & Sanitation Department.

9. Louisa Water & Sewer Department.

 Water leak adjustments.


10. Louisa Swimming Pool.

11. Personnel policy.

12. Budget FY 2014-2015.

13. Audience comments.

14. Executive session.

15. Adjourn.


May 6, 2014

Election Reminder from Lawrence County Clerk; Election is two weeks away; Conway announces for Gov. in 2015...


Due to the election the Lawrence County Clerk’s Office will be closed for business other than that pertaining to the election on May 20th 2014. We will reopen for regular business on Wednesday May 21st 2014.

Absentee paper ballot applications must be received in our office on or before May 13th 2014 by 4:00 pm. For those who meet the requirements you can currently vote absentee in our office during our normal business hours. The Deadline for voting absentee in house is May 19th 2014 until 4:00 pm.

For those who would like to check to see if they are registered to vote as well as their voting precinct and location, you can go to our website at www.lawrencekyclerk.comand click on the Find Your Precinct link on our homepage or you can also visit our Face Book Page Lawrence County Clerks Office as well and there is a link posted to that page.  

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us at 606-638-4108 or 606-638-0504.

--Chris Jobe

Election observations...

by Mark Grayson

There are 57 or so candidates in the May Primary causing County Clerk Chris Jobe to predict a large turnout May 20.

All but two races are being contested either in the Primary or for the General Election in November.

The two most hotly contested county-wide races in the Primary are expected to be the County Judge/Executive and the County Jailer.

The magistrate's race on the Democratic ticket in District 1 includes the County Road Foreman which is extraordinary because of the question of whether the road foreman can do favors on roads for votes. We can find no law against the practice or evidence that he has done so, but have received several questions about the situation.

Many voters are still confused as to where they vote and in what precinct because of changes made by the state government earlier this year.

The fiscal court has given full time jobs to workers who had been part time for two years in the last two weeks. The court also created an economic director job at $630 per month and given it to a current Judge's office employee. But she told The Lazer Friday that she will not accept the position. The judge has since reportedly offered the job to at least one other person who does not presently work for the county.

Sign gardens? The state highway dept. told candidates to remove election signs along the highway but it doesn't look to me like many of them have done so. Probably wouldn't do much good because the roads are so bad a driver risks breaking an axle it he/she looks off for a few seconds anyway. They don't bother me as long as they take them down when the election is over.

All three candidates for District Judge are from Johnson Co. The top two vote getters in the Primary will square off in November for the job.

For the first time in 25 years Democrat Representive Rocky Adkins is not on the ballot.

What do you think?


Election news for 2015


Date: 05-06-2014

 Conway to seek governor's mansion

Kentucky Press News Service

ConwayConwayIt's official. Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway announced on the Internet Tuesday that he will run for governor in 2015. He becomes the first Democrat to announce his candidacy.
His running mate will be state Rep. Sannie Overly, D-Paris.

The 44-year-old Conway ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 2010 when he lost to Republican Rand Paul. 

Other Democrats are said to be considering running for governor too.

 Republican Hal Heiner of Louisville previously announced his gubernatorial candidacy.

Budget meeting held to work on 2014-15

Louisa has $250,000 budget surplus, employees want 5% raise; $100K in street repair funds on hand...

Department heads and city council members met for a special budget workshop earlier this week. Lazer photo by Elizabeth Moore.Department heads and city council members met for a special budget workshop earlier this week. Lazer photo by Elizabeth Moore.


LOUISA, Ky. -- Louisa City Council met for a special meeting Tuesday night. Mayor, Teddy Preston was not present for the third straight time due to illness. Council member Gloria Johnson was elected to act as Mayor pro-tem.

The meeting was called to start work on the City Budget for next year which is due July 1. Representatives from the City Police, Sanitation, and the Fire Departments were in attendance. City Clerk Kathy Compton confirmed that the city has $250,000 in budget surplus funds left over from this year.

Veteran city council member Gloria Johnson was elected mayor pro-tem for the meeting in the absence of mayor Ted Preston who is recovering from back surgery.Veteran city council member Gloria Johnson was elected mayor pro-tem for the meeting in the absence of mayor Ted Preston who is recovering from back surgery.The department heads asked for a 5% raise for all city employees but not water department workers. waterworks director David McGuire did not attend the session. Council member Raymond Dixon asked about a city personnel policy before any raises are considered. Any raises given need to be merit based and not across the board, he said.

The city has gone from being consistenly at least $90,000 in the red each year to having surplus money partly because of the annexation of the Rt. 23 strip and the extra property tax it has brought in and also due to better oversight and management by the council in the past year, Ms. Johnson said.

Police chief Greg Fuggit told the council that the 3 new police officers, all under 26 years old,  will not be taking the insurance provided by the city due to them being on their parents insurance. He said this saves the city $36,000 because the city pays for 90% and that is about $11,000 a year for each of them.

The council also discussed the city pool and the fact that is costs the city more to operate than it takes in but took no action. And it was noted that the fire department has $59,000 on hand but member Cory Longstreth said the department has to pay $50,000 for the two recently purchased fire engines plus getting decal work on them. She also said the department needs some cash on hand for emergencies and unforseen expenses.

City Clerk Kathy Compton, right, went over figures with the council members and department heads at the meeting.City Clerk Kathy Compton, right, went over figures with the council members and department heads at the meeting.City Attorney Eldred "Bud" Adams said the city has a $60,000 grant for street repairs coming and another $35,000 in the street repair account. There was no mention of when or how that money will be spent. City streets are in perhaps the worst shape they have been in for several years, Johnson noted. She said the city needs to come up with enough money to patch and/or blacktop the streets as soon as possible and the council agreed. 

The budget workshop was held so that the budget issues would not take up so much of the regular meeting time and nothing was voted on. There will be several more meetings before the final budget is voted and accepted, Ms. Johnson said.

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