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Louisa Fire Department part of 3 county-2 state team of units respond to blaze; W.Va. Fire Marshall to investigate suspicious blaze


A huge fire broke out in a church that was over 100 years old near Fort Gay early Thursday morning, destroying it in the process.

Wayne County 911 dispatchers stated that the fire started around 1 a.m. (this morning) Thursday on Old Mill Creek Road. Neighbors in the area say the fire destroyed Bartram Chapel, leaving it a total loss.

No no one was inside the church and no one was injured.

Firefighting units from Kermit, Prichard, and Louisa, Kentucky all responded to the fire to give mutual aid assistance to the Fort Gay fire department.

However, a call for additional assistance to the Wayne Fire Department by Fort Gay and Louisa Fire Departments went unanswered and eventually went as a refusal, causing the multiple fire crews on the scene fighting the church fire to be 'deeply ticked-off' at the "unprofessional and unbecoming behavior" of the Wayne Fire Department, a firefighter said.

The lack of response of the Wayne FD caused the commanding fire officials at the fire scene to request assistance from the Kermit Fire Department in neighboring Mingo County, who were well over twice the distance from Old Mill Creek Road as was from Wayne to the church area.

The Louisa Fire Department units ran out of water and left from the scene when the Prichard Fire Department responded with a tanker and the Kermit Fire Department had two units responding.

There is no word on what caused the fire. West Virginia fire marshals were en route the scene to begin an investigation.




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The 127 LAWRENCE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL graduates who will receive their diplomas tonight represent our future, may all their dreams and aspirations come true...


A Bulldog for life...


Drug charges dominate Lawrence Court session

Most all cases were drug related this court session, with some charges of theft and tampering mixed in.

Johnny WattsJohnny Watts, 28, pled guilty to an amended charge from Complicity Manufacture Meth and sentenced to 8 years. On a charge of Complicity Drug Paraphernalia/Possession, Defendant was sentenced to 90 days. Sentences to run concurrent.

In other circuit court news:

Nathaniel Pack, 32, pled guilty to multiple charges including Theft Of Legend Drug - 1 year, Illegal Possession of Legend Drug - 30 days, Possession of Controlled Substance 3rd Degree -12 months, Theft By Unlawful Taking Or Disposition Shoplifting Under $500-12 months, Tampering With Physical Evidence -1 year, Persistent Felony Offender-dismissed. All supervised probation, 2 years. Final sentencing June 26.

David C. Daniels, 39, was sentenced to 2 years supervised pre-trial diversion on charges of Trafficking In Legend Drug and Complicity Tampering With Physical Evidence, with 90 days jail credit.

Mason T. Foster, 24, was arraigned and pled not guilty to charges Trafficking In Controlled Substance Within 1,000 ft. Of School. Pre-trial conference set for June 26. Defendant remains incarcerated.

Lacy Hall Jr, 26, pled guilty to charges of Complicity Trafficking In Controlled Substance 2nd Degree, which was amended to a misdemeanor, and sentenced to 12 months. On the charge of Complicity Trafficking In Controlled Substance 3rd Degree, Defendant was sentenced to 6 months supervised probation, 24 months to run concurrent with other sentence. Jail credit of 13 days was applied.

Jason L. Pack, 40, pled guilty to charge of Complicity Theft By Unlawful Taking and sentenced to 12 months supervised probation, 24 months in house rehabilitation, with 148 days jail credit.

Curtis Dale Rowe, 40, was sentenced to 3 years for Complicity Theft By Unlawful Taking/Disposition Shoplifting, 12 months for Criminal Trespassing 3rd Degree. Sentences to run concurrent. The charge of Persistent Felony Offender was dismissed. A total of 128 days jail credit was applied.

Sandra K. Hatfield, 35, was sentenced to 12 months for Illegal Possession of Legend Drug and 1 year to serve, probation supervised 2 years for Complicity Tampering With Physical Evidence. Sentences to run concurrent, with 74 days jail credit applied.

Lori Hall, 42, pled guilty to charge of Complicity Trafficking In Controlled Substance 2nd Degree and sentenced to 12 months. On the charge of Complicity Trafficking In controlled Substance 3rd Degree, Defendant was sentenced to 6 months probation, supervised 24 months. Sentences to run concurrent with 13 days jail credit.

Information taken directly from Lawrence Co. Circuit Court Docket