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Louisa City Council candidate indicted in Johnson County; charged with felony tampering with records...

LOUISA, Ky. -- A candidate for Louisa City Council in the Nov. 4 election has been charged with felony tampering with public records when he worked for the Johnson County Sheriff's office in April of 2011.

CastleCastleMitchell "Mitch" Castle, 30, moved to Lawrence County where his wife's family live not too long after the incident and has been involved in numerous community activities including acting as the color commentator of Bulldog football games for the local radio station, acting as a youth minister of the Louisa United Methodist Church and member of the Septemberfest Committee.

The indictment was reported by the Big Sandy News, a tri-county weekly newspaper, yesterday but little about his identity was reported.

The indictment said: Castle allegedly knowingly and unlawfully concealed, removed or otherwise impaired the availability of any public record while lacking the authority to do so, and failed to produce the proper and required document/record or transaction receipt for the Johnson County Sheriff's Office that would allow the office to properly record the monetary transaction.

The alleged incident occurred while Castle was employed by the Sheriff's office as community and city laison, the indictment says.


Why so long in coming?

A spokesperson at the Johnson Co. Circuit Clerk's office said that Castle was indicted on Oct. 17, 2014 and turned himself in to the Big Sandy Regional Detension Center. He was immediately released on a $5,000 cash bond.

The spokesperson, Terri Thompson said the Commonwealth's Attorney's office brought the felony charge to the grand jury. She said that it is not 'unheard of' for cases to take months or even years to reach the grand jury.

Castle is one of seven candidates on the ballot running for six city council seats (current member John Nolan is running a write-in campaign for one of the positions after missing the deadline to sign up for the office).

The Lazer attempted to get Castle's side of the story but his attorney, Eldred "Bud" Adams, who acts as appointed city attorney, said this morning that he has advised Castle to not make any statements regarding the case.

County Clerk Chris Jobe said the indictment will not keep Castle from running for the city council seat but if he were to be convicted of the felony charge, he would not be able to serve.


An indictment is simply a charge by a grand jury not proof of guilt or innocense.



Louisa had some special visitors Tuesday as 'Team Mitch' rolled through town...

Louisa mayor Ted Preston welcomed McConnell during the senator's visit Tuesday.Louisa mayor Ted Preston welcomed McConnell during the senator's visit Tuesday.

Louisa Quality Car Care hosted a Celebratory rally yesterday (Tuesday) where there was standing room only.

America's Got Talent third place winner, Jimmy Rose. Rose sang "Coal Keeps the Lights On" as the crowd cheered and sang along. Click on this photo to see videoAmerica's Got Talent third place winner, Jimmy Rose. Rose sang "Coal Keeps the Lights On" as the crowd cheered and sang along. Click on this photo to see videoLawrence County's State Representative Jill York got the crowd pumped up as she introduced America's Got Talent third place winner, Jimmy Rose. Rose sang "Coal Keeps the Lights On" as the crowd cheered and sang along.

He explained that he was thankful for all that had came out to show their support for Mitch and the Coal Nation.

"We do need a change! It is a sad day and age right now...It's [coal] a part of our history, it's a part of who we are. Coal is in our blood and it's in our veins," stated Rose and he continued by saying, "Go out November 4 and vote. Vote for Mitch because he stands behind us and he stands behind Coal Nation!"

Rep. York continued to express how honored she was to be introducing Senator Mitch McConnell. 

Former Lawrence Co. judge/Executive Phil Carter, right, and his offce manage welcomed Mitch to his Quality care Car Center yesterday.Former Lawrence Co. judge/Executive Phil Carter, right, and his offce manage welcomed Mitch to his Quality care Car Center yesterday.McConnell, a 30 year veteran U.S. senator from Kentucky who is getting a tough challenge from Democrat Ky. Sec. of State, Alison Grimes, started out his speech by thanking everyone who had come out for their support and for former Lawrence Co. Judge/Exec. Phil Carter for opening their doors and allowing him to stop in.

When asked why he would stop in a small town like Louisa McConnell stated,

"Honestly the smaller the town the more I like it. This area is a classic example of the war on coal."

He expressed how he felt about the changes taking place at the power plant saying, "It impacts real people, jobs at the power plant and utility bills going up. These people need to be stopped! We are going to try to put a stop to it two weeks from today."




The other side of the coin...


Warning Signs Grow That Mitch McConnell Is Losing In Kentucky Senate Race

Politicus USA // Jason Easley

Mitch McConnell is so desperate to get people to attend his campaign rallies that he is paying people from Ohio in order to make it appear that he has supporters. This is another sign that McConnell’s campaign may be losing in Kentucky.

According to The Independent Online in Ashland, KY,

With a backdrop of two gargantuan dump trucks displaying banners which read “Protect Coal Jobs” and “Support Coal or live in the Dark,” McConnell addressed about 100 supporters.

They included some of the same young people decked out in red “TeamMitch” t-shirts on hand at stops in the area Tuesday and a few Whayne Supply employees, at least one of which said he lives in Ohio and can’t vote in Kentucky’s senate election. The online publication, The Hill, reported the Republican Party of Kentucky solicited volunteers to go on the trip to show support, offering to pick up the cost of their meals and lodging. McConnell would only say he has “enthusiastic supporters” when asked about the story.

McConnell is refusing to answer questions about the supporters that his campaign paid to be on the bus tour, but reporting from the scene suggests that if the paid supporters, campaign staffers, and those who are ineligible to vote in the Senate election are subtracted, Sen. McConnell could probably comfortably fit all of his organic supporters into a few tables at Denny’s.

Candidates, Democratic or Republican, who can’t generate crowds at rallies usually don’t win. The absence of a crowd is direct indicator of a lack of enthusiasm for McConnell’s reelection bid.

People who show up at rallies are a candidate’s most dedicated supporters. These individuals can be counted on to vote on Election Day. Mitch McConnell continues to be one of the least popular senators in the United States Senate. His only chance of winning is to make the election about voting against his Democratic opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes. It appears that voters won’t be showing up to enthusiastically vote for Sen. McConnell.

McConnell campaign is sharing many traits with losing efforts. The Kentucky incumbent has low approval ratings, is struggling to draw a crowd, most of his fundraising has been from big out of state donors and PACs, is being criticized for forgetting about the folks back home, and he has no clear campaign message.

The mainstream media is trying to give this election to Mitch McConnell, but the reality is that there are warning signs all over this campaign that Sen. McConnell is losing in Kentucky.

Races getting hot with two weeks to go;

Democrats take first shot in State rep's race...

I was so surprised when I got this that I spilled my coffee on it. if you can't read the bottom line, it says Paid for by Kentuckians for Economic Development, Louisville, Ky.I was so surprised when I got this that I spilled my coffee on it. if you can't read the bottom line, it says Paid for by Kentuckians for Economic Development, Louisville, Ky.


LOUISA, Ky. -- When I got my mail Saturday I found an interesting piece of junk mail in the mix that was not so flattering to State Rep. candidate Jill York (R-Grayson) and it sort of surprised me.

Most years candidates take shots at their opponents from time to time to let voters know why they shouldn't vote for them. For example, I don't know if I can take two more weeks of the Mitch-Allison battle that has been no holds barred for several weeks not to mention the WV ads where they beat each other up about who is or is not the best for the coal business. (See Facts vs. Myths about coal HERE)

But in Lawrence County there has been very little "anti" campaigning. The hottest county-wide races seem to be for Judge/Exec., County Attorney, Jailer, District Judge, and State Representative. 

Several "Meet the candidates" type meetings have been held with mostly candidates and their family and friends attending and not many others. But there have been exceptions such as the one this week sponsored by The Jordan Center that gave candidates time to convince those in attendance why they are the best for the job. (Story and pics coming soon)

Our Lazer polls which are not scientific by any means, have been fairly close and we'll try to get all the big races on for at least four days in the next two weeks.

We will also break down the races into individual stories with as much info as we can muster on the races.

Since the Democrats took the first real shot this weekend, I thought I'd start the series with the 96th District State Representative contest between incumbant (sort of) Jill York, a Republican who lives in Grayson, Ky. and Barry Webb, a Lawrence County Democrat.

York vs. Webb

Republican Jill YorkRepublican Jill York Democrat Barry WebbDemocrat Barry Webb

This election is pivotal for Democrats as they stand just four defeats of incumbents to lose control of the Ky. House of Representatives. Longtime Lawrence Co. Rep. Rocky Adkins would then be knocked out of his leadership position in Frankfort as Majority whip, something that, of course, he does not want to see happen.

"I believe we are strong in the new 96th with Barry (Webb) because he is one of the people, he's down to earth and has strong ties with the voters in both Carter and Lawrence Counties," Adkins said. "He has been working really hard and the party is ready to stand with him every way we can because we need him in Frankfort."

In the two counties Democrats hold a roughly 13,000 vote advantage but York has won in Carter county before, and she slightly edged Webb four years ago when the district included Lewis County instead of Lawrence.

York enjoys the backing of the state republican party and has attended events by the dozen in Lawrence County since she became the representative here. She is by anyone's standards, a "dynamic" candidate.

"There is a chance that the House Majority Party might lose their grip on close to 100 years of control in the House during this election cycle. That would change the faces of legislative leaders and the way the chamber does business," York told The Lazer last week.

"For starters, Frankfort's career politicians would lose their power to deny that Kentuckians want issues of faith and traditional family values to be part of the political discussion."

York, who owns a printing company along with her husband in Grayson, claims Lawrence County roots because she lived here in her early school years and her grandparents are from Lawrence County.

"If, as a candidate, you are more worried about who may or may not be in control of a political caucus at the Capitol than you are about what's best for the people of your district -- then you are missing the point," she said.

Webb, who is a fifth generation native of Webbville where he still lives and works for AK Steel in Ashland, has a different view.

"People getting out and voting is going to make a difference in this election, Webb said. "Lawrence County Is a Democratic county. If a Republican wins in Lawrence or Carter County it is because they (Democrats) voted Republican or they stayed home," Webb said at a recent Lawrence co. Democrat Womans Club event.  

"I'm sure everyone knows 10 people they could talk to about how important this election is. Some people haven't voted in years," Webb said. "This race is more than just about me, you're talking about a new caucus, a new floor leader...we would lose the influence that Greg Stumbo and Rocky Adkins have," Webb said.

"Things will not be good if it goes Republican. If you think our part of KY has been left out before, it will be worse.  We have to get people out to vote.  If not, we've wasted a lot of time and effort."

Neither candidate has mentioned specific issues although Webb has said the new road projects in Lawrence County may not ever be completed without help from Adkins and the Democratic party in Frankfort.

How we see it...

At first glance this race would seem to be a "no-brainer" with the Democrat majority so large. But York is very good campaigner in person and has convinced Democrats to cross their ticket in the past. Plus, she is the incumbent even thought the 96th is a new district with just Carter and Lawrence included.

Then there is the "my county vs your county" influence and Carter County has nearly twice as many votes as does Lawrence.

On the other hand Webb is not a rookie having run for the position before. And he has plenty of help from powerful leaders in state government that may be appealing to voters in both counties. 

This race depends on party loyalty vs county loyalty to a great degree. And then there is the "personalities" of the candidates that always has an effect. Lawrence County seems to have a strong Republican ticket for York to run with this time and Carter has the same for Webb. 

Since I have no idea which is most important to the voters in the two counties I find it difficult to predict this one, but I think Webb will win Lawrence County, just don't have any idea by how many. No idea about Carter County so as far as I'm concerned, this is a puzzler.


Next review - County Attorney's race...


Here's the local lineup:

2014 General Election Candidate’s and Addresses

...from Lawrence Co. Clerk Chris Jobe's office by Crystal Osborne

U.S. Senate


Alison Lundergan Grimes


Mitch McConnell

District Court Judge


John T. Chafin

Paul L. Pack

96th State Representative


Barry Webb


Jill York

County Sheriff


Garrett Roberts

147 Red Br Rd Louisa, KY

County Coroner


Mike Wilson

1270 Hwy 2565 Louisa, KY


Travis Hughes

95 Lara Ln Apt 4 Louisa, KY

County Attorney


Everett Kenneth Preston

662 Two Mile Crk Louisa, KY


Michael T. Hogan

1015 Violet Ln Louisa, KY

County Judge


John A Osborne

584 Mill Br Rd Catlettsburg, KY


Rick May

390 June Apple Rd Louisa, KY

County Jailer


Jim Burchett

169 Big Cat Fork Rd Louisa, KY


Roger Lee Jordan

14806 Hwy 32 Blaine, KY

Constable Dist 1


Paul Wells

1596 Hwy 1185 Louisa, KY


Larry D Bellomy

3981 Spankem Br Rd Louisa, KY

Constable Dist 2


William Collins

75 Cedgap Rd Louisa, KY


Jason W Stepp

60 Treasure Chest Dr Louisa, KY

Constable Dist 3


Dennis Marcum

Po Box 195 Martha, KY


Daniel Castle

38 Tarkhill Rd Blaine, KY

Constable Dist 4


Billy Lemaster

1203 Maynard Br Rd Louisa, KY

Magistrate Dist 1


Morris Howard

302 Saddle Town Rd Webbville, KY


Terry D Preece

973 Little Cat Fork Rd Louisa, KY

Magistrate Dist 2


John J Lemaster

1792 Deer Lick Br Rd Louisa, KY


Mark A Hardin

PO Box 335 Louisa, KY

Magistrate Dist 3


John “Tony” Lester

706 Prince Br Rd Martha, KY


Earl Boggs Jr

170 Belflower Rd Blaine, KY

Magistrate Dist 4


Denver R Chaffin Sr

421 S Lock Ave Louisa, KY


Rick Blackburn

217 River Rd Louisa, KY

County PVA


Chris Rose

59 Raccoon Br Rd Blaine, KY

County Surveyor


Cliff A West

5081 S Hwy 3 Louisa, KY

County Court Clerk


Chris Jobe

36 Moss Br rd Louisa, KY

Mayor of Louisa

(non partisan)

Teddy Preston

201 Pike St Louisa, KY

James Ferrell

520 ½ N Lock Ave Louisa, KY

Raymond Dixon

108 W Perry St Louisa, KY

Casey Jones

107 Maple St Louisa, KY

Harold E Slone

602 N Lock Ave Louisa, KY

Louisa City Council

Tom Parsons

125 Public Way Louisa, KY

Bradley J Stark

207 W Perry Louisa, KY

Gloria Johnson

406 N Lackey Ave Louisa, KY

Lisa Schaeffer

305 W Franklin St Louisa, KY

Ronald E Cordle Jr

1321 Old Beech Rd Louisa, KY

Angela McGuire

1025 Rose Ln Louisa, KY

Mitch Castle

437 N Rice Ave Louisa, KY

School Board District 1

(Also non partisan)

Harold D Vaughn

9044 Hwy 1690 Louisa, KY

Maddlene P Roberts

3801 McClure Br Rd Louisa, KY

John Goble

12444 S Hwy 3 Louisa, KY

School Board Dist 3

Garnett Skaggs

840 Hwy 1715 Martha, KY

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