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2015 Lawrence County Memorial Day Celebration


The 2015 Lawrence County Memorial Day Celebration will be held Saturday, May 23, beginning at 1:00 pm at the Yatesville Lake Marina. The event is sponsored by the VFW 6103 and American Legion Post 89, and will honor all Veterans.

After the honor ceremony, hotdogs and refreshments will be served and there will be musical entertainment.
The event is free to the public and everyone is encouraged to come out and join together to honor our Veterans and kick off the official start of summer.


Memorial Day 2015: The Real Story Behind the Holiday




UPDATE- Company proposes plan for jail expenses

 Sheriff turns over $11,248 in excess fees to county

County Attorney Mike Hogan sits with Lawrence Sheriff Garrett Roberts at the May Fiscal Court meeting yesterday.


 LOUISA, Ky. -- Local officials heard all about a new Jail Health program that could save tax payers thousands of dollars per year and also from former chief economic development director of the FIVCO corporation.

Mike Coffey, from Advanced Correctional Health Care showed magistrates and judge John Osborne how the county can save $35,000 - $40,000 by allowing his company to manage the Big Sandy Regional jail. He said Lawrence County's part would be $49,203 when last year the expenses for healthcare were in excess of $70,000, Osborne said.

A healthcare reform program for jails in the Big Sandy region was proposed May 18 at the Lawrence county fiscal court meeting by Advanced Correctional Healthcare consultant, Mike Coffey.  The deal will change the way inmates get medical attention. The proposal offers on-site medical services to the jails, which includes 24/7 on-call practitioner service with at least two backup doctors, a full nursing staff and more. The program is being proposed to Johnson, Lawrence, Magoffin and Martin counties.  If Lawrence county decides to approve, they will have an annual invoice amount over $49,000, which includes pool funds of $19,000 with 90% payback. The fiscal court chose to wait for other counties before a decision is made.County Attorney Mike Hogan has already researched the parts of the plan and made some minor changes before it was recommended to the court, he said.

The deal is precepted by the other counties in the four county regional jail system agree or not. Lawrence County magistrates, minus Moriss Howard who could not attend the meeting, decided to wait until they see what the other three counties do before they make a final decision.

"I think it sounds good but I believe we should see what these other counties are doing before we jump in," said Rick Blackburn. The court agreed.

Hogan then asked the court for $10,000 to pay for an extra person in his office to help with office and clerical work. "You wouldn't believe how much paper work and computer work there is to do," Hogan said. But magistrate John J. Lemaster asked that the court to wait a couple of months before spending the money. "We really don't know what we'll have after all the cuts and prices rising, I'd like to see if we can afford it first," Lemaster said.

But Hogan said he would rather have it voted up or down one way or the other at the meeting.

"I don't want to be jerked around anymore, if you don't want to do it, vote it down," Hogan said.

A motion was made by Rick Blackburn and seconded by Earl Boggs to give Hogan the extra $10,000, and passed 2-1.

FIVCO rep Gail Melvin"I'm glad you did this, I've been asking for a little help for the last five years and this is the first court to do it," Hogan said.

The lengthiest presentation came from a FIVCO grant planner, Gail Melvin, who explained the workings of FIVCO and how the best way to get ready for growth can be achieved. 

Hogan asked Melvin if she has anything to do with the East Park project in Greenup county that is a shared project among all FIVCO counties (Greenup, Boyd, Carter, Lawrence and Elliot) but has not produced the number of jobs for Lawrence county and some of the others.

"You guys are called FIVCO but it ought to be ONECO or TWOCO because you're interested in Boyd and Greenup county mostly," Hogan quipped.

Melvin's presentation for counties which are looking at expanding as is Lawrence especially since the announcement of the changeover at Kentucky Power to natural gas instead of coal.

Lawrence County Economic Development has covered nearly every suggestion that Ms. Melvin made. She admitted that the workup had not been done for Lawrence County as completely as is necessary to this point.

"We admit we're behind and a lot of this should have already done, but we're trying to double speed it now," Melvin explained.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants and new programs will be available for Lawrence county including the new SOAR project coming from a bipartisan effort between Gov. Steve Beshear and U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers.


 Morris Howard was the only court member missing Monday.

The court also:


  1. Approved minutes of the April 21, 2015 Regular Meeting
  2. Approved 2nd Reading of Budget Amendment #5
  3. Approved 1st Reading of FY15/16 Budget
  4. Approved Treasurer’s Request
  5. Approved Bills
  6. Approved Treasurer’s Report
  7. Approved Recurring Expenses FY 15-16
  8. Set Salaries FY 15-16 
  9. Authorized Clerk to advertise for bids on gravel, blacktop, pipe, fuel, etc
  10. Adopted resolution and approve agreement between the Lawrence County Fiscal Court & the Commonwealth of KY, Transportation Cabinet, Department of Rural and Municipal Aid
  11. Authorized County Clerk to advertise for bids for breaks on Diamond Ridge, Donithon, Spankem, and Ab Creek
  12. Awarded bid on All Horn break -Low bid Steve Lemaster, $19,300
  13. Awarded bids on Left Fork Laurel break - Low bid E&E Construction $34,151.
  14. Approve Personnel Policy & Procedures and Administrative Code (no changes from previous year)
  15. Presentation from CDBG Planner from Fivco – Gail Melvin (see main story)
  16. Jail Program Overview – Mike Coffey (see main story)
  17. Public comments -- none

Lazer summer intern Trenton Meade contributed to this story


County salaries as set by fiscal court for 2015-16



Drugs and theft dominate in circuit court cases...sentences handed down by Judge Preston...

Circuit Court News

Scott B. Bunyard, 27, was sentenced to 10 years for complicity manufacturing meth, 3 years on complicity possession controlled substance 1st degree, 12 months for complicity drug paraphernalia-buy/possession.  The persistent felony offender charge was dismissed.

Eric Burton, 22, was sentenced to 18 months to serve for escape 2nd degree and 18 months for tampering with prisoner monitoring device, with 27 days jail credit. Sentences to run concurrently.

Thurman Caudill, 37, was sentenced to 30 days in jail with a separate hearing for theft by unlawful taking-shoplifting, persistent felony offender and probation violation.

Brandon Birt, 28, was sentenced to 4 years probation, supervised 5 years on charge of complicity burglary 2nd Degree, to run consecutive to separate case. The charge of complicity possession of marijuana was dismissed.  Jail credit of 33 days was applied.  In a separate case, Defendant was sentenced to 4 years probation supervised 5 years and other conditions on a charge of complicity burglary 2nd degree to run concurrent with other case.

Kelly Kasey Collins, 37, was arraigned and pled not guilty to charges of theft by unlawful taking (auto) and persistent felony offender. Pre-trial conference June 12.

Tommy Fletcher, 28, pled guilty and was sentenced to 3 years probation 5 years and other conditions for 3rd degree burglary, same sentence for receiving stolen property, 30 days each for possession of burglary, carrying a concealed deadly weapon, illegal possession of legend drug, and public intoxication. All sentences to run concurrently.

Tammy Hicks, 44, was sentenced to 1 year for complicity theft by unlawful taking, to run concurrent with Boyd Co. case.

Kevin S. Hodge, 38, was sentenced to 1 year for receiving stolen property with 97 days jail credit.  Sentence to run concurrent to a separate case.

Mary J. Howard, 65, was sentenced to 10 years, probation unsupervised 5 years and other conditions for 1st degree arson.  A total of 466 days jail credit was applied.

Kayla Hunt, 27, pled guilty and was sentenced to 5 years supervised pre-trial diversion 5 years on amended charge of facilitation complicity meth.

Charles F. Marcum, 41, pled guilty and was sentenced to 3 years probation 5 years and other conditions for receiving stolen property (firearm). Final sentencing June 12.

Kevin Murphy, 20, pled guilty and was sentenced to 5 years supervised pre-trial diversion 5 years with 120 days home incarceration.  Final sentencing June 12.

Chad A. Nichols, 32, was scheduled for jury trial for August 17 on charges of 1st degree burglary and persistent felony offender.  Defendant is to report to court on July 10.

Caressa Prater, 26, pled guilty and was sentenced to 5 years  diversion supervised 5 years and other conditions each, for 2 counts of tampering with physical evidence.

Jamie Slone, 38, was arraigned and pled not guilty to charge of complicity manufacturing meth, trafficking in controlled substance, complicity 1st degree possession of cocaine, complicity drug paraphernalia, and persistent felony  offender.  Pre-trial conference June 22.

Duranda Smith, 30, pled guilty and sentenced to 5 years  supervised pre-trial conversion 5 years to amended charge of facilitation complicity manufacture meth.
Final sentencing June 26.

James Smith, 24, pled guilty and was sentenced to 5 years probation supervised 5 years and other conditions for 2nd degree burglary. Final sentencing June 12.

Kenneth Smith, 34 pled guilty and was sentenced to 10 years to serve for complicity manufacture meth. Final sentencing June 12.

Lester Wellman, 22, pled guilty and was sentenced to 12 years for complicity manufacture meth. Sentence to run concurrent with Martin Co. Case. The charge of persistent felony offender was dismissed.  Final sentencing June 12.