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Weather Alert in effect


NWS predicts 6-8 inches of ice and snow beginning Sunday for Lawrence County...

5:36 pm, Saturday

"---Just finished up the group conference call with NWS Charleston, NWS Sterling, NWS Blacksburg and NWS Pittsburgh.

No major changes from the thoughts of NWS Jackson / Louisville.

They have a slightly different accumulation map but stated they hadn't made the corrections from the latest model predictions as of yet.

At this time all seem to be in agreement that Lawrence County will be impacted by at least .25 inch of ice accretion and anywhere from 4 to 8 if not more snow accumulation.

The system will start as rain tomorrow morning, switch to freezing rain for three to four hours before starting to turn to frozen precipitation. We should receive a period of sleet that may produce up to an 1.5 of sleet before going over to heavy wet snow with rates of 1 to 1.5 inches per hour overnight. Depending on where the heavy line sets up we could see at least 8 inches with someone likely reaching a foot of snow. The agreement from this call is that they don't expect the higher winds to make it to EKY and if they do reach us they won't be as strong or last very long. AEP has already started positioning crews in the area to get an early jump on power restoration.

The State of Kentucky will be activating the EOC in Frankfort at 3 PM tomorrow. The results of the morning conference call will determine the EOC status for Lawrence County. Everyone should take time this afternoon to make sure all equipment is full of fuel and operational.

If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me either by phone or e-mail.

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