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With a baby on the way, it’s twice as important to get the support you need to quit smoking.

The Kentucky Tobacco Quit Line is a FREE phone counseling service, and has specially-trained female coaches to help expectant moms to become non-smokers. This program offers at least 5 calls during pregnancy and at least 4 calls after the baby arrives. Text messaging is also an available option. The FREE program is available in either English or Spanish during normal operating hours of 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. (EDT) at 1-800-QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669).

To be eligible, one must be a resident of Kentucky and currently pregnant. (If you are postpartum, you can enroll in the regular program and receive standard services.) The program is open to those 15 years of age or older with no parental consent required.

As an added bonus, the Kentucky Quit Line will provide cash incentives for pregnant participants. Call today for to enroll or to receive more information. The number again is 1-800-QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669).

Date: 08-14-2016

New inpatient rehabilitation center set to open in Pike

Those fighting the battle against substance abuse will have a new ally when Brookside inpatient rehabilitation facility opens in Pikeville.

Aaron Frye is a therapist at Brookside, which is located on Venters Lane. The clinic will open Sept. 1, and provide addiction treatment. Brookside is located in the same building as ASAP Consulting.

“Brookside will be a fully-functional residential treatment center,” Frye said. “We offer substance abuse and mental health counseling. If a person comes in with a substance abuse problem, and possibly has a diagnosis for depression or another mental health issue, I will see them for either of those, or both at the same time.”

Brookside will have room for 20 patients, 10 female and 10 male. The clinic hosts areas for outside activities, kitchen access and family visits, dorms and recreational areas. 

One service that will be offered by Brookside is non-medical detox.

A non-medical detox, Frye said, is when a patient stops taking drugs such as pain killers or stimulants such as cocaine or meth.

“We will provide a place where patients can be monitored by a nurse, and have a private place, which is safer than coming off a substance on one’s own,” Frye said.

The clinic will have a medical staff that includes nurses and three doctors. 

Frye said Brookside is a voluntary facility. Patients can come in and leave at any time. If they want to stay a week or six months, it’s their decision, he said.

Another service provided by Brookside will be a program to help patients stop taking Suboxone, a drug prescribed to help people with opioid addiction.

“What sets us apart from any other place I have heard of is that we are going to use part of our facility for a Suboxone step-down program,” Frye said. “Every person I have worked with that takes Suboxone says that they don’t want to be on it the rest of their life. So, we are giving them an opportunity to get off it. You are monitored as you are coming off it, you will be in a place without any kind of temptations. There will be individual and group therapy. It’s a better environment for someone to try to do that than doing it by themselves.” 

Patients can walk in, or be referred to Brookside. Medicaid and private insurance is accepted. For more information, call (606) 437-0097.

By Julia Roberts
Appalachian News-Express


Dr. Spencer Harris and TRMC CEO Greg Kiser.

Congratulations to Dr. Spencer Harris, Family Practice physician for his 5 year

anniversary at TRMC!!!! Go Hokies!!!


Congratulations to Dr. Tom Frazier, GI physician at TRMC for his 5 years anniversary!!!


Dr. Aaron Kendrick left and TRMC CEO Greg Kiser

Congratulations to Dr. Aaron Kendrick, Anesthesiologist, for his 5 Years at TRMC!!!








Lawrence Co. Senior Citizens Center menu (August 2016)

Director -- Judy Jackson

Senior menu august 2016


Lawrence Co. Senior Citizens Center activities (August 2016)


Lawrence County Health Department celebrates breastfeeding families


August 1-7 is National WIC Breastfeeding Week and also World Breastfeeding Week. 

This week, the Lawrence County Health Department celebrates breastfeeding families.  We want to remind you of our WIC breastfeeding services.  When a pregnant woman signs up for WIC in Lawrence County, she gets breastfeeding education and will be offered additional breastfeeding services by Tiffany Fitch, WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. 

Tiffany is available to share the benefits of breastfeeding, have classes upon request, and to answer questions WIC families may have about breastfeeding.  With this knowledge, a mother is able to make an informed decision about feeding her baby.  After delivery, if a WIC mother chooses to breastfeed, Tiffany will keep in contact and be available for any reassurance, tips and information.  WIC and the Peer Counselor can also support breastfeeding mothers and their families with tips on how to talk with family members, doctors, and employers; assistance with obtaining a breast pump if needed and information on proper use; education on breast milk storage and handling; and share information for employers on complying with state and federal laws such as the break time requirement for nursing mothers. 

World Breastfeeding Week is also celebrated Aug. 1-7.  Each year a different theme is chosen.

This year, the theme of World Breastfeeding Week is “Breastfeeding: A Key to
Sustainable Development.” This coordinates with the United Nations17 Sustainable Development Goals aimed at ending poverty and protecting the planet.  Breastfeeding is related to sustainability in many ways and can contribute toward achieving each of these 17 goals, particularly through better nutrition, food security, improved health, and positive environmental impact.  Please visit to view these 17 goals and how breastfeeding can help achieve each one.  

Please celebrate with us World Breastfeeding Week, National WIC Breastfeeding Week, and even National Breastfeeding Awareness Month throughout August.  We thank you, our community, for all of your support of breastfeeding.  For more information on WIC and/or breastfeeding, you can call the Lawrence County Health Department at 606-638-9500.