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FCC approves order that opens door for better cell phone service in rural America...


A ruling on Friday by the Federal Communications Commission could lead to better cell service in rural America, Spencer Chase reports for Agri-Pulse. The agency said in a release that it unanimously voted "to adopt a report and order that it says will 'promote deployment of the wireless infrastructure necessary to provide the public with ubiquitous, advanced wireless broadband services.'”

"The order clarifies several statutory limitations on state and local government authority to review wireless infrastructure siting applications," Chase writes. "Simply speaking, this means local entities will have to be more compliant with efforts from wireless companies seeking to add or improve wireless coverage."

Jonathan Adelstein, president and CEO of PCIA - the Wireless Infrastructure Association, told Agri-Pulse, “Local communities that want broadband need to cooperate with companies that are willing to invest in those communities. There really is a need to encourage that investment and not discourage it, so those rural communities that open their arms and go out of their way to court that investment are finding that they're much more successful in getting broadband to their citizens.” (Read more)

Written by Tim Mandell

Posted at 10/20/2014 

Web TV Wire

Channel 4 Dumping 4oD In Favor Of All 4 | New Streaming Television Hub For UK Viewers...

Posted: 12 Sep 2014 08:42 AM PDT



4oD has been a successful effort, with Channel 4 having offered on-demand television across a range of platforms for several years. But the name is being dumped, and the service is being given a major overhaul to better cater to its target audience. An audience made up of an inordinate percentage of 16- to 34-year-olds.

  From 4oD To All 4

Channel 4 in the U.K. is dumping 4oD and relaunching its online streaming television service as All 4. Channel 4 boss David Abraham unveiled the plans during a keynote speech at the IBC entertainment technology conference in Amsterdam.

All 4 is designed to keep up with the times, and especially stay ahead of the curve in terms of delivering content how, when, and where the younger demographics demand it. Channel 4 has always had a healthy youth audience, so it makes sense Channel 4 is the broadcaster to change the status quo.

All 4 One and One 4 All

All 4 will comprise of three main sections: On Demand, Now, and On Soon. The names make it very obvious which section does what.

On Demand will be home to the broadcaster’s catch-up service, and is the like-for-like replacement for 4oD. The line-up of programming available will include old shows and recent shows, as well as extras such as cast interviews.

Now will be the home for Channel 4’s live offerings, including feeds of E4 and More 4, plus news reports and original short-form video content.

On Soon will focus on trailing upcoming shows, with previews, teasers, and other promotional material. Some shows will even premiere on All 4 ahead of their scheduled television broadcast.

4oD will transition across to all platforms by the end of Q1 2015, with PC and iOS targeted first.


This seems to be a positive move on the part of Channel 4. The broadcaster is increasing its online output, clearly realizing it’s only going to grow in terms of popularity. The On Soon section is especially interesting, as it challenges the notion the Internet is only for catching up on missed content. Why not lead rather than follow?

[Via The Guardian]


Apple releases Apple Watch, new supersized iPhones with

payment system...

Apple's new computer watch.Apple's new computer watch.

Apple released its much-anticipated smartwatch Tuesday, the first new device for the company since its founder Steve Jobs died in 2011.

 Called Apple Watch, the device, besides telling time, will have broad applications, the company pledged. It will be able to unlock doors to hotel rooms at Starwood hotels next year. Users can check into airlines, get directions as well as accomplish some basic tasks that are familiar to smartphone users, such as send out tweets, reply to messages and answer and make phone calls. The price starts at $349; the watch will be available early next year.

The new watch which sports a flexible screen, a "digital dial" that allows users to access apps and a band that can be swapped out. The device, which has to link up to an iPhone to fully work, comes in two different sizes and several different finishes.

Apple also took aim at the increasingly vulnerable credit card system, integrating a mobile payment system called ApplePay into its new iPhones. The effort, which has been tried unsuccessfully by several tech companies in the past, allows a consumer to store their credit card information in their phones and swipe the phone at new payment machines that are expected to be installed in stores across the country.

The company promised a safe and secure system. It said Apple won't monitor anyone's shopping history. And, if the phone is lost, a user can easily cancel all transactions remotely. American Express, Visa and Mastercard in conjunction with nearly a dozen of the nation's largest banks are participating in the effort. Apple also touted 220,000 stores will now accept the new form of payment, including McDonald's, Whole Foods, Disney theme parks and, of course, Apple's own retail stores.


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