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‘As Seen On’ YouTube Collates Videos Embedded By Blogs and Sites Across The Web


youtube-logoyoutube-logoOnline video clips can now not only form a part of news articles and spark conversations, they can be the very essence which drives debate. And YouTube’s new ‘As Seen On’ feature is a clever way to keep that dialog going.

Embedding YouTube Videos

As anyone who spends any time browsing the Web, and by virtue of the fact you’re reading this I suspect that includes you, will know, YouTube videos pop up everywhere, with websites embedding them to tell, or merely garnish, a story.

Our sister site WebTVHub is entirely made up of video posts, most of which use YouTube as their source. Embedding YouTube videos is so easy that anyone can do it, and everyone does.

YouTube has now decided to keep track of which videos certain sites and blogs are embedding with a new ‘As Seen On’ feature.

‘As Seen On’ YouTube

‘As Seen On’ is detailed in a YouTube Blog post. Essentially ‘As Seen On’ collates the videos embedded on various sites around the Web and posts them all in one place.

Sites such as TechCrunchThe Huffington Post, and Boing Boing have been given their own ‘As Seen On’ pages on YouTube, but it isn’t exactly clear how owners of other, maybe less-trafficked sites, can have their own sites included. It looks like it’s a feature only open to YouTube admins to control.

The ultimate point of ‘As Seen On’ is to help further the conversation being had around these videos. Embedded YouTube clips often form the backbone of an article and drive the debate being had. So this is another way to bring a social networking element into these videos.


‘As Seen On’ is a clever idea. My only issue with it is the fact that the websites and blogs that are part of it are being chosen by faceless admins rather than included for the right reasons. Should the number of people who read a particular site be the most important criteria?

After pressure, Apple to start nixing iPhone apps that tip off drivers to DUI checkpoints;

NEW YORK — (AP) After pressure from four U.S. senators, Apple Inc. has said it will start rejecting iPhone applications that tip drivers off about police checkpoints for drunken driving.

Apple updated its app developer guidelines Wednesday to exclude such apps. On Thursday, some DUI apps were still available in the App Store, but Apple usually gives developers a chance to update their apps so they can conform to the new guidelines before booting them.

The apps often combine warnings about DUI checkpoints with warnings about speed traps and red-light cameras. Users of the applications help create the warnings by registering the locations.

An Apple spokesman had no comment on the change in the guidelines, and wouldn’t say why the change was made.

Senators Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), Frank R. Lautenberg (D-N.J.), and Tom Udall (D-N.M.) asked Apple, Research In Motion Ltd., the maker of the BlackBerry, and Google Inc. to remove DUI-avoidance apps in March. RIM complied, but Google refused.

Google runs an application store for phones that use its Android software. The company places far fewer restrictions on application developers than Apple does.

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