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Date: 12-04-2013

Shelby show pony killed in pit-bull attack;

A popular show pony and training horse owned by one of Shelby County’s most well-known stables was mauled to death in its stall by two pit bulls who were housed on an adjacent property.

Shelby County Sheriff Mike Armstrong said the incident happened at about 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Premier Stables on U.S. 60, just west of Simpsonville.

Armstrong said two pit bulls from an adjoining property owned by George Tapp had come onto a horse farm and attacked a pony as well as another animal owned by Rob and Sarah Byers, who are among the top trainers and competitors in the American Saddlebred industry.

“The two pit bulls did destroy a pony and a cat,” Armstrong said. “When we arrived, the dogs were on the premises but went back home.”

In addition to being a show horse, the deceased animal, a paint pony named Katie, had been a very popular riding horse at Premier Stables, used by many adults and children for riding lessons.

Sarah Byers, who said that she and Rob were in Georgia during the Thanksgiving holiday when the attack occurred, said she did not want to comment on the incident other than to say that the horse was a beloved mare that she had been using to give riding lessons for many years.

Armstrong said he does not know if charges would be forthcoming in connection with the attack, but it is a possibility.

“We have consulted the county attorney [Hart Megibben], and I feel as though there may be some charges forthcoming,” he said. “The animals went on someone else’s property, and owners are responsible for keeping animals on their own property.”

Animal control officers from the Shelby County Animal Shelter went to Tapp’s property, a fishing lakes compound called Tapp’s Pay Lake, and seized the dogs, Armstrong said.

Tapp did not respond immediately to phone messages left by The Sentinel-News.

Bradley King, supervisor at the shelter, said he could not say whether or not the dogs would be euthanized.

“All I can say is that they [dogs] are still here at the shelter,” he said. “We are still investigating to see what all happened.”

Armstrong said he is not aware of any similar altercations in Simpsonville, and Simpsonville Police Chief Chip Minnis said that other than some cat maulings earlier in the year, he had not heard of any other such incidences.

“We haven’t had any pit bull attacks here,” he said. “There’s been nothing of that nature.”

By Lisa King
The Sentinel-News

November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month

MissouriMissouriWhile watching a young kitten romp through the house chasing an “imaginary friend” may be quite entertaining, that young furrball won’t stay small for very long. But you can still have all the fun, laughter, and companionship you are looking for simply by adopting an adult cat….without the trauma of going through the “kitty terrible twos”!!!!   

The Lawrence County Humane Society Animal Shelter is celebrating the month of November as Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month. With good nutrition, regular veterinary visits, and keeping your cat in a safe environment, adult cats are living longer, healthier lives and are not considered to be “senior” until they approach the age of at least 7 or 8, or even older! During the month of November, however, we want to promote and encourage the adoption of all ADULT cats at the Animal Shelter. We do have many adorable kittens of various ages, but we hope that you will consider adopting one of our adult kitties as your next new companion.

We have an abundance of healthy adult cats looking for a special home to cherish them for the rest of their lives. Although shaping the life of a youngster sounds appealing, giving a second chance to an adult/older companion can be equally rewarding. Adult cats like to share quiet moments, are already trained and usually do not chew or scratch everything in sight. Older cats have plenty to offer adopters – not the least of which is lots of love.

The following are some thoughts about adopting an adult cat:

Matching Lifestyles: An adult cat's relatively calm demeanor and less intense exercise needs make them the perfect match for a full-time, working household or an older person seeking friendship and love. Older cats often make excellent or at the very least, agreeable companions for other household pets, as well.

Physical Demands are Low: Fortunately, many adult cats are not as demanding as a younger animal. Like any animal, they need quality time in the form of attention and exercise, but the length and intensity of exercise may not be as great.

Previous Training: Adult cats often already know how to live harmoniously with humans. In general, adult cats require far less supervision and less constant care, which can make them ideal companions for people with already busy lives. They may already be litter box or housetrained.

Size at Maturity is Known: Adult cats have already reached their maximum size and weight and therefore will not require additional purchases anticipating future growth needs. 

What You See is What You Get: With adopted adult cats you will usually know about any behavior challenges or health considerations before you adopt. In other words, there are no surprises.

For more information about the felines available for adoption at the LC Humane Society Animal Shelter, please call Beverly Pack at 606-571-6224 or email

Purr-fect Companions Just Waiting for You

PeachiePeachieMissy-4Missy-4 DelilahDelilahAkira-1Akira-1
This week we are featuring several of the wonderful kitties that are available for adoption at the Lawrence County Humane Society Animal Shelter. These cats are litter box trained, socialized to be around humans and other cats, and would make wonderful companions in any home. If YOU have room in your home & lots of love in your heart, these adorable babies will give you more love than you could ever imagine in return.

To find out more about any of these wonderful kitties, or any of the MANY more we currently have at the Animal Shelter, please call Beverly Pack (LC Humane Society Volunteer) at (606) 571-6224 or email Please call for a quicker response. Thank you!!


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