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Purr-fect Companions Just Waiting for You




This week we are featuring several of the wonderful kitties that are available for adoption at the Lawrence County Humane Society Animal Shelter. These cats are litter box trained, socialized to be around humans and other cats, and would make wonderful companions in any home. If YOU have room in your home & lots of love in your heart, these adorable babies will give you more love than you could ever imagine in return.

To find out more about any of these wonderful kitties, please call Beverly Pack (LC Humane Society Cat Coordinator) at (606) 571-6224 or email Please call for a quicker response.


Pet Fair Set for Saturday, August 13th

(Louisa, KY, August 13, 2013) – The Lawrence County Humane Society will be participating in a Pet Fair on Saturday, August 13th at the Louisa Tractor Supply Company from 10am – 2pm. For just a donation to the Animal Shelter, you can get your pet bathed at our Doggie Wash.  

Members of the Humane Society will be on hand to showcase some of the animals available for adoption at the Animal Shelter. They will also provide literature and answer your questions about volunteering or how you can help homeless animals in our community.

Bring your favorite pets and come join us at the Pet Fair!!! DOGS & CATS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO COME INSIDE THE STORE AT TRACTOR SUPPLY!!!

 For additional info contact Beverly Pack at or cell 606-571-6224




Lawrence County Fair
 Open Livestock Show 2013


Small Animal:  Youth                        Small Animal:  Adult

Poultry                                Poultry
1.    Annie Whelan   
2.    Caity Sammons
3.    Becky Carter

Rabbit                                Rabbit
1.    Raymond Carter                    1.  Rachel Jobe
2.    Becky Carter                       
3.    Tyler Blackburn

Showmanship  Youth – Poultry                    Showmanship Youth – Rabbit
1.    Caity Sammons                        1. Raymond Carter
2.    Becky Carter                        2. Tyler Blackburn
3.    Annie Whelan                        3. Becky Carter

Showmanship Adult – Rabbit
1.     Rachel Jobe

Large Animal – Breeding - Youth

Goat                Lamb                Cattle
1.    Citori Branham            1. Jenny Hendricks        1. Kaitlyn Cantrell
2.    Becky Carter            2. Alley Criss            
                                                          3. Tristan Rowe

Large Animal – Market – Youth
Goat                Lamb                Cattle
1.    Caity Sammons            1. Alley Criss            1. Molly Kees
                                                          2. Jenny Hendricks
                                                          3. Becky Carter

Large Animal – Breeding – Adult

Goat                Lamb                Cattle
1.    Rachel Jobe            ------                ------

Large Animal – Market – Adult
Goat                Lamb                Cattle
-------                ------                1. Mollie Jobe
Showmanship – Youth   

Goat                Lamb                Cattle
1.    Becky Carter            1. Jenny Hendricks        1. Molly Kees
2.    Citori Branham            2. Tristan Rowe           
3.    Caity Sammons            3. Brandi Blackburn
Showmanship – Adult   
1.    Rachel Jobe                            1. Molly Jobe

Lawrence County Fair
4-H Livestock Sale 2013

Small Animal

Poultry                    Rabbits – Junior        Rabbits - Senior
1.    Becky Carter            1. Rachael Carter        1. MaKayla Ferrell
2.    MaKayla Ferrell            2. Raymond Carter        2. Becky Carter
3.    Raymond Carter       
Showmanship                Showmanship – Junior        Showmanship – Senior
1.    Becky Carter            1. Raymond Carter        1. Becky Carter
2.    Raymond Carter        2. Rachael Carter        2. MaKayla Ferrell
3.    MaKayla Ferrell

Large Animal
Goat                    Lamb                Cattle
1.    Becky Carter            1. Becky Cater            1. Kaitlyn Cantrell
2.    Josh Robinett            2. Josh Robinett       

Showmanship – Goat            Showmanship – Lamb        Showmanship – Cattle
1.    Becky Carter            1. Becky Carter            1. Kaitlyn Cantrell
2.    Josh Robinett            2. Josh Robinett   

Lawrence County Fair
Contest – Results

Pet Show                            Pet Show
Rabbit                                Pig Calling
1.    Becky Carter                        1. Rachel Jobe
2.    Raymond Carter                    2. Blayeen Sexton
3.    Madison Short                        3. Allison Hill
Chicken                                Rooster Calling
1.    Josh Robinett                        1. Allison Hill
                                                                                                     2. Kelly Derossett

Pig                                Turkey Calling
1.    Rachel Jobe                        1. Kelly Derossett

Best Behaved Dog                        Greased Pig – 9 & under
1.    Annie Whelan                        1. Allison Hill
Best Lead                            Greased Pig – 10 and over
1.    Josh Robinett                        1. Danny Burdette
Best Overall
1.    Deanna Maynard
Cutest Dog
1.    Laura Compton

Date: 07-31-2013

Frankfort woman pleads guilty to dumping puppy;

The woman who abandoned a 5-week-old puppy in March pleaded guilty Tuesday in Franklin District Court.

Stephanie Cooper, who was accused of leaving a 5-week-old female Chihuahua near the Kentucky River on March 19, pleaded guilty to second-degree animal cruelty.

Frankfort Sewer Department employees discovered the puppy on Kentucky Avenue and described the suspect as a 5-foot-2-inch to 5-foot-6-inch white female with blonde hair and slender build.

She was driving a silver Chevrolet SUV.

Employees said the woman got out of the vehicle carrying a box, which she left on the bank of the Kentucky River.

When employees retrieved the box, they found the female Chihuahua puppy inside.

A veterinary examination determined the puppy most likely would have died if left in the box.

The Franklin County Humane Society took in the puppy, and has placed it in a foster care home.

Cooper is not allowed to possess any dogs for six months, has to pay court costs of $184 and must complete 200 hours of community service with the Humane Society.

“When you come back, I expect you to have been compliant,” Franklin District Judge Kathy Mangeot said. “Hopefully all those hours will have been completed.”

Cooper is scheduled to return to court March 4.

From The State Journal

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