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Lawrence County Sheriff's Arrest Report

July 28, 2014 


Ian Vanhorn, 24,  of Louisa, was arrested on July 27, 2014 2 miles South of Louisa and charged with No Registration Plates, Failure of Non Owner to maintain insurance, leaving scene of an accident, DUI 2nd, aggrevated circumstances.

Lawrence County Officer Sgt. Chuck Jackson responded to MVA where above subject was identified as operator. Subject left scene and was located at Apt. Complex and was given his rights and agreed to speak to Sgt. Jackson. Subject advised he didn't return to scene because he was scared. Subject admitted he was driving at time of accident. Subject had slurred speech and slowed motor skills and was unsteady on his feet on walk and turn, stumbled on turn. Subject told Sgt. Jackson that he had taken Xanax not prescribed and Neurontin for nerves and had yellow substance in right nostril. Breath/Refused Blood/Urine Refused.

Jared Beair, 21, of Sandy Hook, Ky was arrested July 27, 2014 33 Miles West of Louisa N. Hwy 201 and charged with Criminal Trespass 3rd Degree.

Lawrence County Deputy Mack Wilhite responded to call of subject unwilling to leave the residence and was causing an arguement between his grandmother and her roommate. Property owner wanted subject to leave and he was still in residence unwanted upon arrival.

Devion Beair, 19,  of Sandy Hook, Ky was arrested July 27, 2014 33 Miles West of Louisa N. Hwy 201 and charged with Improper Display or Registration Plates, Operating on Suspended or Revoked License, License to be in possesion, Failure to produce Insurance Card, No Registration Plates, No Registration Receipt, Display of illegal/altered registration plate Subject was served Bench Warrant. Arresting Officer Deputy Mack Wilhite 

Paul Vititoe, 29, of Louisa was arrested July 27, 2014 5 Miles South of Louisa and charged with Leaving Scene of Accident/Failure to render aid or assistance.

Subject was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident on 7/27/14 in the area of 3rd St. and Locust St. Subject got out of vehicle and proceeded on foot to Highbottom Ct. to notify driver's spouse. Subject admitted he left the scene and did not render aid and did not call 911. Arresting Officer Deputy Mack Wilhite

Michael Cordle, 40,  of Blaine, Ky was arrested on July 23, 2014 18 Miles West of Louisa Swan Lane and charged with Burglary 2nd Degree, Assault 4th Degree. Arresting Officer Deputy Mason Keefer

Ced Gap shooting update; Grand Jury rules insufficient evidence...

By Catrina Vargo


Back in late May, a shooting incident on Ced Gap Road, off Rt. 32 in Louisa, resulted in one man, James Baisden, 49, of Ced Gap being shot and killed.  

According to a press release by the Lawrence County Sheriff's office after the incident, no charges were filed in the May 30th shooting.  

According to the release, Terry Hensley and Rodney T. Tinder were working on a cabin in the Ced Gap area. Hensley said Baisden came from a wooded area with a shotgun stating he was going to shoot Tinder and Hensley. 

A struggle over the gun ensued, resulting in a shot being fired into the cabin's porch ceiling.

Baisden reloaded the shotgun and aimed it at Hensley who jumped over an embankment in an effort to get away from Baisden.

Baisden then pointed the gun and fired at Tinder, but missed.  Baisden was reloading the shotgun when Tinder said he feared for his life and pulled a 9mm handgun, firing at Baisden, striking him two times.  Baisden was pronounced dead at the scene.  

"Alcohol is believed to have been a factor in Baisden's behavior" according to the release by the Sheriff's Dept.

No charges were ever filed in the shooting incident, but the case was presented to the Lawrence County Grand Jury who ruled recently that there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone with the shooting of James Baisden.

Water Treatment Plants Recognized for Superior Performance;

61 plants exceed water plant standards including Louisa, Inez;


Frankfort, Ky. (July 22, 2014) -- The Energy and Environment Cabinet announced today that 61 drinking water treatment plants in Kentucky consistently produced drinking water in 2013 that exceeded state and federal water quality standards.

The 61 systems are among 149 public and private water treatment plants in the state that participated in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Area-Wide Optimization Program (AWOP). The program challenges plants to reduce turbidity levels below those required by state and federal regulations. Turbidity, or cloudiness, of water can be caused by sand and dirt, as well as bacteria and viruses. Particle removal is critical for producing water that is free of dirt and microbes that can cause waterborne diseases.

“Together, these 61 plants serve more than 2.3 million Kentuckians,” said Julie Roney, coordinator of the Division of Water’s Drinking Water Program.  “Plant staff deserve our recognition and appreciation for optimizing their operations and management above and beyond the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act.”

Two of the water systems received an AWOP Champion Award. This award takes into account the number of years the system has been optimized and maintained overall compliance as well as the dedication of the operating staff. Kentucky American Water’s Richmond Road Station won in the category for large water plant designed to produce more than 50,000 gallons of water per day. The Williamsburg Water Department won the Champion Award for small water plant, designed to produce less than 50,000 gallon of water per day. This was Williamsburg’s third Champion Award.

Six treatment plants received special recognition for achieving the optimized microbial water quality goals 100 percent of the time in 2013. These include Greensburg Water Works, Hardin County Water District 2, Jackson County Water Association, Jamestown Municipal Water Works, Laurel County Water District 2 and Rattlesnake Ridge Water District.

Water systems that met the microbial goals 95 percent of the time in 2013 include the following systems:

  • Barbourville Water & Electric
  • Beech Fork Water Commission
  • Benham Water Plant
  • Berea Municipal Utilities
  • Booneville Water
  • Bowling Green Municipal Utilities
  • Burkesville Water Works
  • Cave Run Regional Water Commission
  • Columbia/Adair County Water Commission
  • Corbin Utilities Commission
  • Crittenden-Livingston County Water District
  • Danville Water Works
  • Elizabethtown Water Department/City Springs
  • Franklin Water Works
  • Glasgow Water Co./Barren River
  • Glasgow Water Co./Beaver Creek
  • Grayson Utility Commission
  • Green River Valley Water District
  • Greensburg Water Works
  • Greenup Water System
  • Hardin County Water District 1
  • Hardin County Water District 2
  • Hartford Municipal Water Works
  • Hodgenville Water Works
  • Hopkinsville Water Environmental Authority
  • Irvine Municipal Utilities
  • Jackson County Water Association
  • Jackson Municipal Water Works
  • Jamestown Municipal Water Works
  • Jenkins Water System
  • Kentucky American/Richmond Road Station
  • Kentucky American/Hardin’s Landing
  • Laurel County Water District No. 2
  • Lawrenceburg Water & Sewer Department
  • Leitchfield Water Works
  • Liberty Water Works
  • Logan-Todd Regional Water Commission
  • London Utility Commission
  • Louisa Water Department
  • Louisville Water Company/Crescent Hill
  • Madisonville Light & Water
  • Martin County Water District
  • McCreary County Water District/Flat Rock
  • Morehead State University
  • Morgantown Water System
  • Northern Kentucky Water Service/Taylor Mill
  • Northern Kentucky Water Service/Fort Thomas
  • Northern Kentucky Water Service/Memorial Parkway
  • Olive Hill Municipal Water Works
  • Paducah Water
  • Pineville Water
  • Princeton Water & Sewer Commission
  • Rattlesnake Ridge Water District
  • Stanford Water Works
  • US Enrichment Corp.
  • Versailles Water
  • West Liberty Water Co.
  • Western Fleming Water District
  • Williamsburg Water Department
  • Winchester Municipal Utilities
  • Wood Creek Water District

July 22, 2014;

Fiscal Court approves bids on bridges; appoints board members, speed limit reduced on two county roads...


By Catrina Vargo

Louisa, KY -- The Lawrence County Fiscal Court met Monday, July 21, in the upstairs courtroom of the Lawrence County Courthouse. After the opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance, the meeting began.  

Minutes from the June 16th meeting were approved as was the treasurer's request, report, and settlement.  Bills were also approved for payment.  The Priority  Resolution and Authorizing Resolution for HB 235 FY15 and FY16 Coal Severance Projects were approved.  Part of this is for waterline extensions.  "There's no guarantee that we will get it, but we hope to," said County Judge Executive John Osborne.  

A motion was made by Magistrate Bill Lemaster to approve a $1,000 donation request from the Septemberfest Board and seconded by Magistrate Earl Boggs.  The motion carried.

Jane Branham, Pine Hill Cemetery Record Keeper, which is a contract labor position, requested $100 per month to compensate for her fuel and time.  Ms. Branham maps plots, and meets with families to fill out forms when plots are purchased. Magistrate Bill Lemaster made a motion to approve, John Lemaster seconded it. The motion passed.

The next item was the First Reading of the Electrical Inspector Fee Ordinance.  Judge Osborne said this was actually passed last November, but the state requires two readings to become an ordinance.  

Magistrate Morris Howard asked if a home has to be inspected, is there two separate fees? Osborne said there is a $75 temporary fee and the final inspection is also $75.

"If they they have to come out a third time it's the same, it's $75 for each inspection. This is less than what most places charge," Osborne said.  Magistrate Bill Lemaster made a motion to approve, Magistrate John Lemaster seconded it.  The motion carried.


Connie Queen was appointed to the Fred M. Vinson Board and Lynette Miller was appointed to the Tourism Board. Motions were made and seconded by Magistrates Bill and John Lemaster.

Eric Gibson requested a portion of Butternut Drive be removed from county road systemEric Gibson requested a portion of Butternut Drive be removed from county road systemA request by Eric Gibson was made to have part of Butternut Drive removed from the county road system.

The length of roadway is .353 miles. Magistrate Howard asked if Gibson ever intended to sell that property, Gibson replied 'no'. I will be leaving it to my kids," he said. Judge Osborne said that two appointees from the county have to view the property in question before it can be released. The request was tabled until property can be examined.

Residents of Horseshoe Road and Crestley Branch have requested that the county reduce the speed limit in that area.  

"We have complaints that people are flying through there," Osborne said. "This is a residential area."  A motion was made by Magistrate Boggs that the speed limit be reduced to 25 MPH. It was seconded by Magistrate John Lemaster and passed unanimously.

Magistrate Morris Howard requested an update on the county road grader and the progress of county ditches being pulled.  Judge Osborne said the work being done now has been delayed due to health problems of operator and partly due to wet weather.  

"If they are grading, they should also be pulling the ditches," said Osborne.

He told Howard,  "If you see they that ditches are not being pulled, let me know and I will send them right back out."

Osborne said the contractor apologized for the delay.  

"We are paying a rate of $80 an hour as opposed to $130 an hour that most contractors charge," Osborne said.

George WilliamsGeorge WilliamsAuthorization was given for the County Clerk to advertise for bids on two county bridges, both located on Rt. 1760, one on Apple Hollow Road and the other at Hayes Branch.

Surplus property was declared on three old trucks owned by the county.  Osborne said the frames are broken and they are not usable.

The meeting was then opened up for public comments.  

George Williams who has a contract with the county to mow Pine Hill Cemetery, said the contract did not include the bank surrounding the property.

"One bank runs right down the middle of the cemetery" said Williams, stating that the right of way and roadway bank is not being weedeated and maintained by county workers.  Williams said it would be $50 a cut higher if he did it. Osborne said county workers should be maintaining the sections that are not in contract.

The meeting was then adjourned.  The next Fiscal Court meeting will be held Monday, August 17 at 9:30 am in the upstairs courtroom of the Lawrence County Courthouse.

Magistrate calls for special look at grader work, and ditches pulled...


Lawrence County Fiscal Court

July 21, 2014

Regular Meeting Agenda

9:30 a.m.


  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Call Meeting to Order
  4. Approve minutes of the June 16, 2014 Regular Meeting
  5. Approve Treasurer’s Request
  6. Approve Bills
  7. Approve Treasurer’s Report and Accept Treasurer’s Settlement
  8. Approve Priority Resolution and Authorizing Resolution for HB 235 FY15 & FY16 Coal Severance Projects
  9. Approve Lawrence County Septemberfest request - $1,000
  10. Approve Jane Branham as Pine Hill Cemetery Record Keeper (contract labor position)
  11. 1st Reading of the Electrical Inspector Fee Ordinance
  12. Appoint member to the Fred M. Vinson Board
  13. Appoint member to Lawrence County Tourism Board
  14. Request – A portion of Butternut Drive be removed from the county road system (Mr. Eric Gibson)
  15. Request - Speed limit change on county roads (Horseshoe Road & Crestley Branch residents)
  16. Request - Kayak Club to use Chapman Park facilities
  17. Request - Update on county road grader (Magistrate Howard)
  18. Request - Update on progress of county ditches being pulled (Magistrate Howard)
  19. Authorize County Clerk to advertise for bids on two (2) county bridges
  20. Declare surplus property
  21. Public Comments
  22. Adjourn


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