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Lawrence County Democrat Woman's Club hosts 'Meet the Candidates' event at courthouse... 

 By Catrina Vargo

Lawrence Co. Democrat Woman's Club President Betty Shannon welcomed those in attendance at a 'Meet the candidates" event Thursday evening at the Lawrence County Courthouse.  

After announcements, everyone enjoyed food, refreshments, and conversation. Member, Carolyn Davis read a portion of the club's by-laws, encouraging loyalty to the party; and how important it is for Democrats to support each other.  The floor was then opened up to the candidates.

Barry Webb, State Rep. candidateBarry Webb, State Rep. candidateSheriff Garrett RobertsSheriff Garrett Roberts John Osborne, Judge/Exec.John Osborne, Judge/Exec. Kenny Preston, Co. Atty candidateKenny Preston, Co. Atty candidate Jim Burchett, Jailer candidateJim Burchett, Jailer candidate







County Judge Executive, John Osborne was the first to speak, thanking the voters for the opportunity to have served for four years, and for their support in the May primary election.

"Some people think this job is easy. Its not. It is a full time job plus a lot of extra hours,"  he said.  "We don't have an open checkbook. Coal severance money goes down everyday, but we are trying to move forward and looking at new things.  I work as hard as I can to do the very best job I can for our people.  I ask for your support Nov. 4."

Sheriff Garrett Roberts, who is unopposed in the General election, thanked everyone for their support.  "I would appreciate your vote Nov. 4," he said.

John J. Lemaster, Dist. 2 magistrateJohn J. Lemaster, Dist. 2 magistrate

Denver Chaffin, Dist. 4 magistrate candidateDenver Chaffin, Dist. 4 magistrate candidateDistrict 2 Magistrate, John Lemaster said, "We have great communication with the Governor's Office, Rocky (Adkins), and others, who help us out. I feel we have a lot of good things coming. Thanks for your support in the spring. I would sure appreciate your vote this fall."

Denver Chaffin Sr., candidate for Magistrate in District 4, said, "I will be a full time magistrate and will work with the Judge and other Magistrates."

Jim Burchett, candidate for Jailer, thanked the Democrat Woman's Club for hosting the event.  

"This is a big election," he said. "From the State Representative race with Barry Webb, to the Senator race, the Judge, right down to the Jailer's race. I ask that you keep me in mind Nov. 4." 

Everett "Kenny" Preston, candidate for County Attorney, said, "I have been an attorney for 14 years, and have served as Assistant County Attorney in Johnson County. I love my job. I will be a full time County Attorney, that will be my first priority. I would appreciate your vote and if you could speak to your friends, family and neighbors."

"People getting out and voting is going to make a difference in this election," Candidate for State Representative, Barry Webb, said. "Lawrence County Is a Democratic county. If a Republican wins in Lawrence or Carter County it is because they voted Republican or they stayed home."  

Webb continued, "I'm sure everyone knows 10 people they could talk to about how important this election is. Some people haven't voted in years. This race is more than just about me.  You're talking about a new caucus, a new floor leader...we would lose the influence that Greg Stumbo and Rocky Adkins have. Things will not be good if it goes Republican," Webb noted.  "If you think east KY has been left out before, it will be worse.  We have to get people out to vote.  If not, we've wasted a lot of time and effort."

President, Betty Shannon, thanked everyone for attending, and reminded everyone to get out and vote on Nov. 4.

We will do a similar story on the Republican meeting set for this week on Oct. 16.

Non partisan races not included in this story

Some candidates in non partisan Louisa city races as well as District judge candidate Paul Pack, who are Democrats spoke at the event but since their registration as Democrats is not considered in those races they are not included in this article. We will post a separate article for non partisan races using their comments at the meeting later this week.  


For slide repair;

Emergency road aid funds awarded to Lawrence Co...

PIKEVILLE (October 6, 2014) –The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet today announced that Lawrence County will receive $17,400.00 in County Road Aid emergency funds. 

The money will be used for a slide repair on DR 1225, Old Terryville Road.

“These emergency funds are being used to repair roadways and to improve safety and mobility in Lawrence County,” said Transportation Secretary Mike Hancock.  “This project is one example of the cabinet’s commitment to providing a solid infrastructure in Lawrence County and all across the commonwealth.” 

The Lawrence County Fiscal Court is responsible for administering the work.

Lawrence County Sheriff's Arrest Report

October 6, 2014


Victoria Carter, 60, of Ulysses Ky, was arrested on September 30, 2014, 17 miles South of Louisa Old US 23 and Served Warrant for Court on charges of Possession of Controlled Substance 1st Degree, 1st Offense, Drug Unspecified, Possession of Controlled Substance 3rd Degree, 1st Offense, Drug Unspecified, Prescription improper container, Public Intoxication. Arresting Officer Lawrence Co. Deputy Mason Keefer

Brian Carter, 35, of Ulysses Ky, was arrested on September 30, 2014, 17 miles South of Louisa Old US 23 and Served Warrant on charges of Receiving Stolen Property Under $500.00. Arresting Officer Lawrence Co. Deputy Dwayne Bowens

David Johnson, 37, of Ashland Ky, was arrested on October 1, 2014 in the parking lot of James Medical Supply in Louisa and charged with Alcohol Intoxication 1st, Tampering with Physical Evidence, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree, Menacing, Terroristic Threatening 3rd Degree, Disorderly Conduct 2nd Degree

Lawrence County Deputy Dwayne Bowen received a complaint of a male subject beating on the window of a Police Cruiser in James Medical Supply parking lot. Off Duty Deputy Mack Wilhite made contact with subject and he admitted to hitting the cruiser. When Deputy Bowen got on scene Deputy Bowen noticed extremely strong odor of Alcoholic Beverage. Subject was unsteady on feet. Subject attempted to throw a syringe from his left pocket under Deputy Bowen's cruiser. When subject was told he was under arrest he started tightening up and pulling away and stated he had only been drinking and that wasn't his syringe. Subject kept jumping out of his seat and coming towards Deputy Bowen after being told numerous times to stay seated. Subject continuously threatened Deputy Bowen by saying every dog has its day and that he would see Deputy Bowen tomorrow and Deputy Bowen would get what is coming to him. Subject was yelling and screaming.

Amy Early, 34, of Pleasantville Ohio, was arrested October 5, 2014, 10 miles South of Louisa at Valero and charged with Public Intoxication Controlled Substance (Excludes Alcohol), Possession of Marijuana, Drug Paraphernalia Buy/Possess.

Lawrence County Deputy Mack Wilhite responded to Valero Fuel Station in reference subject appearing to be under the influence of something. Upon arrival subject had in her possession a Marijuana Pipe with Marijuana in it, a grinder with Marijuana in it and also a small orange container with Marijuana in it. All three items were described or identified by subject by what it is and content. Subject stated she had smoked some Marijuana prior to Deputy Wilhitte's arrival.

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