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Date: 08-04-2015

Beshear announces $266,000 in refunds to coal counties; Lawrence County gets just under $3,000, Martin gets $5,775 and Johnson $5,000 


Kentucky Press News Service

Frankfort – Gov. Steve Beshear announced Tuesday that fiscal courts in 34 counties will receive refunds totaling $266,141.66 from mining permit and acreage fees. 

“Our coal-producing counties are our partners, and these funds provide a direct benefit for their efforts,” Beshear said in a statement. “Every effort is being made by this administration to help the mining industry extract coal in a manner that is safe, efficient and protective of our environment.”

The Department for Natural Resources collects mining permit and acreage fees and returns a portion of the fees to coal-producing counties for projects that the fiscal courts deem beneficial to their communities.

Refunds range from $62.50 to $42,562, with 12 counties each receiving more than $10,000. 

This list includes the counties and refund amounts:


Bell County Fiscal Court $24,162

Boyd County Fiscal Court $312.50

Breathitt County Fiscal Court $11,987

Clay County Fiscal Court $1,100

Daviess County Fiscal Court $1,850

Elliott County Fiscal Court $500

Estill County Fiscal Court $125

Floyd County Fiscal Court $19,333

Harlan County Fiscal Court $17,079

Henderson County Fiscal Court $750

Hopkins County Fiscal Court $2,150

Jackson County Fiscal Court $62.50

Johnson County Fiscal Court $5,000

Knott County Fiscal Court $17,845

Knox County Fiscal Court $1,825

Lawrence County Fiscal Court $2,929

Lee County Fiscal Court $250

Leslie County Fiscal Court $19,637

Letcher County Fiscal Court $9,054

Magoffin County Fiscal Court $8,087

Martin County Fiscal Court $5,775

McCreary County Fiscal Court $437

McLean County Fiscal Court $437

Morgan County Fiscal Court $100

Muhlenberg County Fiscal Court $3,025 

Ohio County Fiscal Court $5,550

Owsley County Fiscal Court $2,104

Perry County Fiscal Court $30,683

Pike County Fiscal Court $42,562

Pulaski County Fiscal Court $62.50

Rockcastle County Fiscal Court $62.50

Union County Fiscal Court $2,625

Webster County Fiscal Court $3,037

Whitley County Fiscal Court $25,637

JULY 30, 2015

Lawrence County Courthouse report;

Deeds, Marriages, and civil lawsuits

Lazer Jennifer Ferguson


John Thompson to Patricia Cox, Gary Thompson and Lenora Azbill

Philip and Donna Triplett to Sonja Pack

Thomas and Patsy Ekers, Deborah and Kenneth Critser, Sheila and Stanley Howard, Linda Ekers, Patsy and Billy Chesnut to Ekers Derefield Farm LLC

Deborah Hanshaw, Lawrence Cordle to Hedge Fund Film Partners and Jenna Kelly

Michael Beck by POA, Kelly Beck attorney in fact, Kelly Beck to Gilbert and Joy Dillow

James and Pamela Osborne to Donald and Krista Jarrell

Lifestar Ambulance to Rueben and Donna Lycans

Kevin and Vicki Young to Kevin Young and Kurt Young

Richard Pope, Rita and Elmer Pack, Ronald and Anna Pope, William Short, Marcus Short, Karen Short and Beverly Pope to William Short

Lawrence County Kentucky, Lawrence County Fiscal Court and John Osborne County Judge Executive to Banner and Joan Castle

Marie Maynard, Audrey Ormandy, Maxine Damron, Gloria Tackett by POA, James Tackett Attorney in Fact, Timothy Tackett Attorney in Fact, James and Beth Tackett, Timothy and Tammy Tackett to Kimberly and David Muncy

James Robertson and Gary Robertson to Michael Hogan, Trustee: Strawman Deed

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to KAJA Holdings 2 LLC

Michael Hogan, Trustee to James Robertson and Gary Robertson

Land Contract

Eugene and Janet Hall to Samuel Delong and Teresa Jarrett


Marriages July 14 to July 29

Amanda Sparks to Darrell Wright, Jr

Norma Caudill to Phillip Caudill 

Drema Pridemore to Robert Blake

Kelsey Block to Christopher Stratton


Civil suits

First Commonwealth Bank of Prestonsburg Inc vs Larry and Leisa Salyer

KY Tax Bill Servicing INC vs Lewis H. Pinder II etal. Foreclosure

KY Tax Bill Servicing Inc vs Jonathon and Brenda Lowe, Frank Ward and unknown spouse, Wendell Ward and unknown spouse, NYTIS Exploration Company, Paul Blair. Foreclosure

KY Tax Bill Service vs Chester Crawford and unknown spouse, Louisa Community Bank, County of Lawrence KY. Foreclosure

KY Property Tax Investments vs Arnold Kitchen. Foreclosure

Inez Deposit Bank vs John Moore. Foreclosure

Darlene Thompson et al vs Clarence Thompson. Family and domestic

Discover Bank vs Virginia Maynard. Contract

KY Tax Bill Servicing vs John T. Price. Foreclosure

Bobby Marcum vs Juanita Lynn Castle Marcum. Domestic and family

B Kaquna LLC vs Moore C. Sale of structured settlement payments

Cabell Huntington Hospitcal Inc vs Jacquiline A Hall. Contract

Billy J. Fitzpatrick vs Steve Patrick. Personal injury

Armelda Runyon vs George Runyon. Domestic and family

James and Sheila Hooser vs Mitchell and Tamara Goble. Domestic and family

Deborah Pauley vs. William Pauley. Domestic and family

Bradley Harless vs Jennifer Harless. Domestic and family

A&J Rental Properties vs Dovi Moore. Contract

Addiction Recover Center LLC vs Unknown party and Wells Fargo Bank

Martha Bowen vs Helen Marcum. Domestic and family



JULY 20, 2016

FEMA in Lawrence County all week, still working on roads from spring floods...

County aids in Johnson County disaster

 Representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA) were in Lawrence County all of last week reviewing and reassessing road situations after the latest flooding complicated the already badly damaged roads from flooding earlier this year.

The Lawrence County Fiscal Court did not accept road repair bids last month because FEMA had to reevaluate roads and provide new specifications for repair. That process has still not been completed and will further delay acceptance of bids by the fiscal court at this month's meeting as well.

FEMA has not yet announced how much aid Lawrence County will receive for road damages caused by the flooding.

A separate branch of FEMA handles personal property damage, which is directed through each county's emergency management programs. The director for Lawrence County is Michael Woods. Woods has figures and info and a comment but has not sent it at this time. 

To report personal property damage call 606-638-0334 or 606-624-5787

Lawrence County Emergency Management assisted in the search and rescue operation in Johnson County last week after the devastating flash flood that hit the Flat Gap area.

Several local churches and businesses collected food, water,clothing, and cleaning supplies, and transported the items to Johnson County shelters. Water was distributed to those in need by volunteers at the Blaine Community Center, which is not far from the Flat Gap area.

We here in Lawrence County express our sincere condolences for the families who lost loved ones in the Johnson County flood as well as all those who lost their homes and belongings.

Sories about all the above located throughout The


FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2015

Interactive map charts body camera laws and policies in more than 100 police departments

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has created a great interactive online tool for journalists that charts "the policies of more than 100 police departments and laws in nearly every state regarding public access to police body camera videos," reports Reporters Committee.

The map "shows which states have passed bodycam legislation, which are considering action and which have nothing on the books," reports Reporters Committee. "Clicking on a state will bring up links to legislation and other materials, if available. Similarly, by clicking on individual cities, users can quickly see police department policies regarding the release of bodycam video to the public. Also included are court decisions, as relevant." (For an interactive version, click here)

(ED.- Curiously there is nothing in the tri-state area (Huntington, Ironton and Ashland or the surrounding area OR ANY OF THE THREE STATES about laws and regulations for the use of the potentionaly lethal weapons.)

Written by Tim Mandell Posted at 7/24/2015

July 18, 2015


Lawrence County Fiscal Court

July 21, 2015

Regular Meeting Agenda

10:00 a.m.


  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Call Meeting to Order
  4. Approve minutes of the June 16, 2015 Regular Meeting
  5. Accept Quarterly Report
  6. Accept Treasurer’s Settlement
  7. Approve Treasurer’s Request
  8. Approve Bills
  9. Approve Treasurer’s Report
  10. Approve Resolution and Agreement between Lawrence County and the Transportation Cabinet Dept. of Highways $150,000 FD39 Funds and $100,000 CB06 Funds
  11. Approve Updates to the Existing Flood Plain Ordinance
  12. Appoint Member to LC Public Library Bd. of Trustees
  13. Approve Lawrence County Fair Donation
  14. Approve Returning Property Back to Banner Castle
  15. Approve New Garbage Haulers Joey Endicott and George Williams
  16. Approve Donation to Kentucky Impact Children With Severe Emotional Disabilities Event $450.00
  17. Public Comments   COMMENTS- { sent to Lazer via email and intend to be at the meeting } "Tar & Chip Rockhouse Trace gravel Road from Mattie Road to Brushey Road a measured distance 3 and two tenths miles. Rockhouse Trace Road is a Commerce to Market Highway that has helped many of neighbors and folks since 1976." Any and others who would like to comment on the record.
  18. Adjourn