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For slide repair;

Emergency road aid funds awarded to Lawrence Co...

PIKEVILLE (October 6, 2014) –The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet today announced that Lawrence County will receive $17,400.00 in County Road Aid emergency funds. 

The money will be used for a slide repair on DR 1225, Old Terryville Road.

“These emergency funds are being used to repair roadways and to improve safety and mobility in Lawrence County,” said Transportation Secretary Mike Hancock.  “This project is one example of the cabinet’s commitment to providing a solid infrastructure in Lawrence County and all across the commonwealth.” 

The Lawrence County Fiscal Court is responsible for administering the work.

Lawrence County Sheriff's Arrest Report

October 6, 2014


Victoria Carter, 60, of Ulysses Ky, was arrested on September 30, 2014, 17 miles South of Louisa Old US 23 and Served Warrant for Court on charges of Possession of Controlled Substance 1st Degree, 1st Offense, Drug Unspecified, Possession of Controlled Substance 3rd Degree, 1st Offense, Drug Unspecified, Prescription improper container, Public Intoxication. Arresting Officer Lawrence Co. Deputy Mason Keefer

Brian Carter, 35, of Ulysses Ky, was arrested on September 30, 2014, 17 miles South of Louisa Old US 23 and Served Warrant on charges of Receiving Stolen Property Under $500.00. Arresting Officer Lawrence Co. Deputy Dwayne Bowens

David Johnson, 37, of Ashland Ky, was arrested on October 1, 2014 in the parking lot of James Medical Supply in Louisa and charged with Alcohol Intoxication 1st, Tampering with Physical Evidence, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree, Menacing, Terroristic Threatening 3rd Degree, Disorderly Conduct 2nd Degree

Lawrence County Deputy Dwayne Bowen received a complaint of a male subject beating on the window of a Police Cruiser in James Medical Supply parking lot. Off Duty Deputy Mack Wilhite made contact with subject and he admitted to hitting the cruiser. When Deputy Bowen got on scene Deputy Bowen noticed extremely strong odor of Alcoholic Beverage. Subject was unsteady on feet. Subject attempted to throw a syringe from his left pocket under Deputy Bowen's cruiser. When subject was told he was under arrest he started tightening up and pulling away and stated he had only been drinking and that wasn't his syringe. Subject kept jumping out of his seat and coming towards Deputy Bowen after being told numerous times to stay seated. Subject continuously threatened Deputy Bowen by saying every dog has its day and that he would see Deputy Bowen tomorrow and Deputy Bowen would get what is coming to him. Subject was yelling and screaming.

Amy Early, 34, of Pleasantville Ohio, was arrested October 5, 2014, 10 miles South of Louisa at Valero and charged with Public Intoxication Controlled Substance (Excludes Alcohol), Possession of Marijuana, Drug Paraphernalia Buy/Possess.

Lawrence County Deputy Mack Wilhite responded to Valero Fuel Station in reference subject appearing to be under the influence of something. Upon arrival subject had in her possession a Marijuana Pipe with Marijuana in it, a grinder with Marijuana in it and also a small orange container with Marijuana in it. All three items were described or identified by subject by what it is and content. Subject stated she had smoked some Marijuana prior to Deputy Wilhitte's arrival.

Louisa Police Department

Arrest Log

September 2014



9.4.14 – Justin Maxie, 34, of Louisa – Child Support Warrant

9.5.14 – William Cantrell, 31, of Louisa – Parole Warrant

9.5.14 – Quintin Hitchcock, 23, of Oil Springs – Alcohol Intoxication, Possession of Controlled Substance 1st, Possession of Controlled Substance 3rd

9.6.14 – Dustin Fyffe, 24, of Lowmansville – Johnson County Warrant

9.8.14 – Phillip Ray Chafin, 44, of Louisa – Alcohol Intoxication

9.9.14 – Michael Bartram, 23, of Genoa – DUI 1st

9.10.14 – Christina Mills, 28, of Lowmansville – DUI 1st, Conspiracy to Traffic in Controlled Substance 2nd

9.11.14 – Lowell B. Jarrell, 25, of Ulysses – Theft by Unlawful Taking – Shoplifting

9.11.14 – Steven O. Bowen, 42, of Tomahawk – Martin County Warrant

9.11.14 – Ricky Calisto, 46, of Louisa - Theft by Unlawful Taking – Shoplifting

9.13.14 – Deelane B. Schad, 51, of Milan Michigan – Disorderly Conduct 2nd, Alcohol Intoxication

9.15.14 – Jessica M. Greene, 40, of Falcon Ky - Theft by Unlawful Taking – Shoplifting, 2 Magoffin County warrants, 1 Floyd County warrant, 1 Johnson County warrant

9.15.14 – Wanda G. Holland, 36, of Falcon Ky.- Theft by Unlawful Taking – Shoplifting

9.15.14 – Joshua Casdorph, 33, of Fort Gay – 2 Lawrence County warrants

9.18.14 – Jason B. Clark, 32, of Otway Ohio – DUI 1st, No Insurance

9.19.14 – Constance N. Mosley, 28, of Fort Gay – Lawrence County Bench Warrant

9.19.14 – TJ Bentely, 31, of Louisa – Boyd County Warrant

9.19.14 – Tina Blackburn, 30, of Louisa – Boyd County Warrant

9.19.14 – Charles Marcum, 40, of Louisa – Lawrence County Warrant

9.20.14 – Judy Wallace, 42, of Dingess WV – Alcohol Intoxication

9.20.14 – Chad Johnson, 32, of Louisa – Driving on Suspended License, No Insurance

9.20.14 – Wayne A. Reynolds, 21, of Louisa – Lawrence County warrant

9.21.14 – Mindy L. Joseph, 32, of Royalton – Johnson County Bench Warrant

9.21.14 – James Dean Jr., 43, of Fort Gay – Flagrant Non- Support

9.25.14 – Shawna Pankey, 29, of Louisa – Assault 4th

9.29.14 – Jacob N. Marcum, 19, of Louisa – Boyd County Bench Warrant

9.30.14 – Victoria J. Carter, 60, of Ulysses – Lawrence County bench Warrant


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