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Louisa-Lawrence Co, KY

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 Lawrence County Deeds, Marriages, and Civil Suits



John Goble and Daphne Goble of Louisa,Ky. Parties of the first part, to Alison Boskovic, of Lexington Ky. Property located in Lawrence County, Ky.

Lot or Parcel of land situate in Lawrence County from Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, INC. to James A. Parker Jr. and Sally D. Parker of Webbville, Ky.

Leola Hammond, aka Agnes Leola Hammond and Hay Corner of Louisa, Ky. To the Commonwealth of Kentucky for the use and benefit of the Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, Frankfort, Ky. Land in Lawrence county, Ky.

Harold D. Daniels and Freddie Mae Daniels of Louisa, Ky. To Commonwealth of Kentucky for the use of benefit of the Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, Frankfort, Ky. Tract or Parcel of Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

Dorothy Lyon, party of the first part, Michael Lyon as trustee under the Dorothy Lyon Revocable Trust. Parcel of land on the waters of Laurel in Lawrence County, Ky.

Erin Faye Cantrell, party of the first part, and David G. Smith. Parcel or Tract of land in Lawrence County, Ky. On the Right Hand Fork of Little Blaine Creek.

Jerome E. Miller and Marsheila Miller, parties of the first. Adding Marsheila Miller to the party. Property in Lawrence County, Ky.

David M. Roberts and Lisa Kise;  William J. Waller and Dinah Waller;  Robert R. Kise; Joe Whitt and Amanda Whitt. Land in Lawrence county and State of Kentucky on the waters of Greenbrier Creek of Blaine Creek and Big Sandy River.

James Sammons and Doris Sammons to Gary Moore. Property in Louisa, Ky.

Delbert Boggs, Jr. and Faye Boggs to James H. Perkins and Tammy S. Hopkins. Land in Lawrence County, Ky. On the Dry Fork of Little Sandy River.

Susie Chambers to John L. Burton Jr. and Joyce Rice Burton. Land in the city of Louisa, Ky.

Lenwood Howell and Cora Howell to Black Gold Group, LTD. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

Michael Beck and Kelly Beck to Gary Moore. Land in Louisa, Ky.

Kenneth Beck and Eloise Beck to Glen Homer Cassady and Linda K. Cassady. Land in Louisa, Ky.

U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., to Eynar Castro. Land on Nats Creek Rd. In Louisa, Ky.

William Paris Holbrook and Ida Ann Holbrook by and through her power of attorney Teresa Baldridge, to Charles Oppenheimer. Land in Lawrence, Ky. On Miller Branch.

Clyde Ellis May and Rita C. May to Walter E. Thompson and Billie Jo Thompson. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

Barbara Sparks and James S. Sparks to Tasha Wheeler Ramey and Daniel Ramey. Land In Lawrence County, Ky.

Arthur Maynard and Conjeania Maynard to Vanessa Kay Keeton. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

Jonathan Plummer and Crystal Plummer to John W. Smith and Jamie Lynn Smith. Land in the City of Louisa, Ky.

Michael D. Keaton and Cindy J. Keaton to Lonnie L. Spaulding and Dawn M. Spaulding. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

Tiffany Jill Maynard and Christopher Dingess to Michael E. Maynard. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

Eddie Moore to Michael R. E. Carlson, Paula F. Brodie. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

Rickey Pack and Deborah Pack of Louisa, Ky. to Charles E. Crabtree and Martha N. Crabtree of Louisa, Ky. Land in Louisa, Ky.

Mary Ann Gilley and Jack Gilley of Lewisburg, Ohio. To Noah Chaffin and Cheryl Chaffin of Lewisburg, OH. and Shawn Chaffin of London, Ohio. To Lacey Chaffin and Brenda Chaffin of Louisa, Ky. Land on Catts Fork of Big Blaine Creek, Lawrence County.

Pauline Stephens of Galena, Ohio to Gary Sparks and Phyllis Sparks of Olive Hill, Kentucky. Land on the waters of Cains Creek of Big Blaine Creek in Lawrence County, Ky.

Elahs Industries, LLC., to Devin L. Marsillett fka Devin L. Ferguson and Jeffery A. Marsillett of Blaine, Ky. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

Barbara Frances Greer of Louisa, Ky. To City Of Louisa. Land on Berry Street in Lawrence County, Ky.

Michael Beck and Kelly Beck of Louisa, Ky. To Lewis R Borders of Louisa, Ky. Land on Watermelon Hill in Louisa, Ky.

Delbert Fitch and Peggy Fitch of Louisa, Ky. To Jonathan Fitch of Louisa, Ky. Land on Nats Creek in Louisa, Ky.

Evelyn Gooselin of McCarr, Ky. To David L Justice of Hardy, Ky. Land on Big Blaine Creek of Lawrence County, Ky.

Debra Harmon and John Harmon of Pilgrim, Ky. To John Harmon. Land on Lihue Branch of Blaine Creek, in Lawrence County, Ky.

Mike Mckinney and Erica Mckinney of Louisa, Ky. To Walter Copley and Sandra Copely of Louisa, Ky. Land in Lawrence, Ky.

Bernard Dotson of Louisa, Ky. To Ruth A. Pigg and Charles H Pigg of Louisa, Ky. Land in Louisa,Ky.

Billie Thompson of Louisa,Ky. And Walter Thompson of Louisa, Ky. To Lewis R. Borders of Louisa, Ky. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

Betty J. Cordial of Blaine, Ky. To Jeremiah Dennis Cordial and Amy Cordial of Blaine, Ky. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

Lloyd Mccoy and Rebecca Mccoy of Louisa, Ky. To Clyde Ellis May and Rita C. May of Louisa,Ky. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

R & J Development Company, LLC to Justin Daniel Moore by and through Brashe’ Paige Moore, his attorney. Land on Levisa Drive in Louisa, Ky.

Robert Leonard Michael of Louisa, Ky.;William David Michael and Cynthia D. Michael of Louisa Ky.; Eddie Wayne Michael and Susan A. Michael of Louisa Ky. To Robert Noah Roberts and Eula Denise Roberts. Land in Louisa, Ky.

Benjamin Cramer and Tonya Cramer of Louisa, Ky. To Ricky Brown and Kala Brown of Louisa Ky. Land on the waters of Greenbrier Creek of Lawrence County, Ky.

Adam Cook of Louisa,Ky.  to Robert C. Cook of Louisa, Ky. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

William J. Justice and Sharon L. Justice to Phillip R Branham of Louisa, Ky. Land on the waters of Spankem Branch of Blaine Creek of the Big Sandy River in Lawrence County, Ky.

Veva L. Hylton of Louisa, Ky. To Joe Cornwell. Land on Rich Creek in Lawrence County, Ky.

William H. Jackson and Beverly Jan Jackson of Louisa, Ky. To Levisa Investments, LLC. Land In Lawrence County, Ky.

Jay Anthony Grim and Donna Lynn Grim of Louisa, Ky. To Suzane Pannell-Moore of Georgetown, Ky. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

Phillip R. Branham and Jacqueline R. Branham of Louisa, Land on Spankem Branch of Blaine Creek in Lawrence County, Ky.

Michael A. Roberts and Eileen Roberts of Grayson, Ky. To James Aaron Ramey of Blaine, Ky. Lot in the town of Blaine, Ky.

Richard Cook of Louisa, Ky. To Robert C. Cook. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

Dan Borders of Ulysses, Ky. to Rennee Howard of Lowmansille, Ky. Land In Lawrence County, Ky.

Jack Kenneth Bradley Jr. of Winchester, VA. To Don Howard of Lowmansville, Ky. Land in Johnson County, Ky.

Diana Bayes, aka Diana Kersey of Lowmansville, Ky. To James T. Matney and Deborah Matney of Hager Hill, Ky. Land on Georges Creek in Louisa, Ky.

Paul B. West and Deanna West of Louisa, Ky. To Lauren Cline and Jack Erickison Cline of Louisa, Ky. Land in Lawrence County, Ky.

Tax Ease Lien Investments, LLC.,Kentucky Tax Bill Servicing, INC., Rabon A. Wolford, Jr., Judy A. Wolford, TD Auto Finance, LLC., fka Chrysler Credit Corporation, Velocity Investments LLC., Cavalry SPV I, LLC., and Lawrence County, Ky. To Nelson T. Sparks.



Kathleen Lakyn Doss Vs. Nicholas J. Doss - Decree of Dissolution of Marriage

James Sparks Vs. Gypsia Sparks - Property and Custody Agreement

Barbara E. Ferguson (Bennett) Vs. Charles E. Ferguson Jr. - Property Agreement

Kentucky Tax Bill Servicing Inc. Vs. Michael Burke - Foreclosure

Springleaf Financial Services of America Vs. Derri Endicott - Default Loan Agreement

Citifinancial servicing LLC Vs. Robert W. Osborn, James Fundi, Mid South Capital, and Commonwealth of Lawrence County - Foreclosure

Megan Keaton Vs. Danny Keaton Jr. - Notice of Submission to Personal and Subject Matter in a Dissolution of Marriage

Casey Brewer, Et Al Vs. James L. Pack Jr., Et Al - Personal Injury James L. Pack in his capacity as an employee of Steve Ward, Louisa Car Care and Mildred Laney

Capital One Bank (USA). N. A Vs. Virginia P. Maynard - Said Obligation is in Default

Synchrony Bank, Vs. Roger Pelfrey - Default on Repayment Obligation



May, 2016

Megan Marie Risch, 25, Louisa,Ky. to Justin Shawne Preston, 23, Louisa,Ky.

Tori Rae James, 40, Louisa,Ky. to Gregory Paul Powers Jr., 45, Louisa,Ky.

Brenda Sue Wellman, 63, Louisa,Ky. to Ronald Lee Breeze Jr., 58, Columbus,OH.

April, 2016

Alexandra Brooke Nolan, 22, Fort Gay, Wv. to Larry Justin Copley, 27, Louisa,Ky.

Beverly A. Helmondollar, 41, Flat Gap,Ky. to Lowell Eugene Tackett, 50, Blaine,Ky.

Roxanna Marie Perkins, 20, Louisa,Ky. to Colton Wade Nelson, 19, Louisa,Ky.

Alisha Marie Deboard, 24, Louisa,Ky. to Bradly Winferd Harless, 26, Louisa,Ky.

Tessia Dawn Chandler, 23, Louisa,Ky. to Steven Dotson, 51, Louisa,Ky.

Janice Marie Dingess, 58, Fort Gay,Wv. to Lary Gerold Clevenger, 54, Lexington,Ky.

Ashley Adrianna Farmer, 22, Blaine,Ky. to Stevie Ray Mundell, 22, Blaine, Ky.


Circuit Court Hearings for May 13, 2016

Kevin Music, 38  Was present for a pretrial conference on  2 counts of Complicity to Burglary and Complicity Possession of Burglary Tools. Next Hearing was set for 6-10-16. 

Ashley Adkins, 34 Defendant was sentenced  to 5 years unsupervised probation with a diversion if probation was completed on charge of Flagrant Non Support. 1 day of jail credit granted. 

Traci Hall-Combs, 30 Pled guilty on Fraudulent Use of A Credit Card and received 5 years of supervised probation and other conditions.

John Fitch, 42 Received 3 years of unsupervised probation with a diversion if he completes his probation, Defendant was granted 42 jail days credit on charge of Flagrant Non Support. 

Justin Harless, 28  Was present on a Motion To Reduce Bond on Manufacturing Methamphetamine. Motion was denied. Bail will remain at 20,000. 

Brittany Hicks, 28  Sentenced on the following charges: Complicity 1st Degree Possession of Cocaine, 1st offense ( 2 yrs. Supervised Probation) Complicity Possession of Marijuana (Dismissed)Complicity to Possess Drug Paraphernalia (Dismissed) Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm (to run concurrent) 100 days of jail credit was granted. 

Justin Kirk, 21 Was present on charges of Complicity Tampering With Physical Evidence, Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree (Police Officer) Criminal Mischief 1st Degree, and Theft By Unlawful Taking Over 300. The case was reset for 5-27-16.

Nathaniel Pack, 33 Was present on a Hearing For Probation Revocation. Hearing was set for 5-27-16. Defendant remains incarcerated until that time without bond.

Wayne Reynolds, 23 Was present on a Motion For Shock Probation. Motion was reset for 5-27-16.

Eric Tyler Ward, 21  Pled guilty on following charges: Theft by Unlawful Taking ( 5 years unsupervised probation) Burglary 3rd Degree ( 5 years) Theft By Unlawful Taking, Shoplifting  (3 Years) Criminal Mischief (time served) Final Sentencing to be held on 6-10-16.

Matthew Webb, 32 Present on a Motion To Revoke Probation. Probation was Revoked and Defendant was remanded to the Kentucky Department of Corrections.

Bobby Wellman, 33  Defendant was Arraigned on charges of Flagrant Non Support and Persistent Felony Offender 2nd Degree. Pretrial was set for 6-10-16. Defendant remains on bond.

Danny Young, 30 Defendant Sentenced on the following charges: Complicity 1st Degree Possession of Cocaine, 1st offense ( 2 years) Complicity Possession of Marijuana (90 days) Complicity Use/Possess Drug Paraphernalia (12months) Complicity Illegal Possession of a Legend Drug (90 days ran concurrent) Defendant was given 73 days of jail credit. Defendant was also sentenced to 2 years to run concurrent with these charges for the charge of Convicted Felon in Possession of A Firearm.

Stacy Zeiters, 34 Pled guilty on the following charges: 2 counts of 1st Degree Possession of Cocaine 1st offense, Menacing, Resisting Arrest, Alcohol Intoxication In a Public Place, 1st & 2nd. Defendant will be final sentenced on 6-10-16.

Jack David Smith, 43 of Inez, Ky  who is charged with 3 counts of Complicity to Murder, 3 counts of Complicity to Robbery, Arson 2nd Degree, and Complicity of Tampering With Physical Evidence was present during Motion Hour for several Motions to be heard since his change of Venue was granted.

An order for court fees to be paid by Martin Co. (Where the alleged crime happened) was asked to be granted by Lawrence Co. Attorney Mike Hogan. A motion for a Jury Questionnaire was granted. A motion for Cabinet Records was also granted. 



Louisa City Council

Special Workshop Agenda

May 9, 2016--7:00pm

Louisa City Hall


  1. Call to order.
  2. Louisa Water & Sewer 2016-2017 Budget workshop.
  3. City of Louisa 2016-2017 Budget workshop.
  4. Adjourn.

Louisa City Council

Regular Meeting Agenda

May 10, 2016--7:00pm

Louisa City Hall



  1. Call to order.
  2. Pledge of allegiance and Prayer.
  3. Mayor comments.

        Old Business


  1. Approve minutes for April 12, 2016.
  2. Levisa Lane.


New Business 


  1. Appoint Water & Sewer Board. 
  2. Schooley Mitchell, Consider Communications contract with Lycom.
  3. First reading City of Louisa Budget.
  4. First Reading Louisa Water & Sewer Budget.
  5. First reading City of Louisa Compensation.
  6. Council comments.
  7. Audience comments
  8. Executive session.
  9. Adjourn.

Lawrence County Fiscal Court

May 16, 2016
Regular Meeting Agenda
10:00 a.m.


  • Opening Prayer
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Call Meeting to Order
  • Approve minutes of the April 18, 2016 Regular Meeting
  • Approve 1st Reading of Budget Amendment #5
  • Approve Treasurer’s Request
  • Approve Bills
  • Approve Treasurer’s Report
  • Approve 1st Reading of FY 16/17 Budget
  • Approve Recurring Expenses FY 16/17
  • Set Salaries FY 16/17
  • Approve Contract on County Park Store
  • Authorize Clerk to advertise for bids on gravel, blacktop, pipe, fuel, etc.
  • Approve Personnel Policy & Procedures and Administrative Code
  • Award Bid on Brookside/Summer Bridge
  • Appoint Member to Fred M. Vinson Board (Constance Queen)
  • Approve Correction on Board of Assessment Members Term
  • Appoint Bobby Preece to Board of Assessment
  • AEP Rep To Speak
  • Public comments
  • Adjourn

 Local officers included in $900 pay raises 

Certified Peace Officers across the Commonwealth will receive their first training incentive raise in 15 years, a press release from Gov. Matt Bevin’s office stated Thursday.

“The state funded training incentive is a great program and provides officers with additional funds for maintaining their training.," Louisa Police Cheif Greg Fugitt said. "The proposed $900 increase will mean more to officers in this area than it would in other parts of Kentucky. “

The measure affects nearly 7,300 Kentucky officers served by the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training.

“We have said consistently, that we are going to protect those who protect us,” said Gov. Bevin. “We are pleased that this final budget ends the practice of sweeping KLEPF funds. These dollars are for our law enforcement and that is exactly what they are going to be used for. We will use these funds not only to attract the best and the brightest, but also to ensure that we keep them.”

Kentucky Justice Secretary John Tilley applauded the governor’s dedication to peace officers and his resolve in the state budget.

“Kentucky can be proud of its long tradition of training and professionalism in law enforcement," Secretary Tilley said.“Increasing the incentive will only strengthen our commitment to the highest standards of public service – and to the men and women who put their own lives at risk to keep our communities safe.”

The dollars Gov. Bevin referenced are generated through the Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program Fund, a 1.8 percent surcharge on casualty insurance premiums. About 70 percent of revenues raised from the surcharge are committed to KLEFPF and designated for the mandatory training of Kentucky law enforcement officers.

The fund also supports a training incentive stipend to certified Kentucky peace officers who complete annual, statutorily-mandated training requirements. Since 2001, officers have received $3,100 annually upon meeting these standards. Following Gov. Bevin’s budget signature, these officers will receive $4,000 annually.

“I praise Gov. Bevin for following through with what he said he’d do,” said Wayne Wright Kentucky Sheriffs’ Association president and Woodford County sheriff. “He didn’t back down, and he made it happen. For officers to be recognized through the legislature for their training, and to be compensated for that training, is outstanding.”

DOCJT, the Kentucky Sheriffs’ Association, Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police, Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police, Kentucky League of Cities and Kentucky Association of Counties formed a coalition to present a unified voice of support for these necessary changes, said Wayne Turner, Bellevue Police chief and KACP legislative chairman.

“This was the first time we all spoke to both Democrats and Republicans with a common voice to say, ‘We need this done for the continued professionalization of law enforcement,’” Turner said. “We worked together for a common cause. The average police officer in Kentucky makes about $30,000. When you get the opportunity to give them a $900 pay raise through this training stipend, it is astronomical.”

The budget also establishes equitability among the state’s law enforcement by including more than 200 certified Kentucky officers who meet the qualifications for inclusion in the KLEFPF training incentive, but have never been statutorily included to receive the stipend. This measure brings in officers from the Kentucky Horse Park mounted patrol officers, Kentucky Department of Parks rangers, Kentucky Department of Agriculture investigators, Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control investigators, Kentucky Department of Insurance investigators, Kentucky Attorney General’s Office investigators and school resource officers serving statewide.

“With the creation of the Peace Officer Professional Standards, the sheriffs stepped up in education and voted to participate in POPS,” Wright said. “It was a big push from our association to get everyone on the same training page and on an equal training field with police officers. Now, we are trained under the same umbrella. The increase in (the KLEFPF training incentive) is a way of showing that we trust our employees. Having better training allows us to retain more employees. Typically some sheriffs’ offices cannot pay as much as some police departments, so for hiring and retaining officers this increase helps a whole lot.”

The Department of Criminal Justice Training is a state agency located on Eastern Kentucky University’s campus. The agency is the first in the nation to be accredited under the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies’ public safety training program designation. DOCJT also earned accreditation through the International Association for Continuing Education and Training in 2013 – making it the nation’s only law enforcement training academy to achieve dual accreditation by two independent accrediting organizations.