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Lawrence County slide repair funds available

LAWRENCE COUNTY – Tuesday, July 2, 2013 – A check in the amount of $29,700 was authorized on June 2 to the Lawrence County Fiscal Court by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Department of Rural and Municipal Aid.
The money is earmarked to repair slides on the following county roads:

1.    Long Branch Road (CR 1039) 3.720 miles northwest of KY 707
2.    Yatesville Road (CR 1064) .030 miles west of KY 3
3.    Twin Licks Road (CR 1343) .330 miles southwest of KY 201.
The Lawrence County Fiscal Court is responsible for all phases of the work.

Edelen Releases Audit of Lawrence Clerk's Fee Account; No deficiencies detected... 


JobeJobeFRANKFORT, Ky. – State Auditor Adam Edelen today released the audit of the 2012 financial statement of Lawrence County Clerk Chris Jobe. State law requires the auditor to conduct annual audits of county clerks and sheriffs.

Recent changes in auditing standards require the auditor’s letter to communicate whether the financial statement presents fairly the revenues, expenditures and excess fees of the Lawrence County Clerk in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States.

The report found that the financial statement of the Clerk did not follow this format; however, the Clerk’s financial statement is fairly presented in conformity with the regulatory basis of accounting, which is an acceptable reporting methodology.

The auditor noted no instances of noncompliance. The auditor also noted no matters involving internal control over financial reporting and its operation that were considered to be material weaknesses.

The county clerk’s responsibilities include collecting certain taxes, issuing licenses, maintaining county records and providing other services. The clerk’s office is funded through statutory fees collected in conjunction with these duties.

The audit report can be found on the auditor’s website. HERE

Deadline is August 28 to pay county taxes, Jobe says; property will be sold at auction to highest bidder...

JobeJobeLOUISA, Ky. -- The deadline to pay tax bills has been set for August 28. According to Lawrence County Clerk Chris Jobe the unpaid bills will go on sale at that time.

Jobe said there have been more bills unpaid this year than last year and urges those who still owe to pay them by the deadline or make payment arrangements with Lawrence County Attorney Mike Hogan.

"I know times are hard but this is something we have to do and there have already been some bills that have been sold and companies inquiring about other bills," Jobe said. "Once these buyers purchase the bills they may tag on more fees and even force the sale of the property if the bills aren't paid."

According to KRS 134.490 "within 50 days after issuance of a certificate of delinquency to a private purchaser the private purchaser can give the same notice as required of a county attorney in KRS 135.500 (2). The notice shall advise the owner that the certificate ia a lien record against all property of the owner and bears interest at the rate of 12 percent per annul and the certificate not paid it will be subject to collection of property by provided by law.

Jobe also added that even if the bills aren't sold by August 28,2013 people can still come back later and buy them as long as they are registered through the revenue cabinet and have their registration fee paid at the county clerk's office.

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