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 - Courthouse

Lawrence County Fiscal Court

Special Meeting


November 25th, 2013


1.    Opening Prayer
2.    Pledge of Allegiance
3.    Call Meeting to Order
4.     Approve minutes of the October 25th, 2013 Special Meeting
5.    Approve Sheriff’s 2014 Budget
6.    Approve Sheriff’s Bonds
7.    Approve Sheriff’s State Advancement
8.    Approve Deputies Maximum Salary
9.    Approve Clerk’s 2014 Budget
10.    Set Salary Cap for Clerk’s Deputies
11.    Award bids for Ross Branch waterline project
12.    Adjourn

After the meeting the court will attend a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new recycle center (approximately 10:00 am) on Wal-Mart Rd across from the County Extension Office. The equipment and facilities can be viewed by the public. Here are the rules and times of operation for the center:

Lawrence County Sheriff's Arrest Report

Nov. 12, 2013

Lawrence Couny Sheriff Garrett Roberts released the following arrest report this week:

Bobby Berry, 43, Louisa, KY, was arrested Nov. 5 in Louisa on Madison St. and charged with three separate citations;  Alcohol Intoxication in a Public Place 1st and 2nd Offense, and Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle 1st Offense. 

A bench warrant was served for court.

Samuel David Collins Jr, 20, Martha, KY, was arrested Nov. 8, 32 miles west of Louisa at 3864 Hwy. 1715 and charged with Alcohol Intoxication in a Public Place, Resisting Arrest, and Menacing.  

According Deputy Wilhite's report the officer responded to a call at the above address about subject being drunk and out of control.  Upon arrival Collins was in the driveway and was unsteady on his feet, smelled of alcohol and was a danger to himself and others.  Subject had slurred speech and was lethargic. Collins' mother stated to Deputy Wilhite that he was getting physical with her by the throat and she pushed him away.  She also said he hit his uncle in the mouth. Collins reportedly did not comply when Deputy Wilhite attempted to take him onto custody. He did not comply with verbal commands, and advised the deputy that he had a boot knife and would have to be shot to be arrested.  

Taser was deployed to gain compliance.

James E. Fields Jr, 47, Louisa, KY, was arrested November 9, twelve miles south of Louisa at 11141 S. Hwy. 3 and charged with Assault 4th Degree (domestic violence) Minor Injury.

According to the police report, Deputy Mason Keefer responded to the above address on a call from Peggy Wallace complaining that Fields was assaulting her, and that she wanted him to leave, but he refused.  Upon arrival, both subjects were arguing, but both cooperated with officer with calm communication.  Both subjects stated that they had been drinking and arguing when Fields pushed  Wallace into a chair and hit her in the face.  Wallace had broken skin across the bridge of her nose and head from injury.

Charles D. Perkins, 21, Blaine, KY, was arrested November 9, and served a Bench Warrant in a Boyd County case. Bond set at $1,000.  Perkins was charged in a separate citation with Theft By Unlawful Taking Under $500, Bond was set at $2,000.

Louisa City Council

Joint with

Louisa Water & Sewer Commission


November 12, 2013--7:00 PM

Louisa City Hall



1.Call to order.
2.Pledge of allegiance and prayer.
3.Approve minutes for 10-08-13.
4.Dan Howard—City of Louisa Audit FY ending June 30, 2012.
5.Award Bid: Garbage truck.
6.John M Johnson---Highway lights on US 32.
7.Water rate study---Public Service Commission.
8.First reading of Ordinance 2013-04 “Compensation of City Employees Pursuant to KRS 83A.070”.
9.Louisa Water & Sewer Budget 2013-2014.
10.Louisa Police Department.
11.Louisa Fire Department.
12.Louisa Street & Sanitation Department.
13.Louisa Water & Sewer Department.
14.Audience comments.

15.Executive session.




E-mail question for city council:

This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
Tabitha Steele <>

I have a question and problem in the city of Louisa about leaves. My parents live in berg sub-division on Kennedy St. and their neighbor blows all their leaves in my parents yard.  The leaves plugs up all the drains. No one in the city seems to know what the laws or oridiancee is. The chief of police says he didn't know of  a law or ordinance, and City  Law code enforceer Cory Longstreth seems can't do anything about it. Can you help?

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