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 - Courthouse

Lawrence County Fiscal Court August Meeting


August 19, 2013

9:30 a.m.

1.    Opening Prayer
2.    Pledge of Allegiance
3.    Call Meeting to Order
4.     Approve minutes of the July 15th, 2013 Meeting & August 2nd, 2013 Special Meeting
5.    Approve Treasurer’s Request
6.    Approve Bills
7.    Approve Treasurer’s Report
8.     Approve 1st Reading of Budget Amendment #1
9.    Accept Quarterly Report
10.    Approve Agreement and Resolution between KYTC & Lawrence County - Resurfacing and Patching, $145,826
11.     Approve 2nd Reading of Ordinance # for the Community Building KADD Loan Refinancing
12.    Consider request from the Big Sandy Amateur Radio Club
13.    Public Comments
14.    Adjourn

Lawrence Co. Sheriff’s arrest report

August 12, 2013

Lawrence County Sheriff Garrett Roberts reported the following arrests during the past week:

William David Locke, 59, Huntington, WV, was arrested Aug. 6, twelve miles north of Louisa on charges of (1) Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol/Drug, etc. (08 1st offense) (2) Possession of Open Alcohol Container in Motor Vehicle (prohibited vodka bottle).

According to the arrest report, multiple calls were received on a car swerving all over the road. The vehicle was observed north of U.S. Hwy. 23 weaving from fast lane all the way across the highway and off the right shoulder several times. The subject was believed to have wrecked at one point due to the dust and skidding back onto the roadway.

Deputy Mark Wheeler activated his emergency lights and siren behind Locke and followed him 1-2 miles until he stopped during which time subject was all over the road, the report says. Upon contact with Locke, Deputy Wheeler reported that subject was lethargic, and gave him the owner’s manual for insurance proof, was glassy eyed, could not follow directions, and an open alcohol container was observed in a cooler. Once out of the vehicle, Locke could barely walk, and breathing unsteadily, the report said. The subject almost fell several times according to the report. PBT showed alcohol, and a HGN test was attempted, but Locke was too intoxicated to follow stimulus (ink pen). Subject also could not perform the walk and turn or one leg stand. Deputy reports that Locke was extremely and manifestly under the influence of alcohol, and although he cooperated, he could not understand why officer would not let him go home because of people he knew, and being a business man. Locke reportedly said he drank vodka earlier while driving home.

MaxieMaxieMurphyMurphyNapierNapierJustin R. Maxie, 32, Louisa, KY, was arrested Aug. 8, on Bulldog Lane in Louisa on charges of Flagrant Non-Support and was served a child support warrant in a prior case.

Effie J. Murphy, 50, Louisa, KY, was arrested Aug. 8, ten miles north of Louisa on charges of charges of Flagrant Non-Support and was served a child support warrant in a prior case from 9-30-09, in which subject owed $3346.23.

Timothy B. Napier, 46, Ft. Gay, WV, was arrested Aug. 9, in Louisa and served a Bench Warrant in a prior case.

Amy R. Gantt, 24, Louisa, KY, was arrested Aug. 10, one mile south of Louisa on 3rd Street on charges of No Operators Insurance and was served a warrant for above underlying charge. Bench Warrant $500, Failure to Appear. Other charges: Public Intoxication, Prescription not in Original Container, Drug Paraphernalia, and Controlled Substance 3rd Degree of Unspecified Drug.

Louisa City Council


Aug 13, 2013--7:00 PM

Louisa City Hall

1.    Call to order.
2.    Pledge of allegiance and prayer.
3.    Approve minutes for 06-11-13.
4.    Second reading “An Ordinance Abolishing the Louisa Water and Sewer Commission”.
5.    Deed-Street Lights.
6.    City of Louisa Budget 2013-2014.
7.    Louisa Water & Sewer Budget 2013-2014.
8.    Audience comments.
9.    Executive session.
10.  Adjourn.

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