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Appointments to boards and commisions major agenda item for January (after postponement last week)





Lawrence County Fiscal Court

Regular Meeting Agenda

January 27th, 2014



1.    Opening Prayer
2.    Pledge of Allegiance
3.    Call Meeting to Order
4.    Approve minutes of the December 16th, 2013 Meeting & January 6th, 2014 Special Meeting
5.    Approve 2nd reading of Budget Amendment #3/ Approve 1st reading of Budget Amendment # 4
6.    Approve Treasurer’s Request
7.    Approve Bills
8.    Approve Treasurer’s Report
9.    Accept Quarterly Report
10.    Approve transfer of property (slopes) to R&J Development pending Co. Attorney approval
11.    Approve extension of Spring Meadow Drive (0.13 miles) into the Co. Rd System
12.    Tabled item from previous mtg: Approve Seedtick Road extension (0.2 mile) into the Co. Rd System
13.    Appoint members to the Lawrence County Heritage Council
14.    Appoint members to the Lawrence County Ethics Board
15.    Appoint members to the Lawrence County Cemetery Board
16.    Appoint members to the Lawrence County Housing Authority
17.    Discuss appointment of members to the Big Sandy Water District Board
18.    Discussion by Kinser Drilling Pipeline
19.    Discussion by Lawrence County Gas Co. Inc./ Jack Justice
20.    Discuss Constable vehicle lease/Paul Wells
21.    Discussion by Schooley Mitchell – Telecom Consultants
22.    Authorize County Clerk to advertise for bids on lawn services for Pine Hill Cemetery & Lawrence County Judicial Center
23.    Public comments
24.    Adjourn

Kensinger elected new president;

ASAP meeting presents approved budget, elects new chairperson and discusses upcoming events...

ASAP Board of directorsASAP Board of directors

The Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (ASAP), Lawrence County Division, met Friday, Jan. 17 at the Lawrence Co. Health Dept. to present the 2014 budget which has been approved.  Other items on the meeting agenda included the election of a new chairperson as well community updates and upcoming events.  

Angela Bramblett welcomes those in attendanceAngela Bramblett welcomes those in attendanceAngela Bramblett, Pathways Prevention Specialist, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone, and updating member information.  Lunch was served, and the meeting began.

The 2014 approved project budget totaled $16,232.64 with the 2013 carryover, and included monies for such projects as substance abuse treatment programs by Pathways and Cornerstone Christian Counseling, smoking cessation classes by LC Health Dept., and materials for AA/NA.

Other items in the budget included regular operation funds such as personnel, training, fees, rent, and other necessities.

Faith Frazier, former Director of the LC Health Dept. had held the position of Chairperson of the local ASAP board, but due to her resigning and moving from the area, the position reverted to Carolyn McGuinn, who was doing double duty, also serving as Vice-Chairman.  Dr. Shelia Kensinger, CEO of Cornerstone Christian Counseling  and Riverview College of Christian Counseling in Louisa, was voted in as the new Chairperson and will serve in that position until the next election.

The date for the 2014 Health and Wellness Expo was announced, which is set for Sat. April 12 at the Lawrence Co. Community Center.  The Expo is a popular event geared toward health and wellness in which many different vendors set up providing information, demonstrations and presentations on various health topics.  Carolyn McGuinn, Nutritionist with the LC Health Dept., said this year the Expo will include a 5K Run, raising money for 4H Camp.

The Expo will host free health screenings and a couple of new vendors will participate this year. Representatives from Hospice and then VA will be present.  

For vendor information, you may call the Health Dept., at 606-638-4389.  

The 'Build Your Nest Baby Fest' will be held again this year, although the date has not been determined.  The Baby Fest will be full of information regarding baby and parent needs, lots of prizes and giveaways.  Date will be posted when  announced.

Community updates included several programs in conjunction with the LC School Resource Centers including informative classes such as parenting, cooking, coupons, shopping, literacy, and a clothing giveaway. For more information on these events, you may email Noel Goble at

It was also announced that the Point Of Hope -- substance abuse recovery facility located on the Point Section in Louisa, is currently at full capacity with 14 people living in the quarters and participating in the program.  Also, Guardian Angels, an emergency housing facility is currently being built in Louisa and will hopefully be open sometime this spring.  These programs are from the Father Beiting Mission Center (FBAMC) in Louisa who are also seeking donations to continue and expand such projects.

'Stand Up For Children' will be held April 18, which is a child abuse prevention and awareness program.  More information on this event will be available soon.

The meeting was adjourned, and the next ASAP meeting was tentatively set for March 21, 12:00 noon at the LC Health Department.  

LPD gets two new officers

Julius Music, Louisa Mayor Ted Preston, and Hunter V. JamesJulius Music, Louisa Mayor Ted Preston, and Hunter V. James


"The Louisa Police Department still has one more opening for anyone who is interested in law enforcement," Louisa Police Chief Greg Fugitt said as he introduced two new officers to their department during the Louisa City Council meeting Tuesday evening.

Julius R. Musick and Hunter V. James both have been sworn in as the newest members of the department.

“These young men are the future of the Louisa Department and once they have completed their training I feel like they will be excellent officers for the city," chief Fugitt said.

According to Fugitt, both officers will be heading off to the Department of Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Academy in February for 19 weeks of training. Afterwards, they will have to complete the LPD Field Training Program which is an 8 week program under direct supervision of a senior officer.

"These officers were among 13 applicants that were called in for a written test and oral interview. The top 7 scorers were then sent to take the physical agility test and physiological test in which only 3 passed. Those 3 applicants then went through a drug screen, background investigation and polygraph test in which these officers were the ones that passed and completed all phases.

“The police department still has one position open, anyone wish to be considered for employment should submit their applications to the city clerk.”

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