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June 22, 2015

A Louisa man was arrested at 8:38 p.m. Wednesday along South Highway 3 in Lawrence County after being caught under the influence operating a non-motor vehicle.

Gregory Marcum, 57, is charged with operating a non-motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicants. 

According to the arrest report, Marcum was seen driving a red Murray lawn mower in the south bound lane of South Highway 3 in the 13-thousand block, operating from left to right in the lane while pulling a cart that hoisted a refridgerator.

Marcum had an open container of beer upon stop, the report said. He smelled of alcoholic beverage.

According to the arrest report, deputy Mack Wilhite performed a standardized field sobriety test. Marcum failed the heel-to-toe routine, walking feet side-by-side & using hands to balance. He also attempted a one-leg stand but could not hold balance. P.B.T. detected strong presence of alcohol, the report said.

Marcum stated he had a few beers throughout the day, the report said.

Bloodwork currently pending.


(Note in the initial report it was posted that Chief deputy Mark Wheeler made the arrest when it was actually Mack Wilhite. We apologize and have corrected the issue.)

June 17, 2015


New marriages for April 1 - June 16

The latest marriages will be at the top and oldest at the bottom


​Maranda A. Maynard, 24, married Jameson H. Messer, 27. The bride is from Louisa and the groom from Logan, WV.

Tabitha L. Bartlett, 21, married Casey T. Arthur, 25. The bride is from Columbus, OH and the groom from Charleston, WV.

Maria T. Conley, 43, married Brent L. Brumfield, 40. The bride is from the Philippines and the groom from Huntington, WV.

Sandra K. Hatfield, 35, married Melvin G. Harmon, Jr., 24. The bride is from Morehead and the groom from Huntington, WV.

​Vicki L. Sprouse, 48, married Clinton H. Wilks, 34. Both are from Louisa.

​Wrendi L. Prince, 31, married Adam C. McDavid, 26. The bride is from Louisa and the groom from Ashland.

​Kayla L. Meek, 24, married James A. Perry, 23. The bride is from Louisa and the groom from Ashland.

​Kristina Lynn Baker Walton, 37, married Douglas M. Stephens, 35. The bride is from Ashland and the groom from Hazelwood, MO.

​Kara R. McCoy, 26, married Terrance S. Thompson, 27. The bride is from Huntington, WV and the groom from Louisa.

​Stacy D. Combs, 42, married William J. Maynard, 45. The bride is from Charleston, WV and the groom from Cabel, WV.

​Martia S. Maddox, 21 married Matthew K. Lovely, 23. The bride is from Cabell Huntington, WV and the groom from Louisa.

​Morghan D. McDavid, 23, married Hank A. Ratcliff, 25. The bride is from Morehead and the groom from Ashland.

​Wilma C. Conley, 61, married Kenneth G. Wright, 54. The bride is from West Liberty and the groom from Paintsville.

​Tammy Lee Patton Johnson, 36, married James L. Hicks, 36. The bride is from Huntington, WV and the groom from Louisa.

​Brandy L. Sparks, 33, married George M. Ballard, Jr., 31. The bride is from Prestonsburg and the groom from Louisville.

​Mandi K. Tussey, 37, married Edward J. Ison, 50. The bride is from Lancaster and the groom from Casa Granda, AZ.

 ​Andrea R. Tackett, 32, married Clifford R. Daniels, Jr., 25. The bride is from Louisa and the groom from Cabell Co., WV.

​Teddi L. Pack, 37, married Robert Glenn Cyrus II, 45. The bride is from McDowell and the groom from Lebanon.

​Judy P. Marcum, 43, married Sherman Holland IV, 24. The bride is from South Williamson and the groom from Huntington, WV.

​Cheyenne E. Duff, 19, married Nicholas K. Branham, 19. The bride is from Winchester, IN and the groom from Huntington, WV.

​Ashley M. Bryant, 25, married Joshua T. Slone, 25. Both are from Ashland.

​Kathryn L. Bender, 21, married Tate R. Banks, 21. The bride is from Columbus, OH and the groom from Ashland.

​Jessica L. Strickland, 23, married Christopher P. Sparks, 32. The bride is from Ft. Still, OK and the groom from Ashland.

​Angel N. Fyffe, 26, married William Coleman, 62. Both are from Fort Gay, WV.

​Jadden A. Castle, 19, married Alexander K. Chase, 20. The bride is from Louisa and the groom from Lexington Park, MD.

​​Brittany L. Wallace, 29, married William J. Thompson, 42. Both are from Louisa.

​Jessica L. Keeton, 26, married Kyle A. Delong, 26. Both are from Louisa.

​Lena M. Nelson, 83, married Virgil Lee Caudill, 84. Both are from Louisa.

​Samantha A. Webb, 30, married Marshall Endicott, 27. Both are from Catlettsburg.

​Amber N. Blevins, 25, married Benjamin C. Harlan, 26. Both are from Louisa.

​Courtney E. Martin, 28, married William M. Maynard,  31. Both are from Louisa.

​Amy G. VanHoose, 30, married Douglas G. Vance, 40. The bride is from Dunlow, WV and the groom from Dingess, WV.

​Karlee A. Hayes, 17, married Shawn A. Fitzpatrick, 19. Both are from Louisa.

​Brittany Rae Boggs, 22, married Jesse E. Chapman, 23. Both are from Ashland.

​Whitney L. Jude, 25, married Justin A. Prince, 27. The bride is from Louisa and the groom from Kenova, WV.

​Edwina Cordle, 47, married Charles Spaulding, 49. Both are from Louisa.


All marriages were filed in the Lawrence County Court House in the office of Chris Jobe.



Civil suit cases

Cases range from recently new to three months old


Community Trust Bank, Inc. VS. Bellomy, Barry, ET - Foreclosure


Citizens National Bank VS. Arrington, Harold (Heirs) - Foreclosure


Marshall, Diannia VS Marshall, Michael B - Contract


Adkins, Hazel Jean VS State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance - Contract


Lansing, Billie C., ET AL VS. Frazier, M.D., Thomas, ET - Personal Injury


Newsome, Roberta VS. Elmo Geer & Sons, LLC - Property Damage


Roberts, David VS. Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc, ET AL - Personal Injury


Vanderbilt Mortage and Finance, Inc. VS. Ramey, Bobby - Foreclosure


Credit Acceptance Coporation VS. Hoose, Joanne E - Contract


American Express Centurion Bank VS. Sizemore, Christopher - Contract


Cook, Jason, ET AL VS. Sluss, Vernon, Jr. - Contract


Adkins, Karl J., ET AL VS. Noakes, John, ET AL - Contract


Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. VS. Bartram, CHR - Contract


Estepp, Tammy R. VS. Estepp, Robert - Domestic & Family


Maynard, Jesse, ET AL VS. Dingess, Ladonna, ET AL - Domestic & Family


Bayes, Whitney VS. Balderas, Jonatan Gutierrez - Contract


Gross, Kim L. VS. Blackburn, Timothy D. - Domestic & Family


Wells Fargo Bank VS. Young, James Edward, ET AL - Foreclosure


Compton, Ashley VS. Compton, Jonathan - Domestic & Family


Hammonds, Linda Sue VS. Hammonds, John Delmar - Domestic & Family


Tidewater Motor Credit  VS. Vanover, Sean G., ET AL - Contract


Clark, Linda VS. Buckler, Kenneth W. - Domestic & Family


Kentucky Foster Care VS. Betzner, Christina L. - Domestic & Family


Wilhite, Mack, WT AL VS. Long, Jeffrey K. - Contract


Federal National Mortage Association VS. Bellomy, Larry, ET - Foreclosure


Redd, William, ET AL VS. Louisa Quality Car Care, LLC - Contract


Hall, Natoshia VS. Hall, Austin - Domestic & Family


Citizens National Bank VS. Holbrook, Arthur, ET AL - Foreclosure


Novation Funding, LLC VS. Wilcox, Larry - Contract


Citizens National Bank VS. Wellman, Billy Joe, ET AL - Foreclosure


Citizens National Bank VS Evans, Erin, ET AL - Foreclosure


Gussler, Penny Ann VS. Gussler, Donald George - Domestic & Family


Stephens, Gary VS. Moore Gary - Property Rights


Kentucky Foster Care VS. Porter, Martha - Other


Fraley, Rebecca Anne VS. Fraley, Shane - Domestic & Family


Vanderbilt Mortage and Finance, Inc. VS. Stepp, Jason W. - Contract


Cavarly SPV, LLC VS. WAtts, Lisa - Contract


Lyons, Clara Louise VS. Lyons, James Matthew - Domestic & Family


Whites, Reginald John David VS. Whites, Sara N. - Property Rights


Brooks, Kimberly M. VS. Brooks, Michael Brent - Domestic & Family


Moore, Virginia Marie VS. Moore, John Martin - Domestic & Family


Lawrence County Child Support VS. Dixon, Kevin - URESA/UIFSA


Citizens National Bank, VS. Gartin, Michael, ET AL - Foreclosure


McKinney, Michelle Lee VS. McKinney, Barry Wayne - Domestic & Family


Buther, Belinda, ET AL VS. Hospital of Louisa, Inc. - Other


Dixon, Rosie VS. Coy, Joyce M. - Property Rights


Howard, Pamela, Jr. VS. Murray, Michelle A. - Other

June 5, 2015

KSP says there is "no evidence" of criminal activity on part of police officers in death of man arrested after graduation...

(Revised 6/6/2015)

ASHLAND, Ky. -- A spokesperson for the Kentucky State Police Post 14 said today there will be no suspension or paid leave for the two Louisa police officers who were involved in the taseing of Billy Collins, Jr. who died during his arrest last Friday night after graduation at Lawrence County High School.

Trooper Mike MuriellTrooper Mike Murriel said the decision to place an officer on paid leave during an investigation is up to the individual agency involved and not the KSP. 

"The incident was immediately reported to our offices and the investigation is being done by the KSP," Murriel said. "We have found no evidence of any criminal activity by the officers in our investigation so far, including on the video that was taken by the officers with their body cams."

A member of the Collins family called Lazer offices Thursday and said he and some other family members were "nervous" about the officers being left on duty during the investigation. "My wife is afraid to go out of the house, she is leery about what might happen with these policemen still on patrol," a family member who asked to not be identified said.

Murriel said the matter will be handed over to prosecutors for introduction to a Lawrence Grand jury to make sure all the facts are made public. He did not know when that will take place.

56 year-old Billy Collins, Jr. was involved in a minor traffic accident near LCHS just after graduation and when Sgt. Steven Wilburn of the LPD, who was attending graduation, investigated the scene Collins was arrested on three misdemeanor charges and taken to the LPD offices to await transfer to the Big Sandy Detention Center but, according to Murriel, he became "extremely beligerant" and began fighting with Wilburn and another Louisa policeman, Jordan Miller. It is not clear if Miller participated in the incident. (NOTE:  It was first reported that Chief deputy Mark Wheeler took part in the arrest but we have discovered that he was not involved until after the incident. We apologize to Sgt. Wheeler for the error.)

Wilburn used an agency issued taser gun in an effort to subdue Collins but he continued attempting to attack the officers and was tased at least two more times. Murriel did not say which of the other officers tased Collins. On the third tase Collins began turning blue and went into cardiac arrest. He was later pronounced dead by Lawrence County Coroner Mike Wilson at TRMC.

Collins had a heart attack two or three weeks ago and stints were placed in blood vessels near his heart but there is no evidence that the officers were aware of his health condition at the time of the arrest.

Louisa Mayor Harold Slone said today that he had spoken with KSP and they advised that they saw nothing in the preliminary investigation that indicated any criminal acts or charges against the city or county officers.

"Therefore Paid or Unpaid leave for the officers at this time isn’t warranted. The LPD has and will continue to cooperate fully with KSP in this investigation,” Slone said. He also noted that to have adequate coverage for the city all the officers on staff are needed.

Murriel said the body cam tapes will be made available for family members to review and then will be made public as soon as the investigation is complete.

The body cams for the officers were purchased last month by the city.

June 15, 2015

Fugate-Jones has not been heard from or seen by anyone since mid-May, but was not reported missing until week ago...

Members of the Lawrence County Search and Rescue team unit traveled to Knott County Sunday morning to assist Rough Terrain Rescue - Knott County on a search for a missing Perry County mother who disappeared more than a month ago.

After spending the entire day of searching in areas of Knott County, crews from both the Lawrence County Search and Rescue and Rough Terrain Rescue Knott County called off the search at around 10 P.M. after they were unsuccessful in locating the individual.

The missing woman, identified as Natasha Louise Fugate Jones, of Hazard, Kentucky, was last seen leaving the home of her father and stepmother in Fisty, Kentucky in Knott County.

According to Fugate-Jones' mother, Shirley Fugates, who also lives in Hazard, says her daughter left Knott County about 3-4 weeks ago and no one has heard from her since. She has been caring for Jones' two sons since her disappearance.

Jones' grandmother, Ola Chaffins, said her granddaughter has left home before, but has never been gone this long without communicating with other members of her family. Jones left her two sons a note saying she would be back in a few days and she loved them.

Chaffins said not knowing if her granddaughter is safe is "like murder."

"I've never been through something like this before," Chaffins said.

Local police say Jones has been missing for several weeks, but they were just recently notified and opened the case on Sunday June 7.

Police have followed up on several tips, but have not been able to find her.

Jones' family are offering a $1,200 reward they hope that will lead to a break in the case.

She is described by family and law enforcement as a being Caucasian, 5' 9", 120-130lbs, with blonde hair and green eyes. Jones has the outline tattoo of a butterfly on her back, also flowers on vine lower back. And Jones has scars on the right shoulder from a dog bite.

Anyone who has information on the whereabouts of Natasha Louise Fugate Jones, can contact The Kentucky State Police post in Hazard at (606)-435-6069.

Rough Terrain Rescue Knott County released the following statement after Sunday's search:

"We would like to thank Bloodhound Search and Rescue, Commonwealth Canine and Lawrence County Search & Rescue for assisting us with a search in our home county over the weekend. While we have not located the missing person at this time, we were able to identify areas that she was not. The search and investigation into this disappearance continues... Please keep the family in your prayers".

JUNE 4, 2015 

Husband and wife, with two young children, taken into custody on multiple charges



For the second time within 36 hours, the Wayne County Sheriff's Office conducted another successful drug raid in Fort Gay. Sheriff'd deputies executed a search warrant at apartment 15 at the Ft. Gay Apartments in the 8500 block of Orchard Street in Fort Gay just before 12 P.M. Wednesday morning that led to a married couple facing not only serious drug charges from the bust, but also additional charges because they had their children in the reportedly narcotic strewn home that police said they were dealing heroin and pills right in front of them.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Wayne County Magistrate Court, the sheriff's department stated they had received information that oxycodone pills was being kept, stored and sold from the apartment.

The occupants living at the apartment were identified as Allen Wayne Copley, 39, and his wife, Odessa Danielle Copley, 27.

In the second floor apartment, for which the front door is still in splinters, deputies found $500 in cash on Allen Copley, as well as a false battery with the reported oxycodone tablets inside. They also found a false Redbull can on the kitchen counter with 20 individual packs of heroin wrapped in aluminum foil. The drugs were all well within reach of the two children

According to the complaint report, Allen admitted that an unknown man from Michigan left him the pills to sell. He also told deputies he helped that man sell pills the night before.

Both Allen Copley and Odessa Copley admitted that they personally used some of the pills and heroin the evening before.

The Copleys have two children, a 7-month-old infant and a five year old who were in the home at the time of the bust.

Allen and Odessa Copley are each charged with five felony criminal charges: two counts of possession with intent to deliver, a single count of felony conspiracy and two counts of child neglect creating risk of injury.

The Copley's were both incarcerated at the Western Regional Barboursville, where the pair's bond was set each separately at $100,000.

Their two children where taken into the care of Child Protective Services

The building manager of the apartments told police officials that all the tenants of the low-income housing go through an NCIC background check and credit check before getting a place to try to curb this type of activity.
Residents living at the apartment at around that area of the Fort Gay community were outraged and demanding police clear out the drug abusers.

“I walked out to seeing the guys and the guns running up the stairs,” Rachael Gilkerson said. 

Gilkerson watched from across the hall as Wayne County deputies forced their way inside.

Gilkerson was worried about the two children.

"My first thought was those kids." "It breaks my heart because those kids don't understand,” she said.
"I hope they learn a lesson and I hope the kids have a better future ahead of them,” Gilkerson said.

Another local resident, Jimmie Daniels stated: "No kid asks to be born into a drug family but they have to deal with that. They see it all the time so to them there's nothing wrong with that,”

"There's not a family in Fort Gay that's not been affected by drugs,” Daniels said.

Wayne law enforcement officials said that while fixing the community drug problem is never easy, fixing the problems in Fort Gay is getting harder because suspected criminals are getting better at hiding the drugs.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Department, Fort Gay Police Department and Wayne County Drug Enforcement assisted in the bust.