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Jenny Kelly also has parts in two Bruce Willis movies

Lawrence County girl, Jenna Kelly makes casting call for SI swimsuit edition


Jenna Kelly's  face has been seen in Cosmopolitan Magazine more than once since she moved to New York.

Growing up in Louisa, Ky. movie stars and Sports Illustrated models are our idols. They seem so far away, and the dream appears unattainable to say the least.

For one Lawrence County girl, the dream came true.

Jenna Kelly made the move to New York six years ago to chase her dreams and no dream was too big. She inserted a little bit of Appalachia into the Big Apple. 

Jenna is the daughter of Rodney and Tammy Kelly of Louisa, KY. She's a 2008 graduate of Lawrence County High School.

According to internet reports, she has been very busy chasing her dreams since she moved to New York and signed with the most prestigious modeling company in the country, Wilhelmina International Inc.

She has been seen all over the world in magazines and ads. One such magazine was Cosmopolitan, and she appeared in a Pantene ad as well. Jenna, 26, is now in the 2016 casting for Sports Illustrated's summer swimsuit edition, one of the most coveted jobs for models world-wide.

New York screening of Precious Cargo with Jenna and Willis' co-star Nick Loeb. Her career list doesn't stop there though. Miss Kelly has also broadened her horizons and is starring opposite Bruce Willis and in the new movie “Precious Cargo”, the new movie trailer is out now. In 2015 she played in “Extraction”also with Bruce Willis. 

What a resume from this young, beautiful talent, from small town America. I will be watching her closely as so many from here will. It's such a great role model for the young girls and boys of the this community.

Anything is possible if you work hard, never underestimate your ability and reach for the “Stars”!


Jenna Kelly, a 26 year-old model from Louisa, Ky. is a SI swimsuit edition model

Grimes Discusses Future of Eastern Kentucky at Annual East Kentucky Leadership Summit

"Eastern Kentucky is a natural place for us to expand our aerospace industry. This region’s people are highly skilled, able, and ready to work. Let’s bring them the jobs and this industry," said Grimes.

MOREHEAD, Ky. (April 28, 2016) – Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes today attended the East Kentucky Leadership Conference, the annual summit organized to formulate strategies for future economic, workforce, and educational development in the region.

Grimes introduced members of the ‘Eastern Kentucky Strong – Women are IT’ panel. She commended the female panelists for their dedication to ensuring the future is a bright for all eastern Kentucky women and their families.

"You are an integral part of the transformation in education and leadership that is taking place right here in eastern Kentucky which is long overdue – a transformation in the way young girls view themselves and the way the rest of the world, in turn, views them."

Grimes also addressed conference attendees and discussed education and workforce issues facing the region.

"I believe firmly that eastern Kentucky’s future depends on all of us. Together, we must look for and work towards ways to lift up this region – both educationally and economically," said Grimes. "The ability to invest in this region depends on engaging its people, educating its workforce, strengthening its physical infrastructure, and providing access to modern day technology," said Grimes.

Grimes pushed the opportunities Kentucky’s largest export – aerospace – could bring to eastern Kentucky to help to revitalize the region’s economy. Morehead is home to Morehead State University’s Space Science Center, where Kentucky Space, a non-profit group and approved partner for the International Space Station, is located.

"Eastern Kentucky is a natural place for us to expand our aerospace industry. This region’s people are highly skilled, able, and ready to work. Let’s bring them the jobs and this industry," said Grimes.



It has been a really bad month for fires in Lawrence County, with over three dozen fires of various kinds being responded to by the several different fire department agencies in around the county, with another blaze reported late Sunday morning, which also resulted in a injury.

Just after 12 P.M. Sunday April 24, Lawrence County E-911 received a phone call in regards to a reported structure fire on 1500 Blaine Creek Road,  a few miles outside of Louisa.

The Fallsburg Fire Department was immediately dispatched to the scene, where they upon their arrival discovered a structure, identified as a full-sized functioning garage outbuilding, engulfed in flames leading the Fallsburg fire crew to request a mutual-aid assistance call for the City of Louisa Fire Department.

The Fallsburg Fire Department also then placed a call for Netcare Ambulance Lawrence County, as they quickly discovered the male owner of the building had suffered burn injuries while trying to dowse the blaze with a garden hose. Louisa Fire units also placed a call for Air Evac Lifeteam 116 helicopter ambulance out of Inez, Kentucky for a possible medical evacuation.

The injured man, identified by his neighbors on social media as Lester Ward, received treatment by emergency personnel for significant burns on his arms, however medics cancelled the air medical ambulance call, as Air Evac Lifeteam 116 was flying in the vicinity on standby mode.

Instead, Ward was transported by a Netcare Ambulance, but it is unknown if Ward was transported to Three Rivers Medical Center in Louisa, or to another nearby area hospital.

The cause of the garage building fire is unknown at this time.

Lester sentenced to 5 years probation on burglary charges

Greene pleads guilty, gets 3 years probation on cocaine, marijuana charges

In Circuit Court last Friday the following actions were taken. 


Michael Bailey Michael Bailey, 38 Pled Guilty to following charges and will be final sentenced on 5-27-16.

Complicity 1st Degree Possession (Cocaine) 1st offense,

Complicity Attempt/Obtain Controlled Substance by Fraud/False Forgery, 

Complicity to Possess Drug Paraphernalia, 1st Offense.Tampering with Physical Evidence was dismissed. 

Randall Donta, 26 Appeared on a Motion to Revoke Probation is set for a hearing on 5-13-16. Remains incarcerated at the Big Sandy Regional Det. Ctr. 

Thomas Evans, 28 Motion for Probation, to Unsupervised Probation. The motion was granted.

James FitzpatrickJames Fitzpatrick, 22 was arraigned on;

Trafficking in a Controlled Substance 1st Degree, 1st offense Methamphetamine,

Trafficking in a Controlled Substance 2nd degree, 1st off. Drug Unspecified.

Failure of Non-Owner Operator To Maintain Required Insurance,

No Operators/Moped License and Careless Driving.

Possession of Controlled Substance 1st Degree, 1st Offense (Methamphetamine),

Possession of a Controlled Substance 3rd Degree, Drug Unspecified and

Possession of Marijuana Bail Set at 5,000 Cash and remains incarcerated at the Big Sandy Regional Det. Center.

Amber FlemingAmber Fleming, 41 of Louisa, Ky. Pled guilty on amended charges.

Knowingly Exploit Adult by person over $300.00 was amended to Fraudulent Use of A Credit Card and Bail Jumping 1st degree was amended to 2nd degree.

Final Sentencing will be on 5-27-16.  She remains incarcerated at the Big Sandy Regional Det. Center until final sentencing. 


Tommy Fletcher, 29 Appeared on a Motion to Revoke Probation. Hearing set for 5-13-16


Billy Greene Billy Greene, 41 Pled Guilty on;

Complicity 1st Degree Possession of Cocaine, (3 years)

Attempt/Obtain Controlled Substance by Fraud/False Statement,

Tampering With Physical Evidence,

Complicity Possession of Marijuana,

Complicity to Use/Possess Drug Paraphernalia, 1st offense and

Public Intoxication Controlled Substance,

He received 3 years- Probation with all charges to run concurrent on Conditions of Completing Drug Court. 

John E. LesterJonathan Lester, 27 - Was sentenced to 5 years Supervised Probation with all charges to run concurrent on charges of;

Complicity Burglary, 3rd Degree,

Complicity Theft By Unlawful Taking Parts from a Vehicle under $500.00,

Complicity Possession of Burglary Tools,

Complicity Theft of Motor Vehicle Registration Plate/Renewal Decal. 

onathan D. Mills Jonathan Mills, 37 Was arraigned on;

Complicity of Trafficking In a Controlled Substance 1st Degree, 1st Offense.

Was released on bond on MCR Drug Testing.  Pre trial Set for 5-27-16.



Jack David Smith David Jack Smith,  43 - Appeared on;

3 Counts of Complicity Murder,

3 Counts of Complicity Robbery,

Arson 2nd Degree, and

Complicity To Tamper with Physical Evidence.

Motion was granted as to proving evidence. This case was previously moved from Martin Co. Ky to Lawrence County, KY. 

Shirley VincellShirley Vincell, 28 was arraigned on Complicity of; Trafficking in a controlled substance 1st Degree, 1st offense (Methamphetamine) She was appointed a Public Offender and her bond remains at $5000 Cash. 

Eric Tyler Ward, 21 Charged with;

2 Counts of Theft by Unlawful Taking/ Shoplifting,

Burglary, 3rd Degree, and

Criminal Mischief.

He did not appear and Commonwealth will Submit Bench Warrant if he cannot be located.

Roger Webb, 39 A status hearing was held, Webb was detained and is being held at the Big Sandy Detention Center. 

Matthew Webb, 32 Charged with a Probation Violation on Felony Offense. A hearing was set for 5-13-16.



Members of several organizations and state departments gathered at Tuesday's Lawrence Co. Fiscal Court meeting where the court recognized National Child Abuse Awareness Month.

 LOUISA, Ky. -- Lawrence Judge/Executive John Osborne opened Tuesday morning's fiscal court meeting by recognizing April as Child Abuse Prevention Month in Lawrence County. Members of several state and local agencies involved in working with child abuse gathered to thank Judge Osborne and the fiscal court for the gesture.

"We appreciate all the work that is done to try to keep our kids safe in their homes," Osborne said.

Brenda Curry, left and Noel Goble both School Family Resource coordinators.Motion was made by Rick Blackburn and second by John J. Lemaster with all in favor.

The court then voted unanimously to accept the LC Conservation District Annual Budget for FY 16-17 which is $288,652. with no discussion.

Much of the meeting centered on county workers including early health insurance renewal as needed for county employees. County Attorney Mike Hogan pointed out that any time a new company is hired by the county to provide the insurance, they start over with the initial price which is much higher than it is the second year. Under this proposal the same company will handle the coverage and they will charge the rate already in place.

Under the proposed agreement, the county will still maintain the same status for a family plan with a slight increase, Pam Taylor, who represents county employees on the health insurance committee, said.

"There is a raise and I will have a harder time paying for it like the rest of the employees, but if we can't save some money somewhere, the county paid family plan will soon be eliminated altogether and  the county will only pay for the employee," Ms. Taylor said. 

County Attorney Mike Hogan, Sheriff Garrett Roberts and Greg Nelson, a new CA office employee talked shop before Tuesday's meeting.There was no mention of the actual cost raise of the insurance for county taxpayers or employees.

Osborne also asked the court if there could be something worked out so that "two or three" county road workers could get their CDL license and pay the county back for the $250 fee out of their checks.

Magistrates Rick Blackburn, who is the school bus garage coordinator in Lawrence County and deals with CDL's all the time, said it would be a good idea to have as many certified CDL drivers as the county can get in case one or more of the regular drivers have to miss work.

After some discussion the court decided to pay the $250 for the training and take it out of their pay for five months ($25 per pay period) until it is paid off.

After several months without a Lawrence County Housing Authority director, Osborne informed the court that the Housing Authority had decided to hire Cindy Bowen for the position. Noone knew the salary that Ms. Bowen will earn since it is a federal program. The court unanimously agreed to hire Ms. Bowen and also voted for Osborne's appointment of Colleen Stone, Rick May and Carolyn Thompson to the Housing Authority. Allen Kelly resigned his position on the Authority, Osborne said. 

Randy Woods is Lawrence County's new Solid Waste Coordinator.While he was in the appointing mood, Osborne named Randy Woods to become the new Solid Waste Coordinator (part time) at a salary of just under $17,000 per year. This item was not on the agenda. He is replacing Darrell Ratliff, who Osborne said is resigning because of ill health. The court approved the appointment unanimously on motion of Morris Howard and second by John J. Lemaster.

The court also set the regular May Court meeting for Monday May 16 @ 10:00 am due to Election Day falling on the regular Tuesday meeting day. 

All court members were present.

Audience Comments

John Hay approached the court concerning construction of the WalMart road near his home.John Hay approched the court concerning the road construction work being done on what is commonly called the Walmart Road. The road is now closed to thru traffic although construction has been stopped since Gov. Matt Bevin cut off all projects for review as soon as he took office in January.

Hay said he and his neighbors on West Clayton Lane and Vaughn Rd. were told there would be a light put up at the end of the road.  He also said the engineers told him they would raise the level of the new road to match the existing road but neither has been done.

Jusdge Osborne and magistrate John J. Lemaster said they have been told the work will continue when the new budget gets underway in July. They did not address the specific questions asked by Mr. Hay.

"I would love to get some help in getting this road raised as soon as possible," Hay said.