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August 17, 2014;

Ballot placement set for City Council and School Board Seats;

Yes, there is a Casey Jones...

Newcomer Casey Jones draws for his position on the November ballot for mayor of Louisa. He registered to run for mayor in the city election shortly after he registered to vote in the city. Lazer Photo by Catrina Vargo

By Catrina Vargo

Louisa, KY -- Drawing for candidate ballot placement for the upcoming November election was held Thursday, August 14, at 2:00 pm in the upstairs courtroom of the Lawrence County Courthouse.  

All candidates who filed for Mayor, City Council, and Board of Education had an opportunity to personally draw for ballot placement on the election polls in November.  

Numbers were drawn by Larry Henson for candidates who were not able to be there in person.


The ballot placement is as follows:

Mayor candidate James Ferrell ( second from left) reacts to receiving number (1) on the ballotLouisa Mayor:  


  1. James Ferrell 
  2. Harold Slone
  3. Teddy Preston
  4. Casey Jones
  5. Raymond Dixon 



City Council



  1. Lisa Schaeffer
  2. Ronald E. Cordle
  3. Mitch Castle
  4. Angela McGuire
  5. Bradley J. Stark
  6. Gloria Johnson
  7. Tom Parsons



Larry Henson draws numbers for those candidates who were not present as County Court Clerk Chris Jobe records placement, along with Clerk, Crystal OsborneBoard of Education

District One 


  1. Madelene Roberts
  2. John David Goble 
  3. Harold Dough Vaughn 


Roberta Blevins, a write in candidate in the District 4 magistarate's race. She is a qualified write-in candidate who is eligible to take office is she gets enough write in votes but her name will not appear on the ballot.

Same for John Nolan. a currently appointed Louisa City Council member who said he was not aware of the sign up period and missed signing up by August 12. He registered as a write-in the next day on the 13th.

No other write-in candidates have filed at this point. A write-in candidate can register for their name to be counted as votes right up to the election, a spokesperson for Chris jobe;s office said Friday.



2014 Septemberfest schedule of events;

Septemberfest master schedule

Published on Aug 15, 2014 This song (on Lazer Main videos) was written by Tom T, Dixie Hall, and Troy Engle. This was given to Kelsie to record by Tom T and Miss Dixie. acoustic version

Kelsie May will be a featured attraction at this year's festival



9:00 AM: Information Booth Opens - S Main Cross Street 10:00 AM Arts and Craft Booths Open - East Main Street

10:00 AM Free Friday for Kids until 3pm. - Mini Park - East Main 11:00 AM Gary Booth Balloon Sculptures - Mini Park -East Main 11:00 AM Food Vendors Open - S Main Cross Street

3:00 PM Carnival Rides and Games Open - East Perry Street 5:00 PM Opening Ceremony - Main Stage

5:15 PM Jodie Perkins - Main Stage

6:00 PM East Ky Ramblers - Main Stage

7:30 PM The Chase- Main Stage

9:30 PM Devonshires - 70’s & 80’s Rock - Main Stage 11:00 PM Festival Closes - ALL Areas


Josh Gracin, the headliner of this year's Septemberfest entertainment section, may not be available when the annual event takes place in the next two weeks according to Septemberfest member Harold Slone. Slone said Gracin's publicist told him he was looking for a replacement because Gracin has been suffering from depression and had to cancel his last show.


7:00 AM: 5/10 K Walk Run Registration - LC High School

7:00 AM: Masonic Lodge Pancake Breakfast - Vinson Ave - Lodge

8:00 AM: 5/10 K Walk Run Begins - LC High School

9:00 AM: Information Booth Opens - S Main Cross Street

9:00 AM: Food Vendors Open - S Main Cross Street

9:30 PM: Parade Lineup - Plaza & Bypass

10:00 AM: Heritage Display Opens Until 3pm. - Courthouse Lobby

11:00 AM: 26th Annual Septemberfest Parade - Madison Street

1:00 PM: Lawrence Co Saddle Club Trail Ride - LC Horse Park 1:00 PM: East Ky Blue Louisa - Mini Park

2:00 PM : Fire N Line Louisa-Mini Park
3:00 PM: Black Powder Express Louisa - Mini Park

3:45 PM: Miles of Jazz Band - Main Stage

4:45 PM: Mountain Station - Main Stage

6:00 PM: Kelsie May - Main Stage

7:30 PM: Opening Act - Shane Thomas - Main Stage

9:30 PM: Main Act- Bucky Covington - Main Stage

11:00 PM: Festival Closes - ALL Areas

The Louisa Bass Club's annual Septemberfest Bass Tournament will taje place sunday



7:00 AM: Open Bass Tournament - Yatesville Lake - Yatesville Marina

12:00 PM: Festival Area Opens - S Main Cross Street

12:00 PM: Food Vendors Open - S Main Cross Street

12:30 PM: Carnival Rides and Games Open - S Main Cross Street

1:00 PM: The Risen - Louisa Mini Park Stage

2:00 PM: Living Waters - Louisa Mini Park Stage

3:00 PM: Marlana Vanhoose -Louisa Mini Park Stage

4:00 PM: Salvation Rain- Louisa Mini Park Stage 7:30 PM:

Festival Closes - ALL Areas




August 12, 2014;

Lawrence Grand Jury indicts four; charges include drugs, burglary...


Indictments August 2014

Tara NicholsTara N Lycans, 30, Ft. Gay, WV, was indicted on charges of Possession of Controlled Substance/Complicity and Use/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Complicity.  

According to the indictment, on or about June 23, 2014, Tara N. Lycans acted alone or in complicity with Leanna N. Blackburn by knowingly and unlawfully being in possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance, Methamphetamine.  Defendant also acted alone or in complicity with  Leanna N. Blackburn by Use or Possession of an altered soda can, contact lens case, syringe, straw and aluminum foil containing chemical residue.

Lycans was also indicted on the charge of Bail Jumping.  According to the indictment, on or before July 29, 2014, Lycans failed to appear in court at a specified time in connection with a felony charge.

Rebecca WardRebecca Ward, 42, Louisa, KY, was indicted on the charges of 2nd Degree Burglary/Complicity, 3rd Burglary/Complicity, and Persistent Felony Offender.  

According to the indictment, on or about June 24, Rebecca Ward acted alone or in complicity with Michael Shawn Cordle by knowingly and unlawfully entering and remaining in a dwelling house owned by Mr. Shannon Thompson, with the intent to commit the crime of theft.  Ward also acted alone or in Complicity with Michael Shawn Cordle by knowingly and unlawfully entering and remaining in an outbuilding owned by Mr. Shannon Thompson with the intent  to commit the crime of theft.  Ward is considered a Persistent Felony Defender due to being previously convicted of felonies.

Leanna Nicole Blackburn, 24, Wayne WV, was indicted on the charge of Bail Jumping.  

According to the indictment, on or about July 8, 2014, Leanna Nicole Blackburn committed the offense of bail jumping by not appearing in court at a specified time in connection with a felony charge. Blackburn was also indicted on charges of Possession of Controlled Substance/Complicity and Use/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Complicity.

According to the indictment, Blackburn acted alone or in complicity with Tara Lycans by knowingly and unlawfully being in possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance, Methamphetamine. Defendant also acted in Alone or in Complicity with Tara Lycans by being in possession of an altered soda can, contact lens case, syringe, straw and aluminum foil containing chemical residue.

Michael S. CordleMichael Shawn Cordle, 39, Blaine, KY, was indicted on charges of 2nd Degree Burglary/Complicity and 3rd Degree Burglary/Complicity.  

According to the indictment, on or about June 2, Michael Shawn Cordle acted alone or in complicity with Rebecca Ward by knowingly and unlawfully entering and remaining in the home of Mr. Shannon Thompson with the intent to commit the crime of theft.  Cordle also acted alone or in conspiracy with Rebecca Ward by knowingly and unlawfully entering and remaining in an outbuilding owned by Mr. Shannon Thompson with the intent to commit the crime of theft.

August 12, 2014;

Slone, Goble are surprise late filers in Nov. 4 General elections; verrrrry interesting!

Rumors were rampant among Louisa polickers yesterday and last night that former Lawrence Co. DES director Harold Slone was thinking of making a late entry into the Louisa mayor's race with incumbent Teddy Preston drawing heavy competition this time around.  

Slone, who ran in the May Primary for County Judge-Executive garnering more than 590 county-wide Primary votes made the rumors true today and will face Preston along with newcomers James Ferrell and (we mistakenly listed  as an employee of a local company but have been informed he does not work there) Casey Jones. Council member Raymond Dixon, who has served one term on the city council before deciding to take on Preston, made his announcement yesterday.

But with that many candidates running, Preston has the only chance he could have had on Nov. 4.

Another surprise candidate is John "JD" Goble, a a former Lawrence Co. teacher who now works in Martin County, who has signed up to seek the Lawrence County District 1 school board position. He is the son of United Baptist Church minister John Goble. He will face veteran incumbent Maddlene Roberts and Harold Vaughn who is running for the second time for the position.

Following is a complete list of local candidates for November. You can check our previous story which includes district wide and state-wide sample ballots.   --M.Grayson

Here is what happened in Louisa today:


UPDATE:  Mayor's Race and City Council, BOE does, too...

By Catrina Vargo

 Louisa, KY -- The Lawrence County Circuit Court Clerk's Office saw a flurry of activity this afternoon, as last minute candidates came in to file for the Mayor and City Council races.

Harold Slone, who ran a great race in the Primary Election for County Judge Executive, has filed as the last candidate for Mayor.  Other candidates are current Mayor Teddy Preston, James Ferrell, current City Council Member, Raymond Dixon, and Casey Jones.

Current City Council Members filed to run again include Lisa Schaffer, Brad Stark, Gloria Johnson, and Tom Parsons.  John Nolan, current member, did not file to run again.  Three new candidates filed today; Ronald E. Cordle Jr., Angela McGuire, and Mitch Castle. 

The City Council race is city wide, covering all three precincts of Louisa.  The top six vote getters will be the winners out of seven candidates, leaving one person who will not be elected, according to County Clerk, Chris Jobe.

Two seats on the Lawrence County Board of Education were also up this year; District 1 and District 3. Incumbent, Maddlene Roberts, in District 1, filed last week to run again.  Two other candidates have filed to run against Roberts; Harold Doug Vaughn, and John (JD) Goble. District 1 covers the areas of  Richardson, Clifford, Cherryville, and Meades Branch.

District 1 incumbent, Garnett Skaggs, filed today to run again. She is unopposed, as no other candidates filed to run against her.  District 1 covers the areas of Blaine, Martha, and Brammer Gap.

County Clerk, Chris Jobe, said, "The drawing for ballot positions will be held Thursday, August 14 at 2:00 pm.

The Levisa Lazer will keep viewers updated on the upcoming elections.


Here's the local lineup:


2014 General Election Candidate’s and Addresses

...from Lawrence Co. Clerk Chris Jobe's office by Crystal Osborne



County Sheriff


Garrett Roberts  

147 Red Br Rd Louisa, KY 


County Coroner


Mike Wilson

1270 Hwy 2565 Louisa, KY 


Travis Hughes

95 Lara Ln Apt 4 Louisa, KY 


County Attorney


Everett Kenneth Preston

662 Two Mile Crk Louisa, KY 


Michael T. Hogan

1015 Violet Ln Louisa, KY 


County Judge


John A Osborne

584 Mill Br Rd Catlettsburg, KY 


Rick May

390 June Apple Rd Louisa, KY 


County Jailer


Jim Burchett

169 Big Cat Fork Rd Louisa, KY 


Roger Lee Jordan

14806 Hwy 32 Blaine, KY

Constable Dist 1


Paul Wells

1596 Hwy 1185 Louisa, KY


Larry D Bellomy

3981 Spankem Br Rd Louisa, KY 


Constable Dist 2


William Collins

75 Cedgap Rd Louisa, KY 


Jason W Stepp

60 Treasure Chest Dr Louisa, KY 


Constable Dist 3


Dennis Marcum

Po Box 195 Martha, KY


Daniel Castle

38 Tarkhill Rd Blaine, KY 


Constable Dist 4


Billy Lemaster

1203 Maynard Br Rd Louisa, KY 




Magistrate Dist 1


Morris Howard

302 Saddle Town Rd Webbville, KY 


Terry D Preece

973 Little Cat Fork Rd Louisa, KY 


Magistrate Dist 2


John J Lemaster

1792 Deer Lick Br Rd Louisa, KY


Mark A Hardin

PO Box 335 Louisa, KY 


Magistrate Dist 3


John “Tony” Lester

706 Prince Br Rd Martha, KY 


Earl Boggs Jr

170 Belflower Rd Blaine, KY 


Magistrate Dist 4


Denver R Chaffin Sr

421 S Lock Ave Louisa, KY


Rick Blackburn

217 River Rd Louisa, KY

County PVA


Chris Rose

59 Raccoon Br Rd Blaine, KY 


County Surveyor


Cliff A West

5081 S Hwy 3 Louisa, KY 


County Court Clerk


Chris Jobe

36 Moss Br rd Louisa, KY


Mayor of Louisa

(non partisan)


Teddy Preston

201 Pike St Louisa, KY 

James Ferrell

520 ½ N Lock Ave Louisa, KY 

Raymond Dixon

108 W Perry St Louisa, KY 

Casey Jones

107 Maple St Louisa, KY 

Harold E Slone

602 N Lock Ave Louisa, KY 



Louisa City Council

Tom Parsons

125 Public Way Louisa, KY 

Bradley J Stark

207 W Perry Louisa, KY 

Gloria Johnson

406 N Lackey Ave Louisa, KY 

Lisa Schaeffer

305 W Franklin St Louisa, KY 

Ronald E Cordle Jr

1321 Old Beech Rd Louisa, KY  

Angela McGuire

1025 Rose Ln Louisa, KY 

Mitch Castle

437 N Rice Ave Louisa, KY 


School Board District 1

(Also non partisan)

Harold D Vaughn

9044 Hwy 1690 Louisa, KY

Maddlene P Roberts

3801 McClure Br Rd Louisa, KY 

John Goble

12444 S Hwy 3 Louisa, KY 


School Board Dist 3

Garnett Skaggs

840 Hwy 1715 Martha, KY 

UPDATED: Saturday morning;

August 9, 2014

May kicks off Judge/Executive campaign with video;

MayLOUISA, Ky. -- Republican candidate Rick May kicked off his run for Lawrence County Judge/Executive yesterday with a short video introducing himself and his family to voters.

"I will get more deeply into the individual issues as the campaign goes on but I just wanted to introduce myself to them and get started with this one," May said just after the release. (Go to  to see video)

He said he looks for a spirited race with old friend incumbent Democrat John Osborne.

"I guess a lot of people were surprised but I had community service on my mind and one day I was out walking at my farm and I just made the decision then," he said. "I think there's a great future for our county and I think I can add to it."

Most people here do not need an introduction to May. He is an activist against drugs in the community and has been a pastor, farmer, deputy sheriff and country/gospel music performer for many years in the Lawrence County area.

Osborne has also been active in the community is campaigning for the job in which no candidate has ever succeeded himself in the position in Lawrence County history it is said.

Osborne says he likes his chances in race for judge/executive."I don't know why that is, but in this day and time we don't think people will pay too much attention to it," Osborne said earlier this week. "Rick's going to be a good candidate and run a good campaign, but we think ours looks even better," Osborne said."

Several other key races including Republican U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell vs. state official Allison Grimes, which has the TV's whirling during Wheel of Fortune already with the election set for Nov. 4.

The filing deadline for school board members and city council is four days away,  August 12.

Alsocoming up is the County Attorney's race between incumbent Republican Mike Hogan against Kenny Preston, who came within just a few votes of winning four years ago.

Other hotly contested races are county coroner with Democrat Mike Wilson vs. GOP candidate Travis Hughes, County Jailer will see Democrat Jim Burchette vs. Roger Lee Jordan for the job that popular jailer Phil Triplett has held the last 12 years. He is retiring.

A good run district wise (Lawrence, Martin, Johnson) should develop for the retiring Susan Johnson's seat for District Judge between Paul Pack and John Chafin, both from Johnson County, in the non-partisan race. Also in the District 96 State Representative race Republican incumbent  Jill York (R-Grayson) is facing Lawrence Countian Barry Webb, a Rocky Adkins backed Democrat for the position.

And in Lawrence County the rest is anybody's guess if there will develop some good runs for the magistrate seats, Mayor of Louisa, magistrate positions and city council. 

The Latest -  Harold D. Vaughn registered Wednesday to seek the Board of Education seat currently held by Madelyn Roberts. Ms. Roberts registered today in the non partisan race.


Lawrence Co.

Eligible voters 11,970 

Ballots Cast: 3,567

Voter Turnout: 29.80 %

The May Primary results reflect a lack of interest statewide more than anything else. Here's the potential Fall matchups for Lawrence County and state elections and numbers to match. Includes number of votes each candidate got in the Primary in Lawrence Co.


U.S. Senate

McConnell (R)  ...916

Alison Grimes (D) ...1,077


State Representative 96th Representative District

Jill York (R) (no opposition in Primary)

Barry Webb (D)...1,097


District Judge - non partisan  

John T. Chafin...1,636

Paul L. Pack...1,188


County Judge Executive

John Osborne (D) 970

Rick May (R) (No opposition in Primary)


County Clerk

Chris Jobe (R) 1,391

(no opposition in General Election)


County  Sheriff

Garrett Roberts (D) 1,560 

(No opposition in General Election)

County Jailer

Roger Lee Jordan (R) 824

Jim Burchett (D) 583

County Attorney

Mike Hogan (R) (no opposition in Primary)Everette "Kenny" Preston (D) (no opposition in Primary)

County Coroner 

Mike Wilson (D) no opposition in Primary

Travis Hughes (R) no opposition in Primary


Magistrate Dist. 1

Morris Howard (D) ...264

Terry Preece (R) unopposed in Primary)

Magistrate Dist. 2

John J. Lemaster (D) 317

Mark Hardin (R) 156

Magistrate Dist. 3

Earl Boggs (R) 191

John "Tony" Lester (D) 140

Magistrate Dist. 4

Rick Blackburn (R) 278

Denver Chafins, Sr. (D) 329

Roberta Blevins (write-in not on ballot))


Dist 1

Paul D Wells (D)

Larry D Bellomy (R ) 

Dist 2

Jason W Stepp(R )

William Collins (D) 

Dist 3

Daniel Castle (R )

Dennis Marcum (D) 

Mayor of Louisa and six council seats as well as two BOE seats will be added this fall. The deadline to sign up for those positions is August 12, so we may have a much more interesting general election than we did a Primary -- if anybody shows up.

November filings.(Deadline to sign up for city and BOE offices is August 12, 2014.)

Already registered: 9/9/2014


Mayor of Louisa

James Ferrell

Ted Preston

Raymond Dixon


School Board District 1 BOE member

Harold Vaughn

Madelyn Roberts