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Get ready, get set...

Election sign-ups for 2014 begin Oct. 6 in Ky.


With as many changes that have been made because of voter redistricting this year, it is a wonder that County Clerks in Kentucky have a working voter list in each precinct, (county district and state district) ready by tomorrow's scheduled first day to register as a candidate in 2014.

Lawrence County Clerk chris Jobe said Monday that his staff has all voters in the proper precincts and districts. He said several other clerks are having a hard time geeting finished by the date required.

"There's quite a few changes in magistrate districts," Jobe said.  "But we believe we have sent notifications to everyone who is involved in a change, so if they plan to register to run in 2014 they will know what district they are in," Jobe said.

He said he expects some May Primary candidates will sign up on the first day. "A lot of people want to be the first to sign up so we're ready for that."

The first 2014 election will include Primaries for nearly all federal and state offices including district level positions. Candidates will have until Jan. 28, 2013 at 4:PM at the county clerk's office.

In the fall, election candidates for two BOE seats, mayor of Louisa, and Louisa Council members, all non-partisan, will join the Democrat and Republican General Election candidates.

Magistrate races are usually among the most hotly contested in eastern Ky. counties and that's where several voters had to be placed in a different precinct because of the mandated redistricting after the 2010 U.S. Census.

Where's Rocky?

Statewide and legislative districts changes will be important to Lawrence county voters who will not have popular State Representative Rocky Adkins, D. Ashland on the ballot for the first time in 26 years. He is now in the old district near Ashland but to avoid a showdown with fellow Democrat Kevin Stinnette, must move to Morehead and run in that district 60 days before the Jan. 28 deadline to sign up.

Current Lawrence County Jill York, R. Grayson, is a Republican and has Lawrence County ties. The new district includes Lawrence and Carter Counties and should York win, Republicans would gain another seat in the state legislature. In the senate, Lawrence County has been given to incumbant Ray Jones, D-Pikeville with the redistricting since he is the only senator in Pike, Martin, Lawrence area. Long time state senator Walter Blevins gets the new district where he lives near Morehead.

Who will seek re-election locally?

Most county-wide officials are expected to run with the possible exception of three time County jailer Phil Triplett, who is rumored to be retiring. County attorney Mike Hogan has hinted that he will not run and may run for another office. 

Magistrates have not said anything about not running and for the fall, Louisa Mayor Teddy Preston will seek his third term he has said.

UPDATE: A lawsuit between a group of Blaine residents filed against the city saying they do not live in the city and should not be taxed, is set to be heard Wednesday morning by Judge John D. Preston, who will rule on the city limits of the nearly defunct city. After this year is complete in December any citizen can file suit to have the city abolished. No tax bills have been sent out for this year. The suit has been delayed for nearly a year.



Lawrence Citizen wants Blaine questions answered; claims 'conflict of interest'...

Lazer contributor Max Young's photo shows what the orignal city looked like. It once had several businesses a wonderful hotel and mansion and a nearby railroad station.Lazer contributor Max Young's photo shows what the orignal city looked like. It once had several businesses a wonderful hotel and mansion and a nearby railroad station.

BLAINE, Ky. -- A Blaine, ky. area resident has issued a public letter to County officials and state departments to decide on a controversial city limits lawsuit. Aleshea, who is one of five complaintants on a lawsuit set to come up again next month, that would decide the true boundaries of the city. The suit was filed two years ago.

But that isn't the real problem.

In reality there is no Blaine city government nor any services. There can be not a single resident that will accept a position on a now empty city commission and mayor Geneva Wheeler says she will resign at the end of this term.

That means there is no government. Ms. Cordle said yesterday that no city property tax bills have been sent out this year but she has been paying all the time and is not situated in the boundaries.

HoganHoganCounty Attorney Mike Hogan, says the situation is a dilemma. "The state says two different things about this and we believe we should go by the Census data which says there's almost 300 people in Blaine," Hogan said. But Mr's Cordle's group, represented by Louisa attorney Nelson Sparks, a native of Blaine, says the last actual listing of the population as 47.

Hogan said Monday that even though the county government has taken over all services in Blaine and actually spent money on Blaine that was earmarked to Blaine, said the county is not liable for anything in the case. Judge/Executive John Osborne also said they don't believe the county has any part in it.

"this is a matter that is snarled up in the courts and besides, it takes at least a year to dissolve a city," Hogan said. He did not say if the city charter is involved the city limits case would be moot.

Hogan represents parties in two lawsuits involving the city including Ms. Cordle's, she pointed out in her letter. And to complicate matters even further, the Kentucky State Police have an open arson case involving the city building which housed three firetrucks and city offices before it burned two weeks ago. A WOWK report said a large safe was found with the door open and important city papers involved. Now no more news. A KSP spokesman did not return messages for comment.

This letter is the opinion of Ms. Cordle and not necessarily of this publication. Mr. Hogan was sent a copy of the letter and asked for a response but declined comment.

For The Lazer

WOWK-TV, other media...

I saw your news report on the City of Blaine Ky. It was lacking a little bit of information. My husband and I along with several other citizens ( Butch/Diana Smith, Hurl Skaggs, Danny/Rhonda Ramey) are the ones who have the law suit against the city over boundaries. We have maps from the Secretary of States office showing that we are not within city limits. The current mayor turned some people in for not paying taxes. Us being one of them ( and I have receipts where I paid), while giving commissioners checks back and marking them paid. I also have the original check that she gave back to Commissioner Larry Ramey. Now I hope you caught that, she gave Larry Ramey his check back and marked him paid which I would think would be illegal.

She gave the park to the county, without any input from the community. She also SOLD the gas for $1.00 which she also was not allowed to do. The gas was sold to Frontier Gas out of Prestonsburg Ky.

If you will go to the 2010 US Census Report, you will see that Blaine Kentucky’s population is only 47 people. That is a far cry from 200. The current mayor, according to the secretary of states maps, is not even in the city herself. The night she held the meeting over selling the gas, she only had one commissioner present and did not inform the community of the meeting time and date.

Everything in my book is being done crooked and she is choosing who pays taxes and who doesn’t. In order for a town to be called a city shouldn’t it provide services? Our police dept. is not Blaine Police it is the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office and they provide service for the whole county. My water is provided through Paintsville (Johnson County) Utilities, my trash is picked up by Thompson Sanitation which is a company from Louisa, and there is no ambulance service.

Attorney Mike Hogan is representing her (Mayor Wheeler) in BOTH lawsuits, not just one. Nelson Sparks is my attorney who is representing us all in this case. Now I am not one that likes to cause turmoil however, I do not think it is morally right to collect taxes from some and not the others. I am provided no services. Even when the City owned the gas company we were not provided gas. We even asked her at a meeting one night if she would provide us gas and she stated the city didn’t have money to run us gas. Why should I have to pay a tax when there is others who did receive services and don’t pay theirs?

Oh and one last thing, the last time my road got blacktop the county did it, not the City. What happen to fair and equal rights?
Thank you

Aleasha Cordle


Monday, October 28, 2013  

General Conway Announces Sentencing of Lawrence County Man On Child Porn Charges;

MeadeMeadeAttorney General Jack Conway today announced the sentencing of a Lawrence County man for possession and distribution of child pornography.


The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department arrested 52-year-old Thomas Meade, of Blaine, Ky., last year following his indictment by a Lawrence County grand jury on Dec. 14, 2012. Meade was charged with one count of distribution of child pornography and four counts of possession of child pornography. Meade pleaded guilty to the charges on July 12, 2013 and was sentenced on Oct. 25.

Meade was sentenced to five years in prison; however, his sentence was probated for five years. Meade must register as a sex offender for 20 years and successfully complete a sex offender treatment program.

General Conway's Office of Special Prosecutions handled this case at the request of, and in cooperation with, the Lawrence County Commonwealth's Attorney.

"I appreciate the hard work of my Cybercrimes Unit, Office of Special Prosecutions and all of the agencies involved in this case," General Conway said. "Working together, we are helping make the Internet a safer place for Kentucky kids."

Since its creation in June of 2008, General Conway's Cybercrimes Unit has launched approximately 300 child pornography investigations and seized more than 400,000 child pornographic images and videos from the Internet. The unit is also a member of the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.

Daniel Kemp
Deputy Communications Director
502-696-5659 (office

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