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LOUISA, Ky. -- Several years ago I opened a copy of the old Paintsville Herald and saw a top headline that almost made me fall over. Editor Scott Perry (may he rest in peace) had come up with a huge story that shocked the readership - but it was really an April Fools joke.

In the years since I have done the same thing at various times with the newspaper I owned in Martin County and I believe with the Lazer, too. To me it is fun.

So today I decided to get everybody's goat with an April Fools joke story that said Spring Break had been cancelled for next week in Lawrence County and within ten minutes after posting it I got a call from a BOE Central office employee asking me to take the story down. The guy said the scantily clad Spring Breaker I used for a graphic was not appropriate and the article cast Supt. Fletcher in a bad light and made him look bad (which was never my intention of course).

So I took the picture off and put a nice Spring like one in its place... and figured our viewers would get a kick out of the joke.

Nope. Ten minutes later the BOE guy called back and asked if I would take the April Fools story completely off. He said it was causing a lot of trouble for all the schools as people called to see what was going on about Spring Break.


I didn't realize that so many viewers would not read past the headline to the story which plainly said April Fools at the end. I also didn't realize that many people would see it that quickly -- like 500 in 10 minutes. But since I shared it on our Lazer FB page, I guess a lot of people saw it there and didn't click on the story, they just saw the headline.

I sure am sorry if I caused anyone any real trouble with this innocent April Fools joke which was intended to get laughs - not scowls - so I promise to not do it any more.

April Fools!


Here is what the original story looked like:


Fletcher says students, teachers need to be in class


LOUISA, Ky. -- Lawrence Schools chief Dr. Rob Fletcher announced today that he has decided to cancel next week's planned Spring Break. He said teachers and students have already missed too much school and the extra classroom time is needed to boost test scores.

The Spring break trips to Myrtle Beach for the baseball and softball teams have also been cancelled. Busses will run at normal times each day.

"This is not a time to be having fun, we need to buckle down and PAY ATTENTION to the important things in life," Fletcher said.

He said he and his family will, however, be gone to the Bahamas next week in case he needs to be reached. All cenral office employees will also be on vacation.

April Fools! Have a nice Spring Break 2016...




In Louisville, Secretary Grimes Highlights Early Success of

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (March 31, 2016) – Secretary of State Alison Lundergan today said the Commonwealth’s new online voter registration portal,, is already a major success after launching two weeks ago. More than 12,000 Kentuckians have used the portal to register to vote or update their registration, she told a crowd at a University of Louisville town hall.

Grimes is promoting as part of a statewide tour encouraging Kentuckians to register to vote using the portal and to participate in the upcoming Primary Election.

“Kentuckians are realizing just how easy it is to use to register to vote and to update their registration,” said Grimes. “Already we’ve seen more than 500 18-year-olds register for the first time – including many here at UofL – and even a 98-year-old has used the system to update her registration.”

Rep. John Yarmuth, who represents Louisville in Congress, said he hopes Kentuckians will use the online portal and exercise their right to vote on Election Day.

“Giving Kentuckians the ability to register to vote and update their registration online makes it easier for them to be a part of the electoral process and have a say in what they want their government to be,” said Yarmuth. “We need to do all we can to make it easier for voters to exercise their rights and protect the democracy we're so lucky to have. I'm glad to join Secretary Grimes in promoting to make sure everyone's voice can be heard.”

Several students used the portal at the town hall to register to vote. Attendees discussed the portal’s ease of use, accessibility, and other election issues. Grimes said will improve the accuracy of voter rolls and will lead to major cost savings for the Commonwealth. 

“The University of Louisville Student Government and our student organizations work to increase civic participation and student engagement, so online voter registration will be a valuable tool for us,” said Aaron Vance, University of Louisville student body president-elect. “Having organized voter registration drives and initiatives, I know firsthand how tedious and laborious the paper process can be. helps to alleviate and streamline the process.”

Grimes has worked to make the process convenient in order to get more citizens registered to vote. Surprisingly, close to one-third of eligible Kentuckians are not registered to vote, Grimes said. The statistics are even more dire amongst youth and minorities.

In the 2015 General Election, 34.5 percent of the 559,399 total registered voters in Jefferson County voted on Election Day.

“While Jefferson County turned out at a rate higher than most of Kentucky, 70 percent of Kentuckians did not show up and participate,” said Grimes. “What we want – and what Kentucky needs – is for more citizens to take the first step to get registered at, and then actually vote on Election Day.”

Grimes’ tour began at Northern Kentucky University and includes stops at each of Kentucky’s public universities ahead of the April 18 deadline to register to vote for the May 17 Primary Election. More information about tour is available at



March 27, 2016


State Rep. Jim Wayne

State Rep. Joni Jenkins

State Rep. George Brown

State Rep. Mary Lou Marzian

State Rep. Darryl Owens

State Rep. David Watkins

State Rep. Tom Burch


The superbly accurate reporting of the Louisville Courier Journal's Deborah Yetter, which outlines in detail the outrageous lies and subterfuge perpetrated upon Kentuckians by Gov. Matt Bevin regarding kynect, Benefind and expanded Medicaid, has pushed our outrage to the limit.

Gone are our assumptions that the Bevin Administration is just incompetent and ignorant of Kentucky's complicated healthcare systems.

Instead we are now unequivocally convinced that Gov. Bevin's goal is to deprive hundreds of thousands of families, children and seniors of the excellent healthcare kynect and expanded Medicaid is providing.

Despite incontrovertible evidence that Kentucky's expanded Medicaid and kynect programs have created historic increases in Kentuckians' access to healthcare and produced unprecedented economic development in the healthcare industry, Gov. Bevin refuses to believe the proof of these programs' successes.

He turns a blind eye to the evidence and continues to repeat his dark promise to get rid of these programs.

Look at the evolution of chicanery, deception and fabrication the Bevin Administration has employed to date.

• Matt Bevin sailed into the governor's office with the promise to get rid of "Obamacare", the Republicans' deliberately misleading moniker for Kentucky's home grown, nationally recognized and highly successful healthcare programs.

• Gov. Bevin, in his first weeks in office, cancelled the contract for all advertising for kynect and eliminated the vitally important kynectors. This dramatically complicated and reduced access for hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians.

• Next, we Democrats on the House Budget Review Subcommittee on Human Resources fumed as Cabinet Sec. Vicky Glisson spent weeks dodging our requests for information and fiscal evidence these programs weren't sustainable as was being constantly brayed by Gov. Bevin.

• When we reached the point where we considered using subpoena power to extract the requested information, Sec. Glisson provided a PowerPoint which used questionable accounting methods to justify Gov. Bevin's promise to dismantle kynect.

• To make matters worse, the new administration has even managed to bungle the roll out of another program, Benefind, which was engineered by former Gov Beshear solely for the purpose of complementing kynect to help consumers find supplemental assistance such as food stamps.

• Inexplicably, the Bevin administration has attempted to convert many people off of kynect and onto Benefind for healthcare purposes.

• Since the rollout of Benefind two weeks ago, massive, potentially catastrophic results have occurred.

• Thousands of Kentuckians have received letters requesting information already provided, been denied services by their doctors because their policies are unknowingly cancelled, and refused life saving medications at pharmacies because their medical cards are invalid.

Why? Because the Bevin administration has gerrymandered the Benefind program to be something it is not, the online portal and rules engine for Medicaid in Kentucky.

Gov. Bevin, obviously realizing the disastrous consequences of his administration's deceit as his very voters are being terminated from their policies, has now ramped up his mendacity and harmful intent to mislead.

He has laid the blame of the dreadful Benefind rollout on Gov. Beshear and his IT team stating in a video message this week to his own employees (experiencing colossal call volume and frustration with the new program) that "we were told this was ready to go, it's a program that's been developed for years."

This message flies in the face of Republican Minority Leader Jeff Hoover's comments on the House floor last week as we passed House Bills 5 and 6 to preserve kynect and expanded Medicaid.

Republican Hoover said "The shift to will not cause a single person or policy to be cancelled or a single person to lose coverage."

The ultimate, outrageous irony of Gov. Bevin's and the Republicans scheme is that they want to take a state program and convert it to a federal government program. This is in direct conflict of their own party's often touted doctrine of Americans needing smaller government and less federal intrusion.

We now stand at a terrifying crossroads in Kentucky history.

Are we going to allow this governor to rip away a healthcare system that has provided coverage for 1.4 million people, created 14,500 healthcare jobs, decreased emergency room visits, made hospitals profitable, poured billions into local economies and fostered a healthier population?

Or will Kentuckians mobilize in solidarity against Gov. Bevin's deplorable mission to destroy kynect and expanded Medicaid, a mission that is already causing much pain, anguish and suffering for so many?

In the days remaining in the General Assembly, the Senate can still act on House Bills 5 and 6 passed overwhelmingly by the Democratically controlled House, to preserve the successful kynect program that is saving human lives and investing in our state's economy.

We implore Kentuckians to immediately contact Gov. Bevin and their state senators to let them know how important the continued healthcare of our citizens is and demand they pass House Bills 5 and 6.

Shortly after 7 P.M. Saturday evening March 26, Lawrence County E-911 received a call of an ATV accident on Irish Creek Road between the Webbville and Blaine area. The caller reported that a single person, a male individual who was the driver of the ATV, had went over a steep hillside ravine and had suffered "significant" injuries and was mostly unresponsive.

Multiple fire and rescues agencies quickly responded to the accident scene, where emergency crews and personnel discovered the injured party was located around 150 feet down a steep hillside ravine.

Rappelling equipment was brought in to help retrieve in the rescue of the injured man, whose identity has not yet been revealed by emergency officials.

The rescue took well over an hour to bring the injured man from the precarious hillside terrain to a waiting ambulance that brought the patient to a landing zone to transport him via an air medical ambulance helicopter from Healthnet 7 / Kentucky 9, out Debord, Kentucky; in Martin County; to a hospital trauma center in Huntington, West Virginia. The man's condition remains unknown at this time.

The following fire and rescue departments that responded to help get the the injured ATV rider off the hill and to a landing zone so he could be flown to a trauma center were: Netcare Ambulance Lawrence County, Lawrence County Emergency Management, Fallsburg Fire Department, City of Louisa Fire Department, Lawrence County Search and Rescue, Webbville Volunteer Fire Department and Healthnet 7 / Kentucky 9 air medical transport.

The ATV accident marked the second vehicle accident of the day in the local area.

Shortly before 5 P.M., the City of Louisa Fire Department and Netcare Ambulance Lawrence County responded to a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of KY 2565 and U.S. 23.

Two unidentified individuals who were involved in the car accident were transported by ambulances to Three Rivers Medical Center with what was described as "minor to moderate" injuries.

The Levisa Lazer will provide further updates on both accidents (especially the ATV wreck) if any additional information can be gathered.

Brian Wilkerson

Communications Director

Office of the Kentucky House Speaker


502.564.0858 (Fax)

859.619.2507 (Cell)

Be Happy...

By Glenn Mollette

Life is lived once. Be happy. What should you be doing today? What do you want to be doing today? Where should you be today? Where do you want to be today?

An old friend who recently died said, "Do what you enjoy."

Life is not only about our gratification. We have family members and work associates who are impacted by our decisions. To totally go off the wall and make decisions that are only about us is careless. To never make decisions that are about us is stupid.

Another dying friend recently told his Facebook followers to pursue life and go for whatever dreams or goals they had in life. While he had pursued many of his I also got the message that he had unfinished business or dreams that he had cast aside and never pursued.

Don't live your life with regrets. Get in the game and enjoy whatever time you have to play the game. Or, get on the road and enjoy the scenery along the way. Life for many people is watching life go by. We watch others live on television. We watch others at sporting events. We sit on the sofa and vegetate, get depressed, eat too much, get fat and then need drugs to get us through the day.

Life is for living. We weren't created to watch life go by. Life was never intended to be a non-active existence.

Today get up and do something and do it a lot. As long as it's legal, moral and healthy what do you have to lose? Don't spend a lot of time asking others what you should be doing. They really don't know your heart. Ask yourself, talk to God about it and then move forward with living and be happy.

Glenn Mollette is an American Syndicated Columnist and Author. He is the author of eleven books and read in all fifty states. Enjoy Books By Glenn Mollette at

This column does not necessarily reflect the view of any organization, institution or this paper or media source.

America Needs The Message of Easter

By Glenn Mollette

The story of Easter is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Biblical story is about his crucifixion, burial and resurrection from the grave. His victory over the grave brought exhilaration to his disciples and other Christians who were beaten down by fear and exhaustion. After seeing Jesus again their strength and lives were renewed to go forward and live their lives proclaiming Jesus as the way to Knowing God and experiencing peace.

Ever since the first Easter many more have found new life and renewed strength in the message of the risen Christ.

The noise level of our country is often shattering. We are engulfed by the noise of politicians, cable news, negativism, human failure and comparing ourselves to others. All people experience disappointments and pain. All of these and much more are a part of this life. You can't escape it and the more you live the more you will experience.

As humans we have grown gifted in adding to each other's hurts. We hurt with our speech, indifference and sometimes with outright condemnation. Jesus was the recipient of cruelty from the hands of the supposedly good people of his day. They were the religious crowd. They hated Jesus and pushed for his death. Some of the best people I've met in life go to church. Some of the meanest people I've met go to church. Billy Graham said years ago that the Devil doesn't fight churches but that he joins them. You can find Jesus in most churches and you can usually find the devil.

Wherever you find people you will find good people acting like people. People act like people at church, political gatherings and places of employment. Jesus was different. He acted like a man, but he was different. There was something incredibly
renewing, saving, life giving and joyful about being around Jesus. The disciples loved him and loved being around him.

How many people do you love being around? By the way are you fun to live with? Does your spouse or children enjoy being around you? We want to spend time with some people. Some people just drain us. They look like a commercial for an iodine bottle. They are miserable and make everybody else miserable. I don't want to be that kind of person. I don't want to be around people like this either.

Jesus came to live. He died. He was treated the way ISIS would treat someone, except these were supposedly the good religious people of his day. There was nothing good about them. His story is one of overcoming the grave. He brought joy to people like Thomas who touched his hands and exclaimed my Lord and my God. Jesus was already in the practice of giving joy and new life. He gave it to a woman caught in adultery and was about to be stoned. He gave joy and new life to a leper who no one else would touch. He gave joy to the beaten down, the ostracized and those frazzled out by life.

This year why not take some time and focus on Easter? Jesus once told his disciples, "The Thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full," John 10:10. We need Easter in America. We have become a discouraged nation. We need some new life and joy. This was the message and life of Jesus.

Glenn Mollette is an American Syndicated Columnist and Author. He is the author of eleven books and read in all fifty states.

This column does not necessarily reflect the view of any organization, institution or this paper or media source.

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