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News doesn't change much,  so what's new? 


By Glenn Mollette 

Every day we turn on the television and hear about all the wars in the Middle East. Life is bad in the Middle East. Take your pick of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and currently Israel and the Gaza strip. We aren't hearing good news from any of those places.  So what's new? 

The cold murder of Major General Harold Greene and other soldiers this week is a reminder that we can't even trust the people we are trying to help. These people have been killing each other for thousands of years.  Why after all these years can these people not learn to live at peace and help each other? They hate each other as much or more than ever before. They are barbaric as ever with bigger weapons. News hasn't changed much. So what's new?

Ebola is big news because the disease is so deadly. In Atlanta Nancy Writebol and Dr. Kent Brantly are now fighting for their own lives. These two good people have been helping the sick in Liberia and contracted the disease. Every day people in Africa are plagued with HIV, sickness and death from drinking dirty water, plus much more. Americans battle rampant cancer, diabetes, heart disease, neurological diseases, blindness and more. The news doesn't seem to change. Here we are in 2014 with all of modern medicine and every day we are fighting the ugly war of a multitude of health problems in America.  The news is the same. So what's new? 

The weather is news. The Hawaiian Islands this week are facing two hurricanes of major size. The largest stormsin a long time are bearing down on the tiny islands.  Soon, the gulf coast and Florida can expect sizable storms and hurricanes as the season is now here.  A major argument against fossil fuel use is climate change. I don't think we can blame every storm and hot day on using coal and oil. However, the world is changing and within the next 20 years we will see a large reduction in fossil fuel use, as we turn more to natural gas, wind and solar energy. I predict we will continue to see hurricanes, tornadoes and hot weather. However, treating our planet kindly with cleaner energy should be something that a modern civilization would want to do. Unfortunately, many don't care as too many can only think about today, me, my and I.  So, what's new? 

We all saw something wonderful this week at Stirling, near Perth Australia. Hundreds of people used their combined strength to push a subway car off a man's leg. A handful of people could never have accomplished the task. A huge number of people spontaneously joined efforts and saved a man's life. They accomplished a miracle. This was great news. I'm glad our elected American Congress and Senators weren't there. They could never have combined their efforts to save that man.  So what's new?  


Glenn Mollette is an American columnist and author.    Click here to watch Glenn Mollette's special TV broadcast on American Energy on American Issues.  Contact him at

Lawrence County Board of Education

Regular meeting

August 18, 2014 6:00 p.m.

Lawrence County High School

Louisa, Kentucky




Mission: Every Child College and Career Ready; A Community Involved and Informed



3.A. Kentucky Governor’s Scholars: Student Experiences

3.B. Class of 2015: Representing Bulldog Nation

3.C. Lawrence County Staff & Community Partners – Congratulations on a Great Start-up: “ALL IN”


4.A. Superintendent's Update

4.A.1. College Partners: Extended Campus Opportunities

4.A.2. District of Innovation: August 20

4.A.3. Kentucky Continuous Improvement Summit: September 22-23

4.A.4. Response to Intervention Focus

4.A.5. Mobile Dental Hygiene Grant Awarded to LC Health Department

4.A.6. Energy Costs by Type 2013 and 2014 – Terry Salyer, Energy Manager

4.B. Ad Hoc/Planning for Progress Committee Update

4.C. Public Comment


5.A. Approve Minutes of the July 21, 2014 Regular Board Meeting

5.B.  Monthly Finance Report

5.C. Approve Claims and Orders of the Treasurer


5.D. Approve all Consent Agenda items, as presented:

5.D.1. Per diem and expenses for members present

5.D.2. Contracts:

5.D.2.a. Superior Office for Central Office copier maintenance: IR2200 #MPG22142 $575; IR5000 #MPL23317 $750

5.D.2.b. Louisa East Elementary with Jemika Bottled Spring Water, LLC

5.D.2.c. School Dude Renewal: $2,274.71`

5.D.2.d. John Nolan Photography services

5.D.3. Requests:

5.D.3.a. Fundraisers:

5.D.3.a.1. Lawrence County High School

5.D.3.a.2. Louisa Middle School

5.D.3.a.3. Fallsburg Elementary School

5.D.3.a.4. Blaine Elementary School

5.D.3.a.5. Louisa East Elementary School

5.D.3.a.6. Louisa West Elementary School

5.D.3.b. Trips:

5.D.3.b.1. LCHS Lady Bulldog Basketball to Gatlinburg, TN for Christmas Tournament; December 17-20, 2014; Melinda Feltner

5.D.3.b.2. Lawrence County Agriculture Department to Kentucky State Fair & Expo Center, Louisville, KY, on August 21, 2014; Melissa Branham

5.D.3.c. Use of Facilities:

5.D.3.c.1. Louisa West Elementary parking area, restrooms and cafeteria seating area for Lawrence County Septemberfest 25th Annual Auto Show; September 6, 2014; Ted Kelley (Septemberfest insurance)

5.D.3.c.2. Louisa West Elementary classroom for Girl Scouts/Daisy Troop; September 1 through June 30, 2015; Brenda Copley (pending proof of insurance)

5.D.4. For Review:

5.D.4.a. School Activity Fund Reports (eMeeting)

5.D.4.b. SBDM/Advisory Council Minutes (FES )

5.D.4.c. Reading Recovery Grant Awarded to Fallsburg Elementary

5.E. Approve Second Reading of updates to allow electronic signatures in lieu of sick card affidavits: Policy 03.1231 Personal Leave-Certified Personnel; Policy 03.2231 Personal Leave-Classified Personnel; Policy 03.1232 Sick Leave-Certified Personnel; Policy 03.2232 Sick Leave-Classified Personnel; Policy 03.1236 Emergency Leave-Certified Personnel; Policy 03.2236 Emergency Leave-Classified Personnel; Policy 03.129 Bereavement Leave-Certified Personnel; Policy 03.229 Bereavement Leave-Classified Personnel

5.F. Approve permission to bid security for all six schools

5.G. KSBIT: Kentucky School Boards Insurance Trust

5.G.A. Approve KSBIT Assessment payment option

5.G.B. Approve KISTA Participation Resolution 2014

5.H. Approve Unaudited Lawrence County Board of Education Annual Financial Report (AFR) Fiscal Year 2013-2014: Edris Humphrey, Director of Federal Programs & Finance/Treasurer

5.I. Approve 2014-2015 Tax Rates

5.J. Approve 2014-2015 Sheriff Collection Rate

5.K. Approve 2014-2015 District Indirect Cost Rate

5.L. Approve Originating Depository Financial Institution/Originator Agreement with Inez Deposit Bank

5.M. District Improvement Planning Committee

5.M.A. Approve 2014-2015 Board of Education representative to the District Improvement Planning Committee

5.M.B. Approve appointment of 2014-2015 District Improvement Planning Committee

5.N. Approve Non-Traditional Instruction Application (“snow-bound pilot”)

5.O. Review of Lawrence County Board of Education Strategic Plan draft

5.P. Review of Lawrence County Board of Education District Accountability Dashboard: Superintendent Fletcher

5.Q. Approve Lawrence County Schools District Professional Learning Schedule 2014-2015: Cassandra Webb, Chief Academic Officer & Professional Development Coordinator

5.R. Dual Credit Opportunities

5.R.A. Approve 2014-2015 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Dual Credit Program between Morehead State University and Lawrence County Board of Education

5.R.B. Approve 2014-2015 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Local Addendum for Dual Credit between Ashland Community and Technical College, Lawrence County High School and Lawrence County Board of Education

5.S. Approve 2014-2015 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Commonwealth of Kentucky for Locally Operated Career & Technical Ed Center/Department: $124,630.00

5.T. Approve 2014-2015 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Commonwealth of Kentucky for Lawrence County Adult Education: $112,495.00

5.U. 2014-2015 Transition Program Cooperative Agreement with Northeast Head Start

5.V. Approve 2014-2015 Nonresident Pupil Contracts

5.W. New Business/Other Action

5.X. Lawrence County School District Finance Corporation

5.X.A. Approve to recess the Regular Board Meeting to convene the Lawrence County School District Finance Corporation

5.X.B. Approve to re-convene the Regular Board Meeting

5.Y. Approve to enter Executive Session for the purpose of discussion of student discipline pursuant KRS 61.810(1)(f)

5.Z. Approve return to Open Session


6.A. Approve maternity leave

6.B. Approve abolishment, creation and/or change(s) regarding position(s) for 2014-2015

6.C. Superintendent's Personnel Action/Update


July 31, 2014;

America's Backyard War 

By Glenn Mollette 

I'm going to pass on trips to Israel for a few weeks. Walking around the Gaza strip looking for some good Arabic food would be crazy right now. 

Thousands of Americans each year travel to see the sights of Old Jerusalem and walk in the places where Jesus once walked from the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth and any place that a tour bus can travel. I have only been to Israel once and loved every minute of the trip. The places I saw where beautiful and inspirational. 

The Temple Mount is a place in Jerusalem that is thought to be one of and probably the holiest shrine in the city. The golden dome temple stands out from all the other buildings when looking at it from the Mount of Olives, which is thought to be the place where Jesus ascended into heaven. At the time of our visit the Temple Mount was under the control of the Palestinians. We were allowed access to visit but I didn't enjoy the visit for a second. The guards did not at all look welcoming and all carried machine guns. I was glad when we stepped off that property. 

The land of Israel is so small, about the size of New Jersey. Gaza is only 139 square miles and crowded with over 1.7 million people making it the seventh most densely populated area in the world.

The area is too small for such hatred and violence. With all that is going on in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Israel, how long will it take for the entire Middle East to blow up? Who will be the first to go crazy and set off a nuclear weapon? That will be crazy and the chain reaction will be earth altering.  

While all the war seems to be so far away, television once again brings everything very close and up front. Yet, we can still go to the ice cream shop or order pizza while flipping through the television channels or posting pictures on Facebook. 

Never mind that we are in a war right here in our country. You could take a little trip southwest and see the thousands of people storming the borders of our country. Southern California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas are in serious trouble as thousands of people from Mexico and Central America are coming here every day. How long will it be before it's the Taliban with four or five thousand thugs targeting a border city and fighting to take over that city? Currently, I don't think they would get very far. Or, how far would they get and how many people could they kill? 

America's southern borders seem far away for most Americans. Everything seems to be someone else's problem being played out on television. We turn off the television and breeze out the door to whatever we want. However, our southern border is essentially our backyard.

If America does not secure our borders fast the America we grew up in will not be recognizable in ten years or much less. 

We need to spend the trillion dollars or whatever it takes to better secure the Southwest part of the United States. Along the way we need our military patrolling the wall. 

I would rather build bridges than walls. But in this age there is an evil mindset that is determined to eliminate America's freedom. We have to build walls, seriously protect them and keep our freedom. 

Glenn Mollette is an American columnist and author. Contact him at

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