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In a span of just a couple of hours Monday morning November 14, the Louisa Fire Department was called out on three emergency calls. And in each of the three emergencies causing them to be nearly swamped by the nearly overlapped calls, the LFD had to call in assistance from another fire department agency to help out.

Just before 6:30 A.M., Lawrence County E-911 received a call of residential house structure fire in the Cedar Gap area in the Lomansville area of Lawrence County.  E-911 contacted the Louisa Fire Department and they were dispatched to the scene, Once they arrived, Louisa fire officials requested a mutual aid assistance call for the Lomansville Fire Department to the scene.

The fire was put out shortly thereafter, with the home reportedly a total loss. All of the residents of the house escaped unharmed, but reportedly the family lost three pets in the fire.

Then shortly after 8:00 A.M., Lawrence County E-911 received a call of a motor vehicle accident with injuries in the middle of the Louisa-Fort Gay Bridge. The Louisa Fire Department and Netcare Ambulance Lawrence County were dispatched to respond to the bridge wreck scene. On immediate arrival, Louisa fire officers requested a mutual-aid assistance call for the Fort Gay Fire Department to help with crisis and to eventually clear the wreck scene, which took well over a hour to do.

Just minutes after Louisa-Fort Gay bridge accident call, another emergency call came into Lawrence County E-911, this time involving a report of a explosion and fire of a electric power transformer and pole fire on Town Hill Road overlooking Louisa. The already seriously strained Louisa Fire Department responded to that scene, where as like the the other two calls, with the this third emergency, Louisa request another mutual-aid assistance call, this time they asked for the Big Sandy Fire Department (which is based between the High School and the school bus garage lot).

This is as much we can gather for now on all three of these events, as though, a few select Lawrence County officials will make these numerous 'flash' announcements of vehicle accidents, fires, and other emergencies, local emergency and police officials 95 out of 100 times will not give an informative status report, or updates; with once in a few times, just bare bone facts to the Levisa Lazer or any other local media outlets.

Our local emergency officials, by announcing on social media, wrecks and fires in particular areas of our county, startled and rattles people who might have family, friends, and love ones in that same area, and they inquire only for some decent information about what has taken place, only to get no further updates and silence, with sometimes outright refusals for request of any information, going as far as to make a warning and and delete a message if a civilian has placed some stated information.

In the last 2 months there have been in the dozens of numbers of motor vehicle accidents, many of which have resulted, various fires, and other emergencies, but we can not report to the reading public any information because our local emergency agencies and police agencies most of the times will not flat refuse to give any reports, even though it is a matter of public record. Not only does this go on in the Lawrence County area, but this operational behavior attitude also generally takes place on the other side of the river regarding emergencies in the Fort Gay region of Wayne County, West Virginia by their emergency officials.

And it is not only the Levisa Lazer and the local news this done to. I have personally spoken to more than one news manager or reporter at WSAZ who have remarked that Lawrence County emergency, fire, and law enforcement officials are usually the least cooperative of any county emergency agencies in the Tri-State area when they have tried to inquire about information on serious fires or vehicle accidents, and even occasionally declining to speak about a decent drug bust.

Basically, major TV and major newspapers in our region claim they will only get contacted or any that various Lawrence County emergency officials will respond to their info requests only when there is deceased involve in any event. Which is that case, becomes a much more high-profile public attention spectacle for our officials to be seen publicly for their worth. 

It is claimed that our local emergency officials will not give out information to privacy rules and laws, especially involving HIPPA. But we are not asking for individuals complete medical visitation or their hospital room number.

If their is a vehicle crash or any kind of accident, we only asking for names if their injuries, the make of the vehicle, and possible cause of the accident, If someone is being flown out, we do not need any more more than that, because if you are being taken by an air medical ambulance, we know you are in rough shape, as is.

If there is fire involving a residence, we only need names of the occupants, if there were any injuries, and possible cause of the fire. Whose agencies responded and what was done to contain the blaze.

In the end, I personally think it is basically not courteous, and a lameness bordering on the edge of unprofessional, when paid government officials use interactive communications to alert the local general public of specific emergency situation where there lives involved; and when those same officials are pressed for by anyone in the populace as any helpful or need specifics on the status of a said emergency, those same officials instead will give no more responses, or worse, telling all whom may be concerned: "Sorry. We will not say. So tough luck folks"

And so we are all left to wonder. With deep uneasy concern on the status for our fellow humankind who could be endangered in our immediate local homeland.





Will you run this for me on behalf of the Webbville Volunteer Fire Department?

Sign-ups for the Christmas for Children program sponsored by the Webbville Volunteer Fire Department will be held on Monday November 14th, 21st and 28th from 7-9 pm at the Webbville Volunteer Fire Department.

A valid E-911 address is necessary to sign-up NO P.O. BOXES will be accepted. This program is limited to children in Webbville Volunteer Fire Department’'s district and intended to ensure that the children in our district will have a Merry Christmas.

The Christmas Party and gift presentation will take place on Saturday December 10th at 5pm at the Fire Station.

The Fire Department will be having a Bucket Brigade at the Willard Branch Bank on Saturday November 5th and again on November 12th to raise funding for this project.

Anyone with questions regarding this project or who would like to contribute can Contact Barry Webb at 606-652-8361, Fire Chief Michael Griffith or any member of Fire Department’'s Board of Directors.

Thank You,

Barry Webb




In what perhaps has become the moment stunning political moment in our country's history, and maybe even our planet as a whole for that matter, Donald J. Trump, a wealthy real estate developer businessman/part-time actor turned reality TV star, who never has served in the military or held political office, has been elected our next Republican President of the United States. Trump, 70,  having defeating his favored opponent according to the vast majority of polls, Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady turned U.S, Senator turned 2008 presidential candidate turned 4 year Secretary of State for Obama, before winning the Democrat nomination this year.

Or to put it in more simple terms, America had two choices: CRAZY or CROOKED. And America decided for CRAZY. And it was because Hillary was more crooked than a pair of midgets trying to ride an angry mountain goat with cataracts that was tricked into drinking hard mash liquor just before his unexpected rodeo ride by a couple of Snow White's party buddies.

And speaking of potent alcohol drinks, I would write more about Trump's unbelievable win, but I am having increasing trouble in doing so, for in celebration of this gigantic victory moment, ( I voted for Trump, even though I am a registered Democrat, because, hey, crazy goes for crazy); for the first time in 20 years, your's truly is 'hammering' the night away, as I am getting doused in a good feeling on the consumption of both (legally bought) blackberry AND blueberry moonshine.

So, instead i will leave you the official vote tally for Lawrence County and our surrounding area:


In the state of Kentucky, Donald J. Trump won easily with 62.5% of the total vote, garnering 1,203,081 votes to Hillary Clinton getting 32.7% with 628, 914 votes. Trump scored on 118 of Kentucky's 120 counties, with Hillary's  2 county wins in Fayette County (Lexington urban area), and Jefferson County (Louisville urban area).

In Lawrence County, Trump won HUUUUGE! with 4,816 votes (79.7%) to Clinton with 1,045 votes (17.3%). Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got 107 votes (1.8%).

In our neighboring border counties, in Martin County Trump destroyed with 3,503 votes (88.6%) to Clinton with 363 votes (9.2%). Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got 52 votes (1.3%).

In Johnson County Trump won with 8,043 votes (84.0%) to Clinton with 1,250 votes (13.1%). Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got 163 votes (1.7%).

In Carter County Trump won with 7,587 votes (73.8%) to Clinton with 2,276 votes (22.2%). Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got 496 votes (2.4%).

In Elliot County, which was the only county in all of eastern Kentucky Barack Obama won in both 2008 and 2012, Trump won with 2,000 votes (70.1%) to Clinton with 740 votes (25.9%). Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got 67 votes (2.3%).

In Boyd County Trump won with 13,591 votes (66.4%) to Clinton with 6,021 votes (29.4%). Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got 52 votes (1.3%).

In Morgan County Trump won with 3,628 votes (76.1%) to Clinton with 1,006 votes (21.1%). Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got 63 votes (1.3%).


Over in neighboring West Virginia, Trump won all 55 counties, getting with 482,808 votes (68.7%) to Clinton with 186,095 votes (26.5%). Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got 22,598 votes (3.2%). Wayne County Trump won with 11,077 votes (73.5%) to Clinton with 3,334 votes (22.1%). Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got 420 votes (2.8%).


Finally in Ohio, Trump won the state, the same state that Barack Obama won in 2008 and 2012. For Trump, the race was much closer and hotly contested, and was not declared the winner until just after midnight. Trump won 81 out of 89 counties, getting 2,771,984 votes (52.1%) versus Clinton with 2,317,001 votes (43.5%). Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got 168,599 votes (3.2%). 

Our ninth spotlight in the FACES OF HOPE: WE DO RECOVER series will focus on Kylen Webb’s story, Darkness Turned to Light.

Faces of Hope

The Canvas: My Story of Darkness Turned To Light                                                 

Our lives are a canvas painted by our creator who takes stained glass of heartache from our past and splashes hope, purpose, and identity, creating His masterpiece, person by person, soul by soul. My canvas of heartache really began when I started seeking something, anything, to fill a great void in my soul. I knew there was something more to life but it would be a great journey to find out what, or rather who it was that I was truly seeking. Broken, confused, hopeless, numb, tormented, are just a few adjectives that cannot even come close to describe the torture that my mind, body, and spirit went through prior to November 2012. 

Growing up I cannot say I had a ‘’bad” childhood. Yes my parents divorced when I was two, and yes I had plenty of challenges, but looking at my story compared to many I had a amazing childhood with great loving people all around me. At an early age I began to be curious of many things and I started my void filling journey. It led me to an addiction with pornography, to tobacco, to alcohol, then came drugs. 

Hanging with an older crowd and my friend’s older brothers I began the use of marijuana regularly and fell into a false love relationship. I never knew the role it would play in my life but later on it ruled my every waking moment. Growing, dealing, and using her daily my Love affair lead into an even darker dungeon of addictions. After high school was the beginning of the separation between two lives I was attempting to live. On one side I was a “good” Morehead State University student, outgoing, compassionate, and excited to pursue a business degree, but on the other side I was dealing dope, using, and experimenting with many drugs, and getting as many people as I could to partake in my demise. Balancing friendships, school, and my thrill seeking lifestyle was something I simply could not do, the dark side of my life was starting to dominate my thoughts and life. I dropped out of school and moved in with two good friends, leaving everything behind. I became numb to my feelings and started separating myself from childhood friends and family whom I was very close to. 

The drugs, hate, and numb side was taking over my mother's blonde hair, blue eyed, baby boy. Many times running from the cops, dealing drugs on a college campus,  trips across state lines with large amounts of drugs was the start of the next layer to my dark painting. The use of acid, mushrooms, speed, opiates, cocaine, and pretty much anything else I could find was becoming a daily habit. At this point I was living in a grow house with two friends and looking for any adrenaline I could. I was getting into physical altercations frequently, and also began noticing a strange darkness in my eyes. I remember gazing at myself in the mirror after many hours of being awake and thinking is Kylen still there? 

Shortly after this encounter I began to experience a very intense depression and lost the will to live.  I could care less of putting myself in harm’s way, packing a gun to every drug deal, looking for that next moment where I felt alive instead of simply existing. I finally broke. My mind began to control me instead of me controlling my mind. I began to experience many strange thoughts and behaviors, and it became too much. Earlier in my life three years prior at the age of eighteen I had experienced similar thoughts but these were much more intense. But then it happened. 

Not like when I was a boy at the age of thirteen, not like ever before I heard something, someone, speak to me in such a way I knew they knew me. Like really knew me. Not like my mom who gave birth, but like someone that could tell you my every thought, even the amount of hairs on my head. It was strange as I heard a voice tell me “Take a shower.” As i was contemplating the validity of this voice I decided to go ahead and roll with it, even though I had just had one earlier in the morning. As I entered into an apartment I was renting paid for by drug money in Morehead, KY, I went to take the shower. Then something happened. Something that would change the direction of my life, forever. 

As the water was coming down over me, thoughts of my past, moments that I was in harm's way, and various experiences came to mind. I heard again the same voice that told me to get into the shower, “Kylen, I was with you every time, protecting you.” As I came to myself and realized this was not just my mind playing tricks, I knew with every cell in me my Father was speaking to me. I swiped that curtain over and fell into the bathroom floor. I realized that I came into the world with nothing and I was leaving this world with nothing unless I had this relationship. I instantly knew a change had taken place, I went from believing in a creator to knowing him. Jesus extended mercy to me over two thousand years ago but was speaking to me in November 2012 about it and I believed truly for the very first time in His cross and resurrection. 

He gave me a will to leave it all behind, the drugs, the false me, and offered me the life I was created for. Louisa, KY was the place I heard to go and I followed his leading. Just a short week later God had made a way for me to get plugged into a local church, meet my Pastor Rick May, who discipled me along with the Holy Spirit, and gave me a place to live with my Godmother (I could've went to my parent’s house but I heard Louisa and that's where I went). Since then I could tell you hundreds of God encounters and divine appointments, also faults and failures along the way. I got a job with a Louisa based Addiction Recovery company, ARC, whom I work for today as a Kentucky Peer Support Specialist.

Today I have a beautiful Wife (Lena), two amazing daughters (Lynden and Delaney), also a large, loving family. Most of all I have a burning, passionate, Hope filled, Love relationship with my Jesus. I am a minister of the only good news that can set man free, and I enjoy telling anyone who will listen my personal story of how Jesus came into my darkness and offered me His glorious Light. Now my life is a canvas, painted by my creator, who took stained glass of heartache from my past and splashed hope, purpose, and identity each day, I AM His masterpiece. Thank you JESUS! 

What was your “aha moment?”

When I realized my mind was starting to control me and my thought life was out of control something clicked, I knew something better was in store for me, but the “aha moment” was when I had the shower encounter with God. 

Describe the feelings you experienced while in active addiction.

Feelings of hopelessness, depressed, and shame. I knew I had so much potential to make my loved ones proud, but I just couldn't get away from that life. I felt stuck and like I was a walking dead man.

What is the driving force that keeps you going when times get tough?

My daily conversation with Holy Spirit. He is my guide in this life. God is the only force that can keep me. Knowing He is a Good Father and He is always for me, helps a lot. 

What advice do you have for the addict that is still struggling?


What obstacles or roadblocks have you encountered along your recovery journey?

Just the ups and downs life throws at you. Most people in addiction wouldn't tell you this but I happen to believe we are “feelers” our emotions can get the best of us. We used to numb them, but by doing that we couldn't feel the good feelings either. Dealing with emotions and feeling again can be tough. 

What is something you want people who have never struggled with addiction to know? 

Addiction does not make you a bad person, it makes you a sick person, not a bad person.

What advice do you have for family members of person in active addiction?

Connect with your loved one and Love them, no matter what. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection.

Closing thoughts: 

God's Love is the answer to our problems on this earth, when we can see him for the Good Father He is, and see ourselves as his children, life stops being about something you do and strive to do right, and it becomes what it was intended to be , a radical Love experience with The Family of God.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please call Addiction Recovery Care at 606.638.0938 or visit them on the web at

There is hope. There is help.