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Every Day Is a Gift

By Dr. Glenn Mollette

A dear friend of mine died this week after about three years battling cancer. He had surgery, chemotherapy and spent extensive amounts of time at a famous cancer hospital in Houston, Texas. Medically he did everything he could possibly do to beat cancer. Physically he gave everything he had to beat cancer. Spiritually and emotionally he gave everything he could possibly give to beat cancer. He wanted to live but it didn't work out. Fifty four is a young age to die.

Paul Schmidt was a wonderful Christian man, pastor and loved by hundreds and probably thousands. When someone is so loved, lives such a good life and does much to help other people it seems harshly unfair for his life to end so quickly.

Another pastor friend of mine was looking forward to retirement but after battling cancer for about three years my friend Bob died an early death as well. He was just 63.

My sister's daughter Cindy died at the age of 53. She fought type 1 diabetes almost her entire life. After a kidney transplant and years of medical treatments and hospital stays, she eventually would up with cancer that overtook her young body.

Good people such as these are reminders of the brevity of life and that each day is a gift. Little children die, babies often never make it a day and young adult and middle aged adults are taken from us in the prime of life.

None of us were guaranteed a hundred years of life when we were born. We hear about centenarians and may even know some but even in this day and time living to be a hundred is a far stretch.

My mom and dad were both eighty five when they passed on. My grandma Hinkle was 83 and I believe my grandma Hinkle was just 80. This was still a long life.

People of faith think about a life beyond this life and teach about being ready for better days beyond the grave. The problem is that it's impossible to know exactly what is beyond the grave. While many believe death is the end of everything even a few atheists hope there is something to look forward to.

If you are a Christian you look to the Bible and the very small and few nuggets of information promised about the other side. Other religions point to other books and understandings about the afterlife.

One thing is for sure death comes to all. Another thing for sure is going to church every Sunday and being an A plus person with a deep sincere faith does not guarantee longevity. My wife and I joke about a relative of ours who lived to be 95. He was a character. He wasn't a bad person. He was just a little ornery. I don't think being ornery adds years to anybody's life but sometimes it does seem like it works out that way. Although I take it back because a lady lives down the road from me and is 95 years young and she is almost like a saint to us. She lives clean, works hard and is just a good devout person of faith.

The bottom line is there is no bottom line except life is short and we all say goodbye at least in this world. Young people, old people and all people leave life by disease, tragedy and sometimes simply old age.

My only point is we should make the best of today. Smell the roses. Hug people and do some good along the way. Every day is a gift and never a guarantee.

Glenn Mollette is a syndicated columnist and author of eleven books.
He is read in all fifty states.

Contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Like his facebook page at




May 26 at 5:31pm

...from FACEBOOK FRIEND: Charles Fyffe


True fact -- Trump's budget proposal calls for saving $10 million by allowing people to sell captured wild horses to countries that may use them for food.

--So you know what that means. The McHorse is back!





There has been a great deal of conversation in the press lately about public pensions – and there should be. It is a critical issue facing our Commonwealth, possibly the most critical issue for at least the next decade. The question of “How did we get here?” has shifted to the more important one of “How do we fix this?” Governor Bevin and today’s Legislators must do what their predecessors, in large part¸ failed to do – honor the full obligation of the state to its retired public employees – and provide the revenue necessary to resolve the problem while mitigating the impact on the rest of the state budget.

We retirees have an expectation that the pension contract will be honored. This is not unfair nor unreasonable. During our working years, money was taken from each of our paychecks for the purpose and with the promise of an earned benefit in retirement. We had no option other than to participate and if there were issues with the state doing the same, it was not our doing nor our fault. Whether we were a Correctional Officer, Maintenance Worker, Accountant, State Trooper, Social Service Worker, Auditor, or any of the hundreds of other classifications, we met our obligation under this contract and now expect the state to do the same.

Every public retiree - and active employee - must speak up and make their elected representatives aware of our expectations. The time has passed to sit back and wait for “they” to do this.

Larry P. Totten, President
Kentucky Public Retirees

428 Village Dr., Frankfort KY 40601


Comedian Kathy Griffin - Severely Burned

By Dr. Glenn Mollette

Kathy Griffin crossed the line and CNN did the right thing in firing her. Griffin recently did a photo shoot holding up a decapitated bloody head resembling President Donald Trump. What she did was obscene and there was nothing funny about depicting violence toward another person. Griffin was terminated from the annual New Year's Eve program hosted by Anderson Cooper and Griffin. Anderson Cooper remarked that he was "appalled by the photo shoot and that the picture was disgusting and completely inappropriate," according to

Griffin apologized for the photos saying, "I beg for your forgiveness. I went too far. I made a mistake and I was wrong," according to a post on Instagram.

The photograph was taken by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields who later took down the photograph as requested by Griffin.

The photo was a stupid stunt by Griffin and by photographer Shields both guilty of losing all sense of reason.

For the last decade and more we have heard too many times about Islamic extremists cutting off the heads of contractors and journalists and others taken hostage. Americans and people around the world have shuddered as good people have been tortured and decapitated for the world to see. Such acts have been carried out by the most evil and heinous depraved persons of the world. Is this the kind of person Kathy Griffin wants to be?

Everyone who has the opportunity to be a comedian, entertainer, public speaker or television personality has a lifelong opportunity to say something stupid or just be stupid in general. Every day is a life of guarded speech and guarded life decisions.
It's easy to blurt out something accidentally and blow a career. It's also within a human's ability to literally orchestrate a moment such as Griffin and self-destruct. Griffin probably hasn't totally blown her career but losing the New Year's Eve gig is probably something she won't regain. On the other hand some far left wing liberal media group will probably embrace her and offer her another show or spotlight her in some way.

It's only been recently that our President Donald Trump was recorded saying something on a bus that was vile and ignorant about grabbing women in a certain offensive way. His statement did not cost him the election but it was an ignorant and ugly statement.

Statements and actions can go from the obscene insane to just making up big lies such as Brian Williams did on NBC nightly news. Williams admitted he, "Said things that were not true," back in June 2015. He lost his NBC anchor chair but has bounced back a bit by his new role on MSNBC, which is not exactly a shabby position.

It seems the last few years that people have said whatever they wanted to say and we want free speech. Yet, Griffin crossed the line too far and demonstrated there is still a line that can't be crossed, way; way out there and she managed to get there with a lot of help from Shields.

We all have heard that no man can tame the tongue and out of the same mouth come blessings and cursing.

I wonder if Griffin's recent stunt will help any of us in America? Is there any possible chance that we might think a little more about what we say or in Griffin's case, what we depict ourselves doing? Often it only takes a spark to get a fire going. While Griffin suspected there would be a firestorm from her picture, I don't think she ever imagined the severity of the burns. Most people who play with fire never do.

Glenn Mollette is a syndicated columnist and author of eleven books.
He is read in all fifty states.


Do we want dictators?

There is a deep and abiding desire among many of our elected officials and government agencies to opt out of any contact with the press. They say they can tell their story more accurately and fairly than the news media. We shall be the first to admit that the news media is not always fair and not always accurate. However, unlike our critics, the news media has a vested interest in being fair and accurate. Those of us in the news media know our very existence is grounded in being fair and accurate. Our commitment to our readers to bring them information they can trust in many cases supersedes profitability. Overwhelmingly the news media seeks to be fair and accurate no matter what some politicians will tell you.

For our Governor and our President to tell us they will provide more accurate information about what they are doing through social media is a serious concern. Seeking to bypass interaction with not just the press, but the people, has become a standard operating practice for many politicians. Our democracy demands openness in government and accountability to the people. Some politicians seem to believe that when once they are elected they own the office. We believe those positions are there so someone can serve the people, not the other way around.

It is the news media’s role to constantly question the activities of elected officials, those who seek to become elected officials and most importantly government on every level. Now at a time when the rich and powerful are seeking to take control of government the rules that have kept us free for more than two centuries are being challenged. The view being forwarded is the news media is untruthful and not trustworthy when that is not the case.

What is happening is the activities of President Donald Trump’s administration and some in his campaign will not stand the light of day. Gov. Bevin is also resistant to news media examination of his activities since being elected to office. He has been defeated in court but a Republican controlled General Assembly has re-written the playing field to give him what he wants. These activities must be reported and the people can decide whether or not they were the right choices.

A free press is a key to democracy in the United States and around the world. How can anyone among us believe the ideal replacement for a free press is social media? What office holder if they are in charge of reporting about themselves would ever release any negative information?

We will not accept the idea that elected officials should be allowed to avoid questions from the media or more importantly their constituents. This is how dictators operate.

Do we want dictators?

By Loyd Ford
The Lake News