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Hello,  I have been researching my ancestry for several years.  My great great great grandfather was Reverend Henry James Williams, married to Frances Anne Goodwin Williams

They lived in Louisa, Ky but from old family tales passed down, they lived in Louisa but he taught Sunday School and preached near the area of Louisa.

Sometime around 1875-1876 Henry was walking home from Church with two of his sons, nearing a river and was shot.There are two versions of why he was shot, he stepped in to interrupt a fight between two men and got shot, or he was shot by a partner in his business??

I am thinking he may have been a fairly wealthy man for this time and must have a newspaper article somewhere giving the details of this shooting and an Obituary and where he was buried.  I know that Frances Anne's dad and mom, Reverend Henry B. Goodwin and Jane Billups were married in Cabell County in 1833 and moved to Louisa Ky by 1836 when Frances Anne was born.

I am including what I have been told

Would your newspaper have archived articles from this time period? Or can you suggest a place to locate an old news article?

Henry and Frances Williams moved to Crawford County, Kansas, then back near  Louisa, Kentucky,and settled on George's Creek. It was at George's Creek that he is said to have owned a large farm, possibly 1,500 acres. He, also, owned a boat store and grist mill. His occupations at this time also included that of a Methodist Minister, who taught Sunday School  and music. He was Pastor of a Methodist Church in West Virginia across from the mouth of George's Creek on the Levisa Fork. It is said that when he preached, he wore  a top hat and a black frock coat with tails.  It was in the vicinity of Louisa, on a Sunday morning in 1875 walking home from church with two of his sons, Henry came upon an argument between two guys, there was gun play and Henry got shot and killed. He is buried in the  vicinity of Georges Creek, Lawrence county , Kentucky.

From the marriage books for Lawrence Co. , Kentucky

Henry William, age 29
His second marriage.
He was born in Lincoln, England
He married 29 Jan. 1857 to:
Frances A. Goodwin, of Louisa, Ky. age 20 - Her first marriage
She was born Louisa, Ky.
Married by Jas. W. Arris

Williams, Henry, Reg. 13, Co. D, Pvt.;
Lawrence County  Confederate Soldiers

Lawrence County Confederate Soldiers Henry Williams

No. Soldier Name Side Function Regiment Name
Williams, Henry
13th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

Henry Williams  (Confederate)

- Enlisted on Oct 4 1862 at Whitesburg, KY as Private

Mustering information:
- Enlisted into D Company, 13th Cavalry (Kentucky) on Oct 4 1862

Sources for the above information:
- Confederate Kentucky Volunteers War 1861-65, (1915)

Home in 1860
(City,County,State) Age in 1860 Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Gender

Henry Williams Not Stated, Lawrence, KY 33  1826 England  Male
Francis Williams Not Stated, Lawrence, KY 24  1835 Kentucky  Female
Elizabeth Unrue Not Stated, Lawrence, KY 10  1849 Kentucky  Female
Elizabeth S Williams Not Stated, Lawrence, KY 1  1858 Kentucky  Female

Charles A Goodwin of Lawrence County Ky  to Milton Freese of Boyd County KY deed book H page 55 January 12, 1866. Personal Property Griffeth Creek. Mentioned H H Goodwin and C A Goodwin. This was a 15 year lease from Henry Williams.

87-87     WILLIAMS, Henry J             44        M         W Engineer 300                         ENG
Frances A                33        F         W         Keep House KY
Elizabeth                10        F         W         Attending School KY
Adella                    7        F         W         Attending School KY
Harrison                  4        M         W KY
Emma J  (born August)  10/12       F         W KY

GOODWIN, Jane                 63        F         W

Supposedly buried at the Border's Chapel Cemetery Near Louisa, Lawrence county ,Ky

"I think that it is in the area across the Levisa Fork area of Georges
Creek, There is an old Church sitting there about a 100 yards from the
bank of the Levisa Fork. There is supposed to be a cemetery high on
the hill behind a house there. I think that you have to go up river a
ways before you can get across and come back down river to the place.
It is Borders Chapel, about 10 miles South of Louisa. George's Creek spills
into the Levisa River there. I know where the George's Creek cemetery is, but
that is not the one we are looking for. There are 2 or 3 good sized cemetery
along this road. Borders Chapel is a Methodist Church, a very old one."

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