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Osborne declares war on junk; says county will enforce 2004 blighted property ordinance...


LOUISA, Ky., -- Lawrence County judge/executive John osborne has declared war on junk cars and abandoned, run-down buildings. Osborne released a letter to the public via Solid Waste Coordinator Bill Richards that says the county will begin to enforce a 2004 ordinance which prohibits these type of materials from ruining the scenic beauty of the area.

Richards' letter, printed below, does not mention what the county will do specifically but it is clear that legal action will be necessary to clean up some places that have been eyesores for decades. Richards said the cleanup officially begins today but Lawrence County citizens will have a thirty day "education" period before he begins to summons them to District Court.

Here is Richards' statement:


It’s Time to Clean-up the Lawrence County

The Judge John Osborne told the Solid Waste Coordinator, “We need to clean up our county and it is time to get all the abandoned motor vehicles and dwellings cleaned up.”

In accordance with Lawrence County Ordinance No. 04-007, dated October 18, 2004;

Items in dilapidated and apparently inoperable condition left discarded on private property and visible from a street, roadway or public park produce a scenic blight which degrades the environment and adversely affects the property maintenance and continuing economic development of Lawrence County, they create a public nuisance and are detrimental to the welfare and convenience of the inhabitants of Lawrence County.

It is the opinion of the Fiscal Court of Lawrence County, that it is necessary to enact this Ordinance to protect and preserve the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants of Lawrence County pursuant to the Fiscal Court’s authority under The Kentucky Revised Statutes…

The bottom line is, if you have abandoned inoperable vehicles and/or abandoned dwellings on your property visible to the public it is time to clean it up. We have developed a three phase plan to help us and the community in our efforts to clean-up.

Phase One: Educate- In this phase it is the County’s responsibility to let the community know what the exactly this Ordinance requires and what the exceptions are, as well as, the fines associated with noncompliance.

Phase Two: Identify- In this phase we will identify owners of property that still violate this ordinance and send them a certified letter. This letter will identify the owner as not being in compliance of this ordinance and give them thirty days to comply.

Phase Three: Serve Summons- After thirty days if the owner has not complied then a summons will be issued to appear before the Lawrence County District Court.

Lawrence County Ordinance NO. 04-007


For the purpose of this Ordinance, any dwelling or mobile home that has been vacate for a period of 30 days or more and one(1) more of the following:

  • In blatant disrepair;
  • infested with mice, rats, termites, or other vermin;
  • a fire hazard; or
  • condemned by local, state or federal officials;

shall be deemed in violation of this Ordinance…

Copies of this ordinance will be available both at the County Clerk’s and County Judge’s offices. You will also see more articles in the future on both on-line and local newspapers. For answers to your questions please leave a message on my office phone and I will call you back. My office number is 606-638-9600.


Bill Richards

Lawrence County Solid Waste Coordinator


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