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Last weekend, don't miss this!


Fallsburg Haunted House becoming major tourist attraction; 


BREAKING NEWS: Ladies and Gentlemen for your entertainment pleasure, please welcome Bobby Maverick to Fallsburg, KY this weekend. He is one of the best magicians and escape artists around.

Bobby began his journey in magic at the young age of eleven. It was after his grandfather gave him a chemistry-set for his birthday that Bobby soon found the exact formula capable of blowing a large hole in his bedroom wall and catching his bed on fire.

Needless to say, his mother (and the authorities) convinced him to get a new hobby…Magic.

Bobby has been entertaining ever since and brings with him over 28 years of experience in amazing, and amusing everyone in he comes into contact with. Please show him some support and love by visiting his website at

He will be entertaining you at the Fallsburg Community Center as you wait to experience the best scare in the Tri-State area at the Fallsburg Haunted House. We have crowds averaging around 800-1000 people every night the House is open. We also have a reptile exhibit with some 20' pythons and a 100 pound rat.


FALLSBURG, Ky., -- Back in 1987 a handful of folks in Fallsburg decided to raise funds for the local community center by using a building which was constructed in 1902 as a site for their 'Haunted House' idea. The attraction became very popular among Lawrence County residents for several years until it was shut down last year.

But Brian Cassady had plans for the event and this year sank nearly $30,000 of his own money into making the family owned house a real tourist attraction for Lawrence County.

"I was scared to death that I would lose a lot of the money but decided to go with it and with the help of 30 or so local residents, we've made a success of the 'Haunted House' event this year," Cassdy said. "We have had 3,000 + people come so far and we have four nights to go." The show began the first of October and Cassady says he has averaged more than 700 visitors each night.

Visitors who pay the $10 entry fee get their money's worth with a guided wagon ride to a haunted corn field near the house, which sits in the middle of Fallsburg, and then back to the house where the crew does their best to scare the wits out of visitors. The Haunted House is open from dark until all visitors get the chance to join in the fun, according to Mike Smith who is helping with the show this year.

"This is the first year Brian has done this on his own, but his family has been involved with it since the beginning and he has watched it since he was a young boy," Smith said. "And it has really paid off with the great crowds we have been getting and we expect even more as Halloween approaches."

Smith said Cassady has made arrangements to add a couple of sideshows for the last four performances including a 40 ft. live reptile exhibit and bungy jumping for the kids at a $2.00 fee. "This is going to be great during the next two weekends because Brian has also brought in a real coffin where people can get their picture made in if they choose."

The fallsburg haunted House is located in the middle of fallsburg about five miles from Louisa.The fallsburg haunted House is located in the middle of fallsburg about five miles from Louisa.Cassady says he approached the local tourism committee about help with funding but got no response. "I really can't understand that because we have been getting visitors from all over the region this year," Cassady said. "I talked to some of the the Exxon (bird house) employees and they said they couldn't remember having that much business on a Saturday night. It was all from people wearing FHH hoodies and talking about the event we are having."

He said people have visited from several colleges including Morehead State and Marshall as well as other folks from as far away as Ohio and Michigan.

Cassady also pointed to the fact that 32 people have had at least part-time employment as actors and stage hands. 

He said plans are already underway for next year's event and he hopes to get funding help for publicity from the state tourism commission. "We are thinking of having a 4th of July Haunted House next year as well as the regular show in October so things are really starting to happen here in Fallsburg." Cassady also said all of the cabins available for rent in Fallsburg are full and reservations are being made for next year by visitors.

Don't miss the chance to see this show this year because from all indications, it's plenty worth the money and is truly unique to Lawrence County.

Cassady has set up at Facebook page and you can visit there and see even more details. It's called simply the Fallsburg Haunted House, Cassady said. You can become friends on Facebook (already 4,500 people have signed up) and get updates on the Haunted House when they come out.

Beware, this is not for small children and those who are squeamish, it's the real deal. 




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