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Balaklaw among five indicted by Lawrence grand jury;


LOUISA, Ky., -- An anesthesiologist from Louisa, Ky., who is also the former owner of two eastern Kentucky pain clinics, is among five persons indicted by a Lawrence County Grand Jury last Friday.

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway says Dr. Lee Adam Balaklaw, 56, last known address 1057 Meadowbrook Lane, was indicted on 20 counts of Medicaid fraud following an investigation into his billing practices at Anesthesia Associates of Louisa.


The charges allege that from January 2007 through July 2010, Balaklaw fraudulently billed $90,000 for the 29 patients.

   If found guilty of the 20 counts of Class D felonies, Balaklaw could spend one to fve years in jail on each count and a fine of between $1,000 to $10,000 on each count. A warrant has been issued for Balaklaw’s arrest and his bond will be set at $5,000 cash.


Among the list of others who were indicted is William Chaffin, 23, of Louisa. Chaffins is charged with operating a motor vehicle on April 4 while under the influence of alcohol/drugs fourth offense within five years, driving on DUI suspended license, no insurance, prescription not in proper container.

Joseph Bentley, 31, of Louisa was indicted and charged with flagrant non-support in the amount of $30,452.70 owed to Augusta Howard going back as far as January 2008.

Timothy Hines, 41, of Louisa was indicted and chargd with first degree bail jumping. The indictment states that on August 26, after bein released from custody of the court Hines failed to appear at the time and place he was ordered by the court for a report date on felony charges of theft by deception under $500.

Nathan Ramey, 47, of Ashland, was indicted and charged by the grand jury with wanton endangerment. The indictment states that Ramey engaged in conduct which created a substantial danger to Theresa Ramey on August 9.

An indictment is not proof of guilt ot innocence.


0 #13 Wayne 2011-10-17 21:48
I agree with Bernie.
0 #12 Bernie 2011-10-17 15:31
Hey Folks, One is innocent until proven guilty, this could just be a billing error, as most doctors use another company to do their billing ... Don't hang the man out to dry before all the facts are in....... Then if he is guilty, LET HIM HAVE BOTH BARRELS.....
0 #11 way2go 2011-10-17 13:53
it's about time..if they keep searching they will find a few more Dr's in Louisa need to be looked into....they need to also check out all the prescriptions being wriiten by several of the Dr's..

0 #10 WELL!!!! 2011-10-17 01:07
Well Mary #8 he sure screwed my insurance and it wasn't even MEDICAID...So you believe what you want...
0 #9 Sally 2011-10-17 00:58
Ok not saying he is guilty...but for 3 years. 2007-2010? If you just needed a little cash and didn't want to get caught. Hey nobody will notice just a little here and there. Only 29 patients. Not a lot of people either. Just saying...
0 #8 Mary 2011-10-16 22:26
Shame on you, those who are so quick to assume Dr. Balaklaw is guilty. Does it make sense that if he were going to fraud Medicaid that he would only claim $90,000 and take over 3 years to do it and billing for the same procedure?!? Sounds like a billing error to me. It seems like when Drs. do fraud insurance companies they go after millions, especially since it was such a long period of time. Also, it doesn't seem to me like this should be such a newsworthy story - I mean to show up on Channel 3 and none of the other channels carried it - sounds like someone is just trying to stir up trouble and channel 3 is just petty enough to fall in line. We should all think of ourselves and know we have all done things some intenionally and others unintentionally that we are not proud of and then give Dr. Balaklaw a break.
0 #7 obamacare 2011-10-16 19:25
this is one of the reason why so many
doctors and hospitals was against
obamacare the law was gonna go after
medicare and medcaid fraud i don't believe we've seen anything YET
0 #6 WHAT?????????? 2011-10-16 03:36
ROFLMBO..... Had someone like "me" done a thing like that, the bond would be in the 6-figures, and daylight would never be seen again! A "dr" does this, and he only gets a tiny little slap...even tho, he has PLENTY of money, he took over $90,0000. What's up with that?
0 #5 AverageJane 2011-10-16 02:31
Isn't it nice how everyone is so quick to decide this man is guilty before he even gets a chance to be heard? So much for the American way and innocent until PROVEN otherwise. Just because a grand jury indicts someone doesn't make it so.
0 #4 Wayne 2011-10-16 00:49
Please remember, he is innocent until proven guilty. They would have to prove it to me. I have known Dr. Balaklaw to be a very upstanding person. I hope it's all just a big mistake-which is possible.
0 #3 old patient 2011-10-15 20:58
shame on you
hope you go to JAIL
0 #2 Citizen 2011-10-15 15:11
I don't have medicaid but I have reported abuse to my insurance before...And they didn't care....I was paying a fortune for it to and they didn't care if it was being abused....Disgu sting....
0 #1 Ha 2011-10-15 14:53
Ripped the state off for $90.000 and his bond is only $5, that is a joke.
In those years didn't Medicaid get a hint as to what was going on?????

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