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John Osborne


By Catrina Vargo

John Osborne was born and raised in Louisa.  He graduated from the old Louisa High School in 1977, and afterward, went to work for Rich Oil, where he became manager, working a total of 34 years at the station on 2565 (old Rt. 23), which went through several company changes, the last being John Clark Oil. The filling station is no longer in business, but John Osborne after serving the people of Lawrence County for so many years there, became County Judge Executive four years ago, serving people in a different capacity.

Osborne said he has come to know so many people through being raised here, going to school here, and from all the years at the station.  

"I love Lawrence County, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else" he said.  He went on to say that he wants to make the county better and feels that his administration has, but it is a slow process. "It takes time to make significant changes."

Judge Osborne said if he is re-elected, his main focus will continue to be on economic development, and the creation of jobs.  Last year, a company from South Carolina that specializes in compiling and analyzing data concerning the needs, requirements and abilities of areas that are looking to become ready for development, visited Lawrence County. Judge Osborne took them all through the county, and they found that what land is available for potential development, is not ready for business and industry due to the lack of water and sewage capacity, or the lack of information on those factors by the landowners.  

The company also explained that in order for businesses and industries to locate here, they have to know that there is available, site ready land here, meaning that Lawrence County must be marketed.  Since that meeting with the South Carolina company, Judge Osborne has been working to get the county into the view of companies that may want to locate here by working with the South East Chamber of Commerce as well as working with local business leaders and professionals to take the necessary steps to move the county to get ready for economic development.  "We will continue to seek ARC grants for projects such as sewer expansion." said Osborne.  He went on to say that such endeavors takes time.  "It is not an easy process, and it cant't be done overnight."

Other than finding out what major barriers have caused lack of economic development in the county, other accomplishments during Osborne's term has included a recycle plant, expanding tourism, working with the Corp of Engineers to expand Lawrence County Park, and the area around Yatesville Lake, and continued efforts toward road improvements.  "We have 900 miles of roadways in the county. We are working to improve as much as we can."

Osborne said plans are in the works now for an extended educational facility and a potential business housed in part of the old courthouse downtown.  " More information will be announced soon." he said.

Judge Osborne said since he has been in office, he has had a good response from people.  "I know the people of Lawrence County and their concerns." he said.   Osborne has been married to Marsha Hall, also a life long Lawrence County resident, for 34 years.  They have one son, Jacob, who is a Junior at LCHS.

In closing, John Osborne asks for your vote on May 20.  

"I hope to be able to continue to serve Lawrence County residents, and help move the county forward.  I promise folks to do the very best that I can and work toward making our county better.  As before, I will not have an assistant judge, nor will I have any family in office."

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