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February 13, 2018


Week 6 was another great week of basketball. We had a couple really close games till the end. Also a few upsets in the mix. We want to thank everyone who stepped up this week and helped lead the league, as well as those who ran the clock, kept the books, and refereed.  But most of all we want to thank God for allowing everyone to come together with such great sportsmanship, and willingness to make our community great!


Daniel Ward   Secretary & Board Member for Riseabove




Game #1

Louisa Legends 56,  50 Shades of Grey Hair 43

Legends; Brandon Richardson 22, Blake Prince 12, Chad Rose 7, Bobby Keeton7, Brian Short 4, Ronald Young 2, Josh Ratliff 2.

 50 Shades; Coty Johsnon 14, Kerry Ratliff 10, Marty Marcum 7, Ed Dixon 5, Travis York 5, Mike Murriell 2.

Game #2

Beast Mode 97, Dawg Pound 67

Beast Mode; Taylor Ball 37, Jeff Nezebeth 18, Nathan Howard 18, Chase Kincaid 11, Jordan Nezebeth 7, Lucas Spaulding 6.

Dawg Pound; Brandon Lafferty 25, Chuck White 12, Brady Horn 12, Will Lafferty 9, Brad Lafferty 9.

Game #3

Magoffin Monstars 71, Goon Squad 35

Monstars; Jason Arnett 18, Eric Arnett 18, Blake Jenkins 10, Jason Backman 9, Brandon Russell 9, Tyler Hunley 8.

Goon's; Alex Anderson 7, Austin Brewer 7, Josh Greene 7, Richard Nichols 6, Mark Tiller 5, Nate McDavid 3.

Game #4

Twin City Bucks 78, Honey Badgers 60

Bucks; Jordan Johnson 13, Wade Skaggs 11, Cody Jude 11, Jacob Copley 11, Brian Campbell 8, Kenny Muncy 6, Mark Doss Jr. 6, Neil Dillon 6, Mark Doss Sr. 4, Cody Duvall 2.

Badgers; Austin Chaffins 25, Matt Ratliff 19, Joshua Wilks 14, Tanner Black 2.

Game #5

Average Joe's 52, 401k 42

Joe's; Alex Gilliam 24, Daniel Ward 10, Aaron Montgomery 9, Alex Parsley 5, Timmy Gillispie Jr. 2, Sebastian 2.

401k; Brandon Duance 10, Zach Cantrell 10, Tony Hinkle 8, James Faulk 8, Cody Prince 5, Jon Salmons 1.

Game #6

Forfeit 74, Pippen Ain't Easy 50

Forfeit; David Aseido 16, Michael Smith 16, Paul Maynard 11, Aaron Cooper 9, Jason Hensley 8, Chris Johnson 7, Aaron Flethcer 4, Courtney Gillman 3.

Pippen; Jason "Dink" Wellman 12, Dougie Ison 12, Morgan Mills 8, Zach Ball 7, Matt Fitz 6, Shawn Cook 5.

Game #7 (WOMEN)

Sky 49, Storm 31

Sky; Courtney Gillman 21, Martha Crabtree 14, Tosha Nicholas 7, Rachael Sammons 5, Nikki Dillon 2.

Storm; Brittany Chaffins 7, Brittany Kitts 6, Amber Cross 6, Megan Mellert 6, Erica Sammons 4, Jessie Roberts 2.

Game #8 (WOMEN)

Holler Ballers 49, Double Dribblers 39

Holler Ballers; Kim Wells 20, Bri May 9, Jordyn Harless 8, Chessi Price 6, Ashley Bush 4, Terri Mullins 2.

Double Dribblers; Carla Booth 23, Katie Arrington 8, Kindra Howard 4, Kari Hackney 3, Jackie Wefenstate 1.


Men's Top Scorers                                          Women's Top Scorers

1. Taylor Ball 37                                                  1. Carla Booth 23

2. Austin Chaffins, Brandon Lafferty 25              2. Courtney Gillman 21

3. Alex Gillman 24                                               3. Kim Wells 20

4. Brandon Richardson 22                                   4. Martha Crabtree 14

5. Matt Ratliff 19                                                   5. Bri May 9


Men's Player of the Week                 Women's Player of the Week

             Taylor Ball                                                    Courtney Gillman


+3 #6 Matt Brown 2018-02-17 19:42
I appreciate your concerns. This isn't a religious league. This is a Christ-centered league focused on developing relationships and friendships that extend way beyond the basketball court. Many lives have been positively impacted and even changed because of the hard work and dedication and prayers of many. Go ahead and criticize it. We are ok with that. I'll be praying that you find something better and more productive to do than sit behind a computer screen and complain about something so positive. I have hope, so I am very bold. Blessings.

If you would prefer to have a productive conversation about this over breakfast, coffee, or lunch I'd be glad to meet with you. We probably agree on way more than we disagree on. My number is 606.615.2872.
-6 #5 Baller 2018-02-17 16:16
Keep telling yourself that's what the team name means. Everyone knows what they are talking about. Very distasteful.
-6 #4 Citizen 2018-02-17 12:57
Whatever! It's distasteful and you know it. You all should be ashamed.
+7 #3 Matt Brown 2018-02-16 01:27
Get your mind out of the gutter. Scottie Pipppen is a top 50 NBA player of all time.... And that my dear, ain't easy.
+7 #2 .....dictionary 2018-02-16 01:05
It’s not in bad taste at all since “Pippen” is the name of a former NBA great. It was often said that it ain’t easy being Pippen and playing with Michael Jordan
-12 #1 Citizen 2018-02-14 18:20
Pippen ain't easy? Come on this is a religious league right? The directors could've come up with a better name for that team. Kind of sets a bad example don't you think?

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