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December 5, 2017

Raceland, Ky. -- For the first time since 2003-2004 the Lawrence Co. Lady Bulldogs are 3-0 to start a season after a 55-46 road victory over Raceland on Monday night.

The Lady Dawgs had eight players dent the scorebook with Lexie Ratliff leading the way with 17 points including 11 from the charity stripe she also corralled 9 rebounds, Kelly Davis, Kassidi Cavins, and Kensley Feltner all finishing with 7 points, Davis also grabbed a game high 13 boards, Sheree Hay tallied 6 points, Kendra Spaulding had 5 points and 5 boards, Hannah Rucker 4 points and Chelsey Fields 2 points. LC hit 4 three pointers and went 19-32 at the line.

Lawrence Co. 9 10 20 16 - 55
Raceland 4 9 17 16 - 46

Lawrence Co. 60 Piarist 22 ( Friday )

On Friday night in the season opener the Bulldogs came away with a convincing home victory. Eleven players scored as Kendra Spaulding led the way with 15 points.

Kassidi Cavins had 9 points, Lexie Ratliff 8, Kensley Feltner 7, Kelly Davis and Hannah Rucker 6 points each, Shelby Skeens, Kyleah Ward and Bailee Hinkle scored 2 points each, Annebelle Silva hit a free throw for her only point.

LC hit 3 three pointers and went 7-14 from the line.

# 1  Kensley Feltner looks to inbound against Raceland on Monday night # 1 Kensley Feltner looks to inbound against Raceland on Monday night

Lawrence Co. 63 Phelps 50 ( Saturday )

The Lady Dawgs made the long road trip and came away with victory #2 to start the season. 7th grader Kensley Feltner poured in 17 points including 3 three pointers.

Lexie Ratliff and Kelly Davis finished with 12 each, Kendra Spaulding tallied 8, Hannah Rucker hit 2 three pointers for 6 points, Chelsey Fields and Sheree Hay finished with 3 each and Kassidi Cavins chipped in with 2.

LC went 22-38 from the line and hit 5 three pointers.

Next game:

Lawrence Co. will return to action Friday night in the BJM Key Player Classic at Tolsia vs the Lady Rebels at 7:45.

Wayne and George Washington play the first game at 6:00.

On Saturday Tolsia and Lawrence Co. JV at 1:00, Wayne and Spring Valley JV at 3:00.

Consolation and Championship games will be at 5:00 and 7:00.

Lady Bulldogs Head Coach Melinda Feltner


“... Very proud of the way our girls have started this season. Still very early but we are excited about the way we’ve started and want to continue to learn and improve our game everyday.”



-2 #13 Baseball Dad 2017-12-09 13:45
Some of you people are beyond saving. Coach Feltner's son was not on varsity, nor did he play JV his 7th grade year. How do I know? Because my child played on the 2015 REGIONAL CHAMP team. If you don't believe me, just look at the KHSAA website for 2015 and pull up the roster OR a simpler approach is look at the t-shirts that were made up for the boys with all the players names on the back.

Now, if you all object to their coaching philosophy then fine. But to attack them personally is crossing the line.
-2 #12 Nanny Sharon Ratliff 2017-12-09 04:24
If you are not allowed to show a minor's picture or tell their name on anything else there is to do with news. You tell me why Mark you will allow people to get on here and name my two grandchildren. This is a shame. Because my grandchildren are very good ball players (check their stats.) Their parent are being criticized for playing their talented children.Also it sounded like someone #1 HaHa is talking about my deceased son by saying Ratliff that used to coach at Law. Co. Melinda is a Feltner so who is the Ratliff they are talking about. I be afraid God would strike me dead talking about a wonderful person as my son. If you are a mother and loose a child you could know the pain of loosing a child. If you people would inquire and learn the truth about these ladies that quit or was dismissed from the team. I would hope you would learn the truth. If I ever find out who has mentioned my Grandchildren's names you might be a bunch of trouble. Work with your children teach them how to play ball if you want them to play. You can't expect the coach to teach them the basics in ball when they are that level. Basketball is the hardest sport to coach because you can only put 5 at a time on the court. Children have to be willing to put in a lot of time with a lot of effort to play and some kids just don't ever have the talent to play. My two grandchildren you are talking about are the two sweetest children with straight A's and are hard working indiviual's we are proud of. You are all acting like children with these comments I have read. Grow up and be willing to put your name on your post. You are just hiding behind this to be able to say what you want. I don't think Mark should allow a comment if they don't state their name. There are going to be a lot of people upset that my grandchildren are being talked about on this paper. If you would kindly leave these children alone and come watch them play then tell me they don't deserve to play.
+1 #11 Stupid people 2017-12-09 00:33
Amazing how you people are bringing up kids and you are supposed to be the adults. Shame on you. And it shouldn't matter what grade you are in, if you are a senior and cannot play or a 7th grader and can play, that's all that matters. If you are in it to expect playing time to be given to you and not earned, perhaps you should sign up for a recreational league at the YMCA in Ashland.
+1 #10 Crazy 2017-12-09 00:31
Quoting Crazy:
Quoting 1whoknows:
Jackson Feltner didn’t play Varsity baseball in the 7th Grade.

The younger kids deserve to play if they are one of the best no matter what grade or age or maturity level.

You must be a relative

What does it matter if they are a relative? Fact is that he didn't start or not even was on Varsity or JV in 7th grade. He was playing middle school. Perhaps you should shut up since you know nothing about anything.
+2 #9 Fan 2017-12-08 23:14
That is what's wrong with society today. All parents see their kid as the star regardless as to whether they are or not. The kids need to earn their spot and not hand it to them. Coach's kid, parent helper etc. they need to work for it. The girls are actually playing well right now ( although they haven't played a good team yet) so get out and support LC and stop the negativity. Remember you wouldn't want your kids being talked about on this forum. It's not their fault.
-2 #8 well 2017-12-08 16:50
So... how many girls have quit the team? Heard another senior quit this week. This should say something.
+2 #7 Parent 2017-12-08 16:19
Regardless of who plays and how old it's not the kids fault. As adults we should have more class than to get on a public comment forum and bash kids! If you have a problem go to the coaches and talk to them. If that doesn't work then cut your losses.
-1 #6 Crazy 2017-12-07 20:55
Quoting 1whoknows:
Jackson Feltner didn’t play Varsity baseball in the 7th Grade.

The younger kids deserve to play if they are one of the best no matter what grade or age or maturity level.

You must be a relative
-4 #5 1whoknows 2017-12-07 15:46
Jackson Feltner didn’t play Varsity baseball in the 7th Grade.

The younger kids deserve to play if they are one of the best no matter what grade or age or maturity level.
+1 #4 Crazy 2017-12-07 15:16
I have heard so much about the Feltners for many years. I have heard that it has caused several basketball players to quit this year. LC is pathetic. A 7th grader should not be allowed to play on a varsity team they aren't even mature at that age. You have high schoolers who are more experienced and have put their time in over the years and they have to sit the bench and watch these middle schoolers going in and out of the game over them. Melinda Feltner is not a good coach she needs to go.
+4 #3 Former LC resident 2017-12-07 04:00
LC at its best. Not gonna play the most deserving Travis and Melinda both have done this now. Travis did the same thing with Jackson when he was in 7th grade starting him on the varsity baseball team when there was high school players that was better at the same position but didn’t get to play so that his son could. Not fair at all but who can change that? No one
+2 #2 To HaHa 2017-12-07 00:32
Holding back some important information, aren't you? Leaving some stuff out, aren't you? Why don't you be 100% honest. Tell us about being "kicked off" the team. Those close to the team know it wasn't "kicked off".
+5 #1 haha 2017-12-06 18:46
anyone see a pattern? Ratliff & Feltner can we say playing favorites? Sad, kicked a senior off the team, doesn't play the high school students but plays her middle school daughter

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