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 Bill JacksonBill JacksonEagle Ridge Golf League News

Charles E. (Charlie) Curnutte is the 2017 league champion


Tuesday, July 8, could not have been a better day to play golf. The temperature was perfect, the course was beautiful, and the greens ran true. And that is the end of the story. Golf is a humbling game; perhaps it’s just too much like life. When you think everything is covered and your preparations have been made, and even when mother nature complies, things can and do go wrong.

We the intrepid three, playing for the championship (at least for a portion of the title), could do nothing right. Every break that could have helped someone did not occur. Everything that appeared impossible to go wrong went wrong. But my what a match we had. It was probably one of the most exciting threesomes where I was a participant and I saw shots by all of us that I thought was impossible. However, I must say that it was perhaps the most competitive threesome that I have seen played; at least one where I participated.

Charlie and I tied with 1½ points and Bill England, our vice president and perhaps the most loyal of all members, collected the winning total of 4 points. Charlie, “Mr. Consistency,” could not fall further than being co-champion. Then, when the chips were down, he did enough to win the league championship outright. It was something that he earned and deserved. We shall not mention the scores that the three of us shot, but as I said, it was a fun, highly competitive grouping.

This is the second time that Charlie has won the league championship. The first time he won the championship was in 2006, the first year of the league. Eleven years later he has won for the second time. The victory came after rotator cuff surgery on both of his shoulders. It is quite a feat winning the championship for a second time 11 years later, and playing from the tees that he played from in 2006. Congratulations Charlie, you are a very deserving champion.

The outcome for the league is Charlie Curnutte in 1st place and Bill England in 2nd place. As for me, perhaps I should just stick to writing articles. After Tuesday’s banquet, where the trophies will be given, I will be making a full report on the players who excelled in certain aspects of their game. Next week’s article will be the last for this year.

Now let’s examine Tuesday’s results. There were no terrific scores shot on Tuesday, which is very unusual considering the weather and the condition of the course. So evidently it was not just our threesome that was struggling, it was everyone. So let’s see what happened.

The following are the results:

August 8, 2017


Low Net Score (33) Dave Wallen

Low Gross Score (36) Tom Copley

Longest Drive (#4) Tom Copley

Fewest Putts (10) Dan Preece

Skills Competition

Closest to the pin, 2nd shot (2) Tom Copley

Longest Putt (#14) Tom Copley

Par 3, Closest to pin (#3) Tom Copley

Par 3, Closest to pin (#17) Troy Hughes

Skins Tom Copley

That’s the news from Eagle Ridge. The final report will be published after next week’s banquet. It has been a fun year and I have enjoyed reporting on the play. Have a nice weekend.

See you at the course.

Bill Jackson