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Life in the rather slow Poppy Lane, League Results, Points Leaders, and New Handicaps

If anyone follows this article, then he or she may wonder where I, the article, or both have been. Actually it has been lying on my desk for 3 weeks as I attempted to deal with life in the poppy lane. Our daughter Amity, and her husband Todd, along with their 2 children, Elijah and Malachi came to visit us from Singapore. The boys both came with strep throat. Children, being so generous, shared their sickness with Gretchen and Spencer’s 3 - children. Now we have 5 cases of strep throat. Then Beverly, being the adorable grandmother she is, also shared in the strep throat bacteria to give us a grand total of five sick children and one sick adult. These travails commenced after the June 13 cancellation.

Todd did manage to play a round of golf with our team in the United Methodist Church tournament. It was a beautiful day and a great outing. But then the strep throat bug kicked in. For the family vacation we had a 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom condo for our children and grandchildren.

However, we arrived a day late and a room short. All the kids were at the Wilderness Lodge which has a built-in water park, a wave pool, lazy river, and every type of water slide you can imagine. Then there was a game room that was constantly flashing, banging, whistling, and otherwise making the sounds children love. To top it off there was a rock wall and rope climbing set up. It was a chimpanzee’s and a child’s dream.

As I said, the sickness made us one day late, without a reservation for Beverly and me during this period. My job was to find accommodations or at least a soft park bench. This I did; but we stayed one night in three places throughout Sevierville. All were sick when they arrived but everyone was well when we returned, even Beverly. So during all of this time I have not written an article. By the way, to Beverly’s amazement, I learned to pack my bag within 5 minutes and move out to our new room or Lodge. It was interesting because I didn’t know where I was going to wake up the next morning but everything worked out in the end and it was really nice to have a get away for the entire family. So this is my story and I’m sticking with it!

I know that many people follow Amity and Todd’s adventure in Singapore. They have now gone to Iowa to spend some time with Todd’s family. From Iowa, they’re going to Los Angeles where Todd will be meeting with Google. That is as much as I know.

Since this is a golf article, the readers would like to have some golf news. This has been a tough summer. We have had 3 rainouts and a cancellation for the July 4th celebration so far this season. The problems we run into, including the loss of rounds, is the calculation of handicaps. This is the end of the 4 week period for new handicaps with only 2 rounds played. Those persons who have played consistently to their handicap will see no difference. However if you have been playing higher than your handicap or shot a great round, you will see skewing.

First, we shall address the rounds for June 20 and June 27, remembering that the June 13  and July 4 dates were canceled.

Before delving into the scores, I want Rodney (aka “Jeff”) and his crew to know their work has placed Eagle Ridge in the best condition of any other course in our area. It is unfortunate that he is unable to enjoy the fruits of his labor. However, his priorities are in the right place attending to his young family.

The round of the June 20 league was shot by Mike Hogan with a net 27. What an excellent round of golf. This was the highlight of the evening. Now it’s the time to take a peek at the skills and scores competition

June 20, 2017


Low Net Score (36) Mike Hogan

Low Gross Score (37) Troy Hughes

Longest Drive (#4) Dan Preece

Fewest Putts (11) Troy Hughes

Skills Competition

Closest to the pin, 2nd shot (#2) Mike Hogan

Longest Putt (#18) Tom Copley

Par 3, Closest to pin (#3) Dan Preece

Par 3, Closest to pin (#17) Mike Hogan

Skins (tie) { Troy Hughes

{ Mike Hogan

The actual low round for the June 27 league, was shot on June 26 as a makeup, by Tom Copley. He shot an astounding gross 33 on the back nine par 36. His round included 3 birdies, 6 pars, and only 11 putts. Since I have been keeping score, this is the lowest gross round I have seen. Congratulations Tom on an exceptional round of golf. You will not find Tom’s name in any of the scores or skills competition because the round was not played on league night. However, his low gross score and his low net score will be used in the calculation of points and handicap.

Now for the results of June 27.

June 27, 2017


Low Net Score (31) { Bill England

{ Mike Hogan

Low Gross Score (37) Troy Hughes

Longest Drive (#4) Dan Preece

Fewest Putts (11) Troy Hughes

Skills Competition

Closest to the pin, 2nd shot (#11) Dan Preece

Longest Putt (#18) Tom Copley

Par 3, Closest to pin (#8) Bill England

Par 3, Closest to pin (#11) Dan Preece

Skins (tie) { Troy Hughes

{ Mike Hogan

{ Bill England

We shall now view the points and handicap leaders. For a full view of the point and handicap standings, these figures are available at the clubhouse.

Name Points

Charlie Curnutte 29.0

Bill England 27.0

Milton Terry 26.5

Now for the leading handicaps after 8-weeks.

Name Handicap

Troy Hughes 0.0

Tom Copley 0.0

Dan Preece 3.0

I’ll see you at the course on Tuesday, July 11th.

Bill Jackson

Submitted, July 6, 2017

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