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August 5, 2018


John Hensley and "Aunt Betty"John Hensley and "Aunt Betty"

Growing up we always traveled to Elk Creek whenever my Aunt Betty and Uncle Jim Booth would come in. They lived in Sarasota, Florida. At that time, it would take about 18 hours for them to drive in.

The whole Brewer family would come in to visit Granny and Grandpa for our family reunion. We would stay with Granny for a week.

It was an amazing time for us. It is hard to believe how many of us that stayed there. We would be packed in the house like sardines. Sometimes in good weather, we would make tents out of quilts that Granny had and slept in them.

Uncle Jim was a film buff and he was always walking around with a camera or a hand held reel to reel movie camera. He would film us all every year and the next time that they came, we would have a movie to watch. He always brought a movie of the Three Stooges for us to watch, too. It was our favorite film. It was in black and white and had no sound, a silent movie. We thought it was the funniest thing and watched it several times while he was in. We watched it every year.

Uncle Jim was such a wonderful man and he had a lot of patience. He would play these films for us anytime we asked.

Over 100 year old "cellar" still stands even though the house is long gone...Over 100 year old "cellar" still stands even though the house is long gone...My Aunt Betty was the handy woman and could do almost anything. She would repair old wicker chairs and weave the bottoms back in. She would make foot stools, repair furniture and even built the last gate that went across the driveway.

The picture is of Aunt Betty and taken this year at our family reunion. She is now 89 but was still able to come in from Nicholasville Ky. The other picture is of a cellar that my Grandfather built almost 100 years ago. He was a stone mason and he cut the stone.

Aunt Betty remembered living in the house beside that cellar. She remembered as a little girl Granny canning vegetables and berries. She said that Granny kept it full of quart jars of everything that was needed. The cellar is still there today as a testimony of my Grandfather's workmanship.

The house that was beside the cellar has long been gone I can barely remember a skeleton of it. Mom and Dad lived there when they were first married. My oldest brother Jim and oldest sister Mary were born in the house.

I took this picture of the cellar this year and showed it to Aunt Betty. She was surprised that it was still there.


--From John Hensley's FB page. He is a businessman who lives in Warfield, Ky.




0 #2 Memories 2018-08-10 13:54
I would give all my possessions for just one more day from my youth when family wouldwould come in to visit and wed all be gathered at my grandmothers house. Things have changed so much with families, and i read some stats that said something like 70% of kids nowadays do not bond with grandparents. Its sad
+1 #1 Michael Coburn 2018-08-08 15:17
Loved your story. The root cellar is neat and I have those in my memories, too. Homegrown stuff makes for good eating. I loved it when company came a-calling. That meant good food and maybe a pie or cake, or homemade ice cream.
Thanks for the article, John.

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