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FRED's Pics! 

Freds pic:  J.R. Miller and sonsFreds pic: J.R. Miller and sons

Some FB Comments:

Fred Jones
...I used to get 25 lbs. boxes of hard candy at Christmas time for Arch Thompson's Cut Rate Market. Richard Gussler, Cecil Slone and I would pour the candy into smaller bags to sell.

Vicki Thompson Painter
....Papa Arch wanted his granddaughters to learn the value of a dollar and he put us to work doing that job during school break😁😁 I think I was paid by the box, Fred, thank you

Paul D Miller
...I would ride my bicycle there from my house to visit everyone. I know my Dad thinks there was no other place like it. He loved his years there as well as my whole family.

Mike Miller
...Early 70's. The grocery store was closed in 1969. Actually the grocery store was bought out by my dad, Thaddeus, and Mack Preece. They moved it to The City Market on Main Street. I could write a book about this place and all the fine people that worked with us here. Thanks Fred for sharing this.

Linda Rice Ferguson
...Absolutely I remember that place. 90% of my material for a dress came from there until I was 6 or 7 ( in the form of feed sacks). I loved the employees and their joking with me!!

Ruby C Jordan
...Mrs. Butler would let a couple of us walk down there and buy candy for everyone when I was in the 7th grade! Love hearing about and seeing the history of our hometown! Thank you Fred!

Phyllis Lemaster Sturgill
...My Dad, Ben Lemaster and brother, Harold Wray worked here. Dad retired from here. Best salesman J.R. ever had.

Larry Cordle
...My 1st Job, summer of 1967. Hot & hard work but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I learned a lot of lessons there w/Paul Jones/Homer, Gordon, Thaddeus, Cline Smith, Chalk eye, Paul David, so many others .... and of course the man himself J.R. Miller ... my great uncle. A hard working man. Tough but fair & honest.

Bud Preece
...Mom spent a good deal of her life working in the retail side of the business.

Bernard Nelson

...Sure do, J. R., Jack Stansberry and Thaddeus. Oops who could forget Mr. Spencer... Thanks for sharing Fred, Louisa's history, you need to put them all in a book, donate them to the library for future folks to see how it was back in the day.



0 #3 Good Old Days 2017-09-12 18:12
Yes, thanks Fred. Truly the good old days. Louisa was once a busy little town. JR Millers,The Big Mill,Car dealerships,gas stations(real ones),garages,r estaurants,clot hing stores,IGA and the hardware store,saw mills etc...what happened?
+3 #2 Mary Fitzpatrick 2017-09-12 03:08
I love your pictures! My sister-in-law, Julia Bartram Jones, worked at JR's while my brother was in Korea back in the early 50's. I agree with Bernard on the pictures, but I think you need to sell them.
+2 #1 Terry 2017-09-11 21:58
Wow!!! That really brought back great memories! When I was n the 7th grade, going to school n the "old building" we were allowed to go home for lunch so I would always get hot suckers @ JR Miller's!!! So much fun back then!!! I would love to bring them back!!! Great story Fred!!!! He's my Uncle!!!!

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