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September 12, 2017

$835,000 loan approved for new water lines; bids for new storage buildings accepted

Teresa Hillman says she has been shot with pellet gun by neighbor

Anything missing here? Yes, council members Ron Cordle and Matt Brown, who  had to be away on business. Anything missing here? Yes, council members Ron Cordle and Matt Brown, who had to be away on business.

The Louisa City Council met for their monthly meeting, Tuesday, September 12, 2017. Those in attendance were Mayor Harold Slone, Councilman Mitch Castle, Councilwoman Lisa Schaeffer, Councilman Tom Parsons, Councilman John Nolan and Eldred Adams Attorney for the city. Missing are council members Ron Cordle and Matt Brown.

The Mayor began by thanking Cash Express for bringing a beautiful and tasty cake to the City in honor of September 11. "That was certainly a nice gesture," the Mayor said.

Items on the agenda were addressed as follows:

*  Motion by Lisa Schaeffer, second by John Nolan to approve minutes for special meeting August 22, 2017. All were in agreement.

*  Motion by Tom Parsons, second by John Nolan to approve second reading of amendment to Ordinance 2015-02-2A, “Amendment to Ordinance Regulating the Application for and Sales of Alcoholic Beverages and Establishing Licenses and Fees.

Mayor Slone restated again for the record "This refers strictly to bars and other establishments that sell alcohol by the drink only and do not sell food. This would prohibit the opening of a "bar" in our town".

*   Bids were opened again for the cost of building 2 structures for the City. The lowest bid went to Midwestern Building of Mt. Sterling, Ky for $16,200 for the salt building and $52,800 for the equipment building. Motion by Mitch Castle, second by Lisa Schaeffer to accept the bid. All were in agreement.

*  Motion by Mitch Castle, second by John Nolan to approve Resolution 2017-11, “A Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to Execute all Necessary Documents for Phase One of the Rediscover Louisa Riverwalk Project $75,000/TA,”.  This continues to be in planning and design phase.
*  Motion by Tom Parsons, second by Mitch Castle to approve Resolution 2017-12, ”A Resolution of the City of Louisa Authorizing Mayor, Harold E. Slone and Successors-In-Title to File Loan Applications and as Official Project Representative of Federally Assisted Drinking Water Revolving Fund [State Revolving Loan Program] Project”. This project will replace the oldest water lines in the City, Slone said. The streets involved are Boone, Rice, Pike and others in that area. The cost for this project is a $834,000 of which the City can be forgiven up to 50% on the loan. The remainder of the loan would be repaid at 1.25% interest.
*  The next topic was setting the new tax rate. Assessments went up for the city resulting in a decision to leave the tax rate at the current rate of 0.237 or the compensating rate of 0.235. Council voted unanimously to keep the tax rate at the current rate of 0.237.

A motor vehicle tax was also set at 0.20 cents per 100.00 of assessed value of the vehicle.
*  The date for 'Trick or Treat' was set as October 28, 2017 between the hours of 5:30 to 7:30PM. This date was chosen to coincide with the Nightmare in the Square event on the same evening. This date allows all children to participate in both events and to provide some relief for parents who want their children to have a great and safe time.
*  Eldred Adams, Attorney for the city, responded to a question from the audience about the resolution of the litigation proceeding against the City with regard to the death of Billy Collins. He stated, "We are not in a position to comment on pending litigation." (See Lazer stories on the main page)

Teresa and Donald Hillman, residents of the City, were there to present evidence of a violation of KRS 227.715 which is the State Law concerning the use of fireworks within the City limits.Teresa and Donald Hillman, residents of the City, were there to present evidence of a violation of KRS 227.715 which is the State Law concerning the use of fireworks within the City limits.
*  Teresa and Donald Hillman, residents of the city, were there to present evidence of a violation of KRS 227.715 which is the State Law concerning the use of fireworks within the City limits.

The Hillmans said they have a neighbor who keeps setting off fireworks toward their personal property and themselves.

"I have a pending assault charge against them for hitting me twice in the back with a pellet gun," Teresa Hillman said.

They made the case that this law prohibits the lighting of fireworks within 200 feet of any structure, vehicle or other person. Adams said he would have to research the law and get back to the council. The Council agreed to modify or create an ordinance that would address this issue.
*  Mayor Slone and the Council also agreed to modify existing ordinances to address the parking of commercial trucks specifically tractor trailer types on back city streets. It has caused concern on many occasions in the city. The parking on sidewalks was also mentioned and would also be looked into.
The meeting was adjourned for Executive Session. Upon return there was no action taken.

The meeting was then adjourned.



+1 #8 Lol 2017-09-15 20:37
To Jokers :
Because the Mayor is a dumbass guy is rock hard for a river walk in that will flood
-2 #7 Jim Slade 2017-09-15 01:59
So stupid to have a Halloween on any date instead of October 31 typical Louisa maneuver. No wonder Kentuckians are stereo typical idiots
+2 #6 Jokers 2017-09-15 00:38
Why does Louisa have to be like Fort Gay? Why can't it be like Ashland or most other cities with bars? Same people that kept Louisa dry for decades are the ones that don't want a bar in their precious city. So your reasoning is Fort Gay is in the shape it's in because of a bar or two, really??? Then why isn't Ashland or Huntington like Fort Gay? Your logic is completely ass backwards. Louisa would be fine with a bar or two, same thing was said about Louisa going wet, well we went wet and guess what...We're still here and the world didn't end,lol. You do realize that good hardworking folks sometimes like to go to the bar and have a cold beer and listen to some live music, what's wrong with that in your OPINION???
-8 #5 WOW 2017-09-14 17:05
I couldn't be happier to read that someone assaulted Mr. Hillman, he's been ripping everyone off for years - LOL...But also, let all the trick-or-treate rs know that I have set OCT 31 - HALLOWEEN as the date of trick-or-treat at my house in Meadowbrook. Stupid city wanting people to come to their shabby event - I won't change my date for that.
+11 #4 Agree 2017-09-14 16:15
I agree with the Hillmans about the fireworks it's not only around them it's in other places also, I get up early for work I go to bed early and it's crazy to set them off all the time
-2 #3 Nunya 2017-09-14 15:47
Seriously, bars in Louisa will make us prosperous? Do you call Fort Gay prosperous, because that is what Louisa will be like if bars are ever allowed here. The alcohol tax from just selling alcohol in stores should be helping the City a lot.
-3 #2 Citz. 2017-09-14 15:03
Kudos city council. No bars is awesome. Most people that want them don't own their homes and could care less what goes in by my home or anybody else's. Just so they get to party and drink. Look how prosperous Ft Gay is. They've had bars all my life and it's still junky in the areas where the bars are. The lowlifes that hang out at bars could care less about what time the party and noise stops. Drunk driving from the bars at Ft Gay is a big problem to. We were hit by a hit n run run driver from the bar over there.
-6 #1 Jokers 2017-09-14 12:52
So the county/city is BROKE, but let's prohibit bars from opening up in Louisa. It's completely ignorant stuff like this that has and will keep Louisa in the shape it's always been, BROKE...A bar would provide jobs and much needed revenue, again, why can't Louisa be like other PROSPEROUS cities in this state and country? Backward ass jokers running our town in the ground, and wanting to tax our way out of financial gloom n doom.

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