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Lawrence Circuit Court Action Friday, March 24th

James Roy ArthurJames Roy ArthurJames Arthur, 46 was present for a motion to dismiss the charge of FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION. Motion was granted.







Brandon BirtBrandon BirtBrandon Birt, 30 was on the docket for a motion for Shock Probation on two cases. The motion was reset for 4-14-17.








Percilla A. BoggsPercilla A. BoggsPercilla Boggs, 31 was present for a bond hearing on charges of complicity possession of a controlled substance 1st, complicity of drug paraphernalia, and complicity theft by unlawful taking or shoplifting. Bond was set at $5,000.






Richard A. BowensRichard A. BowensRichard Bowen, 27 was present for sentencing on charges of Escape 2nd-degree (Identity facility), and Persistent Felony Offender 1st. The defendant will be sentenced per judgment prepared by the Commonwealth. On a separate case the defendant will be sentenced per judgement by the Commonwealth on charges of Burglary, 1st degree, Assault 4th degree with no visible injury and Persistent Felony Offender, 1st degree.






Alexis J. BoydAlexis J. BoydAlexis Boyd, 23 entered a guilty plea based on Commonwealth's offer on charges of Bail Jumping 1st, Complicity 1st Degree Possession of Cocaine, 1st offense and Complicity to Possess or Use Drug Paraphernalia. Defendant will be final sentenced on 4-25-17.






Barrett Branham Barrett Branham Barrett Branham, 33 Pled guilty to Flagrant Non Support based on the Commonwealth’s offer and will be final sentenced on 4-25-17. Will remain on the same bond until final sentencing.







Michael K. Cordle. Michael K. Cordle. Michael Cordle, 21 was present on a status hearing on charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance, 1st (methamphetamine) and Trafficking in Marijuana, less than 8 ounces, 1st offense. The case was reset for 4-14-17.






 BJ Daniel BJ DanielB.J. Daniel, 34 was present on charges of Complicity Theft By Unlawful Taking. Case set for trial on 5-3-17 and reset for status hearing on 5-12-17 if no trial.







Donta RandallDonta RandallDonta Randall II, 27 was present for a Probation Revocation hearing. The defendant's probation was revoked and defendant was remanded to the Department of Corrections to complete sentence.







Shawn A. FitzpatrickShawn A. FitzpatrickShawn Fitzpatrick, 22 was in court on a Motion For Shock Probation. Shock Probation was denied.








Travis HarmonTravis HarmonTravis Harmon, 22 was present on a Probation Revocation Hearing for a felony offense. The defendant's probation was revoked and Mr. Harmon was remanded to the BSRDC to serve out the remainder of a 12 month sentence.



Henry Jude, 40 entered A guilty plea on charge of Complicity Theft by Unlawful Taking that was amended to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to time served.


Wendy JudeWendy JudeWendy Jude, 31 entered a guilty plea on charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance 1st, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Public Intoxication by Controlled Substance. Final sentencing set for April 25, 2017, and the defendant to be removed from home incarceration pending a order prepared by her attorney Greg Griffith.



Eric Nolan, 35 was present on the charge of Assault, 1st degree and the case was reset for 7-14-17.


Robert D . PowersRobert D . PowersRobert Powers, 24 pled guilty based on an offer by the Commonwealth and will be final sentenced on 4-25-17 on charges of Fleeing and Evading Police, 1st degree, Operate a MV under the Influence of Alc/Drugs, .08 Aggravator, 3rd offense, Receiving Stolen Property, Assault 4th degree (domestic Violence Minor Injury) and Reckless Driving.




Caressa Prater, 28 was on the docket to set aside pretrial diversion. The defendant was not present in the court ordered a bench warrant.


Alyssa L. Roberts Alyssa L. Roberts Alyssa Roberts, 28 was present for a Motion For Shock Probation. The motion was denied.




Joe Roberts, 35 was present on charges Flagrant Non Support and Persistent Felony Offender. A public defender was appointed, a not guilty plea was entered and Pretrial date set for 4-25-17. The court ordered an In Home Incarceration evaluation for bond.




John C. ThomasJohn C. ThomasJohn Thomas, 28 was present on the charge of Forgery Of A Prescription, 1st offense. Hearing was reset for 4-14-17.





Jason Vanatter, 35 was present on the charge of Burglary, 3rd-degree and Persistent Felony Offender. The defendant entered a not guilty plea and was appointed a public defender. Pre-trial set for 4–25–17.


Johnny VaughnJohnny Vaughn
Johnny Darrell Vaughn, Jr., 42 was present for a status hearing on Complicity Robbery, 2nd degree. The defendant to be evaluated and a status hearing set for 5-26-17.




Chastity Wallen, 39 A motion for Defendant’s petition for expungement on a previous case. The motion was granted on 2 cases.





joseph warrixjoseph warrixJoseph Warrix, 28 entered a not guilty plea on charges of Complicity Theft by Unlawful Taking or Shoplifting, Persistent Felony Offender, 1st degree and Criminal Mischief, 3rd degree. Pretrial set for 4-25-17. Bond to remain the same.





Joshua Warrix, 20 entered a not guilty plea on charges of Complicity Theft by Unlawful Taking or Shoplifting and Criminal Mischief, 3rd degree. Pretrial set for 4-25-17. Bond to remain the same.






Lowell Justin Maynard Lowell Justin Maynard Lowell Justin Maynard, 29 entered a not guilty plea on charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance, (methamphetamine) Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Theft by Deception-include cold checks and Possession of a Controlled Substance, 2nd degree (Drug unspecified). An in Home Incarceration Evaluation ordered and Pretrial set for 4-25-17.





Grover Shawn CopleyGrover Shawn CopleyGrover Copley, 41 was present after a bench warrant had previously been issued for failure to appear. Charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance, 1st degree, Operating a MV Under the Influence of Alc/drugs, etc. .08, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Reckless Driving. A hearing was set for 4-14-17.



PVA, County Attorney do not have petition in offices as first stated

Places to sign recall petition announced


As of right now the petition can be signed at these locations:

Nelson Sparks' office 

Jerry Robinson (the plumber) has one

Todd Wilks has one at his home

Wilson & Bailey law offices

The Outpost 

Ralph's Market

Lawrence Co. Judge/Executive John Osborne's office (8:00 - 4:00 pm M-F


If anyone would like to request a petition to place at their home or business please call 606-638-9601, Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.

*   The petition must be completed in 30 days from the time the first voter signs a petition.


Patty Carter

Wilson & Bailey Law Office

(Editor's Note - Todd Wilks, who works at the Lawrence Co. PVA office has a petition but it is not at the PVA office and never has been. PVA Chris Rose called and asked for the clarification. Also Co. Attorney Mike Hogan messaged that the petition is NOT at his office, either. He said in a one page fax that if any legal dispute were to arise from the petition or subsequent election it would be his duty to advise the county court. "Therefore it would not be proper for my office to state an opinion or participate in the circulation of the petition," Hogan wrote.)


Conn faces up to 12 years in prison...

A federal indictment charged that attorney Eric Conn and two others conspired to have the Social Security Administration pay a total of $600 million in disability benefits to thousands of people without regard to whether they actually deserved the money. 

Eric C. Conn pleads guilty in federal fraud caseEric C. Conn pleads guilty in federal fraud case

Flamboyant Social Security lawyer Eric C. Conn, who won disability checks for thousands of people in Eastern Kentucky but caused heartache for many former clients after he was accused of cheating on cases, pleaded guilty Friday in a federal fraud case.

Conn, 56, pleaded guilty to one count of stealing from the Social Security Administration and one count of bribing a federal judge.

Conn, who lives in Pikeville, admitted he submitted false documentation for clients seeking disability payments and paid off a federal administrative law judge who approved the claims.

“I submitted or allowed the submission of medical records that I knew to be fraudulent in nature,” Conn said when U.S. District Judge Danny C. Reeves asked him to describe his illegal conduct.

Conn faces up to 12 years in prison, though his sentence will likely be lower under advisory federal guidelines. He is to be sentenced July 14.

Conn built a lucrative practice specializing in federal disability cases, promoting himself on television and on billboards throughout Eastern Kentucky.

He worked out of an office complex made of several connected mobile homes in Floyd County with a 19-foot-tall statue of Abraham Lincoln out front, hired bluegrass music legend Ralph Stanley to appear in a music video for him and once put a Miss Kentucky USA on the payroll for $70,000 a year as his public relations director.

The Social Security Administration paid Conn’s firm $23 million from August 2005 to September 2015 for his work, according to one court order.

However, whistleblowers in the Huntington, W.Va. office of the Social Security Administration, which handles appeals of cases from Eastern Kentucky, raised red flags about Conn’s relationship with an administrative judge there, David B. Daugherty.

A federal investigation ultimately led to charges that Conn falsified medical documents to show his clients were disabled, and paid doctors $300 to $450 apiece to sign completed evaluations supporting the claims.

Then, Daugherty allegedly arranged for Conn’s cases to be assigned to him and rubber-stamped the claims, often without holding hearings. Conn paid Daugherty up to $9,500 a month in return, the indictment charged.

Daugherty and Pikeville psychologist Alfred Bradley Adkins were charged with Conn.

The indictment said the three conspired to have the Social Security Administration pay a total of $600 million in disability benefits to thousands of people without regard to whether they actually deserved the money.

Daugherty and Adkins have pleaded innocent.

In May 2015, nearly a year before Conn was indicted, the Social Security Administration abruptly notified hundreds of his former clients that the agency would suspend their checks while redetermining if they were still eligible.

The agency said it was taking that action because there was reason to believe some cases Conn’s firm handled included fraudulent information from four doctors.

The move was a blow in Eastern Kentucky, where disability income is a significant part of the economy.

The agency ultimately identified nearly 1,800 beneficiaries, most of them in Eastern Kentucky, for re-determination hearings.

The agency decided not to cut off off checks during the re-determination process after Republican U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers interceded.

Bill Estep

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