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December 13, 2017

To the citizens of Lawrence County:

press release

After 36 years of community service with 21 years of that being in law enforcement, I would like to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for the office of Lawrence County Sheriff. Being born and raised in Lawrence County, I have over the course of my life dedicated myself to community service and hope to continue to do so as your sheriff.

LPD Chief Greg Fugitt ro run for sheriff in 2018LPD Chief Greg Fugitt ro run for sheriff in 2018For the ones that do not know me let me take this time to introduce myself and tell you about me.

Like I stated earlier I was born here in Louisa 51 years ago to Carole Sue Bradley Fugitt and Glen Fugitt. My grandparents were Marie Nelson Bradley & Edgar Bradley, all from Louisa. My family has always been vital in the community either in the grocery business ( Bradley’s Market) or the restaurant business ( Lula Bells & Kentuckian Restaurant) so I understand what It takes to keep your customers happy and in law enforcement the public are your customers.

I graduated from Lawrence County High School in 1984 as so did my wife Kelli Gene Hurt Fugitt in 1995. All of our kids, which are young adults now, have graduated from LCHS or is a senior this year. LaKeisha in 2007, Blayne & Gregory in 2016 and our youngest Latana will graduate this May.

In 1982 I started volunteering at an early age by being only 15 years old and a founding member of the Lowmansville Fire Department and now I’m presently on the Louisa Fire Department.

In 1985 I began working as a part time dispatcher for the City of Louisa 911 Center before leaving and later on taking a job with Brown Food Service for 12 ½ years.

I began my law enforcement career as a volunteer deputy sheriff in 1996 and thanks to a COPS grant was able to be placed on full time in 1998, where I became sergeant in 2000.

Graduating from the Department of Criminal Justice Training I was one of only six to receive awards from my class. During that time I was well aware of what it took to work and manage the office of sheriff by assisting in tax collection and civil process both which is just a couple of the duties of the office.

In 2002 I took the position as patrolman for the City of Louisa where I remain today. During this time I graduated from the Academy of Police Supervision and was promoted to the position of sergeant. Also during this time I worked part time as an EMT for Life Ambulance.

Following the resignation of Chief Claxon I was promoted to Chief of Police in 2011 where I remain as of today.

In my years as Chief I have overcome the budget woes of the city and was able to rebuild the city police department back to a full staff of six full time officers. Preparing a large budget, which is made up of the tax payers money, is a huge portion of running an office.

As administrator you have too know what the needs of the community and your agency are at all times and I feel I have done just that and stayed within our budget.

Writing grants and receiving grant money is vital to a public agency and I have successfully written 5 Kentucky Highway Safety Grants, a Kentucky Homeland Security Grant for ballistic vests and a few years back I started the 'Toys 4' Tots program for the city police department and after meeting with Fire Chief Eddie Preston I merged it with their already existing program. I applied for and received a $2,500 Walmart Community Grant to help keep the program continue passing out toys for between 500-800 Lawrence County Children. In 2003 starting the “Eddie the Eagle” Gun Safety program which teaches kids preschool through 4th grade about the importance of gun safety. Knowing that Sheriff Roberts has started the Coats for Kids Program several years ago and I would like to continue with that program.

As I’m just shy of a decade away form retirement I would like to complete my career at the next level as your sheriff. My goals for being your sheriff is to improve even more on the professionalism that has been already established and increase better response and investigation so that Lawrence County can fight TOGEHER this drug epidemic we are facing.

A more efficiently run department would result in better service to our community and increased law enforcement effectiveness. The deputies that are running for this position are fine men and good officers but I feel my experience in managing an office and overseeing a budget along with my plethora of years of service and training is what Lawrence County needs to lead their sheriff office into the next phase of growth.

So with that said, I’m asking for your support and vote for the position Lawrence County Sheriff, Thank You and God Bless.

--Greg Fugitt



0 #11 Speeder 2017-12-15 01:03
Some traps are for revenue purposes. He chooses who to stick it to. Corrupt. Then asks for your support. Glad to vote against him. Going 40 mph with a pizza. Come on man !!! Barney Fiffe.
+1 #10 Nice 2017-12-14 20:17
Super excited to see this. He's got my vote.
0 #9 Vote mark wheeler 2017-12-14 18:17
Greg Fugitt is a pig. He claims to be this outstanding person but picks his favorites. All a bunch of stupid politics.
+2 #8 Plowboy 2017-12-14 17:14
Quoting Ticket:
He gave me a ticket for going 40 mph in a speed trap. I was picking up a pizza on a Sunday evening. Cost 130 bucks. He was an A.. while doing it. Sheriff no thanks. Hey chief bust some drunks or drug dealers. I work for a living.

I hate speed traps, but I also dislike speeders. We have speed limits for a reason. Speeders put themselves and others in danger.
+2 #7 Agreed 2017-12-14 17:09
Quoting Agreed:
Detective Scotes is just what Louisa needs.

Detective Scrotes
+1 #6 Plowboy 2017-12-14 17:09
Humm. Greg or Mark? I'm just not sure.
-6 #5 Meow 2017-12-14 16:53
He won't ever have or get my vote. He is an a** when it comes to arresting someone. They questioned me for 6 hours. If it would be any of them that's worth a damn in Lawrence County it would be Chuck Jackson or Mac.
-1 #4 Agreed 2017-12-14 11:06
Detective Scotes is just what Louisa needs.
0 #3 Ticket 2017-12-14 01:15
He gave me a ticket for going 40 mph in a speed trap. I was picking up a pizza on a Sunday evening. Cost 130 bucks. He was an A.. while doing it. Sheriff no thanks. Hey chief bust some drunks or drug dealers. I work for a living.
0 #2 voter 2017-12-13 22:40
He has my vote.
0 #1 Good1 2017-12-13 20:24
Greg obviously has the experience and attitude an individual needs to be a sheriff. He’s always done things by the book according to the law, but yet he has enough personal civility and common sense to make the right call on all situations. He’s lived a life of service, it’s that simple. The man definitely has my vote.

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