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UPDATE: The Lazer has learned that a police personnel matter was discussed during an executive session at Tuesday night's special meeting but city officials are mum on the subject.

Mayor Harold Slone said he will not comment on what went on at the executive session and deferred questions to Attorney Eldred "Bud" Adams.

"Council had executive session concerning a personnel matter. Council voted to follow the city policy and procedures," Slone said. 

Any other questions concerning executive session could be directed to the city attorney. 

This is what Attorney Eldred "Bud" Adams said:

"I feel that I am limited on what I can say because it was a personnel matter taken up in executive session," Adams said in a return message. "All I feel I can say is that the Council decided to stay with the current personnel policies of the Police Department and not grant a requested departure."

Apparently a member (or all) Louisa police officers had made a request to change the policy and procedures in some way but the council, after debating it in executive session, chose to not change anything. That way there was no official action at the executive session and they were not required to say publicly what they did in the session.


A special meeting of the Louisa City Council was held Tuesday February 7, 2017 at 7pm. The following members were present. Louisa Mayor Harold Slone, Ron Cordle member, David McKenzie member, Lisa Schaeffer member, Tom Parsons member, John Nolan member and Eldred Adams City Attorney.

Absent was Mitch Castle, member.

The meeting was called to order after the pledge and prayer by the Mayor.

All items had motions, seconds and a unanimous votes of agreement.

⦁ Motion made by Ron Cordle second by Tom Parsons to approve the contract between the City of Louisa and the Louisa Area Fire and Rescue District

⦁ Motion made by John Nolan, second by Tom Parsons to approve first reading of " Compensation of City Employees Pursuant to KRS 83A070"

⦁ Motion by Lisa Schaeffer second by Ron Cordle to approve the first reading of the amendment to ordinance " An Ordinance Adopting the Annual Budget for the Fiscal year(JUly 1 through June 30, 3017) for the City of Louisa, KY

⦁ Motion by Ron Cordle, second by John Nolan to approve the first reading of amendment to ordinance, "Compensation of Louisa Water Sewer Department Pursuant to KRS 83!.070"

The committee then adjourned and proceeded into executive session over a personnel issue. No action was reported from the executive session.

The meeting was then adjourned.




+7 #1 CONTRACT DISPUTE 2017-02-09 13:24
Why was there no mention of the county attorney taking the city to court over a contract dispute?

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