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'This does not involve the county', Hogan says of involvement in case

Officer has grievance; no lawsuit filed yet

Adams, Slone, and HoganAdams, Slone, and Hogan

LOUISA, Ky. -- The answer to the city riddle of the week comes from the horse's mouth. During last Tuesday's "special meeting" matters involving police procedures and a contract question.

City Mayor Harold Slone and attorney Eldred "Bud" Adams  have refused comment saying there was no change to report out of executive session. Adams did say it was a matter of police policy and that no change resulted from the current policies. 


But Hogan appeared this morning with an answer to the puzzling question of what the "beef" they were chewing in closed question was about.

Here is what Co. Atty. Michael T. Hogan said about the dispute:

"...I have not filed suit.  If we do litigate the case it doesn't involve the county.  I have been retained to represent an officer who quit to take a job at the federal prison in Martin County.  He simply got a better job making more money.  

The city had him sign an agreement when he was hired that he had to work 3 years after graduating the academy.  He is like 2 and a half years out of academy and only 6 months left for the 3 year period.

However, he is owed money by the city.  As a K9 officer he is entitled to .5 hours per day overtime to care for the drug dog in his house.  He was paid an extra $1.00 per hour but he's entitled to more.  It's our position that the money owed him is a few hundred dollars more than what he would have to pay back on the pro rats of the 3 years."

So Hogan says no money is owed either way.

(The officer is Patrolman Jordan Miller.) 




0 #6 I wonder 2017-02-15 00:04
Is he trying for business or will he read a contract for you?
0 #5 Kate 2017-02-13 19:27
No one blames this young man for getting a much better job. Thankful that he put his life on the line every day as a member of the LPD. I don't see this as a special deal because I believe he was the only officer with a K9 (therefore there are other contractual obligations), maybe I'm wrong. I assume his contract would state what money is responsible for the K9 fees and if he wasn't getting that then he should be reimbursed. It costs a bit to house and feed the K9. Jordan is a wonderful man. I'm proud of him and wish him the best of luck!
-3 #4 John H. 2017-02-13 01:52
I'm glad they couldn't afford to give them boys a raise but as soon as they had the opportunity to stick it to one of them they wasted no time to do so.
+1 #3 Leia 2017-02-12 23:27
Guess that means the county owes Chuck Jackson about $30K
-2 #2 james 2017-02-12 00:26
What is the status of the Canine?
0 #1 Good Grief 2017-02-11 19:36
Pay the money! He is a good man, but he signed a contract and it doesn't matter whether it is six months or two months out. If he was supposed to be paid more before, he should have filed a complaint. If he is owed money, he is due, but that doesn't give him the option to quit whenever he wants and expect the city to enter into a "special" agreement with him. There are other officers in the same situation but they were not given a "special" deal. Pay your fee to opt out of the contract and then litigate to get your funds due, if any. There are rules and policies just as their are laws and meant to be obeyed. There are proper procedures to withdraw from a contract and proper avenues to get due compensation that is owed - they are not related. Grow up Jordan!

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