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In God We Trust - Established 2008


Rotary held its weekly meeting on Thursday, August 17th. The meeting began with the traditional prayer, Pledge of Allegiance and reciting the Four way test. The club recognized 2 birthdays for the week, Mr. Dan Smith and Rita Parker.

eclipse glasseseclipse glassesIn announcements, Louisa optometrist Elaine Desario talked about some of the dangers in watching the eclipse. She passed out information about how to protect our eyes and passed out free eclipse glasses to everyone.

Dr. Rob Fletcher added to the conversation about the eclipse by saying that schools in L.C. will be canceled, due to the fact that many small kids would be in danger because of the timing. It is scheduled to be right around the time that most kids would be loading onto the bus.

The speaker for the week was Eric Baker a financial Advisor with Edward Jones.The speaker for the week was Eric Baker a financial Advisor with Edward Jones.The speaker for the week was Eric Baker a financial Advisor with Edward Jones. He spoke about what his job is as a financial advisor and gave some educational advice. Baker stated that with stock markets at an all time high, his goal for you is to buy low and sell high.

"Our Prioty #1 should be our retirement. Focus on your long term goal, what’s your risk tolerance, what’s your stage in life.., it’s a good time to diversify your portfolio,” Baker said. "Your heart is the key your success, he explained. Don’t get distracted by the headlines folks, markets aren’t as bad as people think.”

After the speech, the meeting was adjourned for the week.


Our 48th spotlight in the FACES OF HOPE: WE DO RECOVER series will focus  on Brandon Emory’s story, God Doesn’t Make Junk.


 "...Throughout the course of my life I could never fully understand how to deal with reality. Honestly, who wants to? Since I was 16 everybody that I had ever grown close to would either die or something bad would happen to them. Growing close to people was always hard for me. Somehow, I always felt emotionally drained from life affecting me to the point I would just shut down. I guess you can say that was when I turned to drugs to pick me up or fill that void that made me feel so empty all the time

Growing up I had a typical childhood and a little tough love. My brother and I grew up with divorced parents and a single mom that knew no other way of dealing with us but to yell or scold us for anything that we did, and the physical abuse was nothing compared to the verbal abuse that we would endure.

The day I turned 16 I broke my fingers playing football in high school. This was the starting point of my journey through hell and back. Doing the time from that point on and until a year ago, I had tried every type of drug that you can think of. I became solely dependent on anything that would kill the pain or numb my nerves. The feelings of hopelessness and depression were always there. I always felt like at the time that I was being punished by God for all the awful things that I had done to get drugs, or the things I did to get the money for drugs. During withdrawals, I would always beg and pray for my life to be ended so I would no longer hurt or I would rob somebody just to get what I needed. I felt I served no purpose but to bring pain and suffering to everyone's lives, so I wondered what was the point in living. I attempted suicide twice but could never get the guts to follow through with it. During all this time, I had great jobs and even careers that would be soon ruined because of the person drugs had made me. I have been locked up, under house arrest, in drug court, and even managed to go through West Care SAP Program; none of these would have any positive affect on me. I even got sentenced to twenty years’ probation and I still didn't care. Being locked up for twenty-six months was like a dope school for me. I learned new ways to hustle and different ways to do drugs.

After the court system had given every possible punishment they could offer, I had finally hit rock bottom. I had a garbage bag and a half of clothes, and the clothes on my back. My three children were being raised by a single mother and a father that loved drugs more than he loved his own kids. I had ruined all trust in the little bit of family I had left. In all reality, I had lost everything, even the will to live. I was homeless, living with anybody that would have me. I even got so malnourished that I had to go to the hospital to have fluids pumped into me just to have something other than drugs keeping me going. I ate barely enough to settle my hunger. After thirty-two years of life, I finally wanted help. If it wasn't for Jeremy Maxie and Derek Hinkle I would never have walked through the doors of Bell Grove Springs. Eleven and a half months later I have been blessed so many times that it is hard to understand. My kids now have their father back. I'm a father, husband, coworker, and a friend. I am happily married to Brandi Moore and an active loving father to 3 biological and 4 step children. I am currently residential staff for Addiction Recovery Care and certified as a Peer Support Specialist. Having God and my support system has given me a whole new outlook on life. I'm not going to tell you that it is always easy being sober because it isn't. I am here to tell you that once you stay strong and fight through the roughest points, positive things will happen. I assure you! I couldn't ask for better friends and family than what I have now. I love my life. I owe a great deal of appreciation and love toward all the staff of Addiction Recovery Care. Thank you, guys for seeing me for the person that I was always supposed to be. Another special thank you to my wife and the rest of the family for giving me a chance and blessing me to be a part of their lives. I have been completely abstinent from any drugs for eleven and a half months and am blessed to have this life that God has given me. Thank you all and God Bless!

Describe your AHA moment:

My AHA moment probably was when I was sitting in McDonald’s parking lot debating on how I was going to get high or was I going to eat. I called a friend of mine begging for help but got scared and ran to my dealer’s house, feeling as though I did not have a purpose in life.

Describe the feelings and emotions while in active addiction:

I was either angry or severely depressed all the time. I felt like there was no reason to live. The feeling of always being alone haunted me.

What is the driving force that keeps you going when times get tough?

Reconciling with all the loved ones and family that I have hurt.

What obstacles or roadblocks have you encountered along your recovery journey?

I neither choose to be an addict nor was it something I signed up for. People struggle with many addictions, but I guess I got picked for the worst one. People deal with these problems in different ways and my way was with drugs. If you truly love someone don’t give up or lose faith in them. People fear what they don’t understand.

What is something you want people who have never struggled with addiction know?

Never lose hope for the person you love. See them for the person you know they can be. Offer guidance and support to seek help and better themselves. Remind them that God doesn't make junk. With God’s guidance, love, and support, joy and happiness can be restored in your life. The power of God’s love is so amazing. Romans 8:31 says, "What shall we then say to these things? IF GOD BE FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US?"

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please call Addiction Recovery Care at 606.638.0938 or visit them on the web at


There is hope. There is help.

Louisa's first blessing box is set. Thank you for everything Gene 'n Merida Pack. It is located between my shop and Giovanni's in downtown Louisa. 

Take what you need.. Give what you can.

I hope those that need food will take what they need. It's a shame in this day and time a child would go to bed hungry.

We invite everyone to add food or personal hygiene products to the box.
I know we can't save the world but if we can help fill a few tummies this will be worth it.

Thank you again Merida and Gene Pack, Cassie Burgess at Glitzy Boutique and Donnie at Giovannis.

We would like to set another box close to the East Elementary School. We have a bigger box we just need a location. If you can help please let us know.

By Joann Brooks Castle