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October 17, 2017

Fletcher warns of possible cuts for retirees, other employees; Explains compensating tax rate...

Board approves Zip Zone Classic for another year

LOUISA – October is a month of changing leaves, changing weather, and in education, changing data. In that vein, Dr. Robbie Fletcher, Superintendent of Lawrence County Schools, opened the meeting for October by recognizing teachers across the district whose students had made the greatest gains and obtained the highest average scores in MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing during the 2016-2017 school year. 

Teachers recognized were: Drew Pack, Stephanie McCoy, Courtney Kingsmore, Chelsee Short, Sidney Alcorn, Lee Ann Cyrus, Melissa Dotson, Lisa Robinette, Sharon Fields, Benji Adkins, Angela Chaffin, and Larisa Skaggs.

The Board also recognized and congratulated Mrs. Kristy Sammons for being hired as the new assistant principal for Louisa Middle School.

In the communication segment of the agenda, Dr. Fletcher and Chairman Heath Preston talked about their interactions with legislators regarding the status of the work on retirement systems for certified and classified personnel. Fletcher indicated that reports are that currently retired educators will likely see an increase in their health insurance costs and possibly a suspension of the cost of living increases afforded them as part of their retirement.

Also, Fletcher stated that there are several changes that could occur for current and future employees and that an official framework should be released this week. Preston encouraged all audience members to contact members of the legislature to request they address the issue for past, current, and future educators.

Dr. Fletcher updated the Board on the status of Lawrence County student participation in the anti-bullying pledge. Last school year, Lawrence County students were among the state leaders in participation in this pledge to treat fellow students and citizens with respect.

Fletcher then updated on the progress of volleyball, soccer, football, academic, and golf teams at the high school level. Hunter Goble competed in the state golf championship, volleyball is in their post-season tournament, the Soccer Dawgs of Lawrence County’s girls’ soccer program won another district title and are in the region tournament, the academic team has had some early season success, and football has an opportunity to host a playoff game if they win in the season finale on Friday.

Dr. Fletcher updated attendees on the progress of development of the drug abuse prevention curriculum and an opportunity for members to attend the KSBA Winter Symposium for Board Members.

In public comment, questions concerning tax rates were raised.

Dr. Fletcher and Chairman Preston pointed out that the Board voted for the compensating rate, not the 4% tax increase in addition to the compensating rate. Fletcher also stated that the compensating rate is the one that the state would assume for property owners if the Board had taken no action on tax rates.

LCHS Guidance Counselor and middle school soccer coach Scott Johnson then took the floor to point out the large amount of community support (many students and parents were in attendance) to begin a soccer program for boys at the high school level. Johnson noted that the middle school soccer team had a 10-1-1 record this season and youth soccer had existed for many years and the time seemed right to bring it into existence as a new team sport.

Fletcher said there would be “hoops that have to be jumped through” in order to enact the establishment of a boys’ soccer program.

Later, Chairman Preston moved the agenda forward in the interest of accommodating parents and kids, to have the official discussion of the establishment of the soccer team begun. He turned it over to Dr. Fletcher, who informed the audience that he had already been in consultation with neighboring school districts that had done this in the past and would be an issue of doing while at the same time not unbalancing issues related to Title IX implementation, which guarantees that opportunities for males and females to participate in educational opportunities at an equitable level.

Fletcher made it clear that while it would be a matter of overcoming some obstacles and that there would be a necessity for a formal survey that indicated sufficient student interest in the sport, those were hurdles he was confident would be overcome fairly quickly.

The Board heard the annual financial audit report from Mr. Darrell Blair of Wells & Company, P.S.C. and received clarifications of some matters within the report and voted to accept it. In closing, Mr. Blair stated that he continues to see improvements in the financial practices of the schools.

Dr. Cassandra Webb and building principals Debbie Delong, Shawn Jennings, Sara Bowen, Anna Prince, Joe Cecil, and Christy Moore presented data on MAP and other assessments from the first of the school year. Items approved included the agreement with Sheldon Clark High School to host the Zip Zone Classic in November at LCHS and the annual LMS 8th Grade Field Trip to Pigeon Forge, TN.

Superintendent’s Personnel Action/Update

October 16, 2017


Hiring: Substitute Teachers

Samatha Penix

Amber Burton

Angela Huff


Denise Sanchez - Cook/Baker at Fallsburg Elementary School


Superintendent’s Personnel Action/Update

September 28, 2017


Peggy Fisher - FMD Teacher at Lawrence County High School

Bobbie Sue Rice - School Health Nurse / Special Needs Nurse at Blaine Elementary School

Nicole Rickman - School Health Nurse / Special Needs Nurse at Fallsburg Elementary School

Luanna Kehler - School Health Nurse / Special Needs Nurse at Louisa West Elementary School

Change of Position

Kristy Sammons - From Teacher at Louisa West Elementary School to Assistant Principal at Louisa Middle School



October 17, 2017

Students and faculty at Ashland Community and Technical College returned from fall break with some new technology in place to help enhance learning in both online and physical classrooms.

Instructors at Ashland Community and Technical College take advantage of the new faculty emporium located on the Technology Drive Campus. The faculty emporium includes a Whisper Room, a soundproof booth with recording equipment; a Lite Touch Pro; Learning Glass; Microsoft Surface Book laptops; and an interactive short throw projector.Instructors at Ashland Community and Technical College take advantage of the new faculty emporium located on the Technology Drive Campus. The faculty emporium includes a Whisper Room, a soundproof booth with recording equipment; a Lite Touch Pro; Learning Glass; Microsoft Surface Book laptops; and an interactive short throw projector.

The installation of three new workstations — two at the College Drive Campus and one at Technology Drive — as well as a faculty emporium on Technology Drive, was made possible through a five-year Title III grant.

The Title III grant has two major focuses: the design of active and collaborate classrooms and the design of quality online courses.

The $2.5 million grant — allocated $490,000 each year — began in October 2016. All objectives for the first year were met, said Sara Brown, ACTC’s eLearning Activities Coordinator/Learning Specialist, greenlighting ACTC’s next installment of funding for year 2.

“The point of these new workstations is it makes it easier and more conducive to have active and collaborative learning in the classroom,” Brown said.

The enhanced classrooms were outfitted with new tables and chairs that are mobile, student white boards that can be displayed on easels, new instructor computers and thread poles to bring more power sources into the classroom for students to charge laptops and other electronic devices. Each room is also getting a short throw projector.

“This turns any white board into an interactive white board,” Brown said. “It still does all the same things a regular projector would do, but you can annotate PowerPoint slides and you can save those changes. You can record your session. And it works as a regular white board.”

Over the lifetime of the grant, more classrooms will take on the new design.
“Selecting the workstations for the classrooms was based on the need to really update what we had for our students, making the classrooms an environment where we can mirror the skills students need in the 21st century and especially in the workplace,” Brown said.

The faculty emporium was installed to have a dedicated training area for faculty and allows them space to create materials for their classes, such as video and audio recordings. The faculty emporium includes a Whisper Room, a soundproof booth with recording equipment; a Lite Touch Pro; Learning Glass; Microsoft Surface Book laptops; and an interactive short throw projector.

In the area of online class design, Brown said faculty have been attending workshops and conferences to learn best practices.

“I spend a lot of my time helping faculty redesign their online courses so that they meet Quality Matters standards, which is the company that we contract with,” she said. “We’ve been having trainings to incorporate elements that are more engaging for the students.”

In September, 15 faculty members attended a two-day training workshop from a Learning Environment Architect who came from the University of Central Oklahoma. Additional trainings will be ongoing this fall to make sure students are always connected to their online classes.

During year 2 of the grant, ACTC will install its first e-learning support lab for students who need assistance with using Blackboard or creating various multimedia projects for their online classes. That is slated to open in the spring at the College Drive Campus. Year 3 will add the support lab at Technology Drive.


Lawrence County Board of Education

Regular Meeting

Every Child College and Career Ready;

A Community Involved and Informed

October 16, 2017; 6:00 p.m.

Lawrence County High School

Louisa, Kentucky





Mission:  Every Child College and Career Ready; A Community Involved and Informed

The Pledge to the United States Flag



3.A. Teacher MAP Recognition: Fall 2016 to Spring 2017

3.B. LMS Assistant Principal, Kristy Sammons


4.A. Superintendent’s Update

4.A.1. Chairman Preston and Superintendent Fletcher attend KEDC Call to Action

4.A.2. Pension framework update

4.A.3. Local Facilities Planning update

4.A.4. Stop the bullying pledge #GetInvolved

4.A.5. Volleyball, Soccer, Football, Golf update

4.A.6. Drug abuse prevention curriculum next steps

4.A.7. KSBA Winter Symposium for Board members

4.B. Public Comment


5.A. Approve Minutes of the September 18, 2017 Regular Meeting and September 28, 2017 Special Meeting

5.B.  Annual Financial Report (AFR) Fiscal Year 2016-2017

5.B.1. Approve to accept the 2016-2017 Annual Financial Auditor Reports: Darrell Blair, Wells & Company, P.S.C.

5.B.2. Approve to accept the 2016-2017 Lawrence County School District Audited Annual Financial Report (AFR) - July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017


5.C.1. Approve Claims and Orders of the Treasurer

5.C.2. Approve the Monthly Financial Report: Finance Officer Brandi VanHoose

5.C.2.a. Bank Reconciliation Report

5.C.2.b. MUNIS Balance Sheet and Monthly Financial Report

5.C.2.c. Finance Update


5.D. Approve Consent Agenda items:

5.D.1. Per diem and expenses for members present

5.D.2. Contracts & Services:

5.D.2.a. Updated property lease renewal agreement

5.D.2.b. Vehicle lease agreements:

5.D.2.b.1. Master Lease Agreement-Lawrence County

5.D.2.b.2. Commercial Credit Application (Government)

5.D.2.b.3. Authorized Signature Certificate

5.D.2.b.4. Factory Quotes

5.D.2.c. EyeMed agreement renewal

5.D.3. Requests:

5.D.3.a. Fundraisers:                                                                                                  

5.D.3.a.1. Louisa West Elementary

5.D.3.a.2. Louisa Middle School

5.D.3.a.3. Louisa East Elementary

5.D.3.b. Trip Requests:

5.D.3.b.1. Out of State Trip Request: Annual Louisa Middle School 8th Grade Field Trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Wednesday, April 11, 2018 through Friday, April 13, 2018

5.D.3.c. Use of Facilities:

5.D.3.c.1. Use of LCHS for Sheldon Clark High School's Zip Zone Basketball Classic; November 2017; proof of insurance provided

5.D.4. For Review/FYI: (no action required)

5.D.4.a. School Activity Fund Reports: September

5.D.4.b. SBDM/Advisory Council Minutes (LMS, LWES)

5.D.4.c. Monthly Energy Report

5.D.4.d. 2017 Kentucky Schools Energy Management Report-Lawrence County

5.E. Discuss LCHS request to create a high school boys soccer program


5.F.1. District Quarterly Data

5.F.2. Louisa West Elementary (K-1): Debbie Delong, Principal

5.F.3. Louisa East Elementary (2-5): Anna Prince, Principal

5.F.4. Blaine Elementary School (K-8): Shawn Jennings, Principal

5.F.5. Fallsburg Elementary School (K-8): Sara Bowen, Principal

2.F.6. Louisa Middle School (6-8): Joey Cecil, Principal

2.F.7. Lawrence County High School (9-12): Christy Moore, Principal

5.G. Approve Second Reading of revision to Policy 08.221 Grading

5.H. Approve Review of district-initiated revision to Procedure 09.124 AP.21Tuition Agreement Form

5.I. Approve bid for architect/engineer to complete the facility assessments and drawings per Section 102 of the KSFPM  (702 KAR 4:180)

5.J. New Business


6.A. Superintendent Professional Growth and Evaluation System (SPGES) Update:

        Robbie L. Fletcher, EdD

6.A.1. Standard 2 Instructional Leadership

6.B. Approve to acknowledge receipt of Superintendent's Personnel Action/Update