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Lawrence County Fiscal Court May 16, 2017

Salaries set for top officials at same as last year; Agrees to refinance judicial center bonds
FISCAL COURT 5/16/17 TheLevisaLazer.comFISCAL COURT 5/16/17

The Lawrence Co. Fiscal Court met their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Those in attendance were Judge John Osborne, Magistrate Rick Blackburn, Magistrate Earl Boggs, Magistrate John J Lemaster, Magistrate Morris Howard, County Clerk Chris Jobe and Sheriff Garret Roberts. The meeting was called to order after the Pledge and opening prayer.

The following motions were made and approved by the Court:

Motion by Earl Boggs, second by Rick Blackburn to approve the minutes of the April 18, 2017 meeting.

Motion by John Lemaster, second by Morris Howard to approve the 1st Reading of Budget Amendment #5

Motion by Rick Blackburn, second by John Lemaster to approve the Treasurer's request to transfer the appropriate funds within the FY 2016-17.

Request to the Road Fund $48,500 Jail Fund $3,080 and the LGEA fund $3,300.

RJ Palmer of Compass Municipal AdvisorsRJ Palmer of Compass Municipal AdvisorsMotion by Morris Howard, second by Rick Blackburn to approve Bills

Motion by Morris Howard, second by Earl Boggs to approve Treasurer's Report

Motion by John Lemaster, second by Earl Boggs to approve the 1st Reading of the FY 17/18 budget

Motion by John Lemaster, second by Earl Boggs to approve Recurring Expenses for FY 17/18 (no amount given)

Motion by John Lemaster, second by Rick Blackburn to set Salaries for FY17/18.


Bi-weekly Salary/hourly gross (Every two weeks)

County Judge Executive $3,272.51
County Attorney $1,870.00
Magistrates $525.33
County Clerk $3,291.19
Sheriff $3,272.51

Motion by John Lemaster, second by Earl Boggs to approve the Resolution between the LC Fiscal Court Authorizing the Execution of a Lease Agreement with the LC Public Corp and KY AOC. The Fiscal Court is also a Public Properties Corporation. The bond payments for the new Lawrence County Judicial building were reviewed by the Court. R.J. Palmer of Compass Municipal Advisors discussed how this would impact the County.

He stated, "The refinancing of the bond that will mature in 2030 will reduce the interest rate from 4.23% to 2.45% resulting in a Net Savings of $421,714. The savings to the County would be $42,171 (10%)." This new interest rate also allows the County to save 57% on the loan rate which was previously negotiated. ( 2.45 / 4.23 )

Motion by Earl Boggs, second by John Lemaster to accept Sheriff's 2015 Unmined Coal Settlement

Motion by Rick Blackburn, second by Earl Boggs to authorize Clerk Chris Jobe to advertise for bids on gravel, blacktop, pipe, fuel, etc.

Motion by Rick Blackburn, second by John Lemaster to approve Personnel Policy and Procedures and Administrative Code

Bid for Blaine Fire Dept. Surplus F 150 to Lynn Spillman for $1,205.00

Motion by John Lemaster, second by Rick Blackburn to allow the County Attorney and the Judge Exec to accept the most appropriate bids for Road Salt (KACO)

Motion by Earl Boggs, second by Rick Blackburn to approve the county sewer system takeover by the City of Louisa. The City will assume the loan through KIA that will be paid off in 4 yrs.

"The County is glad to be out of the sewer business, said judge/executive John Osborne."

Motion by Earl Boggs, second by John Lemaster to approve the increase in Law. Co. Park Rental Rates on tent sites from $15.00 to $20.00 to match the State Rate minimum.

Motion by John Lemaster, second by Morris Howard to appoint John Rose to the Board of Appeals of Assessments.

New Business

Judge Osborne told the court that had just received a letter from FIVCO informing him of the current financial status concerning the FIVCO Regional Landfill (located in Grahn, Ky). The recurring cost monthly is approximately $1,000.00/ month. Each of the 4 counties excluding Greenup would be responsible for $3,000.00 / year. Item was tabled until additional information is available.

The meeting was then adjourned.



0 #5 tax payer ??? 2017-05-25 11:49
Who did they give $3000 dollars to at the jail?? Taxpayers are already funding 3 people on day shift at the tune of at least $80,000 dollars a year now of tax payers dollars !!
+1 #4 ???? 2017-05-20 02:09
Motion to personnel policy. What did they change. Transfer of funds. Road 48000 jail3000... what do these mean??
0 #3 State Sets 2017-05-19 20:33
The Fiscal Court has nothing to do with setting the salary of the elected officials, that is already done by the State by KRS. The only people they set them for is it's employee's of the county. Why is this so hard to figure out, google it.
-1 #2 Magistrates 2017-05-19 02:04
They talk big. They get in the meeting they put their tails between their legs. Mr Howard is the only one who will go against the group
+2 #1 Fuzzy Math 2017-05-18 15:26
We were told that we weren't paying for the new judicial building. Another lie. Even if we pay 10% (of interest, not sure what on the loan) that was a LIE!

That's elected officials. Keep lying and you'll keep getting elected!!!!!!

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