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Broadcast and Journalism students recognized at Board meeting; plans underway for dealing with winter weather...

Parent riled over treatment of autistic son on bus...

James Ellis with media students Cory Horn, Grace Adkins, Paul Stepp and Hannah DanielsJames Ellis with media students Cory Horn, Grace Adkins, Paul Stepp and Hannah Daniels

The Lawrence County Board of Education met Monday, September 15, at 6:00 pm at the LCHS Library.  After the Pledge of Allegiance was said, the meeting was called to order by Board Chairman, Jim See.

Superintendent, Robbie Fletcher, asked for a moment of silence for Mr. Joe Hewlett, a retired Lawrence County School District employee who passed away recently. Mr. Hewlett served in the past as Assistant Superintendent, Finance Director and Blaine Elementary Principal.

The fist item on the agenda was student and staff recognitions.  

The LCHS Mass Media and Journalism Class along with leader, Mr. James Ellis, was present to talk to the board about their current project, the cable TV access channel which is through Lycom and Foothills. Ellis is the Adult Education Director in Lawrence county.  

Ellis wants to make everyone aware of what's going on with each school by letting the students generate, write, and produce the content for the channel. In other words, write stories and do videos for local cable TV. 

"This will not be a dull slide show, but a lively, student driven production that will showcase each school," Ellis said. There are currently eight students in this class, but Ellis said the community is involved as well.  

"These students are outstanding and I am very proud of them."  

Four students from the class were present at the Board meeting; Cory Horn, Grace Adkins, Paul Stepp and Hannah Daniels. A short clip was shown of the students' work. Dr. Fletcher presented each of the students with a certificate of recognition.

Superintendent Robbie Fletcher presents certificates to Broadcasting and Journalism students, Cory Horn, Grace Adkins, Hannah Daniels and Paul SteppSuperintendent Robbie Fletcher presents certificates to Broadcasting and Journalism students, Cory Horn, Grace Adkins, Hannah Daniels and Paul Stepp

The Superintendent's Update was the next order of business beginning with the CT4GC Implementation. It stands for Co-Teaching For Gap Closure and allows work with special education students and regular classes, in which teachers collaborate. 

"We are taking the lead in the state with this program," said Fletcher.

Another program that is showing success according to Fletcher is the small group and concentrated settings that provides both intervention and enrichment.  It allows for students who are not where they need to be to get to their goal, as well as pushing the gifted and talented students even further.

The Credit Recovery Process is a program that keeps students from failing at an early stage.  "It helps the 50-59 grade students get to at least 60%  so they don't get so far behind that they feel there's no hope" Dr. Fletcher said.

The Continuous Education Summit is coming up September 22-23, in which Lawrence County will have a chance to show other educators across the state how this district is doing.

Flu Clinic Days will be set up for each school soon, and state testing results will be released within the next few weeks.

Before the Board meeting Monday, there was a Planning for Progress meeting at 5:00 pm in which ideas are being explored to reduce the loss of instructional time due to inclement weather.  Some of the ideas discussed included a centralized location at which students could be picked up and transported to school as well as online instruction for up to ten days in which students would be in a virtual classroom.

For students without in home Internet or access, other options would have to be reviewed, and extra time would have to be allowed for those students to make up the work when school was back in session.   

Transportation Manager, Charles Bradshaw, said he would review routes and identify places for possible pick up points, as well as look into routing software that pin points each bus stop. Chairman, Maddlene Roberts said the information should be finalized by next month.

Patricia Hicks addresses Board membersPatricia Hicks addresses Board membersPublic comments were next on the agenda.

Patricia Hicks spoke to the Board about the lack of parent involvement, and the "shuffling of students" at Fallsburg Elementary to accommodate the number of students.

"This has happened two years in a row," said Hicks, and she asked why.  She said Principal Angela Holmes has been great, but there just isn't enough parents involved. Fletcher told Hicks if she would come to his office Wednesday (today) at 3:00 pm, they could discuss her ideas and issues.

There was another public comment by Kennedy Harmon, who has three students in Louisa West Elementary. He said the school is not inviting at all.  

"You have to beat on the door to get someone to let you in."  

He also said there was no parent involvement and there is no kindergarten graduation.

"Fallsburg does it, Ft. Gay has it, it may be seem small, but it's important."  

He went on to say there was no security system in place at the school.  Board Chairman See said plans are being discussed for a security system.  Harmon said that would be great. 

Harmon had another issue, about his four year old son who is  border line autistic.

"He don't understand certain things," Harmon said.  A disciplinary action was issued from Bus number 11 on the child which said the boy was being abusive to the bus monitor. Harmon said  the monitor held the child against his will.  

"I am very upset, and I want something done about this. This is a four year old child, and I will not stand for it," he said. Fletcher gave Harmon his personal cell phone number and asked if Harmon could come to his office Tuesday at 3:00.  Harmon said he would be there, and also said he really appreciated the free lunch system.

"That is putting our tax dollars to good use" he said.

Minutes from the August 18 meeting were approved and then the finance report was read by Business and Finance Director, Edris Humphrey. The beginning balance was $1,537,464, ending balance was $1,014,074, total revenue was $$1,061,620 and the total expenditures was $1,996,996.

Board of Education members, Board Secretary, Betty Mullins and Chief Information Officer, Tom Burns. Board of Education members, Board Secretary, Betty Mullins and Chief Information Officer, Tom Burns.

The Claims and Orders of the Treasurer were approved, as was the Consent Agenda.On the Sheldon Clark High Schools' Fast Lane Classic Basketball Tournament scheduled for Nov. 28-29, Board Member Heath Preston said, "we didn't make any money off that event last year, and we caught some flack over it cause we weren't able to sell anything."  

Fletcher said each participating school received $500 to play in the tournament, but he would check to see if that amount could possibly be increased for host Lawrence County..

The 2014-2015 working budget was broken down and read by Edris Humphrey, who explained what percent of the budget went to each category, the biggest part of which goes to payroll. 

The Achievement Gap Targets was read by Chief Academic Officer, Cassandra Webb and approved as was employee maternity leaves.

Personnel changes and creations were approved and have been posted separately in the Lazer. 

The Superintendent's Professional Growth and Evaluation System was approved, then the meeting was adjourned.  The next regular Board of Education meeting will be Monday, October 20, at 6:00pm at the LCHS Library.

Pre-school and kindergarten teachers added;

School system creates nine new teacher positions...


Below was approved last evening at the 9-15-14 board meeting.  Betty

Re: Request to the Lawrence County Board of Education for Creation and Changes regarding Positions

Request the following positions be created pending the establishment of need and funding:

  • (1) Kindergarten Teacher at Louisa West Elementary School (1-Year)
  • (1) Kindergarten Instructional Assistant at Louisa West Elementary School (1-Year)
  • (1) Preschool Teacher at Louisa West Elementary School (1-Year)
  • (1) Preschool Instructional Assistant at Louisa West Elementary School (1-Year)
  • (1) Part-time (15 hrs/week) Preschool Instructional Assistant at Louisa West Elementary School (1-Year)
  • (1) Preschool Teacher at Blaine Elementary School (1-Year)
  • (1) Preschool Instructional Assistant at Blaine Elementary School (1-Year)

*The designation (1-Year) is provided for positions requested of the Lawrence County Board of Education for the 2014-2015 school year to expire on June 30, 2015.

Request the following extra duty service be created:

  • (1) Public Information Officer (extra duty service pay - $2000)

Request the following positions be changed:

  • From (2) Guidance Counselors/ Career Counselors at Lawrence County High School to (1) Guidance Counselor and (1) Guidance Counselor/Career Counselor at Lawrence County High School



Below is personnel action as reported last evening at the board meeting


Superintendent’s Personnel Action/Update

September 15, 2014


Sarah Perotti                  - LBD Teacher at Louisa West Elementary School

Kimberly Collins           - LBD Teacher at Louisa West Elementary School

Steven Blevins               - LBD Teacher at Lawrence County High School

George H. Salyers         - Teacher at Lawrence County High School

Cindi Laney                    - Teacher at Fallsburg Elementary School

Sarah Fletcher               - Instructional Assistant at Louisa West Elementary School

Ariana Marcum             - District School Health Nurse

Walter Pigmon              - Itinerant Instructional Assistant at Lawrence County High School and Louisa Middle School

Michelle Riffe                - Instructional Assistant at Fallsburg Elementary School


Substitute Teachers

Sonya Fitzgerald

Lola Patrick

Phillip Pack

Whitney Jude

Bryan Short

Carey Miller

Sarah Maynard

Crystal Salyer

Anthony Boggs

Christy Curnutte

Larisa Gauze

Wade Skaggs


Substitute Instructional Assistant

Carey Miller


Substitute Custodians

Steven Brewer

Edgar McKinley


Substitute Bus Monitor

Christy Thompson



James T. Stevens          - Teacher at Blaine Elementary School


Young Women Lead Conference Presenters Announced


Presenters at the Young Women Lead (YWL) Conference at Ashland Community and Technical College in October will talk about the issues and opportunities facing teenage girls today, with the focus on all things that are possible.

Julie ReevesJulie Reeves“The support we are receiving from the community is gratifying,” said Karen Coburn, ACTC Director of Workforce Solutions and YWL chair.  “Many women who are leaders in our area are involved in giving presentations or are working on the planning committee to help young women develop their career and leadership potential.”

Radio host Julie Reeves will be the emcee again this year. A former Virgin Records country recording star, she had two top-40 charting singles on the Billboard Magazine Hot Country Chart.  She moved back to the Ashland area to spend more time with her family and now has a morning show on 93.7 the Dawg (WDGG-FM).

Breakout sessions will cover important skills and life choices such as leadership, financial literacy, careers, social media, fitness and health.  The presenters are listed below.

April Russell Perry is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Kentucky Farmers Bank.  In 2011/2012 she led the creation of BankOn Northeast Kentucky, a group committed to improving financial literacy in the FIVCO area.   In “Money Matter$,” she will cover the basics of financial literacy and how money management skills can help the students now as well as later in life.

Nikki Bryant is Associate Professor and Director of the Health Professions Pathways (H2P) Project at ACTC.  Her topic, “Fighting to be Successful,” is a message about how to deal with being knocked down and how to get back up.  A former professional boxer, she will speak about how a positive attitude, determination, hard work, and sacrifice can overcome obstacles to success.

Jerri Compton, Executive Director of United Way of Northeast Kentucky, will talk about “Getting Ahead by Giving:  How Volunteerism and Advocacy Help You While Helping Others.”  The session will show how volunteerism and advocacy work can not only benefit the community, but help students with applications for scholarships, colleges and careers.

Oreatha Claborn Murray is the Student Activities Coordinator and a recruiter at ACTC. Her topic is “Empowering Women through Health and Wellness.” Building on her experience as a fitness instructor, she will talk about how being healthy and staying healthy can build confidence and help the students achieve their goals.

Ashley Akers-Shepherd, Coalition Coordinator at Operation UNITE, will speak on “Life with a Record.”  Students will learn about the freedoms and citizen’s rights they would lose with a felony conviction and that juvenile court records can continue to be a problem in adult life.

Megan S. Daniel, Clinical Services Manager at Insulet, will talk about “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” in food choices.  Students will learn to read food labels and understand how good sugar vs. bad sugar, whole grains, saturated fats, and trans fat can be important in making choices for their health.

Kennedy Haught, a student at Morehead State University, will talk about “The First Year of College.”  She will share insights about starting college right.  Students will learn how making smart decisions in the beginning of your college years can change the path of your life for the better.

Ellie Pucket is Director of Operations for the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation and Director of Accelerator Space Tango, a business accelerator in Lexington.  Her topic of “No Limits” is about refusing to accept limits on what you can achieve.  At 23 years old, she is breaking through barriers, and she will share her story of self-discovery.

Viviane Vallance, Certified Personal Trainer at Preferred Fitness, will present “Awaken the Mind and Body,” a series of yoga inspired stretches, bodyweight exercises, and core strength movements for  a total  body routine that will get participants moving.

Mae Marks, Co-Founder of Wordsworth Publishing Group, will speak on the topic, “Be the Boss Lady – NOW!”  Participants will learn about entrepreneurship and innovative thinking, and find out about the steps they can start taking now to empower their lives.

Jennifer Vlahos, Online Marketing Manager, and Kristi Middleton, Public Relations Manager, from the Kentucky Community and Technical College System office in Versailles will speak on “The Social Scene.”  They will share tips on what to post and how much to share on social media to avoid risks of potential harm now – or in the future.

New this year is a Career Panel of women executives and managers who will share information about jobs in their organizations. Students can find out about career paths, requirements for different kinds of jobs and what it takes to move ahead in an organization. Each day will feature a different panel.

Panelists are Maria Manriquez and Amy Moffatt from Toyota, Kristie Whitlatch and Autumn McFann from King’s Daughters Medical Center, Brooke Frye from Calgon Carbon Corp., Katie McKnight and Kaitlin Stringer from Marathon Petroleum Company LP, and Lisa Pruitt and Carolyn Stevens from Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital

Young Women LEAD is a free leadership development and education conference for high school girls in the Ashland area and surrounding counties. The conference is presented by Toyota Manufacturing –North America in partnership with SOAR, a woman’s professional development organization, and ACTC. Support also comes from local business and organizations.

The one-day conference is offered on October 14 and 15, and approximately 250 students are expected to attend each day.

Registration is required for students and chaperones, and registration in ongoing through October 4.  Interested girls who will be juniors at any FIVCO area schools may contact their school counselors for information.  For conference information, email Coburn at:

Halloween Wreath Class

Learn how to make one-of-a-kind decorative wreaths in a class held Thursday, Sept.25, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the ACTC Roberts Drive Campus.  Participants will make a Halloween Wreath to take home.

Instructor Jessica Lucas-Adkins, ACTC workforce Solutions Specialist, is an experienced crafter.  The $12 fee includes the wreath and decorative supplies, but participants should bring scissors and glue gun with glue sticks if possible.

Preregistration and payment is required, and registration is online at: under Community and Workforce, Non-credit Classes. For more information, contact Diana Opell at ACTC External Education, 606.326.2072 or email:

Law Course for KY Realtors

An Ashland Area Board of Realtors® Core Law class will be held Thursday, October 16, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the ACTC Technology Drive Campus.   Virginia Lawson is the instructor for this six hour continuing education class (KREC#14913).

The early registration fee is $68.50 if paid by October 9, with books included in the fee.  The late/walk-in registration fee is $78.50, with seating and books available on a first come, first serve basis.

Pastries, juice, coffee and lunch will be provided.

Online payment and registration is at under Community and Workforce, Non-credit Classes, Professional Licensure and Certification. For registration questions, contact Diana Opell at ACTC External Education, 606.326.2072 or email:

Bi-Term Reminder

October 6 is the application deadline for ACTC’s fall bi-term classes that start October 20 and end December 8. Students can take up to seven credit hours of classes during the bi-term, and  many classes are offered online.

Admissions forms and information are online at: Bi-term class information is online at:

New students enrolling only in the bi-term session may be eligible for financial aid.  To apply for financial aid, complete the 2014-15 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at For more information, call 855-246-2282.

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