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Lawrence County Sheriff's Arrest Report

July 8, 2014


Nickolas Perry, 32, of Genoa, West Virgina was arrested July 6, 2014 for Alcohol Intox in a public place and Fleeing or Evading Police 2nd Degree. 

According to Chief Deputy Mark Wheeler he responded to Yellow Creek Road in Louisa where Perry allegedly had a butcher knife and wanted to harm himself and would not let family around him.  Upon arrival Perry saw officers and took off running. He had to be told multiple times to stop before finally getting down. Officers were in marked cars and uniforms. Perry became compliant with officers. Officers detected odor of alcoholic beverage about person, manifestly under influence of alcohol and lethargic. He said he had drank beers and denied wanting to harm self or doing so.

William Chafin, 28, of Louisa was arrested July 2, 2014 for Theft by Unlawful Taking/ Shoplifting under $500. Officer also served warrant.

Micheal Jude, 50, of Lovely was arrested July 1, 2014 at Yatesville Lake for AI and Possession of a controlled substance in second degree. Also Deputy Jackson served warrant for underlying charges for Martin District Court.

Charles Ferguson, 39, of Dunlow, West Virgina was arrested July 1, 2014 for Alcohol Intox in a Public Place first and second offense and Officer served Bench Warrant.

Louisa City Council


July 08, 2014--7:00 PM

Louisa City Hall


  1. Call to order.
  2. Pledge of allegiance and prayer.
  3. Amendment to Ordinance 12-04, “ordinance relating to establishing a Board of Parks, Playground, Recreation, and Leisure.
  4. Louisa Police Department.
  5. Louisa Fire Department.
  6. Louisa Street & Sanitation Department.
  7. Louisa Water & Sewer Department.
  8. Whole sale water rates.
  9. Louisa Swimming Pool.
  10. Personnel policy.
  11. City of Louisa Budget FY 2014-2015.
  12. W & S FY 2014-2015.
  13. Audience comments.
  14. Executive session.
  15. Adjourn.


July 1, 2014;

Commonwealth Attorney expected to file for death penalty in Uhlmann case; report date set for Sept. 26...

By Catrina Vargo

Anna melvinAnna melvinLouisa, KY -- Aaron Uhlmann, 43, a Webbbille man indicted on murder and kidnapping charges in April of this year on a domestic violence incident involving his wife, Jennifer Priddy, will report for court on Sept. 26.  The report date was set during Lawrence County Circuit Court, Friday, June 27.

According to the indictment, Uhlmann knowingly and unlawfully restrained Priddy with the intent to inflict bodily injury and/or to terrorize the victim.  The indictment says that Priddy died from serious physical injuries suffered as a result of the kidnapping.

Uhlmann was arrested in December, 2013 on the assault charge involving Priddy, and was first indicted in January on kidnapping and robbery charges in the same incident, when he allegedly stole a truck from a man, and forced him to drive toward a neighboring county.  

The murder charge was added after Priddy died.

Commonwealth Attorney, Anna Melvin, is expected to file notice that the Commonwealth will seek the death penalty for Uhlmann, although formal documents have not yet been filed.

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