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Another Lawsuit Is Filed Against Road Contractor;

INEZ—Additional residents of “Hardin Bottom” and other areas of Martin County, Glenn Horn, James Kirk, William Mollette, Mike Begley, Jesse Fletcher, Delores Lafferty, Hazel Smith, Arthur Fletcher, Willis Staten, Loretta Mills and Robert Lee Oaks, filed a lawsuit Monday in the Martin Circuit Court against Kokosing Construction Company and Brandywine Explosives & Supply Company regarding alleged damages they have sustained to their homes and properties from blasting activities connected to construction of a new highway near their homes, which are located close to Sheldon Clark High School. According to the suit, Kokosing Construction Company is a Westerville, Ohio company and Brandywine Explosives & Supply is a company located at Paris, Kentucky.

A huge boulder fell on the SCHS parking lot after blasting for the new Rt. 40 took place. Another rock actually struck the building last week and created a large hole, SC principal Robbie Fletcher said.Two weeks ago, twelve owners of property at “Hardin Bottom” and Coldwater, filed a similar lawsuit. “After that suit was filed,” John Kirk said, “lots of others have contacted us with similar problems. I find it alarming what has happened to our high school and to the homes of nearby families,” he added. “It is my hope that the construction companies will step up to the plate and do something about the damage to our school and other properties.”

The suit alleges that the Plaintiffs lived near a mountain where the Defendants have been blasting rock and that Defendants’ blasting activities caused fly-rock and boulders to come onto their homes and properties and that the blasts “shook” the ground and caused the Plaintiffs’ homes to “rattle.”

The suit also alleges that the Plaintiffs live close to Sheldon Clark High School and that the Defendants’ blasting actions caused rocks and boulders to impact the school. Exhibit A of Plaintiffs’ lawsuit is a photo of large boulders in the parking lot at Sheldon Clark High school which, the suit alleges, were “blasted” off the mountain by Defendants onto the parking lot.

The suit further alleges that the “Defendants’ actions in causing numerous rocks to fly onto Plaintiffs’ property (and onto Sheldon Clark High School) show an egregious and unconscionable disregard for the welfare and safety of Plaintiffs, their children and for the students at Sheldon Clark High School” and that “Defendants’ intentional disregard for the safety and property of Plaintiffs constitutes Gross Negligence, for which Punitive Damages are appropriate.”

Osborne announces Labor Day courthouse closing days;


Lawrence County Sheriff's Report

August 19, 2013

William Wilson Chaffins, 25, Louisa, KY was arrested Aug. 15 one mile south Louisa on Hwy. 644, at Old Lick Creek on charges of Public Intoxication from a Controlled Substance, Drug Paraphernalia, Receiving Stolen Property, and Tampering With Evidence.

Chief Deputy Mark Wheeler responded to a 911 call of an intoxicated male at the above location smearing mud and trash on a car.  Upon Wheeler's arrival, Chafin walked out into traffic in front of the deputy's cruiser.  According to the police report, Deputy Wheeler got the subject to the edge of the road and saw that his speech was slurred and his motor skills were slow and exaggerated.  Wheeler observed the subject take his right hand out of his pocket, bend down beside the rear tire, then stand up. When the location was checked by the deputy,  a used syringe was found  in front of the wheel.  On pat down of the subject, a length of blue plastic was tied around his right leg, and what appeared to be tobacco wrapped in black tape.  Chafin was manifestly under the influence and had in his possession twelve stolen checks, ID, and other property, according to the report.

Thomas Stone, 26, Louisa, KY was arrested Aug. 15 six miles north of Louisa at 3232 Fullers Ridge on charges of Trafficking in a Controlled Substance 1st Degree.  Subject was served a warrant for the above charge.

James E. Williamson III, 22, Louisa, KY, was arrested on Aug. 15, half a mile west of Louisa at High Bottom Court and served a bench warrant in a prior case.  A bench warrant for failure to appear was served and a $500 bond was set with no surety.