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Louisa Police Department

Arrest Log

May 2013

5/4/13 – James B. West 18 of Fort Gay – Driving on Suspended License, Improper Muffler, Improper Display of Plates, Failure to Notify DMV of Address Change
5/5/13 – Rodney Childers 41 of Louisa – Alcohol Intoxication in Public Place 1st
5/6/13 – Ricky D. Calisto 45 of Louisa – DUI 1st, Suspended License, No Seatbelt, No Insurance
5/10/13 – Josh Harmon 22 of Louisa – Lawrence County Indictment
5/11/13 – Billy J. Blankenship 46 of Louisa – DUI 1st, Speeding 18 over
5/14/13 – Ray A. Farmer 56 of Louisa – two Trigg County warrants, Leaving Scene of Accident, Failure to Transfer Motor Vehicle, No Operators License, Receiving Stolen Property
5/15/13 – Paul A. Vititoe 26 of Louisa – two Lawrence County bench warrants
5/16/13 – Joseph C. Arnold 30 of Louisa – Menacing
5/17/13 – Raleigh E. Estepp 40 of Louisa – Rowan County Warrant
5/16/13 – Crystal V. Dotson 27 of Louisa – Boyd County Warrant
5/17/13 – Christopher Crabtree 30 of Fort Gay – Lawrence County Warrant
5/18/13 – Billy A. Thomas 44 of Fort Gay – Lawrence County Warrant
5/20/13 – Feliciano P. Perez 40 of Louisa – DUI 1st
5/21/13 – Angel D. Lopez 18 of Louisa – No Operators License
5/23/13 – Eric C. Mosley 40 of Blaine – DUI 1st, Reckless Driving
5/23/13 – Justin D. Russell 27 of Louisa – Lawrence County Warrant
5/23/13 – Jason L. Pack 38 of Louisa – DUI 1st, No Registration, Failure to Signal
5/24/13 – Jeffery A. Doss 45 of Fort Gay – DUI 1st, Failure to Signal, Disregarding Stop Sign
5/24/13 – Rhonda G. Gray 44 of Manchester – DUI 1st, Drug Paraphernalia, No Seat Belt, and No Registration Receipt
5/24/13 – Steve Henson 44 of Manchester – Public Intoxication, Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Controlled Substance, Tampering with Evidence
5/24/13 – Sara B. White 61 of Louisa – Public Intoxication, Possession of Marijuana, Tampering with Evidence
5/27/13 – Todd Detonnancourt 49 of Louisa – Boyd County Warrant
5/27/13 – Joseph E. Stone 44 of Louisa – Johnson County Warrant
5/29/13 – Jesse R. James 50 of Pilgrim – Trafficking in Controlled Substance 1st (Heroin)
5/29/13 – Kelly James 26 of Pilgrim - Trafficking in Controlled Substance 1st (Heroin)
5/29/13 – Jess James 29 of Pilgrim - Trafficking in Controlled Substance 1st (Heroin)

Lawrence County Sheriff's arrest report

May 29, 2013


The Lawrence county sheriffs office made several arrests this past week.

DotsonDotsonAmong those arrested, was Dennis Gene Dotson, 46, of Church Hill, Tennessee.

Dotson was arrested May 25th in the Hardee's parking lot and charged with a burglary that occurred May 23rd. According to the police report, deputies responded to 479 Aaron drive in reference to a burglary. The owner of the home reported firearms and other items stolen and that the suspect used force to enter the residence.

After viewing video and pictures of the day of the burglary, the suspect was seen along with his wife, Melanie Dotson, at the property with a tool that was used to break in.  After an investigation, a rifle that had been stolen was located at G & R gun and pawn. Dotson signed a waiver and confessed to breaking in and taking the rifle and marijuana from the residence which the police discovered the marijuana in his shoe he also admitted to stealing a log strap, rubber hammer, and tape measurer he was charged with first degree burglary.

Raymond Fraley, 49, of Louisa, was arrested May 24th on south highway 23 after deputies responded to a complaint of his vehicle leaving roadway and making contact with a guard rail then pulling out onto 2565 before proceeding onto US 23 deputies attempted to stop him and he would not stop he went approximately two miles with three patrol cars behind him with lights and sirens on after failing a field sobriety test Fraley was arrested and charged with fleeing or evading police and DUI.

Johnathon Kelley, 23, of Louisa, was arrested May 20th and served indictment for 1st degree manufacturing Methamphetamine.

Joshua Laney, 32, of Louisa, was arrested May 20th and served with a warrant for public intoxication of a controlled substance.

CollinsCollinsShelly Collins, 25, of Louisa, was arrested May 22nd and served a warrant for flagrant non support of 1,225.46 she was also served a separate warrant in a parole violation.

Donald Todd, 43, of Louisa, was arrested May 21st and served a bench warrant on a charge of theft and services.

Jason Jude, 36, of Louisa, was arrested May 22nd and served with a warrant on charges of speeding and failure to produce insurance card.

Scott Donahoe, 28, of Louisa, was arrested May 23rd and served a bench warrant for not appearing in court on charges of failure to wear a seat belt, operating on suspended license, and failure to have insurance.

Aleshia Mills, 29, of Inez, was arrested May 24th and served a warrant on a charge of theft by deception under $10,000.

Lynette Ball, 51, of Louisa, was arrested May 24th and served an indictment for possession if a firearm by convicted felon.

All were transported to Big Sandy Regional Detention Center.

Fiscal Court to enforce mandatory trash pickup...



Lawrence County Mandatory Garbage Service Message

This is a reminder that Lawrence County does have mandatory garbage pickup. This means that every household should have garbage service with one of the haulers in Lawrence County.

If you do not have service please contact my office and we will provide you the telephone number for one of the haulers. By failing to have garbage service you could face a citation.

No one, at any time, should be taking their household garbage to the County Garage Transfer Station. We have installed cameras throughout the area and will be monitoring this closely. Anyone caught disposing of household garbage will be subject to fines and/or jail time.

The following contains contact numbers for each garbage hauler permitted to provide service within Lawrence County and some of the rules regarding service, as stated in the Solid Waste Ordinance #91-0007:

Hall Sanitation – 606.369.6856
Perkins Sanitation – 606.652.9716
Marcum Sanitation – 606.652.4984
Moore Sanitation – 606.673.3173
Apple Valley Sanitation – 606.789.5980
Thompson Sanitation – 304.648.5865

Current rates for service are $16.00 per household or $12.00 for anyone 62 & older. All garbage storage areas should be kept clean at all times, this is the owner’s responsibility. No hazardous waste (paint cans, tires, etc.) will be picked up. Yard waste (limbs, leaves, etc.) disposal is the responsibility of the homeowner and will not be picked up by your garbage hauler.

Any old appliances can be disposed of at the Lawrence County Garage Transfer Station, Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. or you are permitted to dispose of said items on Free Dump Day. This service is provided on the last Friday and Saturday of every month, except when that weekend falls on a holiday then the service date will be the Friday and Saturday prior to.

The PRIDE program is a tremendous help to counties across our state in providing funding and supplies to assist with litter control, but without your help we cannot achieve our goal to keep Lawrence County clean.

Get Up, Pick It Up, Keep It Up! Help us keep Lawrence County Clean.

Thank you,

Lawrence County Solid Waste Board

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