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Louisa-Lawrence Co., Ky

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Lawrence County Fiscal Court Meeting


October 21, 2013

9:30 a.m.

1.    Opening Prayer
2.    Pledge of Allegiance
3.    Call Meeting to Order
4.    Approve minutes of the September 13, 2013 Meeting
5.     Approve 1st Reading of Budget Amendment #2
6.    Approve Treasurer’s Request
7.    Approve Bills
8.    Approve Treasurer’s Report
9.    Accept Quarterly Report
10.    Accept Northeast KY Community Action Agency Budget FY13-14
11.    Approve resolution reprioritizing HB 265 Coal Severance Line-Item FY13 & FY14 Projects
12.    Approve request by Commonwealth Attorney Anna Melvin
13.    Approve current part-time employee to position of operator at the Lawrence County Recycling Center
14.    Approve closure of old county road off Hwy 201
15.     Approve Deskins Motor Company, Inc. request for Off-Site Vehicle Sale November 7th-10th 2013
16.    Discuss possible changes to the county insurance (Ins. Rep. Buddy Smith)
17.    Discuss request to adopt resolution naming a portion of Hwy 3 South/Madison Street –> Fred M. Vinson Boulevard
18.    Invite eligible Electrical Inspectors to submit “Request for Consideration” to be included as approved Lawrence County Electrical Inspector per state requirements
19.    Public Comments
20.    Adjourn

Lawrence County Sheriff's Arrest Report 

Oct. 14, 2013

Heather L. James, 32, Blaine, KY, was arrested Oct. 10, one mile south of Louisa, and charged with Operating Motor Vehicle under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs, Wanton Endangerment 2nd Degree (2 counts). 

According to the police report, the subject was the driver involved in a collision, and admitted to driving the vehicle.  Her flip flops were found next to gas and brake pedals.  Subject was intoxicated, had alcohol on her breath and was uneasy on her feet, and her speech was slurred, the report said.  A case of beer was in the back seat, and James stated that she had taken her husband to buy alcohol in Paintsville.  A standard sobriety test was administered.  Two juveniles were in the vehicle, and subject's husband was in the passenger seat.  Blood result pending.

Darwin W. James, Jr., 36, Louisa, KY, was arrested Oct. 10, one mile south of Louisa and charged with  Alcohol Intoxication in a Public Place, 1st and 2nd Offense. 

According to the police report, the above subject was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident in which the driver, Heather James was arrested for DUI.  The subject had a strong odor of alcoholic beverages coming from his person, was lethargic, had slurred speech, was unsteady on his feet, and stated to Deputy Mark Wheeler that he had drank about six beers. James was manifestly under the influence of alcohol and taken into custody for safety, according to the police report. 

Sonya Marie Mullins, 51, Saint Paul, VA, was arrested October 8, three miles north of Louisa near the Big Sandy Power Plant and charged with Operating Motor Vehicle under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs, 1st Offense. 

According to the police report, the Sheriff 's Office received a 911 complaint on a vehicle traveling north on U.S. 23 leaving the edge of the road while coming into the power plant area.  It abruptly left the road and stopped.  Subject exited the vehicle and smelled strongly of alcohol.  When asked how much she had been drinking, Mullins said she had drank four beers, but had also been drinking throughout the night prior to leaving her residence.  Subject could not perform parts of sobriety test and stated that she was prescribed Klonopin and other medications, and said she was unaware that she left the road several times.  Subject was lethargic and used the car to balance herself.  Blood result pending.

Amanda J. Withrow, 22, Grayson, KY, was arrested Oct.10, north of Louisa, KY, at the Fallsburg Community Center, and charged with Theft By Deception, including cold checks under $500.  A warrant was served.

Alisha Miller, 24, Maize, Ky, was arrested Oct. 14, in Louisa, KY, inside the courthouse, and served a bench warrant on a prior charge.

Lawrence County Sheriff's Arrest Report

Oct. 7, 2013

CooperJeffery W. Cooper, 24, Beauty, KY, was arrested Oct. 2, 33 miles south of Louisa, KY, at 445 Bone Hollow Road and charged with Theft by unlawful Taking or Disposition (two counts),  Unlawful Tansaction with a Minor 2nd Degee (two counts), Persistent Felony Offender II, on a separate citation, Cooper was charged with Theft by Unlawful Taking or Disposition and Unlawful Transaction with a Minor 2nd Degee.  Subject was served a warrant.



WestWilliam R. West, 28, Louisa, KY, was arrested eight miles north of Louisa, at 2889 Blaine Creek Rd. and charged with Fugitive From Another State (warrant required). According to the police report, West was arrested on a bench warrant for a prior case in Wayne Co., WV. Wayne Co. confirmed that they would extradite. West was also charged with Illegal Take/Pursue Deer/Wild Turkey, Spotlighting (use of artificial light), Discharge Firearm/OTH Device Across a Public Road, Taking Wildlife from a Vehicle.


MarcumJoseph Marcum, 37, Louisa, was arrested October 3, eight miles north of Louisa at 715 Blaine Creek Road and charged with Failure to Wear Seatbelt, Operating on Suspended or Revoked Operators License, No Registration Receipt, Failure to Produce Insurance Card.  A Bench Warrant was issued on the subject.  On. Separate citation, Marcum was also charged with Operating on Suspended or Revoked Operators License.


Jamie M. Scarberry, 36, Louisa, KY, was arrested Oct. 5 on Rt. 32 at 540 ANV, and charged with Failure of Owner to Maintain Required Insurance 1st Offense, and Operating Motor Vehicle Under Influence of Alcohol/Drugs .08, 1st Offense Aggravator.  

According to the police report, subject drove vehicle into a ditch on Rt. 32 and said she had been drinking vodka. She told Deputy Mark Wheeler that she was drunk.  Subject had red eyes, and smelled of alcohol and was very uneasy on her feet according to Wheeler.

Scarberry was given the standard sobriety test, but was not able to perform test. She could not locate her proof of insurance and told Deputy  Wheeler that she was driving home from Walmart. She consented to a blood test.  Breath and urine not requested, blood test pending.