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 - Courthouse

Lawrence County Fiscal Court Meeting


July 15th, 2013
9:30 a.m.

1.    Opening Prayer
2.    Pledge of Allegiance
3.    Call Meeting to Order
4.     Approve Minutes of June 24th, 2013
5.    Discuss gravel & pipe bids
6.    Approve Treasurer’s Request
7.    Approve Bills
8.    Approve Treasurer’s Report
9.    Approve Lawrence County Fair donation - $1,000.00
10.    Approve Lawrence County Septemberfest donation - $1,000.00
11.    Accept FIVCO Solid Waste District FY 13-14 Budget
12.    Public Comments
13.    Adjourn



July 8, 2013


Marriage Licenses


Betty Jane Slone, 59, Louisa to Ernie Dale Slone,62, Louisa


Deonna Maria Mills, 19, Huntington to George Ryan Ratliff, 24, Huntington

Sarah Beth Workman, 21, Ashland to Derrick Edward Endicotte, 26, Ashland

Jessica Lynn Gilliam, 18, Louisa to Dakota Payne Estepp, 19, Louisa

Samantha Louise Fugitt, 25, Louisa to Joshua Wills Kruig Hylton, 23, Louisa

Teresa Le Moore, 39, Louisa to Jerry Todd O’Daniel, 42, Louisa

Penny Lynn Meadows 44, Louisa, to Tommy Lynn Callahan, 42, Louisa

Joella Beth Fields, 46, Blaine Timothy Edward Foran, 42, Mesa, AZ

Barbara Leigh Howard, 44, Louisa to Richard Carl Pack, 35, Louisa

Shanda Dalenike Cordle, 19, Blaine to Thelma Earic Fowler, 19, Blaine

Janna Lynn Moffitt, 41, Louisa to Kevin Norn Withrow, 41, Louisa

Kimberly Marie Myers, 34, Huntington to David Napier, 43, Huntington

Civil Suits

Suntrust Bank vs. Carlos Kazee - Complaint for Collection of Debt

Charlie M. Boyd vs. Sterling M. Hayes - Order for Child Support

Linda Johnson vs. Shaun D. Johnson -Complaint for Child and Medical Support

Capital One Ban vs. Nora M. Jones - Complaint for Debt Collection

Johnny Cordle et al vs. City of Louisa, Teddy Preston - Interrogatories and Request for Production of Documents

Craig Morella vs. Geoffery Price - Complaint for Damages and Assault and Battery


Roberta Meade vs. Loyal Meade - Order for In Forma Pauperis

Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance vs. Zachary B. Thompson - Complaint for Property Damage

Bank of America N. A. vs. James David Prince, et al - Complaint for Debt Collection

Randall Simpson vs. General Motor, LLC - Jury Demand

Angela Sue Bradshaw vs. Charles Allen Bradshaw - Settlement Agreement

Owen Loan Servicing LLC vs. Mary E. Holbrook et al - Complaint for Default of Note

David Stephens vs. Tila Stephens - Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

Hospital of Louisa vs. Kathy S. Levering - Complaint for Money Due on Account

Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Debra Meade et al - Complaint to Enforce Security

Dwight R. Keeton, et al vs. James West et al - Complaint on Land Dispute

Wachovia vs. Jackson Brothers Auto Service, Inc. - Notice of Lis Pendeis



Sandra and John Porter, Webville, John Howard,  Vermilion, OH, Joyce Ann Marcum, Grayson, to James Garrett and Tiffany Kitchen, Grayson:   Two tracts on Yates Branch at the beginning g of Lick Creek to Lewis and Frayley property. 312-153

Linda K. Wilson, Catlettsburg to Cecil Menshouse, Catlettsburg:  Tract on waters of Left Fork of Bear Creek in Lawrence Co., part of tract 5 of said division. 312-159

Steve and Brenda Sue Virgin, Lexington to Cecil Menshouse, Catlettsburg:  Tract on waters of Left Fork of Bear Creek....

George R. Vanhoose, Lexington to James A and Debra Carter, Louisa:  tract on the waters of Rick Creek, a tributary of Big Blaine 312-167

Myrice Wilks, Louisa to Ferressi Riffe, Louisa:  Land lying on south side of Wolfe Ridge road in Louisa. 312-171

Johnnie and Melissa McKenzie, Louisa to Michael Leann Moore, Louisa:  Land on county road known as Tadpole, north side branch of James L. Boyd property, then south to Russ property. 312-174

Wayne Allen and Elsie Lee Jones, Louisa to Elsie Lee Jones, Louisa:  land on head waters of left fork of two mile creek, a tributary of Big Sandy River, on KY Rt. 32, 2.5 miles west of Louisa, part of L.E.Wallace Sr. farm. 312-179

Timothy and Anita Caudill, Louisa,  Pamela Caudill and Anthony Tackett, Staffordsville, Teddy L. and Kimberly Caudill, Texas, Gregory and Vicky Caudill to Bentley S. and Gloria York, Louisa:  Two parcels on Spring Branch in Lawrence County.  312-182

Frontier Housing Inc., Morehead to Todd Steven and Cassandra Garmen, Jr., Louisa:  Lot 24 and 25 of Gene A. Wilson and Associates, Inc. to City of Louisa:  East side of Gene Wilson Blvd. 0.4 miles north of junction of Meadowbrook Lane.  312-189

Jessica E. Kelly and Miguel Jasso Ramirez, SC to James P. Kelley, Louisa:  parcel on Sugar Tree Branch, tributary of Big Blaine creek.  312-197

Vesta Pauline Kitchen , Louisa to William D., Jr. and Barbara Kitchen, Louisa:   Tract on Edmons Branch and Poor House Branch of Catt Creek.  312-205

Greg and Kelly Fugitt, Louisa to Edsel R. and Helen G. Perry:  Tract on Glen Compton Subdivision beginning at Lot 9 on U.S. 23 at Meades Branch. 312-208

Leta Rae and Jim Pratt, Kenova, to Bobby and Peggy Cantrell, Louisa:  lot fronting toward Normal College and corner of Lot 8 and west side of alley... 312-217

Shannon and Toni Preece, Louisa to Matthew J. And Ashley Butler See, Louisa:  Tract on Milton B. Clayton Estate property. 312-227

Edgar and May Holbrook, Louisa to Ricky Caudill, Louisa:  Tract beginning g on left of Burke Hollow Road....312-232

Jerry and Diana Camat Johnson,  Phillipines to Jamie and Amy Johnson, Florida:  Land on left fork of Little Blaine and on Thompson Fork toward Thompson and Moore property.  312-235

Cecil Franklin and Karen Parsley, Louisa to Erica Joy Daniel and Andrea Lynn Parsley, Louisa:  Parcel on Levisa Fork of Big Sandy River, 1 1/4 mile south of Louisa on Point Section.  312-239

Lowell G. and Pauline Hayes, Louisa to Paula A. Conn, Louisa:  Parcel o. Private road at George's Creek.  312-250

Lovena Ferguson, Ona WV to Sharma L. Akin, Catlettsburg:  Land on the waters of Big Sandy River near old Zelda Station, beginning on line of Tom Hazlett parcel #6.  312-260 

Lawrence County Sherriff's arrest report

July 2-6, 2013


Howard Chase, 25 of Boonescamp was arrested on July 2, 2013 2 miles south of Louisa, and served a bench warrant on a previous child support order.

Nathan Aaron Newsome, 32 of Webbville was arrested on July 2 in Louisa on charges of receiving stolen property. Newsome turned himself in on indictment.

Jeremy Vanover, 36 of Louisa was arrested on July 2 in Louisa and served a parole violation warrant on the charges of absconding parole supervision and failure to complete treatment for substance abuse.

Everett E. Arnett, 44 of Salyersville was arrested on July 4, 9 miles south of Louisa at Valero Happy Mart on charges of public intoxication, possession of controlled substance 1st degree, possession of controlled sbustance 3rd degree, and having a prescription of a controlled substance in an improper container.

Jennifer L. Mitchell, 37 of Salyersville was arrested on July 4, 8 miles south of Louisa at Appco Station on charges of possession of a controlled substance, tampering with physical evidence, and public intoxication of excessive alcohol.

Thomas D. Stone, 26, of Louisa was arrested on July 3, 6 miles north of Louisa on charges of traffic of controlled substance, 2nd degree.

James Poe, Sr., 43 (place of residence not listed), was arrested 14 miles south of Louisa at 2975 right fork of Georges Creek on charges of domestic violence and abuse duties of law enforcement.

Dillon M. Collins, 20, of Louisa was arrested on July 3, 2 miles north of Louisa on the charges of assault, 4th degree (domestic violence), minor injury.

Megan B. Estepp, 29 of Genoa, WV was arrested July 6 on Town Hill Road in Louisa and served two bench warrants on two previous cases.

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